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在温度与态度之间自由穿透,让人一见倾心的咖啡绿境 Feeling right “at home” @ Living Room Cafe

在温度与态度之间自由穿透,让人一见倾心的咖啡绿境 Feeling right “at home” @ Living Room Cafe

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对的时间遇见对的午后栖息点。一见倾心,就是大人对于 Living Room Cafe @ Setia Tropika 的第一印象。

於2016年5月在此闹中取静的地点立业,这家咖啡馆拥有一切大人心仪的设计元素,在温度与态度之间自由穿透:户外垂挂绿植、暖木工业风、挑高的室内格局、穿越的水域、色彩跳跃的家饰品…「Living Room Cafe 名字取得真好,多想把自家的客厅也打造成这么宜人啊!」

The living room is more often than not where our family and friends gather and don’t we just love the days where we get to spend time away from the mayhem just to catch up with our favourite shows running or scrolling through our Facebook feeds. The simple pleasure of catching up with some overdue work without any disturbance while munching away amidst industrial-chic furnishings is equally priceless.

Tucked away from the main roads of Kempas while still conveniently connected to the ever busy North-South Expressway, the Living Room Cafe is our idea of happiness since their opening in May 2016. Adorned with sofa seats and low tables with unpretentious fittings, overhanging greens and water feature, this establishment boasts a living room environment that makes chilling or working here akin to spending time at our own premises, and anyone feels right at home.



亲切健谈的主人家谈起自家咖啡与美食时,总会先眼前一亮继而发出爽朗一笑,就好像最近又研发了什么新食谱,迫不及待想把最好的一切都分享给挚友们 😊 。大人觉得到此做客的每一位,应该皆能感受到这份幸福的好客之心吧!

True to its name, the Living Room Cafe is decorated in a decadent, spacious living room style, laid out with sturdy wooden furnishings, cushy sofas, warm lighting with glass everywhere and lounge music on the stereo. The outdoor area is modern, with concrete features contrasting nicely with the green surrounds of Setia Tropika.

Thanks to Ms Ng and her friendly staff, we now get to enjoy a homely atmosphere while plopping ourselves on one of their comfortable seats among the leafy greens and industry chic for some great we or me-time.



Just imagine being teleported into a large communal living hall with the ceiling high and “invisible partition” to escape the hectic buzz, while still keeping all your conversation private and intimate. Here, we are free to meet friends, catching up on emails, finish that blog story or simply sit back, relax and soak in the Kempas vibe, while enjoying the extensive food and drinks menu.




这儿最为人所津津乐道的莫过于此 – iPad点餐系统。「印象中,这应是新山第一家使用电子触屏点餐系统的咖啡馆。」流畅度佳的显示屏不仅能让人随心所欲地慢慢挑选餐饮选项,同时也减少了点餐时所出现的摩擦或失误,兼且能为环保尽绵力,宾主尽欢的三赢局面轻易达致。

Probably the first restaurant in town to provide an iPad for each table so that we could look at the menu slowly while swiping them one by one before placing our order, now we are well on our journey towards true culinary gratification.

客制化拉花 Latte Art


在主人家的 instagram 上可瞧见各式客制化的 Latte Art,心血来潮不如就来幅大人肖像考考咖啡师的手艺,没想到成品竟如此惟妙惟肖!「所有含奶饮料或热巧克力的表面皆非常适合作画,一般上我们并不鼓励使用咖啡饮料,因为这会影响咖啡原有的滋味。」

Living Room Cafe @ Setia Tropika 里个个咖啡师皆卧虎藏龙,有此精湛画艺於饮料之上,那价格是否会比一般饮料更昂贵呢?「Living Room Cafe 的客制化拉花并无额外收费。」好让人惊喜的回覆!


If you’re a lover of all things coffee, you would have noticed some of these custom Latte Art making their rounds on social media and Living Room Cafe‘s very own Instagram account. From simple leaf patterns to complicated cartoons, it boggles us how baristas can do it daily as it is not easy. Personally, we are a big fan of latte, and we are really impressed with the artistic capability achieved by mainly steamed milk and espresso so we decided to throw down the gauntlet and challenge the team to wow us with something really special. The challenge was taken up without hesitation and true as life, our very own “self-portrait” was carefully crafted right before our very eyes in a matter of minutes (and with some ease) that we could hardly bear to spoil the pix, let alone a sip. Seriously, the latte looks more delicious and somehow we felt really good emotionally by just looking at these wonderfully crafted Latte Art.

Kudos to the team at Living Room Cafe @ Setia Tropika, all custom Latte Art request can be entertained at no additional cost, and this delicious occasion to celebrate the marriage between milk and coffee can go some way in making your own particular union or birthday celebrations even more memorable.

