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纵然打遍天下无敌手又如何?到《雪山飞糊》吃冰嚼甜消暑泯恩怨吧!Tuck into Taiwanese fluffy shaved ice in this crazy heat @ Snow City Desserts!

纵然打遍天下无敌手又如何?到《雪山飞糊》吃冰嚼甜消暑泯恩怨吧!Tuck into Taiwanese fluffy shaved ice in this crazy heat @ Snow City Desserts!

[编辑 Editor 吕大人   英译 Translator 刘大人   摄影 Photographer 黄大人]

胡斐!苗人凤!当日你二人在悬崖的对决不分上下,别再挣扎啦~ 不如就休战一回儿吃些冰品将脑海里那千百个报仇的念头打消如何?就别让若兰不开心,若兰可还站在雪地之中,良久良久不见你二人归来呀~ 纵然打遍天下无敌手又如何?就当赏大人面子,让我请二位到五福城广场雪山飞糊吃冰泯恩怨吧!

It’s an understatement to say that shaved ice desserts are immensely popular in Johor Bahru and other parts of Malaysia (which also translates to Truly Asia for this matter), as these refreshingly sweet icy treats give us cool respite throughout the year, especially during the hotter months. Needing some cool heads to prevail in the heat of the moment, desserts come first. When the long-standing feuds between Hu Fei and Miao Renfeng (from the famed wuxia novel “Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain” by Jin Yong) have to take a back seat as other pugilists (with sweet tooth) gather for the ultimate showdown at Snow City Desserts at Sutera Mall, we knew almost immediately this “promised land” would become a “hot” favourite for making peace, even among the unsuspected public (wink)!


Taiwanese delicacy has made quite a presence in the minds of many local foodies for some time now, but surprisingly there’s only a small number of dessert parlours out there specialising in Taiwanese desserts. One of the few in this already tiny minority in JB is Snow City Desserts, which first opened in 2015 at Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (TUTA), and have gradually spread its influences across other parts of the city in a short span of two years.

Remember, “revenge is a dessert better served cold”, but here at Sutera Mall, we actually have other ideas…

雪山系列 Snow Series – 榴莲雪山冰 

雪山飞糊选用自家种植的名种榴莲,全年无限供应,醇厚香浓的品质极为稳定。「雪一片一片一片一片,拼出你我的缘分…」瞧瞧这令大人一见倾心的 D24榴莲雪山冰 (亦可点选猫山王榴莲雪山冰),只以榴莲、牛奶与净水而制的雪山冰,滋味不欺场,搭着爆爆珠、榴莲香泥,再以柚子解解腻,「若兰,望着满山白雪,这一回您不会再静静出神了吧?」

Hail the King of Fruits and superstar of Snow City Desserts, as the Durian flavour takes centre stage, with an optional top up for the ultimate indulgence – Musang King! Using only the best D24 durians from Bentong, the Durian Snow Ice is an addictive combination of delicious durian puree atop an airy mountain of shaved ice, with each mouthful infused with dairy milk that results in a creamy and smooth consistency in addition to the strong taste and aroma of durian. Gorgeously fluffy and delicate, this extra-smooth brain freeze is soft and airy like winter snowflakes. How’s that for a cold remedy that has will certainly soften any animosity by say 25%?

食验味星 Rating ★★★★☆

巨宝冰系列 Jumbo Ice Series – 绿茶 Green Tea | 巧克力 Chocolate | 芒果 Mango

想说静静守在桌旁,没想到巨宝冰一上,简直杀红了眼!来一杯,吃一杯;来两杯,吃一双!且慢,这有三杯,请别错喝好冰啊!绿茶巨宝冰巧克力巨宝冰还是芒果巨宝冰 (350cc / 500cc) 任你们挑吧!香浓冰凉的巨宝冰们各自点缀上爽脆的威化饼与玉蜀黍谷粮片,再搭上Q弹软嫩的蒟蒻、绿茶麻糍、爆爆珠与红豆等,底部还潜藏仙草,「杯里各路英雄豪杰齐聚,真是不容小觑啊!」

Still feeling the heat? The situation then calls for the Jumbo Ice Series with both the Green TeaChocolate and Mango coming to the rescue. Add savoury waffle bits, cereals, konnyaku, matcha mochi, red bean and grass jelly to the mix, surely any resentment would be reduced by half now!

