迪沙鲁2天1夜逍遥游:在南中国海面前嗨翻今夏!The sun, the sea, the Sand and Sandals @ Desaru for an exotic escape within reach!

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Johor, a state in southern Malaysia linked to Singapore by causeways, is known for its beaches and rainforest, with Desaru our favourite seaside “playground” since childhood. The range of nature-oriented attractions, beach resorts and economically priced seafood with laid-back ambience certainly endears the coastal town to many, even till today. With the opening of the Sungai Johor Bridge across Johor River on the Senai-Desaru Highway (E22), the previous 2-hour plus drive on the old, somewhat narrow and potentially dangerous road has been shaved to about an hour on the relatively smooth tarmac!

眼前这一幕看来是否熟悉?许多南马孩子们童年时必到的渡假圣地呀!让大人暌违已久的迪沙鲁海滩!沿着22公里海岸线而建的渡假村可不在少数,这一回大人选择入住刚於今年3月重新定位整修开业、拥有208间套房的 Sand & Sandals Desaru Beach Resort & Spa!单听名字就觉得创意无限的新业主简直太了解沙滩该有的意境了!与一般城中酒店不同,既已来到迪沙鲁,当然得享受天然的海风更甚于室内冷气啊!「选对时辰啦!今日的天气极好,不管是从双眼、相机还是手机看风景,皆是碧海蓝天啊!」话不多说,摆好行囊后赶紧为肌肤涂上防晒油,盛夏之旅即将开始咯!

Covering a long stretch of approximately 22km and lined with beautiful casuarina trees, giving the resort area its name, Desaru was much hyped in the 80s and 90s with quite a few mega projects aimed at attracting foreign investment and visitors, which have since been abandoned. After a period of neglect, Desaru has recently become popular with locals and tourists wishing to see an authentic Malaysian resort without for-tourists frills, especially since the much-delayed expressway from Johor Bahru opened in 2011.

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, Sand & Sandals Desaru Beach Resort & Spa lies in the heart of Desaru, and is Idyllic and ideally located on the unspoilt beach framed by the South China Sea on one side and lush tropical forest on the other. Having undergone extensive refurbishment, rebranded and opened in March 2017, where the sun, sea, sand (and sandals) meet again to create a tropical heaven. Enough said, time to put aside the notebooks and MacBooks and out with the shades and sunblocks instead…

【大人小分享】从境内士乃机场驱车到此只需45分钟;若从吉隆坡前来则需4小时车程;若从新加坡前来而不想饱受长堤拥堵之苦,可使用东部渡轮码头,约需30分钟,Sand & Sandals Desaru Beach Resort & Spa 则将安排专车到码头接送旅人们到渡假村,欲使用此服务请先拨电联络 +607-822 2222 或电邮 enquiry@sandandsandals.com 查询。

若由新山出发,需行驶至哥打丁宜的主干道(45 公里);若从丰盛港县出发,则行驶至至哥打丁宜的主干道。 若使用南北大道,请於巴西古当立交道 256 号出口驶出。 若从哥打丁宜出发,则需行驶 57 公里至迪沙鲁。

Getting to Sand & Sandals Desaru Beach Resort & Spa is now a breeze, with a 30-minute ferry ride from Singapore, 45 minutes drive from Senai International Airport and a 4-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur being all it takes to transport us to the world away at this resort for all reason and all season. Private transportation can also be arranged for pick up from the Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal by phone: +607-822 2222 or email: enquiry@sandandsandals.com

泳池与健身房 Tropical Pool & Gym


How could we say no to the sparkling blue waters of the Tropical Pool overseeing the spectacular view of South China Sea, while the kids can have a “splash”tacular time at the wading pool just beside the mini waterfalls and water slides? For those of us who prefer to stay dry, there’s also plenty of summer classic lounge chairs to enjoy the sun.

Fret not if we forget to bring any personal belongings, as we can easily pick them up at the convenience shop while taking home some souvenirs to satisfy the tourist in us LOL!


We suggest working out at the fully equipped and air-conditioned Gym standing on the pool to loosen some muscles, while capturing a splendid view of the South China Sea, swim up bar, and the tropical pool before taking the much-awaited dip!

私人沙滩 Exclusive Private Beach


Set against a backdrop of lush tropical greenery, the sun-kissed white beaches with clear waters are one of the main reasons why we come over to Desaru, and Sand & Sandals is indeed blessed with its fair share of pristine, white sandy beach to call their own. Is there really anything better than reading or napping in a hammock, with the sea breeze rocking us in the speckled sun as we fall into the most relaxed state ever, we know there’s nothing more indulgent.

