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楼层间的全天候红蓝颜闺蜜聚点,一体到位的时尚餐饮空间 Get high on Catalunya-inspired cuisine & cocktails @ UFB Balcony

楼层间的全天候红蓝颜闺蜜聚点,一体到位的时尚餐饮空间 Get high on Catalunya-inspired cuisine & cocktails @ UFB Balcony

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在新山与士姑来五福城拓业的 Union Fashion Bar (UFB),向将餐饮以时尚之都的概念经营,每家店皆以一个城市为题,并以该城市的甜点、主食、咖啡、酒饮等不同的特性料理贯穿其中,既可阖家共享,亦能与闺蜜、红蓝颜来个全天候私密约会,竭尽所能地慵懒畅聊,可想而知幕后经营者叶展麒想要开拓的自是非传统的餐饮文化路线。今日到访的这家 Union Fashion Bar Balcony 正好位于早前大人所提及的古来商区双层角头单位内。

Located about 30km north of Johor Bahru city centre and far away from the hustle and bustle, Kulai is very old and very new at the same time. Expect our attention to be pulled in two directions: the authentic, absorbing historical attractions, and the seductions of a creative vibe coming into its own. Add to a potpourri of experiences including tropical forest walks, tee off at nearby golf resorts, designer-shop struts and savouring the food culture of extraordinary diversity that’s unique only to the privileged residents.

A new Kulai is certainly in the making, and this is what attracts Chef Yap of Union Fashion Bar (or more affectionately known as UFB) fame to this once sleepy town, with its hip bars, restaurants and shops make it one of today’s coolest place outside of JB!

刚於2016年11月10日启业的古来分号融入了欧洲巴塞罗纳复古风情,料理则以 Tapas 类等甜咸小吃居多。眼前的一望无际,不愧为午后或夜晚呼朋唤友齐聚二楼户外碰杯开怀的好去处,难怪主人家将此命名为 UFB Balcony。若想尽情享用主人家最拿手的招牌蛋糕与主食料理,宽敞的底层空间则是最佳选择。

【“饿”人先告状】好康不藏私!原来从4月起至5月31日,UFB 即将迎来2周年庆噢! 为了庆祝2周年,店家将会在所有分行以高达30%的现金回扣回馈爱戴他们家的消费者!(*每消费RM100 将能获取RM20的现金回扣,RM200则为RM60的现金回扣,恕无法与其他促销并用) 简直是主人自己庆生,还加码送来宾们大礼嘛!

此外,以12片口味不同的自家蛋糕所结合而成的周年纪念蛋糕体仅售RM68! (请注意:此项目无法计入总额获取现金回扣,恕无法与其他促销并用噢) 大人已斩钉截铁决定不管身边有没有人庆祝寿辰都得抢购一份!

先别走~ 大人还没说完啊!都说了 UFB 是以时尚风格出击的嘛,那么怎能一年四季都以同样的料理示人啊!为了这次周年庆,UFB – Union Fashion Bar 厨师团队推出了以芝士为主的超值料理,大人岂能错过,独乐乐不如众乐乐,稍后就为各位献上!

Taking up residence in a prominent corner lot shophouse since 10 November 2016, with unblocked view of Gunung Pulai from the balcony, much thought has been put into the revitalisation of the latest restaurant and bistro, evident in its new interior that melds opulent furnishing with Spanish influences. Amidst the ceramic blue tiled counters, blue walls and ceiling that reminds one of the deep blue wonders of the Mediterranean Sea, UFB Balcony offers a serendipitous intersection of traditional Spanish cuisine and Asian culinary techniques that is not available through their other outlets.

In conjunction with the upcoming 2nd-anniversary celebrations from April to May, all UFB-themed restaurants will be offering up to 30% rebate (RM20 for every RM100 spent, or RM60 for every RM200 spent, not to be combined with other promotions), pretty generous on the part of the birthday boy, isn’t it? But that’s not all. Complete your very own “whole cake” by combining up to 12 different flavours for only RM68, and that itself calls for a celebration on its own, cool huh?

Un momento (hey wait)!!! There’s more, indulge in a whole range of melted cheese dishes to make you feel ooey gooey any time, right here, right now!

