万绿从中一点红,国境边界旁的世外桃源 A restful retreat among the greenery @ Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort!

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举头望天就能瞧见刚从新加坡樟宜机场起飞或正要降落的飞机,可知大人此刻身处的 Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort 距离邻国新加坡有多近了。正值年终假期模式启动,大人又要领着看官们远离尘嚣啦,这回就到位于国境边界旁的世外桃源享个悠闲周末吧!

We counted five big birds taking to the skies as we turned into Kampong Pasir Puteh towards Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort – an amazing average about a plane per minute. That’s how close we are from one of the world’s busiest airports if the Waze coordinates on our phone were to be believed. Admittedly, we are still close to Johor Bahru but far enough to enjoy the feeling of vacations for a day or weekend trip.

说起 Tanjong Puteri (丹绒布蒂里) 这名字,身为柔佛新山子民们的咱们怎可不知其典故出处?丹绒布蒂里乃是新山於1855年开埠后由天猛公达因依布拉欣在1858年所取之名,直到1866年1月1日由苏丹阿布巴卡继位后,才更名为柔佛新山 (Johore Bahru) 。

The name of Tanjong Puteri was derived from the historical name of Johor Bahru, then a settlement founded by the Temenggong Dynasty of Johor in 1855 when it moved its administrative centre from Telok Belanga in Singapore to Johor. Subsequently, Tanjong Puteri was renamed Iskandar Puteri in 1858 and was later decreed by Sultan Abu Bakar as Johore Bahru on 1st January 1866.

从高空俯瞰,这位于新山东北方巴西古当、占地800英亩的 Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort 原来真与柔佛海峡为邻,「这不是万绿从中一点红吗?」沿着被大片油棕树林包围着的殖民地风格建筑旁的道路蜿蜒而入,这融合了欧亚文化气息的高尔夫球俱乐部矗立于此已有25年光景,隶属於马来西亚与香港上市的激成集团旗下 (Keck Seng (M) Berhad Group),在国内外早已获奖无数威名远播,拥有三个18洞标准锦标赛球场 (Plantation Course, Village Course 及 Straits Course) 的 Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort 亦曾於2016年获亚洲知名的 Asian Golf Monthly Readers’ Poll 票选为马来西亚名列第九的高尔夫球场。

  • 若从新加坡 (进入新山关税、移民与检疫大厦后) 或新山市区前来,只需取道衔接南北大道的东部疏散大道 (EDL) ,经由新山东部 Coastal Highway 转向巴西古当大道即可,车程约为35分钟;
  • 若从南北大道南下前来,经由巴西古当与哥打丁宜出口转向巴西古当大道即可,车程约为25分钟;
  • 若从士乃国际机场前来,则需取道士乃-迪沙鲁大道 (SDE) ,车程约为25分钟;
  • 若从大士关卡或依斯干达公主港前来,只需取道新山西部 Coastal Highway,经内环路再取道衔接南北大道的东部疏散大道 (EDL) ,经由新山东部 Coastal Highway 转向巴西古当大道即可,车程约为60分钟;

Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort may not be a familiar territory with the young millennials but old-timers and avid golfers can testify to the sprawling 54-hole golf course which occupies about 800 acres of land bounded by the Straits of Johor in the south, Sungai Kim Kim on the east, Kampong Pasir Putih in the West and the sprawling industrial township of Pasir Gudang to the north. Rated 2nd best golf course in Johor and 9th best overall in Malaysia by Asian Golf monthly readers poll in 2016, Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort is infra-structually convenient as it’s only 25-35 minutes drive away from the JB-Singapore Causeway via the new Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) and the Pasir Gudang / Kota Tinggi Exit from the North-South Highway; 25 minutes from Senai International Airport via the Senai Desaru Expressway and a mere 1 hour’s drive from the Tuas-Second Link.

处处流露着古典气息的双层俱乐部室内面积颇大,在入口处右侧的大堂办理了今夜的客房入住手续后,「大人决定挣开世俗繁杂公务的枷锁,转身投入大自然的怀抱!」探索 Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort 之旅,刻不容缓!立即展开!

The elegant neo-classical architectural design Clubhouse boasting a central structure accommodating golfing registration, changing room facilities, restaurants, a golf pro shop and a reception area with a spectacular lobby. Two symmetric grand stairways lead to the upper floor where we can comfortably retreat for the evening.

