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置身浪尖中的饮食重地,尽情享受美食罪恶感 Culinary meets couture in an all-new fashion @ UFB Sutera

置身浪尖中的饮食重地,尽情享受美食罪恶感 Culinary meets couture in an all-new fashion @ UFB Sutera

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自2015年4月10日起於新山西北区一级美食料理战区内立业的 Union Fashion Bar 就属这类型的餐馆,即在浪尖中的饮食重地初试啼声,赞弹褒贬自是一线之间,正面积极迎战并不断推陈出新的菜式口味,外加那看来一发不可收拾的硕大份量,物超所值遇上气场相投的人终究能成主顾。今日大人秘访的 UFB 总店相较于新山彩虹花园的美式秘密花园风格有异,位于五福城的 UFB 则以优雅的法式风情为主格调。

“Find Dining” has always been our mantra and collective mission to dig deep into our local food scene, in search of our next gastronomic adventure without having to jet set around the world to taste different cuisines. As haute couture comes to Johor Bahru, so does “haute cuisine”. Since 4 October 2015, Chef Yap has been blending fashion and food into one fabulous locale, having experimented with a progressive menu highlighting cuisine from cities with burgeoning fashion scenes, making our visit to Union Fashion Bar a culinary tour of the world through couture, or vice-versa?

UFB 将餐饮以时尚之都的概念经营,每家店皆以一个城市为题,并以该城市的甜点、主食、咖啡、酒饮等不同的特性料理贯穿其中,既可阖家共享,亦能与闺蜜、红蓝颜来个全天候私密约会,竭尽所能地慵懒畅聊,可想而知幕后经营者叶展麒想要开拓的自是非传统的餐饮文化路线。

拥有近廿年管理与料理经验的叶展麒,浑身是功夫。本身原为法式甜点师,自1998年踏入饮食业后便一路坚守至今,间中数年曾远赴新加坡、印尼等地为知名餐饮集团开辟疆土,回流后心想何不将环境与饮食搭配成一体到位的时尚餐饮空间,这点想必不难理解为何店家将此结晶命名为 Union Fashion Bar,同时再以公道合理的价位、不欺场的份量在市场上站稳脚步。立业两年来,UFB 已在新山数处展店,据悉接下来更将冲出此区北上各县城开拓美食领地噢!

Taking up residence in an inviting corner lot shophouse, Union Fashion Bar (or more affectionately known as UFB) is the embodiment of Chef Yap Chern Chee’s immense love for fine French cuisine and cocktails, following years of experience working with the likes of Bakerzin in Singapore and Indonesia. Operating as a cafe by the day and bar by night, UFB Sutera offers an extensive selection ranging from French-inspired western cuisine juxtaposed with an Asian menu and fusion-style of savoury items. Paris was the fashion icon of choice behind the haute couture concept at Sutera, with a host of other trend-setting cities and themes taking centre stage at other new outlets throughout JB and outside of Johor really soon!

【“饿”人先告状】好康不藏私!原来从4月至5月31日,UFB 即将迎来2周年庆噢! 为了庆祝2周年,店家将会在所有分行以高达30%的现金回扣回馈爱戴他们家的消费者!(*每消费RM100 将能获取RM20的现金回扣,RM200则为RM60的现金回扣,恕无法与其他促销并用) 简直是主人自己庆生,还加码送来宾们大礼嘛!

此外,以12片口味不同的自家蛋糕所结合而成的周年纪念蛋糕体仅售RM68! (请注意:此项目无法计入总额获取现金回扣,恕无法与其他促销并用噢) 大人已斩钉截铁决定不管身边有没有人庆祝寿辰都得抢购一份!

先别走~ 大人还没说完啊!都说了 UFB 是以时尚风格出击的嘛,那么怎能一年四季都以同样的料理示人啊!为了这次周年庆,UFB – Union Fashion Bar 厨师团队推出了以芝士为主的超值料理,大人岂能错过,独乐乐不如众乐乐,稍后就为各位献上!

In conjunction with the upcoming 2nd-anniversary celebrations from April to May, all UFB-themed restaurants will be offering up to 30% rebate (RM20 for every RM100 spent, or RM60 for every RM200 spent, not to be combined with other promotions), pretty generous on the part of the birthday boy, isn’t it? But that’s not all. Complete your very own “whole cake” by combining up to 12 different flavours for only RM68, and that itself calls for a celebration on its own, cool huh?