拥有近廿年管理与料理经验的叶展麒,浑身是功夫。本身原为法式甜点师,自1998年踏入饮食业后便一路坚守至今,间中数年曾远赴新加坡、印尼等地为知名餐饮集团开辟疆土,回流后心想何不将环境与饮食搭配成一体到位的时尚餐饮空间,这点想必不难理解为何店家将此结晶命名为 Union Fashion Bar同时再以公道合理的价位、不欺场的份量在市场上站稳脚步。立业两年来,UFB 已在新山数处展店,据悉接下来更将冲出此区北上各县城开拓美食领地噢!

UFB is the embodiment of Chef Yap Chern Chee’s immense love for excellent cuisine and cocktails, following nearly two decades of experience working with the likes of Bakerzin in Singapore and Indonesia. Operating as a cafe by the day and bar by night, UFB Balcony is inspired by the energy and vibrant colours of Barcelona, with the Catalunya-influences taking centre stage following the success of its predecessors at UFB Sutera and UFB Garden!

私人厢房 Private room

莫非你也像大人一样,拥有一群热爱美食、吃菜得配话的哥儿们?那位于二楼的两间私人厢房绝对适合看官们!较大的厢房可容约20人 (最低消费RM1,000);而另一间小型厢房则可容约10人(最低消费RM600),知交满天下?没问题,可请主人家为各位「打破隔阂」!哦~ 原来能将两间房二合为一啊!确实好方便!

For something totally out of the ordinary to wow your pals and their taste buds, book the private rooms at Level 2. No crowds or interruptions, just great food and great company in a cosy space no matter the occasion, here’s where you’ll get to host a party of 10 or 20 at the two intimate, semi-private rooms with a minimum spend of RM600 and RM1,000 respectively. Got a massive party in the works? Just ask for the partition walls to be opened up, easy!


蜜汁北京鸭胸 Honey Roasted Peking Duck Breast & 香脆五花肉 Crispy Pork Belly with Chilli Plum Sauce

面对 Union Fashion Bar Balcony 这一波开胃小菜的猛烈攻势,大人开始担心体重会否失守!抢先打头阵攻陷大人口舌的乃这道模样清雅的蜜汁北京鸭胸 (上图,Honey Roasted Peking Duck Breast, RM12.90),「享用时谨记以爽绿食蔬裹着嫩红鸭胸、印度香脆饼再狠抹上特制苹果酱才是王道啊!」一口咬下既是爽脆又兼容着一股淡香的烟熏鸭肉滋味,搭上印度脆饼的异香与微甜的苹果酱,中西合并的创意吃法意外和谐。

Our meal began with the Honey Roasted Peking Duck Breast which looks unassuming, but it was going to be a pleasant surprise when we pop our first in our mouth. The duck skin was roasted to a beautiful amber crisp while preserving the soft succulence of the red meat. Fresh, crunchy lettuces and papadum chips were served alongside homemade apple sauce for a modern twist to complement the duck. And when we wrap the meat with the lettuce and dip into the mildly sweet sauce, it’s just heaven on the palate.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) ★★★★

而紧接上阵的香脆五花肉 (下图,Crispy Pork Belly with Chilli Plum Sauce, RM15.90) 则为一道无需费心既能夺走肉食族欢心的开胃前菜,这时候再不上点酒,大人的同僚们可是会头顶冒火呢!「来人啊!来两瓶好酒!」香脆的皮衣完全就是一口咬下富含猪油柔嫩香滑口感的坚强堡垒!随附化腻解药 – 特制梅子酱!「这酱汁简直就是进食加速器!清香微甜好顺口,没两下子桌上的肉类们就被一扫而光,盘底朝天了!」

After our wraps had been devoured, we were served the Crispy Pork Belly with Chilli Plum Sauce. It doesn’t get much better as the added aromatics and spices result in a rich and exotic sauce with a depth of flavour we just don’t get with a regular gravy. We felt that the crunch of the juicy meat would be the perfect accompaniment to an ice-cold beer on a lazy day in Kulai. Enough said.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) ★★★★

内有乾坤芝士猪肉丸 Cheesy Meat Ball in Tomato Salsa & 香酥番茄青椒黄姜鸡腿 Turmeric Chicken Leg with Classic Tomato Green Chilli

