两毫米的发酵美味,一尝成瘾 🍕 A 2-mm slice of paradise at PiZZ@ Pasta Burger Salad

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近来有到大人这儿赏文的看官们应该都知晓,Sunway Citrine Hub 不消说既是大人近期觅食的重点区,哥伦布上身的我犹如发现新大陆,禁不住内心的澎湃总想大肆宣扬这儿的料理有多值得一尝。

【大人小分享】车子驶入了靠近 Iskandar Puteri 的领域,经过了乐高乐园、松木影城及位于美迪尼第三大道 (Persiaran Medini 3) 的双威国际学校后,眼前这一栋集合了住宅、办公及零售的建筑正是 Sunway Citrine Hub

For us pizza lovers, it’s all about the crust. Imagine a 2mm-thick, airy, chewy crust surrounding a thin center filled with warm, fresh toppings. Such mere mentions by our foodie buddies Adeline and Larry were enough to swing our wills (and wheels) to make another detour to the fast-growing Sunway Citrine Hub to celebrate some restaurateurs coming home with Pizz(azz)!

光看招牌,看官们大概也已猜到此处有何美食。据悉甫於12月3日开业的 PiZZ,在短短一个月内便已有让老饕数度回头觅食的魔力!大人尚未进餐前,接获友人通报细说他们家的披萨应可高居城中三甲,或许您会纳闷,「到底是什么滋味的披萨,能让人吃过一回就上瘾?」自童年时期就被厚披萨馅饼皮给洗脑的大人当然也想探个究竟。

The name Pizz is directly derived from and inspired by the restaurant’s signature dish, so it makes sense to delve straight into this Italian flatbread. Since opening its doors to the public on 3 December, we’ve been receiving rave reviews that their signature pizzas have feed ravenous tummies and have many picky eaters swooning, so this calls for our FBI (food & beverage investigators) agents to go on another “find dining” mission!

「位于二楼一隅的 PiZZ,室内外面积合并后乍看之下竟神似咱们的半岛地图!」大人向来甚爱选在人潮尚未涌入的午后光顾,只见一丝丝斜阳全然不顾玻璃们的站岗,穿透力十足却不携热意,而室内的暖木装置在仅有大自然才能掌控的光线调控器下,恣意呈现不同的色泽,倒影随处可见。

为啥 PiZZ 一出场就能如此撼动众人的味蕾呢?大人出于好奇不禁打听了餐厅的背景,啊!原来此处乃新加坡鼎鼎大名的 Emmanuel Stroobant Group (ESG) 餐饮集团旗下 SQUE 餐厅的伙伴之一的 Arica 及 Roel Quimba 夫妇在本地所打造的美食版图!在 PiZZ 呆上一个下午,大人察觉从上菜后的分食、更换碗碟等琐碎功夫都在人客正想要呼唤前的一刻处理就绪,「拥有18年丰富餐饮管理经验的她,处事张弛有度之余,浑身还散发一股无法抵挡的亲切,让人如沐春风地享受完美的一餐,这比料理更能让咱们回味啊!」

Kudos to husband-and-wife restaurateurs Arica and Roel Quimba, we can now enjoy our all-time favourite Italian staple and other great comfort food at wallet-pleasing prices, served up with friendly and unobtrusive service. With an impressive 18 years of F&B experience behind them, including successful collaborations as part of the well-known Emmanuel Stroobant Group (ESG) in Singapore, their latest F&B venture brings home great food and service quality which forms the hallmark of their popular SQUE  (pronounced as skew) outlets by the Singapore River or Pasir Panjang.

Be prepared to wait for the pizzas though, as every thin crust pizza is made by hand and only prepared upon order, but it’s definitely worthwhile!

Tomato-Feta Salad

与主人家打开了话匣子一阵后,一道色彩艳丽的餐前菜旋即上桌。番茄与腌制樱桃番茄干携手引出的甜酸度,正是这道餐前菜 Tomato-Feta Salad (RM19.60) 呈现的开场滋味。仅有甜酸怎足以完美开胃?再以羊乳制成的希腊奶酪 Feta Cheese、生洋葱圈、橄榄与佐料汁液遍撒红番茄疆土之上,白雪皑皑的微咸清新,「餐前菜这回就不请青蔬沙拉出场,原来红彤彤的番茄也能肩负重任。」

When Arica first serve the sun-dried cherry Tomato-Feta Salad, topped with olive and fresh onion rings, drizzled with light lemony zest dressing, we were slightly sceptical at the absence of the ever-present mozzarella in most salads. Surprisingly, the soft feta cheese works because of its crumbly texture and saltiness, both of which mozzarella lacks. As one mouthful, the flavours and textures managed to come together in an unpretentious yet mouth-watering package prepping us nicely for the next course. Bravo!

Broccoli Tempura

这道由 Arica 强力推荐的开胃小菜 – 天妇罗西兰花 Broccoli Tempura (RM12) 蘸点上 garlic mayoTabasco 后,「微热生香,煞是好味啊!」接着再来杯 Strawberry-lime Cider 让味蕾冷却复苏迎战!虽说才刚以一大份的天妇罗西兰花完成垫胃使命,但大人的「腹地」向来宽广,既来之则食之的真理必须贯彻实践!

