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泰忘不了的泰麻里涮涮锅 Hot pot sensation that’s just unforge”thai”ble @ Thai-Mali-Thai Shabu-Shabu

泰忘不了的泰麻里涮涮锅 Hot pot sensation that’s just unforge”thai”ble @ Thai-Mali-Thai Shabu-Shabu

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A steamboat dinner is a great way to end a long day in town with your best friend, or perhaps for a quiet date night. Our surprise discovery along Jalan Kuning (a few shops away from Warakuya) in Taman Pelangi provided just that, as well as super fresh, high quality ingredients, freshly made soup bases and more.



Sporting a completely new look after undergoing a massive makeover for 9 months, Thai Mali Thai offers tasty food, good environment and service, with both air-conditioned and alfresco dining areas in a contemporary ambience, appealing to the taste of younger diners.


这下可好了,来人啊~快把冰箱里好料拿出来啊,从RM1.00 – RM6.50, 都好适合下锅啊!

With a well-curated selection of the usual staples starting from RM1.00 per item/plate, and up to RM6.50 for slightly pricier items, join the throng of voracious foodies feasting at Thai Mali Thai. Feel free to help yourself (self-service), as every item was displayed prominently and its price clearly marked!


可别小看这碟酱料啊,这就是大名鼎鼎的“忘不了的辣椒酱”(Unforgettable Chili Sauce)!酸辣咸甜交织,依据大人舌尖所测,这玩意儿绝不会辜负那些在汤里的好料啊(笃定)! 当然看官们也能自行调配,练就更高层次的酱料功夫。(泰麻里酱料小贴士:红辣酱速配肉类 / 青辣酱速配海鲜)

Start the fun by creating your own mix of sauces from the condiments available, and be sure to try their two special chilli dipping sauces which nicely complement the meats and seafood!



Specialising in both aromatic herbal soup and tom yam broths with extra zing, simply go for both to enjoy the best of both worlds. For those in need of serious nourishment, opt for the ultra-nutritious “Dong Ling” herbal brew that’s specially formulated by TCM physicians, which is extremely popular in Taiwan and goes best with mutton. Want something tasty and no frills? For the less adventurous, you can’t go wrong with their ever-popular rich miso or clear chicken stock. Feel free to mix and match your selection ranging from RM5 to RM15, and slurp all you can with free refills.



Come to think about it, Thai Mali Thai reminded us a former favourite at Jalan Harimau Tarum, and memories of those good old steamboat days are fast returning. You bet we will be back again sooner rather than later.


泰麻里涮涮鍋 Thai Mali Shabu-Shabu


33 Jalan Kuning 2, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor.
Tel: 07 – 334 4444
Business hours:5.30pm – 10.30pm (Monday off)

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