偌大的俱乐部二楼共有20间客房 (Family Room/Superior Room/Deluxe Room, 分别面向花园或高尔夫球场),大人踩着红毯步往今夜将下榻的五号住处时边走边心想,设于高尔夫球俱乐部中的客房向来空间甚大,「就不知此处的房间面积是否会让大人大吃一惊呢?」

The Clubhouse comprises 20 elegantly outfitted guestrooms with modern amenities, each commanding a spectacular view of the garden or verdant greens. As we approached our room (Number 5), we wonder what lies behind as we open the door with anticipation!

Superior Rooms

「这Superior Room的面积,相较起Studio型公寓简直有过之无不及!」大人拉着行囊经过了卫浴间、更衣室、视听间,才来到了主卧室啊!卫浴间旁还精心摆放了暖心的欢迎叶片等待着大人的莅临,不得不说这小小的举动真的让人好有归属感 😊。

W-O-W, our Superior Room is more significant than most studio apartments and more spacious than their hotel counterparts, and comes furnished with a wall mounted flat-screen television, stylish writing desk, in room safe box, mini bar fridge with complimentary mineral water, coffee/tea making facilities plus a private bathroom with hot & cold showers and full amenities. In particular, we love that creative welcome note written out of a beautiful leaf!

Family Rooms

阖家到此享受天伦之乐?大人当然得推荐面积与 Superior Rooms 雷同的 Family Room 给各位看官们!「两张双人大床!睡得舒适才有精力在俱乐部内征战各种活动!」大伙儿可别以为在 Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort 只能打打高尔夫球,这儿的活动绝对能满足阖家老幼啊!

As if the rooms are not spacious enough, we could even jio our family and friends to pack it all into the Family Room with two double-bed rooms so now, there’s literally room for everyone! Enough said, time to check the property out!

Meeting & Function Rooms

位于俱乐部的另一侧,则是分别可容纳20-550人的各式会议室与宴会厅 (Eagle Ballroom, Par I and II, Birdie, Albatross and Champion),无论是承办小型会议、大型讲座会或婚宴筵席皆可遵循看官们的需求而定,预订前可先洽询不同格局、膳食服务与可容人数,「从室内的落地窗往外看,眼里满是绿意盎然!这额外附送的迷人景致让人在参加会议时顿感心旷神怡啊!」

【大人小分享】欲知更多有关各会议室与宴会厅的预订详情,可拨热线 +607-2711 888、传真 +607-2711 333 或电邮至 enquiry@tpgr.com 

Our tour of the resort begins with a glimpse of the event and function space on offer. The elegant Eagle Ballroom, Par I and II, Birdie, Albatross and Champion are available to cater to groups ranging from 50 to 550 persons, albeit for workshops, seminars, meetings or a full set of elegant sit-down banquet. Their strategic location on the upper floor of the Clubhouse also provides for an impressive view of the sprawling greens.

In addition, the Tanjong Room, Open Hall and Open Terrace at the Sports & Recreation Centre are also able to cater for large groups of up to 750 persons for company family day or corporate annual dinners.

Sauna & Changing Room

Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort 内的更衣室与桑拿房 (只限男士更衣室内) 同样宽敞无比,尽情挥杆后的疲累就得来个水疗松松筋骨、放松肌肉、洗去疲劳,「一瞧见桑拿浴池,大人真心觉得时间不够啊!」

Oh-my-goodness, the sight of the sauna (for the men only, the ladies don’t get it) calls for a pampering and relaxing session. We make it a point to return for a dip after our resort tour!

Sports & Recreation Centre

虽说这儿是高尔夫球俱乐部,却毫无一丝想忽略一众成人与小孩的念头啊!俱乐部内底层的运动与休闲中心除了身兼拥有8球道的保龄球馆外,一旁还有桌球台、麻将台、康乐棋、飞镖等休闲设施,「爸爸妈妈上场挥杆时,孩子们绝对不寂寞。」若看官们想体验射箭的奥妙,亦可到这儿登记预订,每局费用为 RM10.60 (含1副弓与15支箭)。

For many of us, Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort is so much more than just another stay and play destination, but the Sports & Recreational Centre offers a comprehensive range of activities and amenities beyond its golfing facilities. With an 8-lane bowling alley to knock down some pins, play a game of mahjong, carrom, billiard or hit some targets with a bow and arrows, there’s really no reason why we shouldn’t unglue ourselves from our sedentary lifestyles and get active. Time to round up our homies for an adrenaline-pumped day minus the pricey gym memberships.