海上活动/越野车 Sea Sports & ATV Center

太静态的岸边活动若是不适合好动的看官们,那么… 一定得试试这超刺激的水上极限运动!大人们还来不及后悔就半推半就地下海啦~ 「天啊!在一望无际的海上奔驰还真是太太太刺激了啊啊啊!」只见大人喊得越凄厉,水上摩托与汽艇人员就越发加速一路狂奔,如此旋风式地急转弯,大人这下子终于把烦恼都抛入海里啦!

With the sparkling blue waters looking extremely inviting, we couldn’t quite turn down the invitation to explore the thrill of the water sports on offer and screaming out loud. With a host of exciting sea sports options such as Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Canoeing and Viper to the more relaxing Deep Sea and Fun Sea Fishing, we have (literally) decided to throw all cautions to the winds and the sea. It’s GAME ON!!!

*Sea sports operation hours will very much depend on the weather condition.


Still feeling the adrenaline rush and seeking yet more adventure amidst the wild, we continued our exploration of the tropical jungle on wheels with the hell of a ride on the all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Getting ourselves all muddy and messed up was also part of the fun too, so be warned.

水疗按摩 Senses Spa

渡假村内附设经典巴厘岛式水疗馆 Senses Spa, 全室散发大自然气息,拥有2间隐密的室内冷气双人按摩室与4间亲近大自然的户外双人按摩室。享受了水疗按摩后,还能在一旁小憩享用馆内特备的姜茶呢!

A decent getaway is never complete without us loosening up our body and sooth our minds with some luxurious spa treatments at the Senses Spa by Sand & Sandals. Specially designed for couples, the spa offers 4 luxury outdoor spa pavilions and 2 stellar comfort treatment rooms with an incredibly tranquil atmosphere. Hey wait, there’s even a sauna and salon to return a healthy glow to our face and leaving us feeling fresh and still look our best!


Each spa pavilion contains a bathtub made of love shape, an open-air shower made of bamboo, and a secluded zone that refreshes us in enjoying every bit of nature yet relaxing at a space reserved only for the both of us. Now, that’s what we call a total bliss as if we were in Bali!

设施 – 游戏空间 Game Room


If you are travelling with kids (above the age of 6) and they are feeling restless, just send them down to the Game Room and let them go crazy and feed their own game appetite while you take some time to relax on your own. The various games look great even for keeping ourselves entertained or perhaps just indulging our own inner child as well.

设施 – 孩童乐园 Kids Playroom

家庭式的渡假村还真是把大伙儿给照顾得妥妥当当呢!这儿就是6岁以下年幼孩子们的天堂 (需有家长陪伴)!每日早上8点至晚间11点对外开放,家长们再也不必担心找不着地方消耗婴童们的充沛精力!

The younger kids (below the age of 6, with parental supervision) can also enjoy movie time, reading, and have lots of fun with a range of toys to spend their afternoon at the Kids Playroom! After all, happy kids translate to a happy family holiday!

度假村住宿 Resort Accommodation

玩得如此尽兴,「好想休息一下!」大人此刻要是再不推荐住房设施,可就说不过去啦!拥有208间套房的渡假村,共有10款房型可供选择 (橙色显示将为重点推荐之房型):

Sand & Sandals Desaru Beach Resort & Spa offers the some of the most innovative and luxurious accommodations, with a total of 208 rooms and suites practically well thought out to make our staycation a dreamy romantic retreat. The only trouble is deciding what resembles paradise more, the resort facilities or the rooms we were about to check into.

  • Superior Room – 61 units
  • Superior Room with Garden – 4 units
  • Deluxe Room – 55 units
  • Deluxe Room with Private Garden – 20 units
  • Couple Deluxe Room – 32 units
  • Couple Deluxe Room with Private Garden – 8 units
  • Couple Deluxe Room with Private Pool – 6 units
  • Couple Suite (Duplex) – 8 units
  • Family Suite (Duplex) – 12 units
  • Executive Suite – 2 units

Family Suites, Duplex (85 sqm)

双层楼的 Family Suites (Duplex),附设两间卫浴空间,绝对适合阖家共游!底层两张海盗船型的孩童睡床搭上壁画,童趣无限,孩子们绝对会愉快入眠啊!房内空间异常宽敞,拾级而上后即是家长们的卧室,「玩乐了一整天,有如此舒适的个人空间憩息真心舒适呀!」

Ideal for families travelling with young children, the Family Suites (Duplex) comprises two floors separating parents and kids room to enjoy their own time yet a living room space to get together. Designed to be playful and interactive for keeping the kids busy looking for good guys and pirates, the parents finally get a chance to relax and enjoy the momentary bliss, even if it’s just for a day or two.