卡布奇诺 Cappuccino


以自家烘培的豆子再经由每一位咖啡师之手所呈现出来的滋味各显风雅,「这一杯卡布奇诺 (Cappuccino, RM10) 口感好顺滑。」Espresso与奶沫之间如何完美结合,向来极能考验咖啡师功力。

We can ask the barista to recommend what bean variety to try based on our mood and they’ll recommend it. This Cappuccino is subtly sweet and nutty, medium-bodied with a smooth finish that we felt was very easy drinking that will please most people.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★

消暑佳品 Fruity Cubbie / Espresso Cube 



Fruity Cubbie – Strawberry (左图,RM14.90) 以冷牛奶搭上草莓果酱冰块、果冻布丁及纯正草莓酱匀和而成,甜度全由自个儿掌控。「细细搅匀那沉於杯底的草莓酱后,酸甜携手竟交织出童年最爱的草莓牛奶口味,啜饮时还能尝到草莓微粒。」除了梦幻感十足的草莓口味外,Fruity Cubbie 也备有奇异果与香蕉口味可供选择。

Espresso Cube (右图,RM14.90) 由浓度颇高的espresso冰块搭配热牛奶,第一口喝下之际确实被其浓郁的咖啡滋味所震撼,之后每一口滋味又因时间流逝而不断展现深浓层次,「将此定义为越喝越浓的咖啡确不为过,因为当冰块逐渐溶解后,杯中的热奶比例也早已因不断啜饮而减少。喝完咖啡偶有心悸者请慎饮。」

The unforgiving weather certainly calls for some chilled coffee, and these cubic elixirs can beat the heat and do the trick.

The Espresso Cube is really just more for the novelty, but still, it’s nice to pour milk onto 100% espresso ice cubes instead of having them serve an iced latte straight up, a level up to our usual iced coffee and a great way to get it richer and keep it from diluting anytime.

Not a coffee drinker? Fret not as the Fruity Cubbie also offers other ice cube alternatives such as the Strawberry, Kiwi or Banana for the perfect solution as a thirst quencher in this humid weather.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★

抹茶拿铁冰沙 Matcha Latte Smoothie


无抹茶不欢的大人又怎会错过这以精选日本抹茶粉而制的抹茶拿铁冰沙 (Matcha Latte Smoothie, RM16.90) 呢?顶层鲜奶油稳托着绿意盎然的薄荷叶、抹茶粉末及四指抹茶口味的KitKat,「大人更倾向以长匙来品尝这甜饮,一口奶油配冰沙、一口KitKat、一口薄荷叶配奶油,甜度彰显不一,更具味蕾冲击。」

But if you prefer something richer and creamier, look no further than the Matcha Latte Smoothie. The matcha flavours are crazy intense but not overly bitter such that hard-core matcha fans will definitely fall in love with this right away, especially with the green tea flavoured KitKat adding further crunch to one of our all-time favourites.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★

店家推荐 – 鸡扒 Honey Mustard Chicken Chop & Grilled Chicken with Peaches


两道看来形似的店家招牌鸡扒 – Honey Mustard Chicken ChopGrilled Chicken with Peaches,滋味其实大不相同。

Honey Mustard Chicken Chop (上图,RM19.90) 以低调温润的店家特调酱汁色彩掩盖着深藏其中的鲜嫩鸡腿肉,滋味绝不低调啊!「微甜中带有少许芥末的独有呛辣,赋予味蕾强而有力的节奏,搭配店家特调的腌制鸡肉果然对味。店家所选用的当季食蔬亦非常鲜脆爽口,尤以玉蜀黍最让人惊喜,貌不惊人却巧妙化身解腻圣品!」

Grilled Chicken with Peaches (下图,RM19.90) 上桌后一片哗然,看似甜腻的鸡扒不晓得真实滋味如何呢?「这道由店家突发奇想的水果酱汁搭配嫩鸡扒,送入第一口后尚未咀嚼时嘴里满是甜桃滋味,与略带轻咸的特调腌制鸡腿肉经过数回交手口感逐渐融合为一体。不得不说,玉蜀黍在此仍旧扮演不可或缺的狠角色。」


There are days when we just want a slab of excellent grilled meat, ladled with our favourite sauce with a side of salad and fries to match, and the Living Room Cafe offers just that.

Marinated in homemade seasoning sauce, the Honey Mustard Chicken Chop is cooked to perfection, so much so that the juice was still spilling out of the meat when it was served. The sweet corn was surprisingly delicious and balanced the saltiness of the chicken chop and refreshing salad that is served on the side too.

Featuring a tender, moist chicken thigh that has been nicely grilled, the Grilled Chicken with Peaches hits our spots for having the right texture, with the shiny glaze and of the meat showing how much effort the chefs has put into making this comfort food smashing. Good for sharing and perfect for those with a voracious appetite, the succulent chicken with delicious peach sauce was absolutely delicious and such a joy to consume. With freshly prepared salad, golden fries that are non-greasy and morsels of sweet, buttery corn, we could not imagine savouring something this heavenly.