Swimming Pool

具奥林匹克标准的泳池与儿童池 (还附设小型滑水道) 绝对是办户外亲子活动的好地方,每逢周末时段,这儿可是许多团体机构举办家庭联谊日的热门地点!大人今日到访恰好碰上悠闲无人的午后,「老天真是待我不薄啊!不止拥有好天气,还让我独霸一方,太幸运啦!」


In case you’ve not noticed, the Sports & Recreation Centre is all centralised around the Olympic-size swimming pool to cater for the whole family and sports enthusiasts alike.  From paddling pool and fountains for little ones to a full Olympic-size swimming pool for older ones, there’s something for everyone to enjoy the hot weather for some fun in the sun. Besides, a further 4 lawn tennis courts and 2 covered doubles squash courts are also among the other sporting facilities for us to enjoy!

After 18 Lounge, Golfer Cafe & He Yuan Chinese Restaurant

大人曾於农历新年期间到俱乐部内的中餐馆 (具清真认证)《荷苑 He Yuan Chinese Restaurant》享用餐点,至今仍对其上佳的服务念念不忘。这回到此悠享假期,自是不忘探查俱乐部内究竟还藏有哪些用餐的好去处呢?「原来大人明日的早餐就在 Golfer’s Cafe 啊!」

位于户外的 Golfer’s Cafe (6.30am-10.30pm,每日营业) 以本土美食为主,坐在这儿享受料理的同时还可一眼浏览 Plantation Course 的第9洞与第18洞的宜人景色。而位于大堂旁的 After 18 Lounge (4.00pm-12.00am,星期一休息) 则是午后清凉喝一杯放松身心的好去处,雅兴一来还能在这儿的卡拉OK高歌一曲,「英、巫、华的曲目可多着呢!」

In our first-ever visit to this part of the world just before the CNY early this year, the impeccable service by the crew at He Yuan Chinese Restaurant was top-notched and left a lasting impression on us. He Yuan, which means “Lotus Garden” specialises in international and local seafood flavours, with its elegant setting of timber wood columns with lush carpet flooring offering us a spectacular view of the golf course. Open for lunch and dinner, He Yuan is also a certified HALAL restaurant and is perfect for entertaining business associates or family gathering, with two VIP rooms available upon request.

Other F&B outlets include the Golfer’s Cafe, an open terrace overlooking the 9th and 18th hole of the Plantation Course to savour some casual local delights while After 18 Lounge serves an extensive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage. The perfect venue to relax and unwind for a long cool drink or pre-dinner cocktail, karaoke lovers like us can also belt out our favourite songs from their long list of English, Malay or Chinese hits.


若是想办个大家族聚会抑或是团体学校活动,大人定定不能藏私,必得介绍这距离俱乐部约5分钟、同属集团旗下并位于 Plantation Course 旁的34间豪华别墅!「保安森严,绝对是除了俱乐部客房外的另一优质选择!」

For those of us who still reminiscing the good ol’ chalet days back in high school, look no further than the 34 double-storey, newly refurbished luxury villas nestled in the signature Plantation Golf course. Located within a scenic 5-minute stroll from the Clubhouse, we are free to rejuvenate in either 4 or 5 bedroom villas, each with living, kitchen, and dining rooms. And the best part? All villas are within a gated, guarded compound with 24-hour security that comes with our own private car parking facilities.

拥有5间卧室的 ISTANA Villa,这让人梦寐以求的室外面积真的好宽敞!「孩子们一定超喜欢这一大片的草地!」大人我已迫不及待想约上一大票好朋友到这里办个烧烤派对啦!容纳20人以上绰绰有余啊!

Ideal for a family or group escapade, the 5-bedroom ISTANA Villa can easily house our “kampong” of more than 20 pax with rooms to roam, and a large compound to call our own, the perfect place to enjoy an evening BBQ party with our friends and family!