除了打铁要趁热,吃肉丸也要趁热啊!这道内有乾坤芝士猪肉丸 (上图,Cheesy Meat Ball in Tomato Salsa, RM12.90) 唯有热食时内里的玄机才能完美施展撩人技法,「咱们一起来比比看谁牵出的丝最长如何?」蘸上主人家自制的番茄莎莎酱,既香甜兼带微酸,与味咸的猪肉丸巧妙混搭后既能化腻与解绵涩,甚合拍。

Striking the iron while it’s hot, the same principle applies to the Cheesy Meat Ball in Tomato Salsa, where the balls of tender meat studded with Mozzarella cheese goodness in salsa shiokness are a decadent affair that comes in a shockingly massive portion!

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) ★★★☆

大人只能说 UFB 的开胃前菜超有国际色彩的啊~ 刚刚品尝了数道中西料理,眼前这碟香酥番茄青椒黄姜鸡腿 (下图,Turmeric Chicken Leg with Classic Tomato Green Chilli, RM9.90),可不是咱们非常熟悉的菜式?「看似干柴的皮衣其实将肉汁锁得极好,脆皮嫩肉蘸上青辣椒与甜酱青后好带劲儿,食欲立增!」

Unlike most of the east-west fusion dishes we had sampled, the Turmeric Chicken Leg with Classic Tomato Green Chilli is grilled to perfection, achieving an even golden brown all over with tender and flavourful meat. Coated with turmeric powder for that oomph factor, this gives more a spice flavour to the usually dull chicken leg.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) ★★★☆

青辣椒杏仁大葱浆鱼子 “Onion Sambal Hijau” Ikan Bilis with Roasted Almond & 香脆鱼皮 Fish Skin Crackers

简单的食材也能创造多层次的口感,瞧瞧这道让人停不了口的青辣椒杏仁大葱浆鱼子 (上图,”Onion Sambal Hijau” Ikan Bilis with Roasted Almond, RM9.90) 即知。「互补能成就彼此的美好就好似大葱的甜味中和了青辣椒的辣味;脆咸甜辣交缠口中,与另一道薄若蝉翼的微咸香脆鱼皮 (下图,Fish Skin Crackers, RM12.90) 堪称下酒的良伴啊~  「蘸上主人家特调的辣椒酱,大人好钟意这香脆鱼皮!好吃极了!」

Simple as they may seem, we were literally blown away by both the Onion Sambal Hijau” Ikan Bilis with Roasted Almond and the Fish Skin Crackers. The ikan bilis and onions were stir-fried to crispy tastiness, with the unique finishing touches of roasted almond and sambal making the savoury treat all the more sedap and fragrant. On the other hand, we can never go wrong with these fish skin crackers pair with a pint or two, even if it throws our diet plan right out the window but you know what? At this point, we don’t really care LOL!

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) ★★★★☆

蜜汁香辣烧烤五花肉块 Spicy Honey Roasted Pork Belly Chunks & 香脆蛋饼“帕么膳”芝士玉米  Cone & Parmesan Corn & 经典午餐肉条 Classic Pork Luncheon with Assorted Sauce

蜜汁香辣烧烤五花肉块 (Spicy Honey Roasted Pork Belly Chunks, RM15.90) 以经腌制的五花肉均匀烧烤,香气环绕紧缠每一寸肌肤,委实太勾人魂魄啦~ 「红萝卜与马铃薯披着微焦的外层,熟度正好。随附拥有解腻功能的特调苹果酱,让原本咸香的五花肉立即增添了几抹清新甜香口感模式!」

Much as we hate to admit, the aromatic Spicy Honey Roasted Pork Belly Chunks are disgustingly good and amazingly fatty, with the baby carrot and potato all basked in the limelight with the same homemade apple sauce providing a refreshing dip and sweet respite from the… you know.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) ★★★☆

向冰淇淋致敬?这香脆蛋饼“帕么膳”芝士玉米 (Cone & Parmesan Corn, RM9.90) 以冰淇淋甜筒将甜玉米、微咸的帕么膳芝士、各色食蔬等纳入其中,用来下酒自是合适不过!

