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最美好的食光始于The Stag Bistronomy – Ordinary gastronomy experiences made extraordinary!

最美好的食光始于The Stag Bistronomy – Ordinary gastronomy experiences made extraordinary!

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The Stag Bistronomy

晨后午前的The Stag Bistronomy阳光撒满了一地,推开那扇优雅的大门后,眼前顿时一亮,竟忘了此刻的自己身处新山啊!壁上的巴洛克式巨型挂镜、顶上的复古吊灯,地板上的花式地砖与极简的北欧风白木桌椅相呼应,低调而华丽,优雅而迷人。这个五月,The Stag Bistronomy 精心为你调制了更迷人的早午餐单,快与大人共赴Brunch之约吧~

Bistronomy is an etymological blend of “bistro” and “gastronomy”, represented by a “new breed of bistros run by creative young chefs with formidable haute cuisine training who serve honest food at gentle prices. The Stag Bistronomy combines all of the above, with its low-key minimalist fusion decor quietly putting together many Malaysian culture-inspired motives and pieces from the modernized Peranakan tiles, colonial steel grills to the myriads of chinaware. Top all these with the revamped menu, you’re in for a culinary fiesta.



The Stag Bistronomy贴心地设了室内与室外区,满室的生活美学啊~ 人说,魔鬼藏在细节里,若没有一分的闲情又怎能体验眼前不经意的美?

It was not hard to notice the stag theme around the restaurant and hotel, and being a sucker for themes, their attention to details and decor have certainly definitely won us over at first sight.


The restaurant tends to a mini herb garden themselves, planting and watering common herbs such as peppermint, rosemary, coriander and more. The ingredients don’t get any fresher, and it’s not even farm-to-table; it’s straight-to-the-plate of your favourite salad, soup and even main courses.


The Stag Bistronomy的Brunch Set都会附赠这道很有养生意识的开胃小点Bircher Muesli。由香蕉与麦片精心配制而成,细心咀嚼感受麦片的浓稠绵密和香蕉的天然果甜,记得搭上薄荷一起吃,口中滋味巧添一丝清新。

A hearty breakfast and brunch certainly calls for an equally delicious starter to kickstart the day, and The Stag Bistronomy did not disappoint with this “house specialty” that was served straight from the fridge and slightly chilled. Mind you, the Bircher Muesli comprising mixed oat, yogurt and fresh bananas provide the perfectly fruity appetizer to whet every appetite for what’s ahead.


享用Brunch怎能少了一壶好茶?English Breakfast抑或是 Earl Grey哪一味才是你的心头爱呢?若想尝鲜,不妨试试The Stag Bistronomy所推荐的法式茶品Paris Marais与Milky Blue。(法式茶品需额外付费)Paris Marais味道较为浓烈 (Seductive lemony green tea with rosy ginger),而Milky Blue则较为清新 (Seductive blue tea, rich milky flavour)。

If you regard breakfast or brunch as incomplete without tea, welcome to the club. Take your pick from the standard selection of English breakfast or Earl Grey, or allow for a once-in-a-while indulgence with some premium Mariage Frères classic & special tea blends (with additional cost) to further make your day. The Paris-Marais (green tea) is naturally refreshing and invigorating, enhanced by fruity ginger giving it a touch of spice, balanced with fresh rose petals and a hint of citrus fruits, while the Milky Blue is an oolong tea of exquisite subtlety and light floral quality, with a milky flavour that hints at gianduja to candied chesnuts.


Remember to allow up to 3 minutes for brewing for optimal enjoyment, but fret not, your attentive server will make sure this part of the “ritual” is not forgotten. Every pot dutifully serves 2 cups so that you can be assured that every fresh pour is kept warm and flavourful.



盛夏的国度怎能少了带有凉意的冷饮呢?The Stag 的招牌饮料颜色颇为鲜艳夺目,让人一见倾心。左边这杯红色饮料 Virgin Blood Mojito 酸甜交织爽口宜人,原来是酸柑、黄糖、薄荷、苏打与少许糖浆的完美结合体。右边这杯蓝色冷饮则是 Bleu Citron Presse,由蓝桥酒、柠檬、糖及苏打调配而成,微甜的口感清爽,带有些许果香,心旷神怡啊~

When we feel the urge to quench our summer thirst, we think of a weekend away in Thailand with an endless supply of mojitos. And when we’re not there, we go for the next best thing — Virgin Blood Mojito at The Stag, a potent combination of crushed lime, mint, soda, brown sugar and grenadine. If your imagination wants to venture further to Hawaii, go for the Bleu Citron Presse, a fresh and fragrant concoction of blue curaçao, lemon, sugar and soda. Ooh la la!