And WAIT!!! There’s more, indulge in a whole range of melted cheese dishes to make you feel ooey gooey any time, right here, right now! Ready?

前菜 – 罗勒青酱拌鲜虾沙拉 Prawn Pesto Salad

以陈年葡萄醋 (Balsamic dressing)、罗勒青酱拌青蔬、橄榄、鲜虾的 Prawn Pesto Salad (RM12.90),一听就知道身负开胃重任啦!「这沙拉匀和着绝佳的油醋比例,既带清香而又酸度适中。最贴心的应当是主人家为人客们尽力保留了时刻得维持斯文的仪表 😄 ,把虾壳给剥了,真好!毫不费力完成首项开胃职责。☑️ 」

Doing our best to accommodate our high protein, low carb lifestyle, this Prawn Pesto Salad definitely fits the bill. Full of all kinds of green goodness, the salad came with generous portions of mixed greens, olive and fresh prawn infused in reduced balsamic vinegar. Overall, the salad is indeed crisp-fresh and healthy tasting with a zest of lemon, which helps to bring out the umami and natural sweetness the freshly shelled prawns!

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

前菜 – Papa Chos

送进嘴里,好熟悉的味道!「原来是印度脆饼 Pappadums!配上番茄丁与特调辣椒酱,超~~~好吃的!此刻在店内拿起 iPad 边追剧边吃这脆饼,瞬间觉得这就是善待自己的最高规格!」这道 Papa Chos (RM9.90) ,大人可是铁了心不想与旁人分享,烦请你自己再点一份吧 😂 !

OMG, this Papa Chos is probably like a power couple combination, just like David and Victoria Beckham, both with their own distinct fan bases and when you put them together, it’s pretty much a stellar combination. So much so that we decided this starter is best to indulge individually and not shared for once as we were all practically fighting over this, so be sure to order your own 😉 !

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★★

主食 – Mama Crispy Waffle

酥炸鸡柳与松饼共结连理?不禁想问「你俩个性上、口味上合得来吗?😂 」Mama Crispy Waffle (RM14.90) 当然还得增添一些生活上的酸甜香辣花火才算精彩。「鸡柳与松饼共同的特质就是外脆里嫩啊~ 大人顿时觉得这不就像咱们的人生吗?既坚强而细腻;随意挥洒的烧烤酱与美乃滋酸甜交织,搭上清脆时蔬、薯条… 来人啊~ 这对佳偶未免也太放闪了!大人妒忌!」

Who would have thought that a French-inspired restaurant cum bistro could serve a decent portion of Chicken & Waffles? Even if the waffle itself was not the star, the chicken we had was good enough to make this dish utterly irresistible. The chicken was evenly cooked, leaving flesh still crisp and juicy when we bit into it. From the fluffy waffles, crunchy salad to the crisp yet juicy deep-fried chicken thigh, We must admit the overall textural balance for the Mama Crispy Waffle was fantastic!

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★

主食 – 蛤蜊意大利面 Vongole Pasta

哟~ 谁来告诉大人,这究竟是有蛤蜊的意大利面,还是有意大利面的蛤蜊啊?「蛤蜊与意大利面的分量不相伯仲,主人家是要确保每一口都能让蛤蜊陪伴意大利面一块入口吗?」搭上韭菜、蒜米等的配角将滋味立体化,精打细算的看官们呀~ 蛤蜊意大利面 (Vongole Pasta, RM21.90) 单凭那数不清的繁星蛤蜊就已超值!

Good vongole is pretty elusive in JB, and we had high hopes for this. We were glad to say that our Vongole Pasta didn’t disappoint, as we were presented with silky noodles coated in all that briny, garlicky flavour from the white wine butter sauce and studded with tender morsels of the clam itself. We particularly enjoyed the flavoured aftertaste with pleasant salty notes that is given by the clams, and the sheer generosity and portions of the vongole made it all worthwhile!

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

主食 – 鸭肉意大利面 Duck Confit Pasta

让大人们惊艳的,绝对是这道鸭肉意大利面 (Duck Confit Pasta, RM21.90)。识食物者为俊杰,此时让大人不禁想哼一哼俊杰的名曲「你如此完美的一切,竟会出现在我的世界~」好嚣张的滋味,你这辣面条一定跟鸭油有一腿!「真瞒不过大人您的灵舌呀,面条我真的与鸭油今生注定纠缠不清,也…也…真的与他们有一”腿” (含羞答答)~」好松软的鸭腿,大人这都尝到了!

