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五味调和谓之美,让人心心念念的馋意 – 万丽轩中餐馆 Delicious is in the details @ Wan Li Restaurant

五味调和谓之美,让人心心念念的馋意 – 万丽轩中餐馆 Delicious is in the details @ Wan Li Restaurant

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For all the creativity and flair in design and writing that we were always given credit and recognition for, nothing beats the satisfaction that our works could one day feed both your soul and ultimately nourish your body. If there’s one talent that we actually desire but is sorely lacking, it is the ability to whip up a decent dish that could make it to your table as well.

[大人有一手] 因为马来西亚是他的故乡,所以他回来了。飞了2,533公里最终选择在新山 Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel 万丽中餐馆落脚为大人精心烹调了这一桌美食~ 「大人啊你也太自恋啦… Chef Bryan…

Posted by MAGistrate 杂志大人 on Sabtu, 8 April 2017


2017年3月,从2,533公里外的澳门归国,并以新山五星级酒店 Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel 《万丽中餐馆》中餐主厨身份现身的 Chef Bryan,大人曾在今年4月初於餐馆的试吃发布会 (Chef’s Table) 上初尝其主理的创意中式佳肴,发现他不仅擅于将料理中最着重的原汁原味紧锁於食材中,更是一名奉行魔鬼藏在细节里的料理达人。

It’s no longer just the Western chefs who are in demand, as the spotlight has now turned to local chefs as they are being invited to return home from their stints overseas. Call it homecoming or just headhunting for Chef Bryan, one thing is for sure – residents of Johor, in particular, hotel guests and diners to Wan Li Chinese Restaurant at Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel are in for a real culinary feast. Forget about travelling 2,533km to Macau when you can savour some of Chef Bryan‘s creative sensibilities right in JB!

位于 Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel 酒店大堂旁的万丽中餐馆》,其中式料理向来极受饕客青睐,宁静雅致的氛围举凡私人餐宴或阖家聚餐皆宜,餐馆更於2016年荣获 Tripadvisor 颁发卓越奖认证,可见料理实力必属拔群。

Located at the lobby level of the five-star Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel in Permas Jaya, Wan Li provides a more exquisite and sophisticated dining experience, with “Halal” Cantonese cuisine ranging from seductive and innovative fusion dishes to wholesome and comforting traditional recipes. Despite its elegant and regal look, the Chinese restaurant has a surprisingly warm and laid-back atmosphere. Having been awarded the Tripadvisor 2016 Certificate of Excellence, Wan Li definitely has plenty to offer, and for us to discover.

蒙古酱脆皮烧鸭 Mongolian Crispy Roaster Duck

主厨所特调的蒙古酱与咱们平时所尝滋味大不同,这道《万丽中餐馆》的招牌料理蒙古酱脆皮烧鸭 (Mongolian Crispy Roaster Duck) 乃师傅的拿手好菜,铺底酱汁以牛油、番茄酱及黑胡椒匀和而成,酸甜两味平衡之余还有些许微辣胡椒香调升味觉层次,巧妙丰富了传统粤菜的精髓,「诱人深褐皮衣下的肉脂由于腌制得宜,软嫩腴美的口感在蘸上蒙古酱后丝毫不觉油腻。」

It’s plain that a lot of thought has gone into the preparation of the newly revamped menu, where Chef Bryan‘s passion was clearly reflected in the dishes. More than just food, his creations are near-culinary masterpieces, both in taste and in the presentation. One of his immediate task on hand was to give this Mongolian Crispy Roaster Duck a refreshing twist, making this traditional Cantonese’s favourites one of the new signature dish of Wan Li. Having marinated the duck for hours before roasting it to crisp perfection, the meat was drizzled with special Mongolian sauce that is made with a secret blend of butter, tomato and black pepper to give a somewhat smoky and mild spicy sweet tinge to the roast.

食验味星 Rating ★★★★

酥骨双味龙虎斑 Tiger Dragon Grouper Fish Serve in Two Way

大人思索着厨师们是否皆曾研读过色彩学,每回端出的鱼料理总是靓丽地像幅水彩画作,这道酥骨双味龙虎斑 (Tiger Dragon Grouper Fish Serve in Two Way) 以一鱼两吃的方式呈现,再与七色爽脆缤纷食蔬菌菇点睛,让人食欲顿生。「师傅将龙虎斑头部与尾部酥炸至金黄脆口,腌制过的鱼身部位呈鲜咸,与食蔬翻炒火候掌控得宜,撒上炸葱后再轻嚼弹嫩鱼肉与脆口食蔬相互交融调味,天生一对恰恰好。」

The Tiger Dragon Grouper is a cross breed between the Longdan and Tiger Groupers and is served two ways so that we can enjoy the luxury of having two dishes instead of one. Prized by the Cantonese for steaming because of its delicate white flesh, the meat was first marinated in wet brine and then stir-fried with mixed greens, leaving the texture to remains firm yet tender and won’t flake apart, while the fish head and tail were deep fried till golden brown crisp so that nothing is wasted in this Tiger Dragon Grouper Fish Serve in Two Way. The fried shallots gave the fish a fragrant kick, and we personally like to have it with sliced some chilli for some extra zing to the taste.