欲查询订房优惠详情,可点击此链接 / Click here for Room Reservations

Couple Deluxe Room (85 sqm)

同属双层格局的 Couple Deluxe Room, 则是浪漫情侣或蜜月夫妻的首选噢!底层为宽敞的起居室,二楼则为主卧室,阳台附设浴缸,往可移动的木窗外遥望即是无边际海景,好疗愈!

Designed exceptionally for the couple to embrace the enchanting moment, the Couple Deluxe Room offers a harmonious combination of space and privacy across the two floors that slice up the living room and bedroom. There’s even a bathtub that sits privately on the balcony so that we could let our hair down and soak in the spectacular view of the South China Seas.

欲查询订房优惠详情,可点击此链接 / Click here for Room Reservations

Couple Deluxe Room with Private Pool (55 sqm)

仅有6间的 Couple Deluxe Room with Private Pool 即是大人最爱的房型啦!拥有独立的室内泳池与小院子,就算足不出户也能欢度假日!下一回重返此处的终极目标!「各位有没有发现,Sand & Sandals 这儿的套房空间都超宽敞啊!」

With only 6 Couple Deluxe Room with Private Pool, this is by far our univocal choice to elevate our romance to another level with the preserve privacy for just the two of us. Notably designed for the couple where we could get to be in the moment, we could soak in the bathtub at our own private balcony or leisurely dip in the plunge pool. After all, every minute matters.

欲查询订房优惠详情,可点击此链接 / Click here for Room Reservations

Deluxe Room with Private Garden (55 sqm)

大人此次2天1夜周末之旅所入住的便是这一款附设室内院子的 Deluxe Room with Private Garden,果真与大海近在咫尺!只需从院子里的木栅门往外走一会儿,南中国海便在眼前了!若是刚从水上极限游戏回房,此款房型可说是方便至极啊!「换套干净的衣物又能出发咯!」

Due to the high occupancy during the June school holidays, we decided to make do with the equally impressive Deluxe Room with Private Garden which is within touching distance of the sea. Specially designed with the couple in mind to enjoy every moment, it’s easy to luxuriate in the private furnished balcony with bathtub feeling the sea breeze and spectacular view of South China Sea, or take comfort on the swing at our own private garden to reserve a quiet moment.

欲查询订房优惠详情,可点击此链接 / Click here for Room Reservations

餐饮推荐 – 潮风 ShioKaze Teppan

Sand & Sandals Desaru Beach Resort & Spa 里,完全无需驱车出外便可饱尝各式餐点,大人为各位打听了这儿共有7家风格各异的优质餐厅,计有日本餐、中餐、中西复合式餐点、西餐、泰国餐、池畔酒吧、海岸酒吧与咖啡馆,「由于将在此度过2天1夜,这一回就试试其中的4家吧!」

Good news folks, “Find Dining” in Sand & Sandals Desaru Beach Resort & Spa can be as simple as checking out a host of restaurants and bars (seven to be exact), without having to set foot outside the resort, while enjoying a fascinating menu ranging from authentic Thai and Asian cuisine to modern Western delights in a cosy & relax ambiance.

由于刚刚从新山驱车前来,舟车劳顿之后想想不如先来顿既能饱足而又不油腻的餐点吧!位于大堂旁的 潮风 ShioKaze Teppan,备有多种便当套餐 (Bento Set)、铁板烧套餐 (Teppanyaki Set)、日式铁板烧烤小吃、面食等,「大人好钟爱那以炸葱搭配的三文鱼啊!好香!」据悉这儿的牛肉便当极受欢迎,看官们下回前来可别错过。

Having braved the distance from JB city to paradise, our gastronomy journey began with a taste of Japan at ShioKaze Teppan. The Bento Set and Teppanyaki Set proved to be worthy bang for our buck, as our lunch came packed with many Japanese favourites for a light and lively way to fill us up during the day.

每日营业时间 / Daily Operating Hours: 11am – 3pm | 6pm – 10pm

餐饮推荐 – Spices & Herbs Restaurant

茹素的饕客们别担心!大人发现了这家中西复合式餐点 Spices & Herbs Restaurant 里竟然有超级好味的印式素食!「这滋味也未免太迎合大人我的胃口啦,连吃两餐都没问题!」大人我可是超推荐这两份精选的素食餐点 (蛋素者可选食炒饭),当然除了以上素食,这儿的咖哩鱼头与炸鸡扒也是不容错过之选噢!

