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惊艳四射马来盘菜 Nasi Ambeng that stays true to kampung goodness

惊艳四射马来盘菜 Nasi Ambeng that stays true to kampung goodness

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向来甚有口福的大人今天有幸被Ponderosa Golf & Country Club邀请,一起与美食达人Tony Johor Kaki在他们的Golf Terrace (室外)享用这令人惊艳的马来盘菜 (Nasi Ambeng)。第一眼还真的被吓着了,从来没吃过那么大份量的美食啊!

光看照片,应该能想像有多美味了吧? 但还是容我赘述,告诉看官们真实味道到底好吃到什么境界。这一份传统马来盘菜可供四-六人享用,每人份RM15++  (一盘为RM 60+), 一般皆以个人份推出,若要同时享用多人份 (如图所示,Nasi Ambeng Dulang Set) 得先拨电向Ponderosa 高尔夫球俱乐部预约哦!

Great minds think, and taste alike, which is why we share the honour (and table) with celebrity food blogger, Tony Johor Kaki to sample and savour one of the latest offerings at the Golf Terrace at Ponderosa Golf & Country Club. When the food arrived, it was a sight to behold!

Your eyes are definitely not fooling you at the amount and variety of ingredients that go into this plate. The Nasi Ambeng dulang set (for four) at Ponderosa is priced at an incredibly reasonable RM15++ per person (RM60+ per dulang set) and is available (as shown) only by arrangement. However, self-service portion is still available on selected days at the cooking station.


这道马来盘菜里共有9样被主厨Chef Zamani诠释得色香味十足的菜色,  光用眼睛看,五脏庙就抗议啦!对厨艺怀有高度热忱的Chef Zamani,曾在马来西亚各大星级酒店服务过,更曾是汶莱皇室御厨中的一份子!如今我们不但能在Ponderosa Golf & Country Club享用他亲手准备的美食,还能请他为我们讲解每道菜的做法,获益匪浅啊!

The man behind this popular celebratory Malay sharing dish is Chef Zamani, who has been cooking since he was nine years old and hails from the Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar in Perak. In a well-travelled career that spanned over three decades, Chef Zamani has worked in many places throughout Malaysia and also one of the support chefs for the Sultan Brunei catering up to a record 15,000 people. Apart from specialising in International and Modern Asian Contemporary Fusion and Western Fine Dining cuisine, Chef Zamani is equally full of passion and enthusiasm for his craft especially for traditional Malay food. What a treat for patrons of Ponderosa (and us) from now on!


9样传统马来菜式中最受瞩目的绝对是铺放在白饭上的青咖喱烧鸡(Ayam Salai Masak Hijau)。鸡只先以马来传统酱料腌渍后再以椰叶碳烤,后再酥炸,最后以特制香醇青咖喱酱覆盖鸡身,吃起来有股淡淡的碳烤味,可又保有鸡肉的原汁,加上浓香咖喱,处理地如此极致,嚼味宜人啊!

其他8样看似家常小菜却也极其费工毫不逊色,味道足以呈大雅之堂啊!羊肉以香料与椰奶腌得极好,烟熏烧烤后毫无羊骚味(就算稍凉了吃也一样没有羊骚味),富有嚼劲,Chef Zamani处理菜色确有其细心之处啊!而以辣椒与参巴入味的鱼、虾、马铃薯非常下饭!甜咸交织的花生江鱼仔炸得又脆又酥,口口生香无法停止啊!再配上Nasi Ambeng的特色配菜: 马来炒面与杂菜,碟子里顿时就像是一幅七彩画作,色香俱全。


The large mound of steamed white rice, surrounded by 8 sides, is crowned with Ayam Salai Masak Hijau. The half-bird is marinated with traditional Malay spices, smoked with coconut husk, infusing it with a unique smokey flavour and then deep fried and topped with a heavy coat mainly ground green chili and other spices, “Shiok”!

The tender Kambing Rendang, which was also deeply infused with aromatic spices and coconut milk, had a slight gamey taste is also hugely popular among our foodie entourage. Fried mackerel, sambal prawns, spicy potato wedges, fried anchovies with peanuts and sugar, crispy fried salted fish and kampung mee goreng completed this gorgeous upsized platter, pretty much like cze char but everything arrived on one plate. Surprisingly, the crispness and savoury after-taste from the fried salted fish still lingers on till today.


接下来这道可是Chef Zamani的家传菜哦!用了南瓜、黄梨加上咸鱼与香料,再以椰奶烹煮放置在香蕉叶里,咸香味美,是下饭的好菜啊!重点是这道菜并无以盐调味,完全是以咸鱼本身的咸酥来提香。

But that’s not all. Chef Zamani was also keen to share a family recipe from his grandmother which is not part of the Nasi Ambeng set. This special “green curry” was made with sweet soft pumpkin and pineapple boiled in coconut milk with salted fish and mild spices. No MSG was added, with this side dish drawing its natural flavour from the salted fish (again).


吃了那么多重口味的佳肴,Chef Zamani这时端出了新鲜的Acar,跟一般腌渍类型的相比,这Acar保留了蔬果的爽脆原味,有解腻之效。

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Last but not least, a refreshing serving of Acar with fresh crunchy cucumber, pineapple, onion and chili pickled with salt, sugar and squeezed lime courtesy of Chef Zamani for added digestion at the end of such a hearty lunch.

nasiambeng_web3-284x300真想不到Ponderosa Golf & Country Club 除了是挥杆的好地方,更是享用美食的新去处啊!听说Chef Zamani的咖喱角很可口,可惜今天实在太饱啦,下回一定要尝!

We still couldn’t quite believe we would only paid RM15++ for the amount of satisfaction and fullness at the end of the meal, so swing by Ponderosa not just for a round of golf, but another round by the Golf Terrace for Malay food lovers too!


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