Craving some French food but on a budget? UFB serves up this tasty classic at wallet-friendly prices. The Duck Confit Pasta was perfectly cooked and dressed with a rich and creamy sauce that appeared to be chock full of “liquid gold” goodness, and the duck fell apart from the bone with just the use of a fork and flaked apart very easily. Originated in France and using one of the oldest ways to “preserve” food, and we really liked how the duck is cured and cooked in its own rendered fat, low and slow, resulting in a moist, tender, melt-in-mouth, flavourful meat. This delicious melt in the mouth experience with the most robust explosion of flavours is definitely 100% worth it for the price, and we’ll definitely be back here the next time we’re craving for duck confit!

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★☆

主食 – 印尼爪哇炒饭 Indonesia Fried Rice

哎呀,差点被接二连三出招的面条抢走了所有的风采呢~ 印尼爪哇炒饭 (Indonesia Fried Rice, RM16.90)  决定要大声宣布「吾等绝不是饭饭之辈!」正在香浓黑胡椒酱中沐浴的青椒肉串、笑颜如花儿的朝气荷包蛋还有不甘沦为绿叶的时蔬们… 快与香饭粒一起迎战!「微甜的喷香饭粒们想必含了正宗印尼ABC酱油的DNA吧 😋 ~ 大人还记得求学时的印尼好友老是无法忘怀这家乡味而大量入货呢!印尼爪哇炒饭份量大得惊人,食毕后大人今夜如何有颜面站在体重计之上面对残酷的现实呢? (掩面而泣逃) 」

Not to be outshone by their European and pasta counterparts, this Asian dishes is out to break the “monopoly” and serves a stark reminder that they thoroughly deserved their place in this Western bistro setup. Like any authentic Indonesian cuisine which uses various blends of spices that can really work wonders with even the simplest of dishes, this classic Indonesia Fried Rice indeed induce a delightful taste that lingers after every bite. Together with sides of fresh greens, sunny side up and large black pepper grilled chicken kebab slices, we are sure it will be everything we wish for in a fulfilling meal. The best part is again, the extremely affordable price tag.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★

新品 – 芝士鸡扒 Italian Chicken Chop

这千呼万唤始出来而又半遮面的不是琵琶,而是嫩QQ的新品鸡扒 (Italian Chicken Chop, RM23.90) 呀~ 被厚厚一层 Mozzarella 黄袍芝士加身的肉类们并没有忘记原有的气魄,大人今日有缘相会,莫非是“鸡”会是留给有准备的人?「别被那张狂的黄袍芝士给唬着了,底子里仍是清雅之士!鸡身滋味绝不会过于浓腻。」勇于参战的一兵一卒:马铃薯、萝卜西兰花们宣告护驾失败!「因为大人这下子也要把你们给吃了!」

Despite some of us being mildly lactose intolerant, the Italian Chicken Chop is slathered in a generous portion of melted Mozzarella goodness almost covering the entire chicken thigh that we gladly defy our body and gratify in the goodness of melted cheese every now and then. The chicken chop was juicy and not overly tender, just the way we enjoy it. The serving is pretty adequate too and goes well with the baked potatoes and broccolis which we gladly polish off the plate. Eat first, regret later. It’s definitely a delight to devour, no doubt!

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

新品 – 芝士羊肩 Cheesy Lamb Chop

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羊汁出在羊身上!大人何出此言?因为这芝士羊肩 (Cheesy Lamb Chop, RM39.90) 根本就很会把好处往自个儿身上添加好不好…「被香料裹身后的羊肩其实早已腌制入味,眼看芝士缓缓入侵仍旧闻风不动,原来是想谋个锦上添花之效!」

Vegetarians, avert your eyes as our dinner continues with more meat dishes to get our protein fix. Admittedly letting down our guards, we couldn’t quite resist taking a bite into this succulent Cheesy Lamb Chop, potato wedges and mix salad in a pool of more Mozzarella goodness. The portion of this meal is rather generous, and its tender meat is well marinated with spices and yet blends really well with the thick cheese sauce that had most of us screaming for more.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