食验味星 Rating ★★★★☆

传统蛋丝奶油虾 Traditional Butter Prawns

这道传统蛋丝奶油虾 (Traditional Butter Prawns) 可是名扬海外的本地家常美食!要料理出口感如此新鲜的蛋丝可是极考厨师的耐力与耐心,既无法预先处理以免软绵出油,还得顾及爽脆度,「由于师傅坚持新鲜同步处理鲜虾与牛油蛋丝,难怪入口后仍可感受十足的蛋香啊!巧添咖喱叶后尝起来好有肉松的酥脆微咸辣口感,大人实在好欣赏!」

The Traditional Butter Prawns is a simple dish but requires quite the skills to make too. Fresh and plump, and bouncy to the touch, the prawns were deep fried to golden brown perfection, making it incredibly crispy but not oily. There was a slight burst of prawn juice at every bite which was really hard to get anywhere else, and we love it! Each strand of floss-like butter strips was delicious and packed with flavour and topped with curry leaves to provide the prawns with a more in-depth character, giving it that extra kick that we are pretty sure even the fussiest of eaters would give two thumbs up for this dish.

食验味星 Rating ★★★★★

青柠脆玉瓜海鲜焖面 Braised Noodle with Seafood and Lime Juice

向福建虾面致敬?「不!还有亚参辣沙和蠔煎!」可别小觑这道看似家常的青柠脆玉瓜海鲜焖面 (Braised Noodle with Seafood and Lime Juice),大人还未尝鲜就已知一板一眼地做菜绝非主厨的风格,创意混搭三种国民美食在此,出乎意料好味。「传统黄面经过青柠与脆玉瓜的风味丝丝交缠后,汤汁收得极好,整体好爽口开胃!搭着生洋葱丝入口甚有亚参辣沙的错觉,而鸡蛋里竟有类似蠔煎的香味,满口异香大人好满意!」

The Braised Noodle with Seafood and Lime Juice is a clear favourite among us Hokkien Mee fans, but this turned out to be a triple treat reminiscent of assam laksa and fried oyster egg all in one. Using the distinctive flat yellow noodle which is akin to linguine and cooked to a perfectly gooey texture. The inclusion of lime juice and raw onion slices improves the flavour of the dish, adding a vibrant and robust sweetness that has us feeling almost in nirvana after the meal LOL!

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食验味星 Rating ★★★★

银果雪耳马蹄露 Water Chestnut Ginkgo White Fungus Sweet Soup

大人对这道甜品满意极了!由于本身并非嗜重甜之人,当这道银果雪耳马蹄露 (Water Chestnut Ginkgo White Fungus Sweet Soup) 入口之际,大人即有相逢恨晚之意啊!「益肺气的软糯去心白果太对味,白木耳与马蹄的清新脆口,最得人心的是毫无蛋腥味!是大人所尝过的甜品之中少数的五星滋味。」

Chef Bryan did the job in refreshing us up with a bowl of Water Chestnut Ginkgo White Fungus Sweet Soup. Flavoured with sweetness from water chestnut and ginkgo, the soup was also well balanced with the other ingredients that concluded our “Find Dining” with our tummies satisfactorily filled.

食验味星 Rating ★★★★★

点心自助餐 Dim Sum Lunch Buffet

除了精致中餐,每周七天的午餐时段 (公假除外) 还能以RM58的超值价格无限享用点心师傅特制的精致小点,详文可阅:方寸间的细致面皮活儿: 悠享一下午的心灵手巧 – 万丽轩中餐厅点心自助餐 Endless flow of bit-sized morsels of happiness @ Wan Li Chinese Restaurant

Wan Li is also said to have some of the best dim sum in town, with a wide variety offered in a buffet happening as part of its daily lunch menu (except public holidays) at RM58 per pax. Considered above mid-range pricing but worth every dollar for this standard, check out all the “hard work” we have put in for all you big-eaters, dim sum devotees and buffet lovers out there, as we bring you their Endless flow of bit-sized morsels of happiness @ Wan Li Chinese Restaurant


If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant with a modern twist that is not only affordable but packs in a classy and cosy ambience as well as great food, using some of the best available ingredients, then Wan Li Chinese Restaurant is definitely the place to be.

万丽轩中餐馆 Wan Li Chinese Restaurant

Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel
No. 2, Jalan Permas 11, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru.
Contact: +607 – 381 3333
Time: 11.30am-3pm; 6.30pm-10.30pm (Mon-Sat); 11.00am-3pm; 6.30pm-10.30pm (Sun)

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