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A medley of contemporary Chinese cuisine and mid-autumn nostalgia @ Wan Li chef’s table

A medley of contemporary Chinese cuisine and mid-autumn nostalgia @ Wan Li chef’s table

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Time flies, and it’s that time of the year again! When the moon turns full, and the mid-autumn festival comes along, this is all about the joyous reunion with family members and celebrate there together with those closest to us.

Sharing and eating mooncakes is hands-down the most important way to celebrate mid-autumn festival, as the moon is often associated with the emotion of missing home so we can see why the two go hand in hand during this period. Gifts of mooncakes are also treasured flavours and favours we bestow on friends, families and business associates every year, so this year is no exception.

With the mid-autumn festival just around the corner, that means it’s time to get our supply of mooncakes to usher in the season. With so many hotels and confectioneries mooncakes on offer but with so many flavours to choose from, which one is really worth eating? Far from becoming a “tradition” but fast becoming one, thank you Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel for inviting us again to try our hands on making our own handcrafted mooncakes, personally taught by Chef de Cuisine cum Chinese Head Chef, Go Yong Jia, more affectionately known as Chef Jay!


Who could resist these classically baked mooncakes and snow skin mooncakes with new flavours that embodies tradition and contemporary modernity? Beautifully presented in a designated gift box, this year’s collections are available in a set of four and priced at RM98 nett for traditional baked mooncake (RM27 per pc); in a set of eight and priced at RM98 nett for snow skin mooncake (RM12.25 per pc) and Durian Madness using fresh durian at RM168 nett in a box of eight (RM 25 per pc).

Enjoy 15% discount for early bird purchase before 15 August 2018, 10% discount for purchase above 10 boxes, 15% for purchase above 25 boxes and 25% discount for purchase above 100 boxes. Club Marriott members are also entitled to a 20% discount. So delay no more, pre-order now at Wan Li Chinese Restaurant by calling +607-381 3388 or email, with up to 6 traditional baked mooncake and 8 snow skin mooncake flavours to choose from!


Traditional Baked Mooncakes
• Pure Lotus Paste
• Lotus Paste with Single Yolk
• Lotus Paste with Double Yolk
• Green Tea Paste with Single Yolk
• Jade Custard
• Assorted Fruit & Nuts
• Red Bean Paste (new flavour)
Best consumed within 10 days from the date of purchase

Snow Skin Mooncakes
• Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearl
• Coffee Truffle
• Taro Paste Truffle
• Mango Paste Truffle
• Green Tea Matcha Truffle
• Passion Fruit Truffle
• Peppermint Chocolate Truffle
• Strawberry Truffle
• Fresh Durian
• Lemon Truffle (new flavour)
Best consumed within 2 days from the date of purchase


[#大人爱送礼] 莲蓉、单黄、双黄、翡翠、伍仁、冰皮… 大人统统都爱!尤其是以天然成分、毫无添加防腐剂与100%纯手工新鲜制作而成的传统月饼,用作送礼自备,又能吃得安心,绝对是佳节必备!踏破铁鞋无觅处,新山五星级酒店 Renaissance…

Posted by MAGistrate 杂志大人 on Saturday, August 11, 2018


Traditionally an occasion celebrated with mooncakes and Chinese tea, we also took the opportunity to celebrate the new menu at Wan Li Chinese Restaurant. This revamped menu also marks Executive Chinese Chef Jay’s first full-fledged menu release since his early days as the Dim Sum Chef de Cuisine. Taking on both portfolios with sheer diligence and dedication, Chef Jay brings a contemporary take on traditional Chinese food to the table with his creations.


Wan Li Four Seasons Hot & Cold Combination Platter

The first dish that came off the Chef’s Table was the Wan Li Four Seasons Hot & Cold Combination Platter, an upgrade from their previous rendition with this wholesome selection a treat with crispy skin and succulent, flavourful meat so tasty that we can’t do anything but give a nod of satisfaction. Piling our plates with Seaweed Rolls, Scallops, Steamed Beancurd Rolls and Soft Shell Crab in Thai Sauce, we glanced at the menu and noted with gladness that there isn’t any sharkfin on the list for our upcoming soup.


