让梦想恣意“啡”翔 The Portafilter – Dreams do come true, if you Dare2Dream!

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From going into the deep sea to serving breakfast and tea, it took more than just courage to take a plunge into the unknown, from serving customers at the hotel front desk to whipping up food and beverages behind the kitchen. The Portafilter is a tale of two lasses, whose “dare to dream” mantra has successfully carved out a niche as a friendly, popular destination for local diners and cafe lovers.


大人之所以会造访这里,完全是因为脸书上的友人常常在这里打卡,简直把这里当成自家饭堂啊!看官们也晓得大人馋嘴,当然得亲自品尝才能作准。推开玻璃门,眼前爽朗的一声Hi, 一秒就打破了隔阂。

诗媛与凯莉,两位本地追梦使者自高中、大学时期便已是形影不离的挚友,就算毕业后也在同一家星级酒店里各司其职。屈指一算,二八年华至而立之年,时光荏苒所酝酿出的默契与真挚情谊,让她俩在创立 The Portafilter by Dare2Dream 时,一者任咖啡前锋;一者为美食后卫,人生 Goal 精彩吧!店名 The Portafilter 其实缘自意式咖啡机里的一个配件:活动过滤器,Dare2Dream 则寓意勇于追梦的两人。未来店内还将会逐步架设较为完整的蛋糕甜点区块,非常值得期待哦!

Meet Shiyuan and Khailee, the beauty and the brains behind The Portafilter by Dare2Dream. From college to colleagues in the hospitality industry, the acquaintance that has gone back a long way had laid the solid foundation, for what was to become their first joint venture. Comfortably nestled in the vibrant neighourbood of Danga Utama (near Sutera Mall), The Portafilter was inspired by the simple, but necessary component of the espresso maker that holds the ground espresso beans prior to and during the brewing process, to extract its full flavours in order to give you the perfect brew, living up to their philosophy that no detail is too small to be overlooked when it comes to the service and quality of their food. But make no mistake, both ladies are very friendly and welcoming. All it took was a simple “Hi” to break the ice, even if we were only visiting their casual yet cosy eatery for the first time,


数月前才迁入新址的 The Portafilter by Dare2Dream,在室内墙上仍悬挂多幅於旧店营业时全体工作人员的合照,人情味满满啊~ 挑高的室内环境通透明亮,大型藏书柜瞬间为空间抹上一缕书香,原来架上好多中英文藏书皆是顾客所赠,好人缘由此可见。楼梯下一隅在一般餐厅可能是储藏角落,但在这里却被巧妙地设计成有趣的屋型座位!钢铁屋檐下,便是诗媛的咖啡饮料工作室了。新店这长型的吧台灵感其实取自於当年还在旧店面时,许多常客常会挨着身子在小小的柜台旁与店家们畅聊,为了让人客们能更有个更舒适的环境,长型吧台由此诞生啦!

Soothing shades of brown envelop the vicinity of their new location, from its raw finishing and dark natural flooring to the bookshelves at its quiet reading corner. Here, patrons can unwind with a book or good company while indulging in comfort food in the form of pizza, sandwiches, salads, and more. Don’t be surprised if you find either Khailee or Shiyuan on hand to share their life aspirations, or what goes behind every glass and plate from your food order, so let’s hear what they have to say about ours…

养颜花茶 B.I.G. Blossom In Glass 


这杯名为 B.I.G. Blossom In Glass (RM15,可无限次添加热水) 的巨型花茶,可算是大人第一次亲眼见证“花的成长季”~ 原本含苞待放的茶花球经过沸水洗礼,瞬间绽开得如此肆意,出落得亭亭玉立、娇艳欲滴(大人,请自重一些)。诗媛据实禀报大人,The Portafilter 的花茶共有两种选择:一是有解暑疗效的金盏花,另一为具有养颜成分的茉莉花与千日红。大人不怕热,就怕老(咦?),当然点了后者啦~

As the name suggests, Blossom In Glass is not just B.I.G in name but great in taste too. Each blossom is a small work of art, meticulously handcrafted to bloom into an elegant display when infused in warm water, releasing their aroma to make for a soothing, delightful drinking experience. You won’t be really spoilt for choice, just choose between staying cool (chrysanthemum with marigold) or go for jasmine and globe amaranth if you crave for everlasting youth. The unflattering weather is not always here to stay, but aging is permanent, so no prize for guessing our choice LOL!

