亲自为美味寻根:感受现代欧式料理与在地食材所带出的味觉震撼 Reinventing the art and science of cooking

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Chef Mui Kai Quan
Current: Head Chef, Sprout
Previous: Esquina, Osteria Mozza (Singapore), Ledbury (London), Maaemo (Oslo)
Born in Kulai, Johor

Chef Joseph Teoh Boon Siong
Current: Sous Chef, Sprout
Previous: Pizzeria Mozza (Singapore)
Born in Johor Bahru, Johor

大家熟悉的家常煮法离不开煎、炒、蒸、 烩、炸、烤、烧、焖。但在一个现代化餐厅的厨房里,占据大部分眼球的绝对是科技化的食物处理机,厨师们此刻身兼艺术家与科学家,将烹饪过程精确计算变化,并将之化身为一道道创造力十足的精致餐点。

Not so long ago, experiencing the quintessential flavours of local food means sweating it out at the neighbourhood hawker centre, prepared using traditional methods of stir-frying, deep-frying, steaming, stewing, roasting and braising, but a new generation of chefs such as Joseph and Mui are set on redefining native food culture, taking the familiar local ingredients whenever possible and reinterpreting them with modern cooking techniques, fusion flavours and innovative plating.

主打现代欧式创意料理的 Chef MuiChef Joseph,出其不意地以本土食材为主轴,细分为5大类的餐单皆可看见熟悉的道地食材踪影。餐厅内最常用以呈现食韵的六大烹调技巧: 低温真空、酸浸、发酵、油封、低温煮、烘烤「对厨师来说, 使用现代化烹调法将更容易掌控食物的品质,也能将失误减至最低。统一每一回的味道对于餐厅而言非常重要,因为厨师们也有情绪,忙碌时难免疏于监控味道,采用现代化器材如真空处理机就能完美解决此难题,不仅能将食材鲜味紧锁,也能确保营养不流失。」

Perhaps the most underrated of the modern-European restaurants in JB, The menu at Sprout is clearly divided into Snacks, Soil, Sea, Land and Dessert, with their open kitchen-bar concept allowing diners the opportunity to gawk at Chef Joseph, Chef Mui and their young team at work. “We build our menu around local fresh produce, using a combination of sous vide, pickling, fermenting, confit, poaching and roasting techniques to yields results that are nearly impossible to achieve by traditional means,” Chef Mui explains. “This frees us from the tyranny of the clock, and our temperament to ensure quality and consistency.”

在新山,Chef MuiChef Joseph 打破了欧式餐饮必使用奢华食材的迷思, 倾力使用在地当季食材与现代烹调法来展现质与量,每一季所呈现出的平衡滋味足以让食客们好好关注食材所相互带出的震撼。「我们很感激本地的食材供应商牺牲原有的利润来支持此概念。」 亲自为最新鲜的美味寻根,正是他俩由始至终对料理的不变信念。

“By using Modernist techniques, we get more control, and that allows us to be more artistic, not less!” Chef Joseph concludes.

咱们身处的南方边城近几年来开始融入了Fine Dining 的饮食概念,而 Sprout 所奉行的路线则是将 Casual 与 Fine Dining 完美结合,在这拥有30人座位的专属美食空间用餐,并没有一般的拘谨,让人轻易卸下日理万机的疲累心防 (每天只营业4小时,晚餐时段6pm-10pm,星期一店休) 。这在欧洲已日趋崛起的新型饮食美学,讲究的是有质感的当季食材加上厨师对土地与食材的熟悉与所倾注的艺术创作情感,质与量所呈现出的平衡,足以让食客们好好静下心来关注所有食材所相互带出的震撼,每一口吃下之际,都是舌尖上的飨宴。

We could be forgiven for thinking that we are suddenly teleported to northern Europe for the evening, with Sprout‘s minimalist and casual dining concept creating an intimate setting no matter how packed the place could be. Serving only 4 hours daily from Tuesday to Sunday (Monday off), connoisseurs of haute cuisine will be happy to know that this fusion between Fine Dining and Casual Dining concept is now quietly sprouting within the city. This culminated in a fitting tribute to the depth and diversity of culinary options that was commonplace only in the West, but now available in JB too!

Sprout 选址于此,对大人来说,甚有 “过了这个村,就没这个店” 的含义。自2015年8月1日掀开帷幕后,多少次天桥底下的呼啸而过,才能成就今日的聚首。孕育萌芽年余后,经过时间与环境的考验,新梢初长成。谢谢你们为在地的老饕们献出了令人激赏的料理,大人茅塞顿开 (终于了解为何有那么多食家们如此倾力推荐 😀 )!

看官们可点击详阅更多关于Sprout 的美食推荐 (店家每三个月皆会更新餐谱):过了这个村,就没这个店。相逢恨晚的滋味 Sprout – Fantastic fusion of flavours not to be missed!

It doesn’t take us long to be in awe of the young chefs’ courage to set up shop in one of JB’s oldest residential area to keep overhead costs low, so that they can focus on creating a gratifying gastronomy experience for discerning diners. The blurring of traditional cuisine and consumers’ discerning appetite for new and elevated experiences are the inspiration behind some of the rave reviews that have made their rounds in the past twelve months, so head down to Sprout for some fantastic fusion of flavours not to be missed!

此篇报导同时也已编入此册中的「讲究.不将就」系列中第94页 (限量发行,非卖品。版权所有,翻印必究):杂志大人2017年最新力作出炉啦 -《MENU: Find-dining in Johor Bahru 识食物者为俊杰》now serving…

Following the launch of our latest <MENU>, “Find Dining” in Johor Bahru has never been easier. May we present our “Chef Specials” on Pg 94 for you to savour premium steaks unlike any other… Bon appétit!

[大人爱美食] 看官们,你们可尝试过一种叫做相逢恨晚的滋味? 这惊艳的一餐究竟有多特别,快随大人一起翻滚味蕾吧!Possibly, the closest to a Michelin-star fusion of flavours…

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Sprout JB

Address: 61, Malaysia, Exit Lebuhraya Tebrau, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor

Business Hours: Tuesday – Sunday (6pm-10pm) 
Reservation: +6011 – 2181 6118
Email: sprout.restaurant.jb@gmail.com

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