Myanmar, a land of gems and genuine kindness!

For the urban dwellers walking down the street, Myanmar can throw up its fair share of hazards. I was lucky that there were many helpful passers-by to help me through the ordeal. It was the compassion of passers-by that made my experience in Myanmar more bearable than it could have otherwise been.

Wandering through Georgia, the Eden of the Caucasus!

From its sweeping green valleys spread with vineyards to its ancient churches and watchtowers perched in fantastic Caucasus mountain scenery, Georgia is one of the most beautiful places on earth and one of the countries of the Silk Road at this age-old Eurasian crossroads.

Centuries of culture converged in Johor Bahru, thanks to Soufu Honda!

Born in Asahikawa city, Hokkaido, Soufu Honda began calligraphy at the age of two, sitting next to her grandmother, a distinguished Japanese calligrapher and teacher. Before long, Soufu-san has gone on to win a large number of domestic competitions ever since, culminating in her qualification as a calligrapher in 2003, and the subsequent founding of Mojikara to further the art and design of Japanese calligraphy.

Gateway to colourful downtown experiences @ Amari Watergate Bangkok

Well known for its bustling landscape of lifestyle malls and shopping bazaars, Amari Watergate Bangkok is nestled in the heart of the vibrant Pratunam neighbourhood in downtown Petchburi. With shopping on our agenda, we were glad to find the Platinum Fashion Mall located right opposite the hotel while CentralWorld, Pratunam market, Big C supermarket, as well as other attractions such as the Erawan Shrine are within a few minutes walk away.

Don’t be at the jam, BEAT THE JAM with Hayden!

Meet Hayden Lak, a 36-year-old Anak Johor and entrepreneur who runs a tech business in Singapore and has been commuting to and fro for two decades. It was a big deal for the permanent resident, who lives in Johor with his parents and drives into Singapore for work about three times a week, and his experiences led him to create a Web application that charts traffic trends at the Causeway and Second Link since December 2015 to help drivers beat the queues.

“How far” would you go for your mum? Beyond borders…

Besides companion at home and at work, we have been keeping each other company on the road, since our first backpacking trip by rail throughout Taiwan in 2013 and Sa Pa in Vietnam last year. In continuing our new-found tradition, our initial idea to travel light will be put to the test with the cold spell in Dali, and in particular, a snow-covered Shangri’La can put pay to our best-laid plans. However, the thought of seeing snow for the very first time had filled her with great anticipation, and thereby strengthen her resolve to go ahead!

Explore Khao Yai, the secret European town near Bangkok few tourists know about!

Forget the notion that Thailand’s all about night markets, shopping and food. Instead, think flower gardens, European-themed streets and even hobbit homes! Up there on the podium with some of the world’s greatest parks, Khao Yai is one of Thailand’s oldest and most visited reserve which was named a Unesco World Heritage Site. If you’re craving a quick getaway to experience Europe without flying the distance, simply grab your next direct flight out from Senai via AirAsia to neighbouring Thailand but skip the crowds at Bangkok and head over to the scenic Khao Yai just 2.5 to 3 hours away.

养身美颜精华尽在美滋锅 Beauty & the feast: serves up the best of both worlds!

话说大人我对于火锅的喜爱程度已到了完全没有理会天气有多热的境界~这家位于新加坡丹戎加东路 One KM Shopping Mall 里的 Beauty in The Pot 美滋锅,用餐时分一位难求,若没有事先预约,还真的会碰壁啊~

漫步体验法式殖民胡志明市 Discover Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City


潜入龙穴探索下龙湾之旅 Discover Vietnam – Ha Long Bay


揭开北越老城之旅 Discover Vietnam – Hanoi

充满旅游色彩与神秘感的越南北部-河内,平价的越南河粉、法国面包到浪漫湖边奢华的海鲜大餐;河内市区那24小时不止息的摩多车鸣笛声,街头电线杆路线无尽缠绕不分你我; 中国与法国殖民文化的独特建筑风貌,越南妇女沿街挑起扁担售卖物品等等情景,便是此趟大人想要揭开这座独特城市面貌的原因!

日本北部高山市-飛驒的小京都+白色梦幻仙境白川乡合掌村 Hida Takayama + world heritage Shirakawago

人家说,人生一定要去一个白雪纷飞的国家/地方,才算不枉此生啊!这回的日本行总算圆了大人的夙愿~整个行程里,大人特偏爱日本高山市-飞驒高山 (又称飞驒的小京都), 还有临近高山市仿如置身白色梦幻仙境的白川乡合掌村。天啊!蔚蓝的天空,洁白无暇的白雪

大阪玩翻天全攻略 Yokoso Osaka!