迷人咖啡 Cafe Latte


来到这里怎能不尝尝诗媛的咖啡手艺?一杯 Cafe Latte (RM9) 与一本书,就能消磨一个上午~ 常与人客们交流的店家,对咖啡豆的要求自然不低。热爱钻研各式咖啡豆口味的诗媛,常会给咖啡迷们一个惊喜。通过深度烘焙后的咖啡豆,有者为花香味浓郁;有者散发花生香,滋味迷人。

You’ll almost always get a perfect cup of coffee with Shiyuan in the house. Even a simple cup of Cafe Latte at The Portafilter makes for quiet hideout perfect for some studying, reading, relaxing or catching up with a good friend.



Notice some heavenly nutty spread at the counter and wonder what’s in store from the name? Handmade with love without using any harmful preservatives or artificial flavours, “Jobbie” (by Joseph & Debbie, combined as Jobbie) is committed to making the tastiest, healthiest and most delicious homemade peanut butter to make you go ‘wow’, this artisan spread is now available for sale here.

惊喜Fusion料理 Peppery Cheesy Eggy Toast 


何其荣幸啊~这道由凯莉最新研煮而成的惊喜Fusion料理 – Peppery Cheesy Eggy Toast (RM19),大人我竟是第一位品尝到的“人客”啊!层层叠叠的美食堡垒,请容许大人“一层一层剥开你的心”~ 肉眼可见两片法式土司、熏鸭肉、芝士、格兰诺拉麦片(Granola)及苜蓿芽,最后再点睛搭上太阳蛋 (Sunny side up)!单听配料就已令人垂涎,熏鸭肉再蘸上黑胡椒汁、美乃滋及肉桂粉,接下来再狠心将蛋黄来个爆浆处理,天啊!味蕾大冲击!咸!甜!辣!最令大人激赏的是那法式土司并没有厚重的油腻感(应该只有0.1毫米的粉饰吧),突破传统不加蜜糖,改以咸味口感出击,咀嚼时有熏鸭的肉香加上Granola与苜蓿芽的清脆,大人我必须跟凯莉直说,这道就做你们的当家料理吧!

Wake up your senses, as the all-new Peppery Cheesy Eggy Toast took a bow and strut its stuff on our table runway for the very first time. Khailee gets inventive with succulent smoked duck breast, tucked between warm, pillow-soft French toasts topped with a sunny side egg. The French toasts’ creamy, savoury flavours are balanced with a side of melted cheese that’s perfect to soak up the runny yolk, sprinkled with granola and alfalfa sprouts and ultimately laced with a fiery and peppery sauce – a truly indulgent dish for lovers of fusion things. 

The Portafilter大早餐 Fry Up Breakfast


无大早餐不欢的大人,当然也得点一份 The PortafilterFry Up Breakfast (RM20) 来尝尝!有法式可颂,香肠、火腿、樱桃番茄炒菇、西式炒蛋,完美地终结饥肠辘辘的胃!

除了以上两道主食,店内的 ChurrosChilli Cheese Fries 也是非点不可的招牌美食!

Only a hearty and savoury brekkie will do for us, so the Fry Up Breakfast is another excellent choice to kick start any day, with croissant, sausage, grilled cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, complete with fried omelette to complete our breakfast lineup. Space permitting, check out their signature Churros and Chilli Cheese Fries (which gave us ample reason for another revisit :P).


