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家长们无需奔向对岸的全英语乐学环境!集英国及新加坡教育课程于一身的国际教育学府 Enjoy the best of both quality family time and UK + Singapore education @ Paragon Private & International School

家长们无需奔向对岸的全英语乐学环境!集英国及新加坡教育课程于一身的国际教育学府 Enjoy the best of both quality family time and UK + Singapore education @ Paragon Private & International School


It appears the sheer amount of time modern day parents spend with their children from birth till schooling is at best 36 months (or 10.3 hours per day), and that is before we take into account their time at work and in bed!

Why let the daily commute take its “toll” on both the children and parents when we can enjoy more quality family time together? 



相较 Paragon Private & International School, 不仅为兼容英国与新加坡教纲的全英语教学环境,更因位处连接新山东西部的主要交通要道——巴西古当大道之间的避兰东,除省却不少花在交通上的时间外,也能让成长中的孩子们得到更好的休息。

As is, many Malaysian parents are already sending their children who make the daily trek across the Causeway to attend Singapore schools. After all, Singapore has long been a popular destination for top-quality education, and the most recent PISA rankings run by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)  on 6 Dec 2016 further solidified this reputation when Singapore schools came out top in the world, enough said?

According to reports, more than 10,000 children from Johor Bahru brave predawn traffic jams at the Causeway to attend schools in Singapore, leaving home as early as 4am to 5am and only making their way back after 8pm. There is hardly enough time for homework, tuition and even rest, let alone quality family time. Adding to the fact that parents whose children are schooling in Singapore will have to fork out more because of the weakening ringgit, rising transportation cost and school fees, many are now looking at other options such as putting their children in local private or international schools closer to home. Along come Paragon Private & International School to show and leads the way, offering the best of UK, Singapore and national curriculum in a fully-immersive English-speaking environment!

Working together towards a same goal


师资与环境向来即是家长们为孩子挑选学校的主要考量。而创办 Paragon Private & International School 的幕后团队本身也是拥有就学期孩子的家长群,理所当然非常了解本地家长所面对的种种难题,幼吾幼以及人之幼,因此学校本身由始至终所坚持的教育理念即为「I am not LED, I LEAD!」- 让孩子们每天能开心上学,注重身、心、灵发展,为日后的独立思考作业打下良好基础;却又不失严谨纪律,奉行赏罚分明。

Research has shown that children whose parents take an active role in their studies and well-being have a better attitude towards learning and perform better in school. At Paragon Private & International School, the schools recognise the value of cultivating this holistic relationship and are constantly looking for ways and means to engage parents, making them active partners in their children’s education. After all, both teachers and parents want the same thing for their child, i.e. for them to learn and work towards their dreams and aspirations, and hence the school motto: “Non duco, duco” which means “I am not LED, I LEAD!”

Pastoral care and learning support



秉持着学生也是学校的孩子的信念,Paragon Private & International School 特在校内设立了辅导处,除了协助学生的学习、生活与生涯辅导,也辅助家长们能对孩子们的身心达致一体化的健康发展有更深入的了解。Paragon Private & International School 主张让孩子们能拥有独立思考的同时,也积极培养学生的社会责任感与独立生活的能力。

The role of parents in a child’s life is an irreplaceable one, even when young children spent most of their waking hours in child care, but many parents have come to realise that the relationship with their children is what makes them most happy. Likewise, pastoral care and learning support forms an integral element of the school’s philosophy and mission statement at Paragon Private & International School, and its significance is reflected in their structures, leadership roles, procedures and curriculum. This involves regular one-to-one mentoring sessions, focusing on the students’ well-being and progression, as well as addressing their social and emotional development. Most importantly, the school equips the students with the skills they will need to face the challenges in an ever-changing world.

A school is only as good as its teaching faculty


Joland & Kuopacific - 大马著名多元产业发展商与印尼顶尖教育集团於2015年联手投资逾一亿马币所创建的 Paragon Private & International School,可容2500名学生。与一众本地国际学校最大的分别即为将教育这领域交付予专业团队全心打造及准备,由在新加坡拥有超过30年教学与课程管理经验的 Mdm Lee Hian 担任校长、著名数理教材专家 Dr Fong Ho Kheong (Brain Builder)担任校委会主要成员等,校内亦拥有多位於国立教育学院(NIE)接受过完善的职前师资训练的高水平专业教职人员。如此鼎盛之教学阵容,加上采用新加坡教材 (Singapore iPSLE) 剑桥国际中学教育课程 (IGCSE),及校内老师所亲自严选与设计的数理与科学加强课程 (Discovery Science & Discovery Mathematics) 等,全英语学习环境让学生们更轻易掌握语文基础,对日后升学更达事半功倍之效。

With the firm belief that education is a basic civil right for everyone and should not be a privilege of a selected few, Paragon Private & International School was established in 2014 by prominent Johor-based property developer Joland Group and Kuopacific Group, who also operates the Jakarta Nanyang School in Indonesia, and brings together their combined management expertise and academic operations excellence to the forefront of this education venture. The school also takes pride in the training and dedication of its teaching staff, who have an admirable range of advanced university qualifications and educational experience. Many are certified former MOE (NIE-trained) and International school teachers in Singapore. The school is in the safe hands of Mdm Lee Hian with more than 30 years of teaching and course management experience, while Dr Fong – an international renowned maths book author of the most popular Maths series ‘My Pals Are Here Mathematics‘ that is used by 80% of Singapore’s primary schools, sits on the Paragon Education Board of Governors. Coupled with the Discovery Science and Discovery Mathematics taken from the Singapore Curriculum, the school aims to encourage the spirit of inquiry and cultivate the process of discovery for all students.

