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Wanna reverse time to look youthful again? Try smother yourself in… blood!

Wanna reverse time to look youthful again? Try smother yourself in… blood!

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BLOODY HELL! You’ve heard us right! If you want to reverse the ageing process, you could actually let Count Dracula have a go or have your face covered with blood splatter.

No, it’s not Halloween makeup, but it’s actually one of the latest trends in skincare treatment which might look quite gory in progress, but boasts glorious big-time results! Those with premature wrinkles, high levels of sunburn or anyone who wants an even tone and fresher appearance to their skin would gladly pay the “price” to turn back time. Don’t take our words, just ask Kim Kardashian and a host of other international celebrities!


Don’t let the name fool you. In all seriousness, the “vampire treatment” is a combination of micro-needling or mesotherapy, followed by the application of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) derived from the serum portion of the blood which contains platelets. In short, the facial essentially uses our own blood to help promote the healthy activity of our skin cells! Sound serious? Actually, the process involving the initial blood draw, then running the blood through a centrifuge to isolate the platelets before our PRPs are slathered across our face using twelve tiny acupuncture-style needles to “rejuvenate” our face! Having decided to get this procedure done, we figured this is something that must be done by a doctor or well-trained and highly skilled aesthetician. After all, when there are needles and blood involved, whether it’s a spa treatment, tattoo, or piercing, we need to know exactly who you’re working with to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. We began our research around town as early as last year and finally decided on placing our faith with Dr Sharifah at Regency Specialist Hospital!


PS: For the best results, it’s recommended that patients get one treatment spaced four to six weeks apart for two to three months followed by one treatment yearly. For more information, contact the experts at Regency Aesthetic Centre +607-381 7800 for a FREE skin analysis and consultation to print out a detailed report of our skin’s spots, pores, wrinkles, UV spots, brown spots, red areas, texture and acne-causing bacteria. 


Pre-treatment consultation & skin analysis

Our appointment initially set for September last year was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, but here we are finally  The 120-minute treatment started with applying a heavy-duty numbing cream to our entire face, which is meant to minimise any discomfort since it involves electric micro-needling and a series of injections. We arrived with our face “clean” (without makeup) so that we can jump straight into the action! We were tingly within minutes but fret not, we could still browse Facebook and reply the occasional messages on Whatsapp at least for another 45 minutes before the real effect sets in!


Numb & number…

Thanks to our regular skincare routine, most of our skin’s texture had a near-perfect score, and we probably do not need “excessive” treatment (for our fear of being poked incessantly by micro-needles) ourselves. One of the reasons the PRP facial is so popular is because it works miracles on neck rings, fine lines, increased pore size, smile lines, ageing hands, acne scars or even crow’s feet by stimulating collagen and has no side effects. Many, before us, have sworn by their varying but visible results, so hopefully, the treatment would seal the deal on those pesky percentage points LOL!


Drawing the first blood…

While the cream was working its magic, Dr Sareswathi, our therapist for the day, came in to draw our blood from the inside of our elbow. Alas, our veins on both arms decided to get tough, so the vital fluid has to be taken from our palm instead (ouch). Being a bundle of nerves around the needle, some of us had to look away as she injected the syringe, and we started feeling dizzy as soon as we saw how much blood (30ml gasp) was required for the treatment, which felt more like a gallon to us.


Once the hard part was over, we were able to relax a bit while Dr Sareswathi took the blood to a machine that spins it, separating the platelet-rich plasma from the platelet-poor plasma.


Extracting the PRP & PPP

For the first centrifugation, the rotation speed and time was 3,200 rpm for 5 minutes, which was the minimum for separating red blood cells from plasma. A counterweight on the opposing bucket (merely another device with equal mass) to balance the spin. The second centrifugation was performed at 3,100 rpm for a further 3 minutes.