没错!不想自己动手也能请俱乐部为你准备一场宾主尽欢的丰盛自助餐与BBQ派对哦!「你的心事大人了解!因为度假就是会让人变得慵懒!」欲知更多详情,可拨热线 +607-2711 888、传真 +607-2711 333 或电邮至 enquiry@tpgr.com 

We don’t need to be the hostest-with-the-mostest to throw a fantastic BBQ party, just a proper venue with good company. Thanks to a ready selection of no-frills packages with add-on items also available upon request, we can now fire up our evenings again with a sizzling BBQ in a resort setting.

For the full package or add-on menu, kindly contact the resort by calling +607-2711 888,+607-2711 333 by fax or email enquiry@tpgr.com

刚刚整修完工的别墅全室以大地色系为主色调,那雅致的装潢真让人一见倾心。位于一楼的客厅、饭厅、卧室与厨房 (只限微波炉料理) ,简直比大人府还有情调啊!

Beautiful newly fully fitted chalet style bungalow, the property has been refurbished to a very high standard with many unique features. The first floor houses a spacious living room, dining room, well-equipped kitchen and snug, an additional bedroom!

「二楼的主卧更大!1间房容纳10人也没问题吧?」看了 ISTANA Villa 的卧房面积,大人不禁开始幻想,不如就把邀请名单扩大开放至30人以上!

The second floor includes four double bedrooms with built in wardrobes and en-suite bathrooms, with the master bedroom alone huge enough to even accommodate up to 10 pax. With that, we can easily now extend our invite list to more than 30 pax LOL!


被 ISTANA Villa 的巨大面积给吓着了?大人帮你压压惊,若是人数较少而又想到此欢聚一堂,不如就预订拥有4间卧室的 MAHLIGAI Villa 吧!一样的雅致,不一样的宽敞!「而且在别墅范围内还拥有24小时的围篱严谨保安哦!」

If the ISTANA Villa is blowing your mind away with its vast accommodation space, there’s always the (slightly) smaller MAHLIGAI Villa, which is still well-equipped to host a smaller party that offers the same tranquillity and peace of mind!

Straits Course

「这可是完整高清版的七色彩虹🌈啊!」Akira Mamiya 所设计的 Straits Course 乃是 Tanjong Puteri Golf ResortPlantation Course 与 Village Course 之后的最新力作。占地达 6,163 米的18洞球场 Straits Course 极具挑战性,标志球洞为第2洞,延绵起伏的地形与近海峡的强风让球手们需拟定更准确的应变策略!场边景致宜人,开着草坪专用车感受凉风习习,心情自然开朗无比,眼里尽是趣致可人的画面啊!「瞧瞧!这块岩石简直就是鲸鱼的化身!」

Our staycation at Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort so far has exceeded most expectations but to chance upon this beautiful sunset at the Straits Course with a rare rainbow in full glory across the horizon was beyond our wildest imagination! A golfer’s challenge designed by Akira Mamiya and constructed following closely to the coastline of the Straits of Johor, this exclusive 6,163 metre 18-hole course is the latest addition to the Tanjong Puteri collection, designating a more accurate playing strategy with some of the fairways, greens and tee boxes have the mangrove swamp as their main backdrop. At Hole 2, the high tide would bring brackish water of the swamp to the edge of the fairway, while the third tee box overlooks a small river that meanders through the mangroves before discharging its water into the Straits. By the way, was that a “whale in the sea” that we just witnessed?

Village Course

自 1994年8月开始启用,同由 Akira Mamiya 设计的 Village Course 占地 6,414米,18个球洞中就有13个球洞的球道与果岭接壤,融合了山丘、山谷与湖泊的起伏地势,原为油棕属地一部分的球场因位于甘榜间而得名,在第6、11与12洞的部分范围还能隐约瞧见甘榜风貌呢!

Work on the Village Course began in August 1994, also designed by Akira Mamiya, with the area initially part of the oil palm estate with human settlements or “kampongs” which can be seen at the fringes of holes 6, 11 & 12. With a blend of hills, valleys and lakes, the Village Course’s 18-hole provides 6,414 metre of sporting and visual pleasure, with thirteen out of the eighteen holes having water bodies bordering their fairways or greens. Considered as a professional’s challenge course, the distinctiveness of this 18-hole is its difficulty, natural beauty and perfection of design.