Call it genius, call it fashionable, or just call it UFB, our salad just got more portable with the somewhat creative Cone & Parmesan Corn. We can now eat our salad with one hand and here’s what eating it out of a cone looks like…

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) ★★★☆

「您看来好熟悉,请问我在哪儿见过您?噢!原来是童年好友午餐肉您啊!披上了一层酥炸皮衣差点让大人认不出原躯的经典午餐肉条 (Classic Pork Luncheon with Assorted Sauce, RM23.90) 共有三种蘸酱陪伴在侧,各具风采:

Well well, look who do we have in the house? We never thought the day would come when we would walk into a restaurant and ask for tinned luncheon meat, yet at a time when the words “fresh” and “artisanal” seem to be the taglines of any new restaurant. Still, we were glad that the Classic Pork Luncheon with Assorted Sauce is experiencing a bit of a revival from chefs who either appreciate its nostalgic value or who simply have a soft spot for trashy comfort food. Kudos to UFB for crafting this childhood classic into an appealing bar snack that comes with three variety of condiments:

  • 略带刺激的泰式甜辣酱 (Thai Sweet & Spicy Chilli Sauce)
  • 萝卜的自甜搭上口感温和微酸的焦糖莎莎酱 (Caramel Salsa Sauce) 
  • 香辣的印尼炸鸡辣椒酱 (Ayam Penyet Chilli Sauce) 

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) ★★★☆

日式咖喱排骨配香脆牛油面包 Japanese Curry Pork Rib with Brioche & 香脆麻油辣墨鱼爪 Spicy Crispy Sesame Sotong Head

好猛的小食攻略,转眼已来到第10道!日式咖喱排骨配香脆牛油面包 (上图,Japanese Curry Pork Rib with Brioche, RM16.90) 的自制酥脆牛油面包简直抢戏,微微的牛油香气让大人差点忽视了一旁的日式咖喱排骨~ 「香辣温和的排骨烹得极软嫩,入口即成丝,大人心想让这道很有食欲的前菜当主食也行啊!再点上一份囊着微辣脆皮衣的香脆麻油辣墨鱼爪 (Spicy Crispy Sesame Sotong Head, RM18.90) 「点了11道前菜来开胃下酒,谁叫大人朋友多呢 (摊手) 😏 酒过三巡,简直意犹未尽,「且慢,还没点主食呢!

Before we knew it, our meal for the day has already hit double digits. The Japanese Curry Pork Rib with Brioche was a pretty decent serving that goes with the soft, light and intensely buttery bread which is a welcome departure from the usual heavy rice. The curry was smooth and flavourful while the pork ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender and succulent. Not bad for a price like that. Behold, the Spicy Crispy Sesame Sotong Head was crunchy and delicious, especially when dipped into the homemade chilli sauce.

Did we ever mention that all 11 dishes so far were merely appetisers only?

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) ★★★☆


金枪鱼虾米面  Tuna Pasta & 三文鱼芝士牛油炒饭 Grilled Salmon Cheesy Baked Rice

无辣不欢?那就得尝一尝这道份量可观的金枪鱼虾米面 (上图,Tuna Pasta, RM16.90) ,「挥之不去的辣,嗜辣的看官们应该会陷入欲罢不能的漩涡里!万幸属辣而不油不腻,瞧瞧那虾米和金枪鱼肉紧附於面条表层,暗器不少啊 😏 

有人无辣不欢,那大人则无饭不欢啊~ 三文鱼芝士牛油炒饭 (下图,Grilled Salmon Cheesy Baked Rice, RM19.90) 颗颗米粒被芝士拥抱着,牛油香溢满满口腔,「再来份百搭三文鱼加持,毫不费力让人饱足啊!

It was especially comforting to enjoy the Tuna Pasta in the cold weather that day, as this delicious spaghetti dish done al dente will be sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters, with a good serving of protein-rich tuna (and dried shrimps for added flavour and texture) helping to justify a big plate of carby pasta LOL.