主食与甜点的胃永不相见这道理,看官们应该略有所闻吧?为了让蛋糕更为保鲜,这里的蛋糕并没有展示在玻璃柜中,餐单里共列有五种口味:Minty Mint Cheese (RM10)、Refreshing Lemon Cheese (RM11)、Vanilla Secret Mousse (RM12)、 Melty Dark Chocolate Mousse (RM12) 及 Heartwarming Muffin (RM9)。细问之下才知道原来这儿的蛋糕,皆是出自诗媛那任职於新加坡五星级酒店烘培部的妹妹之巧手啊!贵精不贵多这道理大人是很明白的~

Be it a miracle on a bad day or a magical boost to a good day, no proper meal would be complete without dessert. We have a feeling that sweet course lovers will definitely approve the fine selections here, ranging from Minty Mint CheeseRefreshing Lemon CheeseVanilla Secret MousseMelty Dark Chocolate Mousse to Heartwarming Muffin, all handcrafted by Shiyuan’s equally talented younger sister, a pastry chef by training in one of Singapore’s international rated 5-star hotels.

清凉薄荷蛋糕 Minty Mint Cheese


店里的畅销蛋糕 Minty Mint Cheese (RM10) 怎可错过?这大自然的色调在大人眼中看来就好似:白云、绿地、种子与土壤!感觉还少了什么,送入口中才发现,微风的存在~ 好清凉!而且薄荷味并没有试图喧宾夺主,反之与芝士、巧克力粒共融,顺滑绵密而细腻,中和彼此不抢味。蛋糕的柔软搭上饼底的酥脆,大人第一次对薄荷有了好感。

Say “cheese” to this extraordinary Minty Mint Cheese, which spot a natural flavouring and soothing colours reminiscent of mother nature’s fluffy white, leafy green and earthy brown. It was very minty, an interesting combination where we could still taste the three main elements distinctly. Satisfaction guaranteed and superbly refreshing for the hot nights in JB.

讨喜香草蛋糕 Vanilla Secret Mousse


Vanilla Secret Mousse (RM12) 的外型真讨喜!可别小看这纯白的小家伙,切开后的内馅与外型截然不同,里头藏了百香果与芒果,那细细的小黑点可是真实的香草籽哦(并非使用人造香草精)!与之前的薄荷口味不同,Vanilla Secret Mousse 的酸甜是很有层次的。香草、百香果与芒果的结合,百香果仍险胜一筹。面粉与空气混合得真有默契,这蛋糕吃起来竟然很Q弹!

Honestly speaking, this intriguing combination of white mousse and brown chocolate at first glance gave us a festive, wintry vibe, but the Vanilla Secret Mousse derives its citrus hints from luxurious passion fruit and mango inside, surrounded by an equally generous amount of vanilla milk coating, giving it that smooth velvety texture – a sheer delight for all senses.


大人与爽朗的店家简直一见如故。能创立一家自己喜欢的店,又能把顾客都变成朋友,你能说 The Portafilter by Dare2Dream 没有魔力吗?大人心想,魔力只出现在相信魔力的地方,当你勇敢追梦的时候,全世界都会来助你一臂之力 🙂

除了堂食外,The Portafilter 也能为看官们包办小型派对(主食、Dessert Table与生日蛋糕),配套详情请亲洽店家。

The verdict may still be out on whether their decision to leave their earlier career comfort zone will pay off. However, judging from the instant rapport we struck up with Khailee & Shiyuan, as well as the positive reviews we have seen and read so far, the Portafilter story has all the ingredients in place to become successful. After all, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

They have dared to dream it, will you?

PS: For takeaways and catering, kindly PM or call to discuss the options available.


The Portafilter by Dare2Dream

Address: 7 Jalan Pertama 2, Danga Utama Commercial Centre Skudai.
Tel: +607-550 0395
Business Hours:
Mon – Thu (12pm–10pm), Sat (12-12midnight), Sun (9am-7pm), Friday off.
*Last order kitchen: 1 hour prior, last order bar: 30 minute prior.
No Pork No Lard

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