Double-boiled Ginseng Soup with Village Chicken

Judging from what we had in the past, the soup is one of our most anticipated dishes. True to our expectations, the Double-boiled Ginseng Soup with Village Chicken was warm and comforting to the max. While nourishing on the body, the American ginseng roots may not be easy to drink for many, but for us, the soup still stood out in terms of its flavour or content. In fact, we loved it so much we asked for a second serving.


Oil Poached Live Dragon Tiger Grouper with Superior Soya Sauce

We love Chinese-style steamed fish, especially those fresh from the tank “live fish” cooked with soy sauce, and the Oil Poached Live Dragon Tiger Grouper with Superior Soya Sauce was precisely that! Despite the size of the fish, the flesh was still surprisingly tender. Tossed in a premium sauce along with shredded ginger, scallions and cilantro leaves, this dish was simple but executed with finesse –  flaky, soft flesh nicely flavoured with the delicious sauce. After all, nothing tastes as satisfying as steamed fish with white rice, drizzled with the soy sauce from the steamed fish. Rice, please!


“Yuan Yang” Duck & Chicken Platter

The “Yuan Yang” Duck & Chicken Platter is another carnivore’s dream come true, though the free-range chicken flesh takes some chewing. The star of the show, for some of us, is the ginger and garlic dipping sauce which did well enough to accentuate the fresh taste of the meat. On the other hand, the duck was without much trace of gaminess whatsoever, and the skin was still crisp, and it certainly smelt delicious. Thankfully, the duck meat was not overly seasoned, allowing the natural flavours of the meat to come through. A worthy mention must go to the chilli, which although wasn’t spicy enough, still packs better heat than most.


Sea Prawn with Glass Noodles Simmered in Claypot

This glistening pot of happiness, comprising Sea Prawn with Glass Noodles Simmered in Claypot, is another highlight which needs no further introduction. Cooked lusciously with seafood stock and sea prawns, the glass noodles carried a strong seafood essence. The prawns were fresh, plump and flavourful, having also soaked in the essence of the broth, resulting in the flesh can be easily removed from the shell just by pushing it. Enough said!


Crunchy Mixed Vegetables with Crispy Lotus Root

A dish definitely with both the flavours and nutrition in mind, the Crunchy Mixed Vegetables with Crispy Lotus Root, in particular, the latter is a crispy delicacy loved by many. While it may be that lotus roots are nutritious and beneficial to our health, we couldn’t resist munching on these fried treats. Thank goodness, Chef Jay saw fit in providing the leafy greens and necessary fibres to round off our excellent meal.


Seafood with Superior Stock and Fried Rice Served in Claypot

No proper Chinese meal will ever be complete without rice, right? In place of the usual glutinous rice cooked in lotus leaf, we had the Seafood with Superior Stock and Fried Rice Served in Claypot! The fried rice had an eggy taste and strong “wok hei”, pairing well with the broth which is robust and rich in the seafood essence factor yet remaining light at the same time, while the squid and (yet more) prawn flesh were juicy and substantial. The robust aroma and flavour is something we will be craving for even when we’ve slurped the last drop. Not surprisingly, we could easily polish one whole clay pot of this, and we can imagine enjoying this on a rainy day, with a tummy that’s growling for something soulful.


Double-boiled Osmanthus and Pear with Lotus Seed

We love our Chinese desserts so much, especially the tong shui, so we would set aside stomach space for the last course. A delightful and fragrant dessert which is light on the palate, the Double-boiled Osmanthus and Pear with Lotus Seed‘s floral scent and juicy pear bits are light and refreshing, a great way to end a meal, except that we would’ve preferred the dessert to be served chilled.

Go on, enjoy a smorgasbord of delightful cuisine at Wan Li Chinese Restaurant and make the best of your time during this festive period of reunion, or any time of the year…


万丽中餐馆 Wan Li Chinese Restaurant

📍 Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel, No. 2, Jalan Permas 11, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru.
📞 +607 – 381 3333
🕛 11.30am-3pm; 6.30pm-10.30pm (Mon-Sat); 11.00am-3pm; 6.30pm-10.30pm (Sun)
📱 Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel


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