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这里有,一个人的好咖啡 Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters – coffee, cakes and chatter to savour!

这里有,一个人的好咖啡 Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters – coffee, cakes and chatter to savour!

[编辑 Editor 吕大人   英译 Translator 刘大人   摄影 Photographer 黄大人]

当 YeeSiang 告诉大人他想要做的咖啡是「 随时都能拿着店里的豆子去参赛的好咖啡,因为顾客才是最真实的裁判」时,大人知道自己又遇到了一位不忘初衷而又豁达坦然的人。

两年前大人曾光顾过 Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters 的前身 Art52 Coffee,红极一时却因故才与幕后伙伴辗转迁址至此,一年的光景中跟着他们一起迁徙的当然还有老主顾,口味这回事不是说变就能变的。Sweet Blossom 是属于小众的,不喧哗却又有让人割舍不了的纯粹滋味。

Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters stands out amidst a sea of “Third Wave” cafes that have opened in JB in recent years, thanks to quality-obsessed entrepreneurs and baristas passionate about the craftsmanship of their coffee.

Formerly of Art52 Coffee on the second floor above an art gallery, the “community cafe” reopens at a new location with a more spacious seating capacity and a new name, YeeSiang‘s latest venture at Sweet Blossom offers charming space that we could still call our own for a while. Sit down, hold short meetings or small talks and even have a lot of good fun, all over steaming cups of gourmet coffee.


在新山人人俗称报馆街的一所独立式房子里,映入眼帘的是被划分为5个大小不一的巧致空间,而 YeeSiang 的独立咖啡馆 Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters 就在其中,长型的格局比起年前的旧址确实宽敞许多。大人对眼前的复古拱形门尤其钟爱,与一般时下咖啡馆相比,这里的一切皆与华丽无关,弥漫的是一股透心的质朴。

踩在青色渐层的地砖上瞬间勾起了大人童年旧家的回忆,三盏 Plumen 灯具忠实地伴着长木桌,长得有棱有角的玻璃们忙着为大人过滤耀眼慑人的紫外线。家饰与咖啡器具们各司其职地默守这里的主人,没错,这里只有 YeeSiang 一人为你解咖啡瘾,化繁为简的章法并不止於装潢,就连咖啡也主张以最简单的方法来呈现。

The café is discreetly located on the ground floor unit within a converted bungalow along Jalan Maju – JB’s famous “Press Street” (just 5 minutes walk from Plaza Pelangi), alongside a tightly knitted community comprising other small businesses, including a boutique, a hair salon, a designer furniture store and a restaurant offering Western fusion fare. Nestled amidst mature trees and well-kept shrubbery, feel free to sip your coffee away from the bustle of the busy street outside. The ambience is neither cutie-pie (typical of the fashionable cafés young girls adore) nor hippie (characteristic of the chic industrial favour).

Step in and be greeted first by the sensuous silhouettes of amber-hued lamps by Plumen over a large, custom-built communal table, and savour its “modern vintage” atmosphere in the air, from the arch doorway to the familiar green patterned tiles of yesteryears. Space may be limited, but it adds to the cosy, eclectic atmosphere.


单品咖啡 – 巴西豆
Boa Vista – Single Origin Espresso


Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters 选用了来自巴西 Boa Vista 的豆子。此产区的咖啡豆具有高甜度、低酸度的特性,均衡浓郁饱满的果香确实为巴西最显著的风格,同时又与店名巧妙呼应。「 你在这豆子里能尝到桃子、柑橘、柳橙、坚果、蜂蜜等味道,里头混着许多小小的滋味… 这单品咖啡的余韵很迷人。」YeeSiang 边将豆子倒入器皿中边为大人解说。独立精品咖啡馆里的器材家族在一年来慢慢壮大,自己烘培的豆子自己最清楚怎么拿捏,「豆子烘培过后的第12天,滋味最迷人。」小至2盎司的一杯咖啡,老主顾们对于这点可不妥协,豆子或牛奶有些许分别都别想躲过满布味蕾的敏锐雷达。