Honestly speaking, even knowing we are in the good hands of the professionals from the Aesthetic Centre, we felt a little weird knowing something that had been inside our body just a few minutes earlier was now being slathered on our face. But hey, we are used to having strange things put on our face in the name of beauty, so that feeling only lasted about a minute as we braced ourselves for this pretty painful procedure and inevitable bloodshed. Or so we think…



“Just a tiny prick”, Dr Sareswathi explained that she would adjust the pen to penetrate our skin anywhere from 0.8 mm to 1.5mm deep depending on the area of our face but we dared ourselves to 1.0mm dept without any second thoughts. Before we could say go, she has begun to use small needles to reinsert the blood into the thin levels of the skin. To get the PRP drilled back into the skin, Dr Sareswathi applied the blood like a serum on our face and buffed it in using an electric micro-needler.


Your minds must be thinking that one tiny needle is terrible enough BUT TWELVE 1mm micro-needles pricking your skin all at the same time? If you think the tool sounds scary, you should’ve heard it buzzing. The micro-needles sounded like something we might find… at the dentist!

Once the micro-needling was in full swing, we were surprised at how little it actually hurt.


Warning! Parental guidance is advised for the subsequent images may be unpleasant for the eyes! Ok, we’re not going to say the process was painless, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as we had imagined. It helped that throughout the 30-minute procedure, Dr Sareswathi made sure to check with us to see if we were in too much pain or needed a break. She also told us exactly what she was doing so there were no surprises and kindly warned us when it was time to needle my non-fatty areas because those are the spots that made us flinch. Now we truly appreciate the real meaning of how it feels like to have “a pain in the neck” haha!


Mesotherapy (optional)

So far so good! In between micro-needling different sections of our face, Dr Sareswathi continuously applied more plasma, and it’s hard to explain how soothing this felt. Since the “serum” came from our own body, it literally felt like it was coming home. After a brief pause, Dr Sareswathi returned to use the last of the PRP on the more “problematic” parts on our face using a series of tiny injections. Those certainly hurt as the numbing cream effect was slowly wearing out, but she worked quickly enough that it was over before we knew it.

Once the final treatment was complete, our face was covered in cold mask to protect the skin and reduce the swelling. Dr Sareswathi explained that she tries to use all of our nutrient-rich plasma during the procedure to ensure the best results. By the end of the 20-minute treatment, she had made many sweeps across the different sections of our face, and our skin was happy to soak up all the plasma they could get.

PS: Nothing is left to waste as the remaining PPP is good for 2-day dosage as a natural moisturiser for application at home, but be sure to keep it refrigerated for best effect.


While we were told before the treatment that there is no downtime after this PRP facial but maybe don’t make plans immediately after. So, we highly recommend you take ur cue and arrange for your treatment nearer to the end of the week so that you can stay over the weekend. In our case, we chose (thank god it’s) Friday for our 120-minute procedure.  We went to sleep that night with bright-red, tomato-hued skin, but even by the next morning, it had cooled into something much less frightening. After two days, the redness had disappeared entirely though we were still left with a little bruising from the injections, especially around our jawline that had completely healed a week later.



For better results, we also recommend Dr Sharifah’s personally-formulated Camelle range of soothing face wash and heavy-duty moisturiser to help speed up the healing process. Continue to soothe, calm and protect the skin gently for three days after micro-needling, and you may resume your regular skincare routine after day three post-treatment. As always, eat well, exercise regularly and giving our body ample rest is still the best “medicine” we could offer our skin, for FREE!


The terrifying “vampire treatment” – demystified!

Still can’t see yourself trying this bizarre blood-sucking beauty treatment? Having bravely taken the plunge, As far as risks go, the only chance we really run is bruising at the time of the venipuncture. Aside from the discomfort of a blood draw and bruising from micro-needling and subsequent injection, the vampire facial is “extremely safe” as it is our body’s own blood being recycled. Even through the redness and bloody streaks, we could see our skin were already glowing. We’ve had our fair share of facials that left us wondering if the treatment worked or if our skin was just having a good couple of weeks. Trust us, you will never once question whether or not this PRP treatment is effective. The entire experience definitely required some courage, especially for those who don’t like the sight of blood but we were glad we faced our fear.


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