甜品 – Crème Brûlée

看官们没有眼花!就连以法式古老秘方制成的 Crème Brûlée (RM12.90) 也硬生生大上一倍之多!对温度掌控得宜绝对能让此甜点魅力大升级哦!「这焦糖的厚度足以媲美饼盾,肩起保护柔嫩蛋奶布丁的重责可谓丝毫不松懈呢!😋  」

There’s no denying the appeal of this classic French dessert which we can polish off the entire portion of the Crème Brûlée even after a full meal. Delicate, yielding custard beneath a thin sheet of shatteringly crisp torched sugar topping, add to the balanced ratio of that sweet scent of vanilla and toasty notes of burnt sugar crystals, and that pretty much sums up the definition of our perfect crème!

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★

甜品 – 梳乎厘 Bailey Souffle

「别慌,肉类们与甜点绝对不会在同一个“胃”子,大人保证将它们分开好不好!」这道撒了漫天糖霜的法国传统甜点梳乎厘 (Bailey Souffle, RM16.90) 内里就好像中了甜点师所施的绝世化骨绵掌般,就连最柔软的海绵也得立刻靠边站,童叟无欺!品尝起来就是如此蓬松柔软!「单尝梳乎厘可会太寂寞?且让亦苦亦甜的黑白双娇 Espresso与冰淇淋与你作陪吧! 」

We all know that Baileys is best enjoyed on the rocks or added to our coffee, but Chef Yap provided a gentle reminder that it can also be used in our everyday baking as well! Due to the amount of time and effort that goes into the preparation, not many places in JB serves Souffle, let alone being good ones. Unlike the traditional version, this Bailey Souffle is super light and fluffy. Topped with Baileys Original Irish Cream and paired with Espresso and ice-cream, it’s quite impossible to put our spoon down at just one mouth and easily the perfect dessert for any occasion, and provides a great ending to our meal.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★

鸡尾酒 Caipirinha & Daiquiri

黄绿桑巴!左边这杯巴西地道鸡尾酒 Caipirinha (RM23.80) 以朗姆酒 (Rum) 为基酒,「添入了砂糖、青柠与碎冰后,观其外表绝对清新宜人,浅尝一口后才知霸气可藏得真好!」

调酒师极爱推荐的鸡尾酒名单中,想必右边的 Daiquiri (RM26.80) 自是不会落单。同以朗姆酒 (Rum) 为基酒,再搭上康帕利酒 (Campari) 与鲜柠摇匀,「粉红色的 Daiquiri 滋味可不柔弱,看官们想要释放压力?不妨来杯 Daiquiri 吧! 」

By now we are feeling thirsty and craving for something alcoholic, we were introduced to Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail made with rum, fresh lime and sugar, a refreshing and zesty drink quite welcome after all the meats that we had been eating. Alternatively, try the pink Daiquiri which is equally amazing. Unlike the pseudo fruity version, this is very strong and has a rustic flavour which still goes down smoothly though it is strong as the lime and sugar combine together with the rum to give it a sourish sweetness.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

大人不禁想再次呼吁看官们,这个4月即是他们家两周年纪念噢! 为了庆祝2周年,店家将会在所有分行以高达30%的现金回扣回馈爱戴他们家的消费者!(*每消费RM100 将能获取RM20的现金回扣,RM200则为RM60的现金回扣,恕无法与其他促销并用),看来接下来大人与看官们相遇的最大可能性也许就在 UFB 的餐桌上了吧!  (若你也想要一并吸收本桌的消费单据以获取更高折扣,大人定会双手奉上 😆 )

This unique blend of culinary couture at UFB shows how the seemingly independent pursuits of fashion and food can be brought together, and in doing so gave rise to something unique and unusual, especially for a progressively culturally thriving city such as JB at large. Be sure to observe how UFB changes its “fashion” in due time.

With their second anniversary celebration now on, enjoy up to 30% rebate (RM20 for every RM100 spent, or RM60 for every RM200 spent, not to be combined with other promotions). We are definitely coming back for more, how about you? (Feel free to take our bills if you are feeling generous or looking to make up the “numbers” LOL!)

UFB-Union Fashion Bar @ Sutera

Address: No 24, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
Contact: +6016 – 719 9809
Time: 12pm-12.30am (Sun – Thu); 12pm – 1.30am (Fri-Sat)

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