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上世纪长辈们的聚会热点,原来是这世纪的 Zenith!快来一窥里头的宝藏店家!Restoring the past glories of Rex & Lido through modern-day retail-tainment @ Zenith Johor Bahru!

上世纪长辈们的聚会热点,原来是这世纪的 Zenith!快来一窥里头的宝藏店家!Restoring the past glories of Rex & Lido through modern-day retail-tainment @ Zenith Johor Bahru!

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The Rex Theatre Photo credit: PEGGY LOH ~ MY JOHOR STORIES

看官们可否知道,上世纪城中的热点,也就是位于新山的 Lido 与 Rex 戏院旧址在哪儿吗?年轻一辈或许不知,但是爸爸妈妈爷爷奶奶一定能正确无误的告诉你,就在这儿 Zenith Johor Bahru(简称 Zenith)!

Not so long ago when movies were a major entertainment in Johor Bahru, one of the most important landmarks along Jalan Wong Ah Fook is the Lido and Rex Theatre. Now on the exact same spot, a multi-level “retail-tainment” hub is providing a shopping haven to adventurous trendsetters, shoppers and food enthusiasts alike.

如今的 Zenith 其实就位于 Komtar JBCC 对面,看官们可知里头有多少家宝藏店家吗?就让大人带你进去里头领略一番😉

Welcome to the revamped Zenith Johor Bahru (Zenith for short), still quietly reinventing as we speak just opposite Komtar JBCC.



地处黄亚福街与直律街的 Zenith,毗邻新山各大商业金融中心,附近星级酒店与著名购物中心林立,老街与柔佛古庙尽在咫尺,徒步往返 CIQ 及建造中的新山-新加坡捷运站也仅需10分钟之距,地理位置超优越!

Situated in the heart of Johor Bahru city centre, Zenith has been instrumental in bringing a myriad of lifestyle to residents and visitors since 2017, offering diverse shopping, dining, and leisure experiences in one location. With a comprehensive tenant mix driven by entertainment and convenience, Zenith offers an unparalleled shopping enjoyment for the family, comprising retail, commercial, event space and hotels in the heart of JB’s Central Business District. Furthermore, Zenith is directly connected to Suasana Suite Residence and Amari Johor Bahru.

Easily accessible by all forms of transportation, Zenith is located opposite Komtar JBCC and is in close proximity to the Johor Bahru Checkpoint (CIQ), JB Sentral Bus Terminal & Train Station and the upcoming Bukit Chagar Rapid-Train-System (RTS) Station.

大人这下可要敲锣打鼓让看官们知道啊,就在新山的黄金地段,居然推出了价格优惠的停车月费配套!每月只需 RM180 (平均每天RM6),就能将车子安全停在 Zenith 商场的有盖停车场!欲知详情请联络:+607-513 7170

For our comfort and convenience, the multi-storey car park is equipped with CCTVs for surveillance as well as round-the-clock security personnel to ensure safety for all. The parking lots can be accessed via the Jalan Trus entrance (same as Amari Johor Bahru). And NOW, Zenith offers probably the best season parking rates in town for a low monthly fee of RM180, that’s an incredible RM6 per day in the heart of JB city centre. For more details, contact: +607-513 7170!


Ever wonder where to park at Zenith Johor Bahru? Watch this short clip to find out.

We offer one of the safest and cleanest car park spaces in #JohorBahru city centre.

🚗 Affordable monthly parking rate available too! PM us for more info.

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Driving along Jalan Wong Ah Fook or hanging around this part of town, one will not fail to notice the imminent opening of a prominent China’s hot pot brand from their hoarding in fiery red glory. What can we say? FINALLY, Hai Di Lao is coming to town!!!

📍 #G-02, #G-03 & #G-03A
🕒 To be advised



位于一楼(Ground level)正门右侧的 MacGregor’s 主打份量不小的本地与中西式料理,绝对适合阖家享用;如果家长有点餐,随行的小孩还能免费用餐哦 Kids Eat Free。 这回大人点了鲜蔬沙拉、香辣海鲜意大利面、羊肉披萨、沙爹肉串、亚洲风味烤鸡等。此外,他们家的各式酒饮与无酒精饮料,皆是让大人不想藏私的名单啊,记得来几杯 Chen Doll、Asam Boi、Pomegranate Crush 或 Mango Madness。值得一提的是,每天 3.00 pm 至 8.00 pm为 Happy Hour!

Located on the ground floor beside the main entrance (directly facing the opposite Komtar JBCC), MacGregors fulfilled all our criteria. Far from being just another water-hole, we can sense that MacGregor’s is really serious about serving decent Irish plates and what we’ve also found was an unpretentious and hearty menu of bar bites like Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio, Lamb Pizza, Mixed Grill Satay and Grilled Asian Chicken which we enjoyed!

Besides live bands and televised sporting events, it’s also the place for a pre-dinner chill. But if you’re there to unwind, there are plenty of other options for drinks ranging from cocktails to beers and spirits apart from the good ol’ Guinness.

PS: Happy hours are daily from 3.00 pm – 8.00 pm.