Sweet Blossom is dedicated to connecting, in a very meaningful way, the producer with the end consumer. For now, YeeSiang uses beans from Nylon Coffee across the Causeway and currently offers the single-origin “Boa Vista” beans from Brazil that showcases mandarin orange acidity and peach tea notes, with a hint of macadamia and honey somewhere in between. We will be the first to admit we are completely clueless at detecting all these nuances and merely function on the basic level of “like” or “dislike”, but the origin and essence of the beans were explained with precision and pleasure. YeeSiang takes the time to describe the profiles of different beans that are available and make recommendations according to our individual palate.

So take your time to decide, for he will take the time to explain.


问起来自槟城的 YeeSiang 当初为何选择踏入咖啡师这行业,「从小就喜欢喝咖啡,17岁时恰巧有个机会跟随专办咖啡杂志的团队一起往全马的咖啡馆采访,连续喝了2个月的好咖啡,对我来说是个很特别的经历,还记得当初喝了一口至今都难忘的手冲咖啡后,从那个时候开始,咖啡就与我结下不解之缘。」眼前这位当初带着200令吉就只身离乡的男生,谈起咖啡热情不减。


Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters 与一般 cafe 不同的是这里仅提供咖啡与蛋糕,轻食类想刷一丝存在感可甭想了。每天报到的老主顾,坚持着追随至此的味觉信仰「 让自己沉浸在一杯高品质的咖啡」。喝了咖啡就离开的场景在周日的 Sweet Blossom 可是屡见不鲜,这在新山倒是少见,问起YeeSiang会否因没有追随其他咖啡业者的经营大队而有一丝动摇之意,答案是否定的。咖啡师的专注神情,原来不止於在咖啡机前。

All coffee begins with a sweet blossom – an elegant, fragrant white flower. Exceptional coffee, freshly roasted and ground, blossoms again when infused with hot water – equally fragrant and even more complex. It is this incredible 2-month journey of getting up close and personal encounter with countless baristas and beverages that inspired the young Penangite to care deeply about everything in between these two blossoms. Backed by his raw determination and passion for this craft (as well as RM200), YeeSiang never looked back, as his extraordinary exploit took him places, from the producers to precision roasting that ensures the end result – what’s in our cup – is as beautiful as its beginning.

The technical accuracy and the artistic details, watching YeeSiang in action can be awe-inspiring as he prepared our speciality coffee at the brew bar with an assortment of equipment that would delight any coffee geek. Besides the indispensable V60 Dripper, he also uses a sleek, handleless Gino Glass Dripper that is double-walled for insulation to ensure an even coffee extraction. According to YeeSiang, roasting his own coffee completes the journey together as coffee drinkers, baristas and producers, as he can now customise the flavour profiles of the coffee to his customers’ liking. Being in charge of every step of the process from sourcing the beans to roasting and brewing, we can be assured that our coffee, when it arrives, is made with much care and craft.

White (5 oz.)


在 Sweet Blossom 大人似乎找不到任何熟悉的咖啡名词,拿铁、卡布奇诺统统与这里沾不上边。简白的 menu 上咖啡栏目只有 Black (2oz. & 5 oz.)、White (2oz. & 5 oz.) 及 Filter Brew 手冲,非咖啡类则有非常上镜的 3D Chocolate与抹茶等。

这杯5 oz.的 White (RM12),口感顺滑得让大人不知涩为何物就滑入了喉间,下一口还是缓一缓速度吧。咖啡是种很主观的饮料,大人无法预知看官们会否喜欢,亲临现场体验是唯一解决之道。有没发现,Sweet Blossom 的咖啡盘上少了茶匙?原来是因为 YeeSiang 不想影响咖啡的味道。「从枫叶心形那端喝起能尝到最好的咖啡口味,是最好喝的,因为拉花过程中牛奶最后从那里被往下推,所以另一端的牛奶口味较重。」如图所示,这就是 Sweet Blossom 的喝法 😀

Each cuppa at Sweet Blossom is carefully crafted and brewed here; nothing fanciful, just Black (2oz. & 5 oz.), White (2oz. & 5 oz.), Chocolate and Filter Brew, full of the flavours for us to savour.