食验味星 Rating ★★★★

 芒果飘香 Mango with Pomelo Sago  |  榴莲飘香 Durian with Pomelo Sago 

「毕竟“雪”浓于水,大人明白各位的纠结…」面对着芒果飘香榴莲飘香 (猫山王),任谁也干不出大义灭亲的举动。吃得到的天然果肉纤维,香而不腻的蜜芒与果王浓郁冰凉,搭上微酸苦的柚子,那感觉既非冷若冰霜亦不热情如火,命中注定了您的恰到好处

Calling on our next exponents said to have originated from Hong Kong, the Mango with Pomelo Sago is a dessert that is well appreciated and simply perfect for our tropical weather. Made with fresh mango and accompanied with juicy fat pulps of pomelo to give it that mildly bittersweet flavour. The result was a bowl of refreshing, creamy and sweet treat with all the components coming together beautifully. And good news for durian lovers, the Durian with Pomelo Sago was convincingly pungent and well-executed!

食验味星 Rating ★★★★

传统糖水 – 黑糯米 & 芋泥 Black Glutinous Rice & Taro Dessert

 「什么!胡斐你有温热好康怎能独享?我苗若兰就算身子不能抵挡冰冷难当的饮料也要在今日让你知道身为好汉一定要有独乐乐不如众乐乐的侠义!」纯正无添加,每日鲜磨成粉末的黑糯米,搭上口感软糯的弹嫩白玉丸子,滋味浓而不甜腻;招牌甜点 – 温热绵密的芋泥就更得人心了!「白果煮至软韧适口,搭上红薯实在太好味啦!」

Not willing to be outdone, the traditional tong sui (Chinese sweet soup) insisted on making their appearance for us to take time from the rush of urban life to enjoy the rush of sugar while taking a break. After all in our part of the world, black glutinous rice and yam are commonly used in sweet desserts. We particularly enjoyed the thick and tasty dessert combined with the excellent texture of the grains of Black Glutinous Rice, while the Taro flavour is sweet, “yammy” and utterly delicious. Surely, this is enough to warm any hearts and melt all “bad blood”!

食验味星 Rating ★★★★

招牌抹茶糯米卷 Green Tea Sticky Rice Roll with Mango & Black Glutinous Rice |  猫山王榴莲糯米卷 Durian in Sticky Rice Roll


For the final duel, we surrender willingly to the Sticky Rice Rolls which have proven to be a meal worthy of its own and Snow City‘s rendition has never been funkier with the added Mango & Glutinous Rice and Mao San Wang Durian fillings. Both the paste were super creamy and was an interesting combination with the Green Tea Sticky Rice Roll skin. A novelty indeed and definitely an experience you have to have!

食验味星 Rating ★★★☆

松饼系列 Waffle Series

(敲锣打鼓ing) 各位乡亲父老,大人刚收获一份飞鸽传书,原来崭新推出的松饼系列同样以鲜果肉出击,哪位大侠若是突然又心生怨念,不妨到位于五福城广场皇后花园KSLAustin HeightsEhsan JayaBandar Dato OnnJalan Wong Ah Fook 等分行吃冰嚼甜消暑解恩仇吧!

Encore you said? There you have it. Seriously, is there anything not to love about Waffles? With its pockets holding a mix of ice cream, fruits and maple sauce and various toppings that fill our mouth at every bite, we can now enjoy both ends of the sweet and savoury spectrum of this Belgian classic that is so very scrumptious in most parts of the city, from Sutera Mall, TUTA, KSL, Austin Heights, Ehsan Jaya and their latest outlets at Bandar Dato Onn and Jalan Wong Ah Fook!

不知谁是胡斐、苗人凤、苗若兰?那你一定还没拜读过鼎鼎大名的《雪山飞狐》吧?没关系,择日亲自拜会五福城雪山飞糊,再把小说带到这儿慢慢详阅一番吧~ 包管各位身心大饱足!

With 8 outlets across JB well spread out to provide instant relief from the sweltering heat, we are sure any “disputes” can be easily resolved and celebrated over these fluffy shaved ice and other sweet treats at Snow City Desserts! Menu, please…

雪山飞糊 Snow City Desserts

Address: .
Time: 10.30am – 10.30pm

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