喜欢凤梨的你绝对不能错过这杯Rosemary Pineapple,若觉得口感偏酸也能请服务人员为你加糖调整甜度哦!大人当然明白咖啡瘾来了任谁也无法阻挡,那这杯意式illy卡布奇诺应该能让你精神抖擞开始一天的生活。

As the days get warmer, nothing is quite as refreshing as a tall glass of fresh pineapple juice with rosemary sprigs and soda. If you are in dire need of some caffeine shots, ask for your foamy cappuccino with your regular espresso that begs no sugar or additives for a healthier choice.


英式下午茶里最不可少的主角当属司康饼 (Scones),The Stag Bistronomy的司康饼共有三种口味:巧克力、绿茶与原味 (Scones set可选2种口味)。切开后可选择抹上店家自制的草莓果酱、奶油或牛油,红白相间滋味迷人。Scones那淡淡的奶油香加上酥脆的口感,再搭上英式或法式茶品,闺蜜们快约起来吧!The Stag Bistronomy的Scones set为RM8.90 (不含茶品) , 若你为The Ardens酒店房客将能以RM13享用含英式茶品的Scones set哦!(法式茶品需另付费)

Again, you are perfectly spot on if you regard a typical English Hi Tea without scones, and the folks at The Stag offers not one but three tantalising options. Choose any 2 from the original flavour, chocolate or green tea matcha flavours (which unfortunately wasn’t available), topped with homemade strawberry jam and cream from RM8.90 (tea not included). Hotel guests get to enjoy the full Scones set for RM13, or simply add-on for premium Mariage Frères classic & special tea blends.


这道Egg Casserole (RM29.90) 内有乾坤哦!大人本以为里头只有芝士烤蛋和自制番茄酱,想不到还加了超好吃的鸡肉香肠,还有还有那自制的Honey Mustard Sauce! 表皮烤至香脆的芝士与半生熟蛋及番茄早已融为一体,酸甜交织,软中带脆,将Honey Mustard Sauce与其涂抹在Crostini烤面包片上滋味甚佳,再来口咸香的香肠与清爽的鲜菜沙律,不得不说这多层次的滋味犹如交响乐般,既分明又和谐啊~

The Egg Casserole is no ordinary hearty eggs filled with homemade tomato sauce, but also comes complete with chicken bratwurst sausage topped with baked cheese and served with crostini. For some of us, the star of the dish is actually the homemade Honey Mustard Sauce that is literally the “creme de la creme” that complements practically everything on the plate!


近年来大早餐愈加受落,一份丰富好味的大早餐真的能让心情靓丽一整天!这道名为The Breakfast Eggs (RM26.90) 的大早餐真的掳获大人心啊~ 怎么说呢?因为The Stag Bistronomy就连小菜都精心处理,而非直接使用罐头加工食品哦!先从让大人惊艳的小菜说起吧,红色那碗是Turkey Ham与茄汁豆加上香料拌匀而成,咸甜适中,非常开胃!另一道小菜则为浓酱香菇,非常适合搭着欧姆蛋 (Omelette) 一起吃哦~ (你也能选择将Omelette改为Scrambled egg哦) 再来就是那炸至金黄酥脆的马铃薯可乐饼 (Potato Croquette) 和鸡肉香肠 (也可选择 Streaky beef strip) , 法式可颂 (Croissant) 与青菜沙律,卖相满分,味道更是一绝啊!

Next up, “The Breakfast Eggs” which is the equivalent of big breakfast for most places is an absolute steal at RM26.90. The made to order omelette (or scrambled or boiled egg) served with chicken bratwurst sausage (or streaky beef strip), potato croquette and croissant, with a generous serving of braised mushrooms and freshly made baked beans, leaving us asking for more.


French Toast很多人都吃过吧,The Stag Bistronomy的French Toast (RM17.90) 点睛之处就是使用了大人超喜欢的Gula Melaka作为淋酱,天啊!这滋味也太销魂了吧~ 煎到金黄色的土司再抹上自制的牛油,大人我已决定今晚不上秤~让自己任性一下!

French toast may be a permanent fixture in any decent eatery, but when your thick butter toast is soaked in vanilla and accompanied by truffle-infused butter and gula melaka, you know you have stumbled upon something really special!