If you love cheese with rice, you’re gonna love the Grilled Salmon Cheesy Baked Rice without having to defy your body and yet gratify in the goodness of melted cheese! Another certain comfort food for a rainy evening, this is a healthier choice that is surprisingly not overly oily or gooey.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) ★★★☆

泰式酸辣海鲜面 Thai Tom Yum Seafood Noodle & 泰式鸡肉蘑菇青咖喱面 Thai Green Curry Chicken Noodle

大人今日的舌尖可是游走了大半个地球,此刻来到了咱们的邻居泰国!泰式酸辣海鲜面 (上图,Thai Tom Yum Seafood Noodle, RM13.90) 的韧度恰好,「这口味让大人深感熟悉啊!不正是咱们最爱的宵夜面食吗 😄?浴在酸辣汤中的海鲜尚能尝出其鲜甜滋味,而面条就算稍凉后也不会呈软绵状。

另一道泰式鸡肉蘑菇青咖喱面 (下图,Thai Green Curry Chicken Noodle, RM13.90) 乍看之下还以为是意大利面呢!「比起刚尝的重口味泰式酸辣海鲜面,这青咖喱面立显清淡啊!汤汁并不会过于浓稠,钟情於泰式口味却不嗜辣的看官们不妨一试。

Instant noodles are practically fool-proof, oh so addictive and strangely comforting that they aren’t just for the poor university student staple anymore, And they don’t always have to be so boring. Just look at these Thai Tom Yum Seafood Noodle and Thai Tom Yum Seafood Noodle whose recipes draw inspiration from our friendly Thai neighbours. The former is filled with seafood goodness and may look spicy, but we actually had a mild and sourer broth, while the latter is an irresistible change of pace from the usual chicken soup with an upbeat kick to it that is utterly delicious and slurp-worthy.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) ★★★


芝士蛋糕系列 Cheesecake Series

大人今日抱着忘却何谓体脂肪率的心莅临此处,连番开胃小菜与主食以车轮战上阵,大人的腹围战局经过与咸酸辣激烈对战后,怎能没有甜点侍候?「就来啦~这五款蛋糕滋味确实非常讨喜,既有「口感软滑、具温和奶香」的 Hokkaido Double CheesecakeBrownies Cheesecake 里的「浓郁慕斯入口即化、与海绵蛋糕融合地极好New York Cheesecake 里的「芝士口味并不会太重,属浓而不腻;若看官们乃芝士份子,那味属浓郁的 Plain Cheesecake 定会与你一拍即合,「入口后立即化成汁液,好迷人;没想到 Amer Cheesecake 也有异曲同工之口感,「加入了巧克力后仍能在嘴里化得无影无踪啊~

【大人小分享】据悉大多数市场上的蛋糕主要皆以植物油来制作,但植物油其实并不溶于体温,而为了呈现更顺滑、入口即化的口感,因此 UFB 里所售卖的蛋糕皆采用动物油制作。欲订购蛋糕的看官们可提前三天通知店家, 价钱由 RM55-RM85 不等。

As healthy as we strive to be, we still have an unapologetic crush on cheesecake despite knowing fat, sugar and sodium content aren’t doing anything to help us reach body goals. And yet…. whenever we see NOT ONE but five slices of creamy, cheesy heaven, we just couldn’t resist. Although these cheesecakes might look like unassuming, their taste says otherwise. The Hokkaido Double Cheesecake and Brownies Cheesecake were fluffy and light on the palate, while the New York Cheesecake was creamy but not heavy, unlike those who had a classic, predictable taste and texture.

If you find the previous three cheesecakes to be too light for you, the Plain Cheesecake and Amer Cheesecake are the perfect alternatives, with their smooth and cheesy finish guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest of dessert connoisseurs.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) ★★★★☆

大人此刻近乎脑满肠肥状,但仍不忘再提醒看官们,记得从4月起至5月31日,UFB 为了庆祝2周年,店家将会在所有分行以高达30%的现金回扣回馈爱戴他们家的消费者哦!

Before we forget, be part of UFB‘s second-anniversary celebration from now until 31 May 2016 and enjoy up to 30% rebate (RM20 for every RM100 spent, or RM60 for every RM200 spent, not to be combined with other promotions). Don’t say bo-jio!

UFB-Union Fashion Bar Balcony

Contact: +6013 – 702 7220
Time: 12pm-11.30pm (Cafe – Ground Floor); 7pm – 1.00am (Lounge – 1st Floor)


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