The White has just about the right amount of caffeine to get our engine going again while its milkiness adds a beautiful sweetness that requires no sugar or other additives. We could really taste the flavour of the coffee that was used because it’s not so diluted. Indeed, we may end up with very different tasting Whites subject to the coffee used in its preparation and very crucial too, the kind of milk the Barista has in stock. We prefer our White made with a lovely South American single-origin and freshly steamed full-fat milk. For the best flavour, start sipping from the tip of the maple latte art, where the taste of milk is at its least, and flavour of coffee is at its richest!

3D 立体拉花 3D Chocolate


谁能抗拒这可爱的饮料啊?原来一杯3D Chocolate (RM15) 制作时需要使用大量鲜奶,奶泡好密实!YeeSiang告诉大人若当日的牛奶质量不够好就会停售立体拉花,看来大人今天来得正好 😀

YeeSiang has created a social media storm in a coffee cup, turning the foam of our hot chocolate into a temporary sculpture floating on the top of the drink. Yes, it’s certainly the latte art trend that is currently few and far in between in JB, what luck to witness it up close and personal!


手冲咖啡 Filter Brew



According to YeeSiang, filter coffee is the best way to experience the unique taste, mouthfeel, and aroma of their single-origin coffees. We swore we tasted the sweetness of dried raisins, with a smack of sugar cane, and a delicious aftertaste of chocolate and caramel even. For an actual filter coffee experience, it’s highly recommended to drink it black and notice how the flavours develop as it cools.


各式蛋糕 Sweet indulgence


Sweet Blossom司康饼 (Raisin Scones, RM9) 颇受欢迎,搭上一杯 YeeSiang 的热咖啡应该能将还未苏醒的大脑信号无缝链接。名为 Devil Chocolate (RM14) 的自制蛋糕果然没有要放过大人的意思,好招摇的外型让人无法移开目光,「这是 cocoa base 的,不会太甜也不会发胖,别担心。」耳边传来这话语,还真让人放下心头大石。怎么办?还有大人很喜欢的 Coffee Crumble (RM13.50)!「噢~这好好吃!怎么会有Q弹的口感~再来一口!」

At Sweet Blossom, we know we’re in for some ample pampering, and we won’t even have to wait for a second invitation or the weekend. To satisfy the sweet tooth in us, we ordered some the indulgent cakes to go along with his carefully hand-poured/crafted speciality coffee. Crusty on the outside and pillowy soft inside, these home baked Raisin Scones are best enjoyed with accompanying filter brew, while the homemade Devil Chocolate is sinful but not culpable for your extra calories thanks to its cocoa base. Did we also mention that the best thing about the Coffee Crumble is – the crumbs of course. We love scooping the crumbs off the coffee cakes and eating it alone. Heavenly!


每当有看官们向大人抛出疑问:「这工作看似吃力不讨好,怎么能坚持这么久?」这个午后,大人庆幸自己又遇到多一位与咱们一样的偏执狂。能将好东西用自己的能力传递给相信我们的人,不随之起舞,让社会添一分正面意义,这就足以坚持了 😀

Good coffee often requires time, care and thought, and YeeSiang aspires to share this knowledge and expertise with his adopted home city of JB. Catering to the highly mobile population who’s always on the move, always in a hurry, YeeSiang believes in slowing things down a little, keeping his craft simple, “short and sweet”!

No space is ever too small for a great cuppa either! Here, other customers leave you alone to your own space; they are in a world of their own too — everyone can find their own private sanctuary in Sweet Blossom.


Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters

28, Jalan Maju, Taman Maju Jaya, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Time: Fri – Wed  : 8am – 6pm (Off every Thursday)
Tel: +6016-235 1393

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