眼前的美景让大人一时忘了这是在高尔夫球场啊 (上图为第7洞) !大人一边开着草坪专用车,一边赞叹着高尔夫球场绘测师在设计高难度球场的同时,尚致力保留大自然最原始的风貌!

Even for amateurs like us, we love how the articulately landscaped and manicured courses blend with natural forests, mangroves and waterways to provide an ambience of closeness to nature. The undulating fairways turfed with Zoysia Matrella and emerald greens of Bermuda Tifdwarf promise a dramatic and challenging game for everyone, regardless of our skills level.

「看了如此摄人心魄的景致,是否好想立即下场?」担心球技未臻成熟?不妨随大人先到毗邻俱乐部会所旁的双层练习场 (two-tier 52-bay driving range) 练习推杆与挥杆的完美技巧吧!

Good news for the beginners, Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort also offers a two-tier 52-bay driving range located next to the Clubhouse to practise our putting’s skills, or for us to perfect that golf swing.

Amigos Horse Riding

「好惊喜!这儿竟然有骑马场!」成军已有14年的 Amigos Horse Riding 不仅提供了多样化的骑马活动让阖家到此享受驰骋马场的乐趣,亦有专业的马术指导课程!欲知更多详情,可拨热线 +6012-7966 806 或浏览他们家的脸书专页 (点击) Amigos Hourse Riding 询问哦!

Horse riding is NOT only for the rich and famous. Thanks to Mr Mousouloo, owner and trainer of Amigos Horse Riding who wanted to spread his love for horses with everyone. Founded on June 1st, 2004, Amigos Horse Riding provides a safe, friendly and affordable place for us to enjoy some fun rides and to appreciate the beauty and grace of these powerful animals. Remember to call +6012-7966 806 or PM them on their Facebook page to make an appointment before coming down!

Khatulistiwa Spa

俱乐部内怎能少了 Spa 的踪迹呢?大人首日抵达就一心想要到 Khatulistiwa Spa 享受一番啦!奈何店家早已客满,可想而知其受欢迎程度有多盛啊!「话不多说,赶紧预约明日的疗程!」话说这里的脚底按摩当真不赖,按摩师在疗程前还替大人敷上了腹部与眼周的暖包,「超想无限延长疗程啊!」

欲了解更多关于 Khatulistiwa Spa 的配套详情,可拨热线 +607-2711 084,电邮至khatulistiwaspa@gmail.com 或浏览官网 (点击) khatulistiwaspa.com 查询哦!

A well-established golf resort is not complete with a comprehensive spa, and we were slightly disappointed that we couldn’t indulge in some treatments of our own due to the full booking on our first day, but luck has it that we don’t leave home feeling empty! We were pleased to note that Khatulistiwa Spa pays homage to the amazing plethora of the South East Asian rainforests’ flora and the healing traditions of its indigenous people. Apart from the welcome drink and the professional sensual massage, applying just the right amount of heat on our tummy and face with warm towel packs certainly took our spa experience from average to extraordinary.

For enquiries or the full spa menu, kindly call +607-2711 084, email khatulistiwaspa@gmail.com or visit khatulistiwaspa.com

CLUBHOUSE & surroundings

【大人小提示】从俱乐部启程打道回府前,不妨绕道到临近的海番村里享用一顿海鲜大餐!「这儿的海鲜可是深受在地人的热荐哦 👍!」

Before heading home after having brave the distance, be sure to check out these excellent seafood places with rustic kampong ambience, which come highly recommended where the food is good, and the price is right!

在此非常感激 Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort 的盛情安排,让大人能在百忙之中享有一时半刻的世外桃源生活!悠闲的小周末真是过得舒心又愉悦啊!「看官们!快整理行囊跟随大人的脚步体验国境边界上的美景吧!」

What can we say? With three unique 18-hole championship golf courses, well-appointed guestrooms, villas and bungalows, numerous food & beverage outlets, newly upgraded meeting and banquet rooms as well as comprehensive health & recreation facilities, Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort is now surely among our top three ultimate family resort destinations that are far enough, yet so near to still enjoy the feeling of vacations.


Tanjung Puteri Golf Resort

📍 Jalan Tanjong Puteri 1, Taman Tanjung Puteri Resort, 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor
📞 +607-271 1888+6017 794 2711
🕛 Daily check in from 3.00pm, check out at 12.00pm
📱 Tanjung Puteri Golf Resort



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