📍 #G-06
🕒 3.00 pm – 10.00 pm daily




大人可不是随口说说,无限量食用的肉片固然吸引人,可酱料和汤底也是火锅里重要的灵魂所在。位于二楼(Level 1)的「锅妈台式火锅」不止把两者都完美包揽了下来,共有五种汤底可供选择,还把他们家最好吃的卤肉饭给无限端出。一碗碗吃下来,大人好像都忘了自己是来吃火锅的啦 😁


It seems like we can’t get enough of steamboats, from yearly family reunion dinners to a casual meal with friends that’s still hearty and food coma-inducing. Almost 8 years old now, Guoma Steamboat which originated in Kulai has since grown in popularity with various outlets dotted across the city, culminating in the opening of their flagship outlet in Zenith. Naturally delightful, in particular their self-serve and free flow Taiwanese braised pork rice, this is a steamboat we have to check off our list at some point in time (and did it again)!

With FIVE soup bases now available, our favourite was the rich Pumpkin Soup which actually got even more enticing as ingredients were added in. We ended up polishing off almost the whole pot of soup. Talk about a bowl of sinful goodness! We were also served a complimentary glass of refreshing appetising tea before we tucked in, as well as a bottle of cultured milk drink each to aid in the digestion of our heavy meal 🤣

📍 #01-05, #01-06 & #01-07
🕒 12.00 pm – 11.00 pm daily



各类本土南洋风味的美食,就齐聚於此啊!土司工坊 Toast Box 的传统南洋咖啡、香浓咖椰牛油烤面包、咖喱鸡、叻沙、马来卤面等都是让许多许多饕客钟爱的早午餐选择,大人最爱这儿的咖啡烤面包与半熟蛋组合,因为这一看就是马来西亚的味道!

Rooted in the recreation of Nanyang coffee and toast culture popular during the 1960s and 70s, we have always enjoyed our cuppa with a blast from the past at this established Singaporean contemporary coffee chain. Step inside Toast Box and we’ll be greeted by the aroma of coffee made from freshly-ground caramelised coffee beans, to go along some of our familiar home favourites ranging from traditional Kaya Toast, Curry Chicken with Rice, Laksa, Mee Rebus and Mee Siam.

📍 #01-11
🕒 7.00 am – 8.00 pm daily



能一代代传承的,除了文化,也可以是家中长辈世代流传的传家宝。位于二楼(Level 1)的「翡翠天地」,自是城中人士选购传家宝的品味之处。自古以来,纯粹典雅的翡翠就一直是东方文明珍宝灵韵的至尊玉石表征。俗语说得好,「人养玉,玉养人」本草纲目亦有记载,翡翠拥有养五脏、疏血脉、明耳目、止烦躁等作用。


Move over diamonds, emeralds are a girl’s (and men’s) new best friends, and are likely our best bets if we want our jewellery to make us rich! The emerald, for us, has been a gem of fascination in many cultures for many centuries. Known to be calming and balancing, promoting health, eloquence and restoring faith and hope. Being highly durable with a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which means they resist scratching, the emerald makes an excellent choice for a family heirloom, with their rarity and enduring value making them a sound investment.

Don’t just take our words for it, take your pick from a wide range of beautiful emerald jewels such as rings, earrings and pendants that suit every budget at Tiandi Emerald Jewellery, where Mr Lim will be on hand to make sure you hit upon the right green gem you can now call your own!

📍 #01-03
🕒 Call for appointment


7-ELEVEN 便利店

每家商场都该有家便利店!Zenith 也不例外哦!这儿的 7 Eleven 零食饮料及各式网络卡具备,无论看官们是在附近工作抑或是毗邻星级酒店的房客,都不必担心嘴馋的时候没有解药了哦😉

Located beside the Level 1 entrance, we can never miss this one-stop convenience store. Whether we need to perk up with a tasty meal, craving a Slurpee, or even do some last-minute bill payments or top-ups for your Touch ‘n Go, this trusted 7-Eleven is always there for us!

📍 #01-01
🕒 9.00 am to 12 midnight daily



正在寻觅优质地段的产业?其实在 Zenith 里也能一览由本地获奖无数的发展商 UMLAND 所呈献的住宅项目哦!

Looking to invest in evergreen properties within the city, Suasana Residence included? Check out the latest projects from UMLAND, an award-winning Malaysian developer behind the successes of several residential townships and niche developments across the country.

📍 #01-02
🕒 10.00 am to 10.00 pm daily


想要与海底捞、MacGregor’s锅妈台式火锅土司工坊翡翠天地等为邻吗?对了,商场目前还有部分黄金单位待租赁哦!欲知更多详情,可联系:+6017-488 9255

Before we leave you to look forward to the much-anticipated opening of HaiDiLao Hot Pot, limited lots are still available for retailers who are keen to join the likes of Irish pub MacGregor’s, Taiwanese-inspired Guoma Steamboat, Singapore-based Toast Box and importer of genuine Burmese emerald and gemstone jeweller TianDi. For enquiry on leasing, kindly contact +6017-488 9255 for more information!


Zenith Johor Bahru

📍 82C, Jalan Trus, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
📞 +6017-488 9255
🕙 10.00am to 10.00pm Daily.
📱 Zenith Johor Bahru



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