In a nutshell, the teachers in Paragon Private & International School are more of facilitators of learning than the holders of all knowledge. They provide the tools and research methods, deliver subject content and guidance for problem-solving in a collaborative environment.

A well-balanced educational curriculum


Paragon International School 的国际学校课程综合了英国伦敦剑桥大学提供的国际普通中学教育文凭 (IGCSE) 课程以及新加坡现有的教育课程,更涵盖了高等中学阶段的科学及艺术科系,利用“探索科学”及“探索数学”的课题,着重强化学生的科学及数学技能。此外,Paragon International School 也提供全球超过90个国家认可的国际小学课程 (IPC),在小学四年级时学生还可报考新加坡国际小学考试 (iPSLE) 或是在中学时报考剑桥高级水准会考 (GCE O’ Level)。与此同时,Paragon Private School 也综合国立、新加坡教学纲要,通过使用新加坡“探索科学”及“探索数学”的课题,强化学生的科学与数学技能,以掌握环境领域的基础。

Today, the world is undergoing one of the most significant technological revolutions, and we now live in a world dominated by technology. The answer to practically any question is usually a few keystrokes and fraction of a second away. Thus, it is clearly evident that this revolution requires knowledge workforces that are competent at analysis and problem solving, highly adaptable. Choosing the right curriculum can be daunting and worrying for some. Ultimately you would want what is best for your child.

Paragon International School implements an integrated curriculum which follows the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) offered by Cambridge University, United Kingdom and at the same time be coached in Singapore’s curriculum. The school also offers both Science and Arts streams at Upper Secondary Level. For students who wish to take the Singapore International Primary School Examination (iPSLE) examination or be enrolled for the GCE Ordinary Level examination, they may sign up for the exam enrichment classes for the necessary preparation. Starting in 2017, Paragon Private School will also offer revised National Curriculum to prepare the local students for global competition to succeed in the world today.

The English language will always be an important aspect of their campus life, and having a good command of the language and acquiring knowledge through this integrated syllabus will allow them to have greater opportunities in foreign universities, in English-speaking countries like US, UK and Australia upon graduation.

Global and experiential learning awaits


位于避兰东的 Paragon Private & International School 高科技围篱校园内的每一间冷气教室皆有投影设备,并全面实施一卡通无现金消费系统。学生、家长与校方除了可以用作识别出席率与接送外,储值卡也可用于支付各种校内服务。与此同时,校方也耗资逾百万引进了 RFID 技术与双层图书馆内的管理系统有效结合,此举不仅简化了图书管理,也能让学生们更便捷地借还书及查询等。馆内也特备了25台 iMac与10台iPad让学生们有机会接触不同的作业系统,并设有音乐图书馆启发音乐欣赏与艺术潜能。透过文字、图像、动画、视频等多媒体教学方式刺激学生感官,从而提高学习趣味与积极性。

Starting in January 2017, Paragon Private & International School will commence the Primary and Secondary classes for both the National Curriculum and Cambridge IGCSE. Located on a sprawling purpose-built campus in Plentong (off Pasir Gudang Highway), the school complex is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as swimming pool, sports centre, auditorium, lifestyle library and an interactive media resources room featuring an all-iMac and iPad lineup for easy access to the latest cutting-edge technology. Like most fast paced and forward-looking institutions, the school has adopted the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, where students and staff can securely access the school building or car park, pay for lunch, print documents, borrow and return library books, as well as many other tasks by simply swiping their intelligent contactless card over a central reader. How impressive is that?

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宽敞的校园并不全为课业而设,Paragon Private & International School 对于课外活动 Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) 也极为重视,特与各领域专业人员合作指导逾24项活动,如球类运动、游泳、戏剧、音乐、科学、数理、理财、舞蹈、家政、圣约翰救生队、童子军等,除了能放松与调剂身心外,更可培养学生们开朗的性格与生活技能。此外,校方亦有提供奖学金予州际选手。

At Paragon Private & International School, the co-curriculum is an integral part of the syllabus and meticulously structured to offer a wholesome education that strives to achieve a balance between academics, sports and extracurricular activities. Every child is required to participate in some sports and extracurricular activities to discover their interests and talents while developing competencies such as character building, civic readiness, social skills, and leadership. In addition, the school also offer professional swimming class, music class, foreign language class, field trip or overseas exchange programmes which you cannot find in other vernacular schools. To prevent financial considerations from deterring any prospective student from applying, Paragon Private & International School can offer limited full or partial needs-based bursaries to qualifying students who manifest potential to succeed and benefit from a Paragon’s Education.



欲获知更多有关 Paragon Private & International School 的资讯,可点击此链接

As parents and teachers (who are also parents themselves), everyone in Paragon Private & International School is committed to nurture and develop every student in body, mind and spirit, with the capacity to think, solve problems and respond to and thrive in a changing society to make a huge impact.

Check out their FAQ or feel free to contact the school at 012-7273261 / 013-7479868 for more information.

校园开放日 Paragon Private & International School Open Day



A Paragon’s education is more than just going to school from 8am to 2pm every day, it’s an experience and an amazing one at that! Don’t just take our words, come experience it for yourself at the much awaited Paragon Private and International School Open Day on 17 December 2016 from 10am – 5pm, where an exciting line-up of the programme, fun games and activities await you and your family!

日期 / Date:2016年12月17日 / 17 December 2016
时间 / Time:上午10点至下午5点 / 10am to 5pm
地点 / Venue:Lot 90519 (Ptd 156643), Taman Perindustrian Plentong, Mukim Plentong, 81750 Plentong, Malaysia

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