Istanbul – a journey back in time to the old Ottoman Empire and dine like the Sultans!

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Let’s put our hands together for Vanakam India, a welcoming addition that’s much more than curries and gravies!

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CelebRATe and ring in the Year of the RAT with these wealthy & healthy giveaways from MAGistRATe!
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No pork? no prob! This slurplicious and collagen-rich Paitan broth actually leave us asking for more @ Shinsho Ramen!

Watching how Ms. Koizumi loves her ramen noodles in《Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san》and consumes it with ravenous delight, we couldn’t help but felt inspired to scour Johor Bahru and the country in search of the perfect bowl of ramen, one we could hear screams of “shiawase”.

The fateful phone call that keeps a high school calling, and the “BlackRoom” dreams alive!

Nestled in the penthouse unit of a corner shop lot in Bandar Seri Alam, lies a BlackRoom that’s is a shiny beacon of light in the local drama and culture scene. The brainchild of Brenda and Yuwen, BlackRoom is the culmination of a chanced encounter in high school and a shared passion for acting and the arts.

Don’t just Crunch it. Shake it. Munch it. Now, we can Create our own noodle cake and Eat it @ Mamee Jonker House!

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A lifelong dream inspired by Yawata-No-Kami to serve authentic Japanese cuisine with his own flair and finesse!

Having graduated with successive Diplomas, Degrees and Masters in Japanese Culinary and Sushi & Sashimi at the famous Tokyo Sushi Academy and passing his JLPT N2 in a little under 2 years, Ashton’s stint in Tokyo also saw him having tutelage with top Japanese chefs in Roppongi, Ueno and Shinjuku restaurant before returning home to fulfil a lifelong dream of setting up his own eatery!

The pride of Japanese culinary philosophy, in a seemingly simple bowl of Ramen @ Tabushi!

What can we say? Tabushi prides themselves on their Japanese craftsmanship, where they are continually committed to improving the taste and the quality of their ramen while staying true to their roots and original taste of Tokyo!

If you are a ramen fanatic or first-timer, either way, you’re in for a treat!

An unforgettable evening of traditional Kaiseki Kyoto dining in Johor Bahru @ Ryotei Kisho!

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It’s all about the broth – a true labour of love @ Tokyo Kibou-ken Ramen!

Supposedly the best ramen in town, Kibou-ken’s reputation has spread near and far, from neighbouring Singapore to Segamat, where one of our hardcore fans regularly braved the two-hour drive every two weeks just to savour its taste. Despite its modest capacity of maximum 43 seats, Tomo-san is adamant about keeping everyone happy even at its peak, so feel free to make a pre-order in advance while shopping to your heart’s content, before returning “on time” to be seated and served!

Find-dining for all-day artisanal coffee and gourmet indulgence @ Sunway Citrine Hub!

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No Meat? No problem! We can still enjoy REAL Japanese cuisine at Samurai Ramen Umami Premium!

The name Samurai Ramen certainly rings a bell, as we look recalled an “omiyage” we received more than a year back from our tomodachi from Japan that’s made without any poultry, pork or beef products whatsoever. To us, Japanese ramen is inherently comforting, with warm, creamy soup paired with springy noodles and delicious ingredients that never fail to make our day better, but surprisingly, this “meat-less” ramen still has the authentic Japanese flavour that we can safely enjoy at home and turn us into an instant master chef in no time.

Spicy Korean food @ Teumsae Ramen “Seoul good” that we can’t help but love!

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Muar: Explore the old and new “Empress Town” in 2 days for RM168!

Voted the cleanest city in the Asean region in 2018, with plenty of heritage architecture and an infectiously languorous mood, the royal town of Muar (once known as Bandar Maharani) makes for an intriguing and rewarding weekend getaway and is well worth spending a day or two exploring, even if you have less than 48 hours …

A taste of Shikoku, delivered to JB by “Shinkansen” via Kokomo Sushi!

Fresh ingredients are obviously essential in Japanese cuisine, and the Shikoku region is home to abundant and varied seafood from the two seas, wild game meat from the mountains, high-quality rice and vegetables from the plains and delicious nuts and citrus fruit grown in valleys and coastal orchards. Being a real foodie haven, Shikoku is also home to over 900 udon shops, with the highest udon noodle consumption per capita than anywhere in Japan. WOW!

Like a “mini Japan” within JB for its authentic food and atmosphere @ Kemuri Sakaba

With Kemuri Sakaba, Yugo-san hopes to blur the lines between tachinomiya (standing bar) and izakaya (bar with seats) to offer a casual dining and drinking scene that appeals to both native Japanese and the local community. With a menu that’s both family and wallet-friendly, we can now enjoy impeccable service and matching sake with food to bring out the “umami-ness” of Japanese cuisine to achieve an authentic dining experience, outside of Japan.

When in Kirishima Shuzou, follow what the Japanese do to enjoy the best of Japan in JB!

Since young, we have already know the existence of this eatery on the second level of Crystal Crown hotel along Jalan Tebrau, but Kirishima Shuzou (established since October 1998) which has been serving traditional Japanese cuisine is a place not many locals have visited in their entire lives.

Leave it to Chef Shawn Shum to fill our gastronomy VOiD with omakase dining!

Some chefs pay attention to the latest culinary trends, and others create trends. Chef  Shawn is definitely one of them! Having been “deprived” of some bold and daring culinary experiments for the past year, we are glad to be posted about his new F&B venture and invited to check out a different dining concept, inspired by the Japanese local tradition and prepared with carefully-selected local and seasonal ingredients.

Who says Asians can’t do good Italian food? Just ask Chef Moka @ Bacchusj!

A native from Yokohama, Japan, Chef Moka passion for Italian cuisine took him to the Italian city of Naples and Florence, where he met the lovely Noriko. We guessed their shared passion for fine Italian wine and dine brought them together. Subsequently, the couple decided to set up their own restaurant outside of Japan and were encouraged to do so in Singapore, before their consultants helped them to see the vast potential in opening their Italian restaurant in Johor.

A medley of contemporary Chinese cuisine and mid-autumn nostalgia @ Wan Li chef’s table

Time flies, and it’s that time of the year again! When the moon turns full, and the mid-autumn festival comes along, this is all about the joyous reunion with family members and celebrate there together with those closest to us.