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幸福的滋味 “Shiawase” – Bliss is all around @ Miyakori Coffee

幸福的滋味 “Shiawase” – Bliss is all around @ Miyakori Coffee

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When “shiawase” (幸せ, bliss in Japanese) beckon even before stepping into this cafe, you know you have stumbled upon something pretty special!


这家名为 Miyakori 的咖啡甜点屋,日文中译为幸福的滋味,与大人之前的想法竟不谋而合。总店设于新山Bukit Indah住宅区的独立品牌咖啡馆, 由设计师出身的店家所设计出的一系列和风趣致动物造形更是掳获万千少女心!

於2015年12月正式进驻新山城中坊五楼 (JB City Square)的 Miyakori,此次将其首家分店据点转向城市的中心,与总店又有什么区别呢?好奇的大人今天就亲自去打听打听!

The moment we stepped into Miyakori Coffee, we were greeted by the big bear with an adorable expression right at the door step. Managed by two brothers who are designer-trained, this Japanese-themed cafe concept is yet another creative outcome of their numerous ventures overseas, and their first branch right in the heart of downtown Johor Bahru outside of Bukit Indah.



Spotting an all-white and pine decor with wooden furniture for a clean and Zakka feel, we found it a little disappointing to see that the City Square outlet’s decoration was minimal compared to their Bukit Indah outlet. Having said that, we can still enjoy seeing how their food and drinks are still decorated with their “beary” cute bear latte art. Again, unlike their Bukit Indah outlet, the self-service menu was kept simple with tea, coffee, pastries and cakes, with no mains being served here.

招牌日式黑蜜咖啡 Miyakori Kuromitsu Coffee


尖叫!这杯 Miyakori Kuromitsu Coffee (Hot, RM13.90) 最让人心动的就是那对你微笑的自创动物图形!不说不知,才华洋溢的年轻店家兄弟不止设计了这一系列的图形,更亲身包办所有品牌与室内设计!这么可爱,喝下之前当然得打卡!Instagram!

OMG, we know you can’t contain your squeals of delight, but do get a hold when you finally got your hands on their signature Miyakori Kuromitsu Coffee – with the black honey (a Japanese sugar syrup) proving to be a bitter and sweet elixir without the strong aftertaste. The sweetness it exudes is light and natural, well suited with the mildness of the Japanese coffee and no doubt a welcome change from the strong brews of St*rbucks downstairs or next door (at Komtar JBCC).

抹茶红豆挫冰 Uji Matcha


这杯Uji Matcha (Ujikintoki宇治金時かき氷,RM16.90) 抹茶红豆挫冰,亮丽的外形轻易地掳获大人的心~ 顶上那球抹茶雪糕可是由日本进口的Gelato呢,尝一口就知道与普通的抹茶雪糕滋味不同。一旁的红豆泥可也不低调啊,同样进口自日本而且甜度适中(与冰下其他甜酱相比),再搭上Q弹有咬劲的白玉丸子,类似本地红豆冰口感的冰沙里还匿藏了抹茶甜浆、巧克力与炼奶,真可谓甜死人不偿命!嗜甜的看官们别说大人藏私啊~ 大人觉得若冰沙再细滑一些会更有“幸福感”噢~

Here’s another signature dessert not to be missed for the matchaholics out there. The Uji Matcha (Ujikintoki) served in a cup was filled with shaved coarse ice, which made the ice sizes somewhat irregular. The matcha ice-cream was too milky for our liking, but surprisingly the shiratamako and red beans in it were quite decent. If only they can change it to fine shaved ice, this matcha-infused chiller can become even more irresistible.

黑芝麻冰沙 Kurogoma Frapperesso /
樱花冰拿铁 Sakura Latte 


左边这杯 Kurogoma Frapperesso (黑芝麻冰沙, RM15.90) 有着芝麻糊的口感,加入了浓郁芳香的香草鲜奶油后更可口!而右边的 Sakura Latte (Iced, RM14.50), 难道这就是传闻中的樱花滋味?喝下一口如沐春风啊~ 难怪这一黑一白的超甜饮都各有拥簇者!

Fancy something more exotic, get your summer fix here with the Kurogoma Frapperesso  (black sesame) or the Sakura Latte for a taste of “hanami” (cherry blossoms). Either way, you will find something cool that will leave you truly refreshed and raring to go… For more retail therapy perhaps?

海绵芝士蛋糕 Cotton Cheese Cake /
花生巧克力蛋糕 Peanut Chocolate Cake


自然和煦的阳光自顶层玻璃照入,舒服地让人差点打起盹来。幸好有可爱的甜点作陪才不寂寞!迷你的 Cotton Cheese Cake (上图 RM13.90) 若不加热口感较为湿腻,想不到温度增加后竟变得柔软许多,大人确实较偏好加热版。Peanut Chocolate Cake (下图,RM13.90) 绝对是嗜甜者的最爱!以白巧克力、花生酱、巧克力与饼干叠合而成的Miyakori招牌蛋糕,每一口保证甜蜜蜜,大人心想看官们若不小心惹火了女朋友,只需把这献上应该能化险为夷 😀

Time for something to fill your sweet tooth, take your pick from the soft Cotton Cheese Cake served warm, or the savoury Peanut Chocolate Cake – salty peanut butter with rich chocolate, both with the cute bear art on the cakes. Both cakes looked and tasted good, but we felt it could be better if the latter can come with a contrasting texture, like some pecan or nuts for a crunchy taste.

樱花戚风蛋糕 Sakura Chiffon /
黑芝麻芝士蛋糕 Kurogoma Cheese Cake


粉红控!看过来!Sakura Chiffon (左图,RM11.50) 蓬松的海绵蛋糕口感、樱花的和风滋味,再抹上幼白鲜奶油,少女心大开!与Kurogoma Cheese Cake(右图,RM11.50) 的沉稳黑芝麻口感相比,看起来像不像一对热恋中的神仙眷侣?

If you haven’t had enough of your cold remedy earlier, take it further by indulging in the Sakura Chiffon or Kurogoma Cheese Cake, which makes a good couple in itself whatever your preferences. Both are extremely rich and creamy, so indulge with caution 😛


接下来,Miyakori将以加盟店的方向开拓版图。或许不久的将来,除了这家开业半年的城中坊分行与Bukit Indah的总店之外,看官们还能在新山东北区瞧见其可爱的身影哦!

If you’re a fan of all things cute and adorable, this Japanese-styled Miyakori is the cafe for you. And here’s a peek into the future, we understand there are plans for more of the beary cute bears all over all around JB through franchising, so do not be surprised to hear screams of “shiawase” around you, when you step into your favourite neighbourhood  shops.


Miyakori Coffee (Johor Bahru City Square)

Address: Lot J5-10 level 5 106-108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru
Business Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily)

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