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When your heart is in your home, there’s where you want to be… thanks to Kava Decor!

When your heart is in your home, there’s where you want to be… thanks to Kava Decor!

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As the saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover”; in this context, never judge an old rundown house by its current state, as its potential to be revamped may turn out to be more than it’s actually worth! Just because we live in an old terrace house does not mean that we cannot make our home look good, right?

With tons of replacement work on top of years of wear and tear, old, existing homes can be a costly challenge to renovate. While that would have fazed many from embarking on a home revamp, a boutique interior design firm thought otherwise and helped turned this decades-old single-storey terrace house in Skudai into the dreamiest spacious pad that will make us never wanna leave it!


Longing for a beautiful home that is cosy and functional for a young couple from the creative industry and their young children, Kava Decor wanted to build a space that could meet the current and future needs of their active family lifestyle. Keeping practicality in mind with an emphasis on useful features that can adapt and evolve as time goes on, the open layout strikes a smart balance between parenthood and romance. Creative storage solutions and multi-functional furniture also making the most of every square foot to leave more room for fun and interaction.

Taken a fancy on this intermediate end-lot terrace house from the same neighbourhood, the young couple bought the house and immediately set out to create a mood board leading to the home they always dreamed of. In their very first encounter and unlike many of her other clients, Eunice from Kavar Decor was impressed by how much time and effort they’ve spent to paint a clear visual representation to help everyone get on the same page.

With a clear understanding of the task on hand, Eunice bravely took on the challenge to completely redesign and renovate this single-storey terrace house. The hallway was first redesigned to open up the interior by first removing the spiral staircase, as well as altering the ambience indoors by bringing in a flood of natural light. A more open plan living area now saw the living space, kitchen and dining room becoming one, as previous walls were brought down in favour of a more free-flowing interior. The new-found space has since become the heart of the house where the family interact with each other.


Being huge fans of floor-to-ceiling storage options, this impressive raised platform and staircase created by Eunice caught our eyes. Having removed the original staircase means the need to “sacrifice” an extra room for the new stairway. Noting that the under-stairs has the potential to be an excellent storage area in the hallway if it could be repurposed with some clever hackery, Eunice cleverly built steps, platforms and levels to make the most of every inch of these under stair space.

In hindsight, as much as we love to remodel our homes, please proceed with caution because we want them, not because we expect to make a killing upon resale. For all we know, our idea of a high-value remodel may be a renovation that the subsequent buyer is anxious to tear out.


White, wood and a Zen-like atmosphere, that’s the vibe one would get when stepping into the revamped living space. Hailing from Japan, the lady homeowner is known to prefer simple, yet functional, meditative spaces, so it’s no surprise that her new home is exactly that. Clean lines and light-hued wood essential for a Muji-inspired look, we also love the cool niches carved into the walls, subtle and stylish.


The complete renovation from conception and design to the actual construction took almost a year, but the results are just gorgeous! The house’s simple and sleek exterior is definitely a refreshing sight, but we’re just as in love with its interior! Little did we know that the 6″-thick wall panel behind the sofa was actually a “walk-in wardrobe”!


The house now has much better ventilation and more natural light coming in. Moving the main entrance to the side allows for the door to be open any time of the day to draw in the cool breeze while placing a vertical grill shield the house from direct sunlight while allowing the fresh air in to create a natural cross-ventilation system. Smartly placed windows and skylights further enhanced the relaxed, joyful mood indoors while adequately addressing privacy concerns.


To cap it all, the master room was fitted with a Japanese bath without the tub! Notice that in the shower area, one will feel like taking a bath under the sky because of the skylights.


Set with a sense of warmth with bright illumination, ventilation, security and privacy in mind, Eunice also delivered a contemporary Japanese façade using the black and white concept with a hidden garden inside, while retaining its privacy without sacrificing the lovely sunlight and breeze.


If we think we’ve seen it all, think again. Being an intermediate end-lot, the narrow setback by the side was turned into a transitional space between the house and the garden, an area fusing qualities of indoors and outdoors which the kids can roam around freely, while the family also gain additional storage space for their gardening tools and extra pairs of shoes with the built-in wall cabinet.


All the rooms upstairs were remodelled to make space for restful nights, productive work and a “playground” for their children activities. Even for a shared bedroom, there’s still so much space for fun, games, and hobbies! With good storage. All the items are kept tidy, organised and easy to find, yet maintaining the siblings’ stuff separated. Awesome, right?


Taking in all the lifestyle requirement of every member of the family and transforming the house into a bright and beautiful modern home, Eunice made sure that it was the perfect dwelling for this young family and their idyllic urban lifestyle.


No details were overlooked, and no effort was spared as Eunice went beyond the extra mile in search of the vintage chic tiles the lady homeowner has been reminiscing for her kitchen, before finally getting her hands (and feet) to the flooring of her dream, all the way from her home country!


Named after Kava, an indigenous plant that has long been used by Pacific Island cultures for its pleasant relaxation effect, Eunice and her team at Kava Decor handles each project as if it was our own, every aspect of the job monitored from start to finish. Even a detail as small as the choice of grass to grow at the outer fencing was not spared, as the siblings from this family-run design and build business look set to take their designer philosophies to greater heights.

Designed with both style and practicality in mind, Kavar Decor has shown us that a home can truly always be made cosy no matter the size, and age!



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