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公告天下 Advertising

Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.

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[thb_contentbox heading=”官方网站 Online ” animation=”animation bottom-to-top” image=”70″]杂志大人网站已逐渐成为本地读者,新加坡旅客在吃喝玩乐及生活态度上,搜索与参考最新、最IN信息的资料来源。 is a favourite with locals, visiting Singaporeans and long-timers who are constantly on the lookout for recommendations, be they reviews, interviews, expert opinions or comments – as reference sources when choosing products and services.[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_contentbox heading=”社交媒体 Facebook” animation=”animation bottom-to-top” image=”69″]杂志大人深知社交媒体的无疆界宣传能力不容小觑,因此集聚自身的多媒体与社交平台,为你的企业与品牌资讯加速流动,呈现以人为本的“企业个性化”配套!
In the hands of a strong magazine editorial team, MAGistrate™ Facebook page, with its galleries and high-definition videos, its exclusive offers and interactivity, offers more ways of connecting people with their passions (and your business).[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_contentbox heading=”媒体伙伴 Partnership” animation=”animation bottom-to-top” image=”71″]杂志大人活动网络覆盖旅游、房地产、商业产品、社会慈善等宣传推广活动,以提升品牌知名度为核心,满足消费者现实和潜在的需求。
Inspiring personal interaction through events such as travel fairs, property expos, product launches, charity drives & movie nights, MAGistrate™ is everywhere you go.

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