For those looking for a healthy fare or vegetarian options, the Asian and Western menu at Spices & Herbs Restaurant did not disappoint as we helped ourselves to the Vegetarian Fried Rice and their signature Thali Set. The talent of their vegetarian chefs here is undeniable, for the dishes they prepare not only look appetising but taste really good too!

每日营业时间 / Daily Operating Hours: 11am – 11pm

餐饮推荐 – 鸿运厅 Fortune Kitchen

这家位于入口处旁的点心馆子 – 鸿运厅 Fortune Kitchen, 外观虽不甚华丽,内里还真是卧虎藏龙!每一道点心上桌后,让人哗然的不仅仅是其工序繁琐、精雕细琢的外表,更甚的是让人口口留香!大人这回点选了烧卖、鱼子酱虾饺、开口笑鸡肉叉烧包、芝士腐皮虾卷、蜂巢芋角、金箔竹炭流沙包、竹炭蛋挞、虾肉猪肠粉、鲜虾馅干捞云吞面、海鲜粥、药材鸡汤等 (皆无猪肉),品尝后不得不立即竖起拇指赞啊!「许多人会觉得,用鸡肉取代而制成的点心,滋味必会逊色些,而在鸿运厅,大人真的能尝到点心师傅的用心啊!」

Our craving for dim sum never cease even when we are escaping the city’s hustle and bustle at Desaru, and in Fortune Kitchen restaurant, there lie some hidden culinary gems waiting to be discovered. Siew Mai, Har Kau with CAVIAR, BBQ Chicken Bun, Crispy Beancurd Cheesy Shrimp, Fluffy Yam Bites, Molten Charcoal Bun, Charcoal Egg Tartlet, Shrimp Roll, Shrimp Wanton with Dry Egg Noodle, Seafood Congee, Crispy Avocado Roll and our unanimous favourite Herbal Soup serve in a Teapot, need we say more?

由于滋味太合口味,大人瞧见了在蒸笼旁忙里忙外的点心师傅李国良,不禁想向这位从事这行已有20个年头的师傅偷师,「每个点心师傅所呈现的点心都得要有自己的特色。点心要做得精致,绝对不能走轻巧捷径,用心琢磨顾客必能感受得到点心里的点点心意。」大人看着碟子里的酱料也经过精心摆设就心生佩服啊!现时鸿运厅 Fortune Kitchen 的点心全天候皆有20%折扣优惠,百里迢迢到这儿绝对别错过!

Definitely a quality more than quantity situation here, every dim sum dish resembled a work of art that was meticulously prepared by Chef Jay Lee with over 20 years of experience. If you fancy yourself an epicurean, then Fortune Kitchen has one of the most extravagant menus which can set you back a little but rest assured you’re paying for real quality.

每日营业时间 / Daily Operating Hours: 10am – 10.30pm

餐饮推荐 – Beach Hut Bistro

入夜后,最完美的活动一定是到 Beach Hut Bistro 与三五知己小酌两杯,天南地北聊一回!逢周四至六还能感受现场乐队为大家演绎各年代的金曲呢!

If Live Music is your kind of jam, enjoy the performance of the Bee Bop Trio Band every Thursdays to Saturdays weekly at the Beach Hut Bistro as they belt out some of the latest tunes, against the backdrop of the waves crashing onto the shore, and the sea breeze of course!

每日营业时间 / Daily Operating Hours: 11am – 11pm

这一回的 Sand & Sandals 之旅,的确打破了大人对迪沙鲁刻板的陈年印象,除了干净的沙滩与刺激的海上运动外,各式新添的设施也让人轻易彻底松懈身心,大人甚至还萌生每月选个周末到此短游放空的念头呢!「来人啊!快给我把7月之后的假期一一列举!」

While Desaru may not be as secluded or as unpopulated as it used to be, there is still an unmistakable pristine nature about the place. In Sand & Sandals, we were glad to discover all the amenities and solitude anyone can expect, and the additional benefit of glistening waves juxtaposed unspoilt jungle on one side, and modern facilities and comfortable accommodation on the other.

Sand and Sandals Desaru Beach Resort & Spa

Address: Bandar Penawar, 81930 Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: +607 – 822 2222
Email: enquiry@sandandsandals.com
Website: www.sandandsandals.com

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