甜施魔“法”- 携手巧现法式甜点的怦然心动 Great patisseries and happiness go hand in hand

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Eric Cheong
Current: Pâtissier, Patisserie De Charme
Previous: Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie and Mandarin Oriental (Singapore)
Born in Johor Bahru, Johor

Eunice Lin
Current: Pâtissier, Patisserie De Charme
Previous: Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia, Bakerzin and Singapore Island Country Club Currently residing in Johor Bahru, Johor

多数人初见法式甜点时,无不为其精致的外表而怦然心动。在本地,最为人所熟悉的法式甜点莫过于色彩多姿的马卡龙、柠檬塔、欧普拉、泡芙塔等。若不亲自向法式甜点师 (Pâtissier) 请教,还真无法得知法式甜点到底与一般西式蛋糕有何等之分。

What started out as a customary routine of serving sweets after a meal has turned into a full-blown art form, and the French has perfected this art in no time. Develop a whole repertoire of elegant and utterly delightful confections, cakes, and pastries, the French have won the world many times over, and are still being celebrated for their macarons, opera cake, meringues and croquembouche, just to name a few.

「身为法式甜点师必须不断精进追求极致。」在马新两地从事烘培业已有10年之久的道地新山法式甜点师 Eric,自烘培厨艺学院与 Eunice 相遇相识后即相伴至今,夫妻俩现於新山携手经营法式甜点店 Pâtisserie De Charme。法式甜点向以精致小巧取胜,而且极为注重口感与层次的变化。各类法国甜点备料 (法文为 mise-en-place) 做工既繁琐耗时又讲究精细,无法像西式糕点只需填入各式内馅就能同时推出多种口味。

Meet Eric and Eunice, who spent over 10 years perfecting the craft of making pastries, by revisiting the classics of French pastry and applying their contemporary knowledge to create modern versions of traditional sweet treats. In the eyes of Eric, every creation at Pâtisserie De Charme is like a work of art and a labour of love, from the preparation to the choice of ingredients (mise-en-place).

Eunice 同时表示「若顾客於展示柜里看见16种法式甜点,即表示有16种截然不同的搭配、做法与细节。此外,法式甜点也需能呈现如过山车般的味蕾触感,同一甜点里常能同时尝到极苦、极甜等五至七种惊喜口感层次,因此在品尝法式甜点时,切勿分食表层与内馅,唯有此才能真正领略甜点师的细腻心思。」

“Creating French pastries require a lot of time, attention to detail and extreme dedication.” Eunice enthuses. “It’s all about what lies within the dessert and what each layer will unravel – simple on the outside and intricately layered inside.”


店里的装潢在数百个攘往熙來的日子里一如既往维持着低调、朴而不华的风貌;一枝独秀的主角,始终离不开 - 那讲究口感、层次而又炫丽多姿的法式精品蛋糕。自2015年3月27日拉开序幕以来,Eric  Eunice 一直以其精湛传统法式精品蛋糕手艺深驻大人与密探之甜蜜心房。每一回的柜前挣扎,在入口之际必有最真诚的滋味回报。

看官们可点击详阅更多关于 Patisserie De Charme 的美食推荐:每一回的柜前挣扎,入口之际必有最真诚的滋味回报 – 法式精品蛋糕 Patisserie De Charme: A taste of the sweeter things in life.

Patisserie De Charme was born from their desire to present beautifully crafted eclairs and gateau to Johoreans, and we have no doubts their talent for pastry will certainly bring us on an exploration of various flavours, textures and sensations. – something no one has really done here yet. A “cakeholic” or not, we are sure you will be spoilt for choice at PDC, with all their sweet creations perfectly designed for bringing happiness and surprises to the table.

此篇报导同时也已编入此册中的「讲究.不将就」系列中第90页 (限量发行,非卖品。版权所有,翻印必究):杂志大人2017年最新力作出炉啦 -《MENU: Find-dining in Johor Bahru 识食物者为俊杰》now serving…

Following the launch of our latest <MENU>, “Find Dining” in Johor Bahru has never been easier. May we present our “Chef Specials” on Pg 90 for you to savour premium steaks unlike any other… Bon appétit!

[大人爱美食] 每逢到访 Patisserie De Charme 总会发现他们又有新作让大人再度来回跺步,陷入无尽的美食艺术氛围里。请相信大人,看官们要是一走入位于新山茂奥斯汀(Mount Austin)区内的 Patisserie…

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Patisserie De Charme @ Little Paris at Mount Austin

Address: G10, Block B, Jalan Jaya Putra 1/1, Bandar Jaya Putra, 81100 JB, Johor.
Reservation: Facebook Messanger
Time: Sun – Wed 1pm – 10pm /  Fri – Sat 1pm – 1Pam (Closed on Thu)

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