另一道与众不同的早午餐就是Savoury Uji Matcha Waffle (RM19.90),抹茶松饼内含mozzarella cheese与cheddar cheese,口感略咸,趁热吃时还能拉出细细的芝士丝呢!松饼一般上搭的不外是冰淇淋或甜酱,The Stag Bistronomy却别出新裁推出了日式黑芝麻炸鸡,再蘸上芝士酱锦上添花,这崭新的组合真的很特别!

In offering new interpretations of the timeless staple, the Savoury Uji Matcha Waffle is infused with green tea, filled with fresh mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and served with the most unusual combination of sesame chicken goujon and jalapeno sauce. What can we say? Simply heavenly!


The Stag Bistronomy对于小细节的掌控真的很贴心,除了整体餐厅环境非常宜人外,举凡食材的处理和用料皆不见马虎之处,尤其是门口那自家栽种的草本香料更是深得大人心啊~ 大人内心有感,若对料理充满热忱,食物是能感动人心的。

If you’re getting tired of an ordinary meal out, or just want to try something different this weekend, The Stag Bistronomy has got you covered, from the first sight all the way through your first bite. Sometimes, it takes a little more than good food to make a great dining experience. The sincerity and passion that goes into the preparation and serving of every dish is what makes the real difference.


The Stag Bistronomy

Address: No 21, Jalan Austin Perdana 2/22, Taman Austin Perdana, Johor Bahru.
Tel: +607-354 9323
Business Hours: Open Daily
Breakfast & Brunch 7.30am – 2.30pm / Hi-Tea 3pm – 6pm

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The Ardens Hotel


拥有20间精致客房的The Ardens Hotel整体空间通透明亮,采光非常好。

The Ardens is a small boutique hotel, with 20 beautifully appointed rooms hotel that simply exudes flair and enchantment, putting it as one of the most-underrated luxury boutique accomodation in Johor or even Malaysia.


是不是很有家的温暖感觉呢?原来The Ardens Hotel的概念就是Home away from home哦!这里的套房共分5类:Executive Queen、Grandeur Queen、Grandeur Twin、Luxe King 和 Family Queen + Twin。

Retreat to your tranquil “home away from home”, as The Ardens is designed to both impress and relax, with a choice of 5 room types from Executive Queen to spacious Family Suites to cater for every needs.


优质的服务与环境让The Ardens Hotel荣获了2015年度 8.4的高评分呢!

For a 2* boutique hotel to be awarded an impressive score of 8.4 out of 10 from within their first year in operation is all the more amazing, but yet hardly surprising, given their impeccable service and attention to details seriously.


这就是The Ardens Hotel的蜜月套房哦!是不是很精致呢?大人看见那浴缸上的小黄鸭,立即发出了会心一笑,这里真的玩味巧思不断啊~

The Luxe Room was bright and cheery with complimentary minibar beverage and snacks, coffee and tea supplies, WIFI internet access, Rain Shower and satellite TV channels. The pinnacle of affordable luxury is the additional claw foot bath-tub and sofas (yellow shower ducky included) for your ultimate indulgence.


室内的所有设施与饮料都能免费使用哦,别忘了The Ardens Hotel可是把客人当成家人般看待的呀~

Every room is tastefully furnished to inspire, as well as thoughtfully appointed and well-stocked with complimentary mini bar items to keep you “pampered” at all times.



The corridor also managed to ingeniously incorporate a green landscape with earthy tones to bring the outdoors in.

DSC03492-200x300贴心的The Ardens Hotel也为房客们设了独立洗衣间,洗衣、烘干与熨衣一次完成,真的很方便,而且这项服务是免费的哦!

Enjoy round-the-clock convenience with the Convenient Room with free laundry, clothes dryer, ironing facilities and vending machineDSC03487

这个走廊能通往The Stag Bistronomy享用之前所介绍的Brunch Set哦!走出室外就有充裕的泊车位,邻近AEON Tebrau City、Tesco Hypermarket、水上探险乐园、高尔夫球场等(2017年底还将迎来南马区第一家Ikea),吃喝玩乐近在咫尺!

Immerse in a vibrant suburban neighbourhood that is surrounded by excellent golf courses, water theme park, shopping malls, Ikea (expected completion in late 2017) and a host of mouthwatering local food and watering holes. As always, The Stag Bistonomy is only a connected corridor away for your ultimate “home away from home” experience.


The Ardens Hotel

Address: No 19 & 21, Jalan Austin Perdana 2/22, Taman Austin Perdana, Johor Bahru.
Tel: +607-354 9323

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