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义兴古早味水粿 Ngee Heng Chwee Kueh – a taste of childhood!

义兴古早味水粿 Ngee Heng Chwee Kueh – a taste of childhood!

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想必住在新山市区的老街坊们都对这辆水粿摩托单车不陌生吧,车里头的美食可是滋养了大人的童年时光啊~ 不管是水粿、芋头糕还是猪肠粉,全都是大人心头所爱。新山这边城近几年来趋向城市化,许多跨国、跨州美食连锁餐馆进驻,为期两三周的排队文化屡见不鲜。唯令大人欣慰的,倒是有些几十年不变的老滋味,老饕们排队了数十载竟也甘之如饴,吃的不止是好滋味,更是一份回忆。

WHILE many people now see Johor Bahru as a rapidly developing city that has way too many shopping centres and cafes, there is more to this chaotic border town than the fact most travellers skip southern Malaysia’s largest city en route to Melaka or Kuala Lumpur.
What most people don’t get to see is the neglected side of this diverse capital city, which makes it fun to explore and a bona fide foodie heaven.

For a taste of nostalgia, venture to Taman Sri Tebrau and you will notice a popular mobile stall for some time (actually, for over 2 decades to be exact) outside the food market in the morning. There is always a crowd of “drive thru” customers waiting in their cars or motorbikes, waiting to take away small packets of chwee kueh.


老板Sam穿街走巷,大人曾在不同时间不同场景光顾,可见老板有多勤啊~ 简简单单地就架设起了美味据点,看着热腾腾的水粿从箱子里取出,内心还是很激动的,毕竟一日之计在于晨啊!令人愉悦的早餐可是会大大提升一整天的表现的哦~

Good news for those enjoyed this simple Teochew staple food common in Johor and Singapore, where your craving can be easily satisfied over breakfast early in the morning, or even supper later in the night. The sight of Sam (owner) scooping the small white rice cakes onto pieces of wax paper for customers to take away is a sight (and taste) to behold, providing a perfect kick start for your morning with a metabolism-revving breakfast.



The real kick (and magic), however, lies in the sweet and salty topping made using preserved radish that was kept warm with low fire. The finale moment that everyone’s waiting for – when Sam was scooping and pouring the super fragrant chai poh for the finale over these delicious traditional “cup cakes”, and we couldn’t resist but asked for more, a sure way of saying goodbye diet, hello calories.




Much to the delight of many of his regulars or new found customers, Sam also sells other breakfast items like chee cheong fun and yam cake which are equally popular and taste just as great. You now know where to head for a dose of simple Malaysia style breakfast food, where you can expect a real treat with just the right tenderness and savouriness. Nom nom nom…

Location: Outside Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre, along Jalan Keris.


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