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任点任吃的火锅料理 All-you-can-eat hot pot buffet @ Piggy Pot Shabu-Shabu

任点任吃的火锅料理 All-you-can-eat hot pot buffet @ Piggy Pot Shabu-Shabu

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亲切腼腆的老板Kenji本身非常爱吃火锅料理,这家位于五福城的Piggy Pot涮涮锅从商标设计、室内装潢及火锅汤底皆出自其手。走进才开张数月的Piggy Pot就会发现里头有些许Cafe的气氛,原来老板想打造轻松吃火锅的氛围,整体非常卫生宽敞没有压迫感。

A steamboat dinner at Piggy Pot is a great way to end a long day with your best friend, or perhaps for a quiet date night in a cosy cafe-like setting. After all, Kenji the owner is a fan of cafe-ambient dining with minimal hassle and maximum comfort.

肚子饿了吧?Piggy Pot的招牌汤底是奶油沙爹噢!听名字或许感觉喝了后很罪恶吧?大人喝了后觉得颇顺口而且不会太过油腻噢!当然你也可以选择其他汤底搭配食材,备有 Kenji向妈妈取经熬制的大骨萝卜汤、泰式酸辣汤及日式味增汤。接下来还将陆续推出重庆麻辣汤及芝士牛奶汤噢!敬请期待!

Take your pick from their freshly made soup bases like their signature creamy satay soup, pork bone soup using home-made recipe, Thai tom yam soup and Japanese miso soup, while looking out for the extra spicy Chongqing hot pot or extra cheesy milk broth next month.


With over 60 super fresh, high quality ingredients to choose from, it is difficult to be rationale when ordering the items and we ended up with this big Selection of food which we still finished with ease. Enjoy free-flow braised pork to go with their steaming hot rice, and flower-shelled crabs, bamboo clams and oysters only available during dinner, for one of the most reasonably-priced hot pot buffet in town.

午餐时段 / Lunch:
成人每位 / Adult – RM29.00 nett per pax
12岁以下小孩 / Children below 12 – RM13.90 nett, 6岁以下免费

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晚餐时段 / Dinner:
成人每位 / Adult – RM37.90 nett per pax
12岁以下小孩 / Children below 12 – RM16.90 nett, 6岁以下免费

营业时间 / Operation hours:
每天 11am – 3pm | 5pm – 11pm (Daily)

Piggy Pot Sutera

31, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai.
Hotline: 07 – 554 4310

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