This appetising starter comes highly recommended by Arica, and we waste no time in sinking our teeth into the Broccoli Tempura. Crunchy on the outside yet juicy on the inside, each dip into the homemade garlic mayo or Tabasco gave us an added spicy kick which we then wash down with a sip of chilled refreshing Strawberry-lime Cider. A perfect pairing indeed!

Clams Mariniere

「第一道防线沦陷了!大人被俘虏了!」以白酒烹煮的 Clams Mariniere (RM28) 实在太入味,蛤蜊的每一寸肉身都被白酒入侵,大人心甘情愿俯首称臣。没一会儿碟子里渐成小山丘的躯壳被服务生瞧见了,立即主动更换让大人保有优雅形象,贴心之举让大人默默加分啊!

Another sure-fire way to get our appetite roaring is the light yet generous Clams Mariniere, served in white wine sauce and grilled toast. Without further ado, we pick up the shells and slurp the flesh, savouring the wine-infused juices and chunky meat. Once we’ve made a little mountain out of the empty clam shells, the server was quick to clear our plates before our next dish! (add points 👍)

Salmon Wasabi Pizza

将两种大人最爱的食材制成披萨,实在找不到理由不点选 Salmon Wasabi Pizza (RM32) 啊!「现点现做的披萨,实际厚度目测应仅在二毫米范围吧!」这一上桌就被 Arica 千嘱咐万交代得趁热吃的披萨,送入口后就非常来劲儿,时能耳闻咀嚼时传出的咔滋咔滋声响,功力深厚的芥末果真让整体口感生色不少!「滋味如此出众,名不虚传!立即就将你列入本年度大人披萨排行榜的第一名!」

If you’ve had your fair share of everyday pizza flavour and find that nothing new excites you anymore, be sure to check out their signature Salmon Wasabi Pizza. Even though some of us are not a fan of the “spicy green paste”, the wasabi was surprisingly more fragrant and less pungent than the typical, faux wasabi used in sushi restaurants. We’re also pretty sure bonito flakes on a pizza isn’t something you’d see on an average day, but actually complimented the salmon, bonito flake, seaweed and mozzarella cheese buried beneath.

Prawn Aglio Olio

芸芸意面口味中,大人的首选必是香蒜橄榄油意面。Prawn Aglio Olio (RM38) 一上桌即传来淡淡的香蒜味,虾子们在红绿相间的调料里闯荡,自是染得了一身香气,「面条的口感亦处理地极好,是大人喜欢的那一味。」适时来一杯 Lychee Mint 舒缓微辣的气息,「微甜又清爽,荔枝与薄荷的合作果然带出来让人喜出望外的滋味,推荐!」

Coming up next, the Prawn Aglio Olio instantly filled the air with its mouth-watering aroma, whetting our appetites for a round of delicious pasta. There was a very generous portion of well-seared prawns served on a bed of linguine cooked al dente, firm enough such that the olive oil coated the pasta entirely, yet soft enough for an enjoyable bite. The white wine added a certain richness, and the garlic and chilli spice gave the dish a nice kick!

Make room for this refreshing Lychee Mint freeze, a slime green slushy blend with subtle minty hints to cleanse our palates in between sips.

Lamb Shank

眼前所见乃以48小时不间断慢烹的羊腿,「轻轻一划就骨肉分离,刀子在它身上根本无用武之地啊!」汁润肉酥软的 Lamb Shank (RM57) 既入味而又不带膻味,原已在别处饱餐一顿的友人才刚坐下相聚,立即不敌羊腿召唤再度进食,诱人滋味可见一斑啊!

To get more bang for your bucks, be sure to order their signature Lamb Shank to satiate your carnivorous cravings. It will cost 3X more if you order the same in SQUE 😄! The meat is very slowly braised in a hearty jus and served on a bed of mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies. The flesh was fall-off-the-bone tender with an almost melt-in-your-mouth texture. The dish definitely contributed to our already-satiated belly, but with such exceptional flavours, it was hard to say “no more”.

Chocolate Lava & Vanilla Brûlée

临去秋波前,再赏馆中唯二的甜食 – 外脆内软的 Chocolate Lava (RM13) 与浓香的 Vanilla Brûlée (RM14) 做个完美落幕自是必须,「这儿的唯二,恰恰皆是大人向来最爱点选的甜食 😊。」

“No” always means Yes when it comes to desserts, and our Chocolate Lava comes drenched in a pool of salted caramel sauce, served with strawberry, crumble and vanilla ice-cream. While we won’t find any oozy chocolate lava inside, each bite of the cake is filled with the flavour of good quality chocolate, with a consistency that’s a cross between a sponge cake and a brownie.

How can we also say no to this Vanilla Brûlée when what we got was rich and decadent custard with the crunchy caramel layer on top, served with fresh strawberry and a sweet pizza stick. A little firmer and it would have been perfect for us, but no one’s complaining 😊.


Piling up that many calories in a day, whatever happened to that 2019 new year resolution we just made? Fortunately, every calorie and minute is worth our trip to PiZZ is worth it, so here’s to more good food for the new year, and beyond!

Mission accomplished!


PiZZ@ Pasta Burger Salad

📍 1-02, First Floor, Citrine Hub, Persiaran Medini 3, Sunway Iskandar, 79250 Iskandar Puteri, Johor
📞 +607-585 7114
🕚 Daily from 11.30am – 11.00pm
📱 PiZZ


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