You may have realised by now that all meat dishes here are carefully cooked to perfection to yield healthy and nutritious dishes with high-quality taste, preserving the aroma and nutrients to ensure a more intense flavour, thanks to a state-of-the-art oven specially imported from Germany.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★

店家新品 - 白汁蘑菇三文鱼柳 Mushroom Salmon


Living Room Cafe 最新美食力作白汁蘑菇三文鱼柳 (Mushroom Salmon, RM23.90) 搭配了樱桃番茄后甚有佳节色彩啊!「煎至香脆的三文鱼柳在被看似浓郁却味带清香的酱汁包覆其身后丝毫不减其滋味,大人的最爱就是那微焦脆的鱼皮啊!搭配回味甘美、份量慷慨的配角 – 菌菇与自制薯泥后,足以安抚奔波后的饥肠辘辘。」

Even though bordering on the salty side, the Mushroom Salmon fillet is tender yet crispy at the edges and is distinctive of a robust flavour that we all love. The mushrooms are really smooth and strong in taste as well, with the homemade white sauce and buttery mash making this dish all the more hearty and one that you should try out for yourself.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★

蓝莓酱配薯泥牛肉丸 Grilled Beef Ball with Mashed Potato 


这是 Living Room Cafe 向宜家致敬的牛肉丸吗?改良版的蓝莓酱配薯泥牛肉丸 (Grilled Beef Ball with Mashed Potato, RM17.90) 究竟滋味有何?「主人家本身非常喜爱宜家的牛肉丸,几乎逢到必点。为了让同好们也能在本地鲜尝牛肉丸,特地制作了非常有嚼劲的实心版本。香煎过的牛肉丸非常扎实弹牙,浇上了以烧烤酱为基调的独门浓酱后,味蕾雷达发出了数种滋味讯号:烧烤酱、黑胡椒酱、番茄酱、辣椒酱… 好独特!」大人还是第一次尝到以蓝莓酱缀在薯泥上的滋味,牛油的咸香与蓝莓的微甜交融之后果然不同凡响。

Holy cow, is this the same Swedish meatballs from our favourite Ikea Store even before they are scheduled to open in late 2017? As great minds taste alike, so it’s not surprising that Living Room Cafe is coming up with their own rendition of the Grilled Beef Ball with Mashed Potato that has many of us salivating already long before the dish was served. With homemade BBQ sauce made from scratch whisked together with blueberry preserves and a hint of black pepper, tomato and chilli, the beef balls which have a firm and pliant bite provide a nice contrast when paired with the buttery mash to quell our hunger pangs.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

香烤鸡肉串饭 Chicken Kebab Rice


如果看官们也像大人般无饭不欢,不妨点选这道香烤鸡肉串饭 (Chicken Kebab Rice, RM15.90) 作为幸福餐桌上的主食。「以青、黄、红椒紧伴鸡肉,以独门特调烧烤酱烤炙后的肉质丰润焦脆,非常下饭!」

【大人小分享】Living Room Cafe 的午餐套餐时段为 12pm-3pm。

Feeling a sudden craving for local street food and rice staple, our unanimous choice was to go for the Chicken Kebab Rice. The kebab meat itself was tender and juicy, richly blended with spices and went well with the green, yellow and red capsicums. We were pleased that only lean meat was used and went well with the rice. Highly recommended!

PS: Set lunch are only served between 12pm to 3pm.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

自制披萨 Hawaiian Cheese & Seafood Pizza


备有两种尺寸的自制披萨 – Hawaiian Cheese (10″, RM28.90) & Seafood Pizza (6″,RM15.90) 极得大人心!「好厚的一层芝士啊!与饼皮的距离应该有0.5cm吧 😄  料厚皮薄的披萨滋味非常温和无厚重食后感,越嚼越能尝到一丝香芹幽香。大人尤其喜欢那介于面包与饼干之间的饼皮口感。」


If you’ve had your fair share of everyday pizza flavour and find that nothing new excites you anymore, be sure to check out their homemade Hawaiian Cheese and Seafood Pizza. Even though the pizzas all have pretty basic toppings, we noticed they really concentrate on the hand made crust that doesn’t become soggy and we find the thickness just right. We also loved that the cheese doesn’t fall off the crust and vegetarian options are also available upon request.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

焦糖布丁 Crème Brûlée


完美的一餐绝对不能让甜点缺席啊!焦糖布丁 (Crème Brûlée, RM12.90) 向来就是大人的甜点挚爱,鲜少能有人能抗拒其那饶富苦甜交融,冲突又和谐的滋味。「鸡蛋、牛奶、糖就能创造出的人间美味!主人家特选了深度较浅的器皿,让微焦的表面与底部香滑柔软的布丁品尝起来时滋味更均香。」

The Creme Brûlée was served in a round shallow dish for us to enjoy the wide area of caramelised layer with every spoonful. The “crust” was crisp and lets out a euphoric crackling sound when digging our spoon through, which then touches a layer of wobbly soft custard, causing us to salivate at its sight and sound.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

绿茶提拉米苏 Green Tea Tiramisu


是青草地跃上了餐桌吗?毫无酒精成分的绿茶提拉米苏 (Green Tea Tiramisu, RM13.90) 入口即化,向来皆是最适合午后的美味。「撒上具茶涩香的抹茶粉与香草乳白浓浆后,甜度被中和地恰好。」

Uh-huh, this green finale is quite unlike the typical classic Italian dessert you see out there, but one spoonful after spoonful of that very moist cake sponge, creamy mascarpone and a slight explosion of matcha. The sweetness of the vanilla cream wedded the subtlety of the fine green tea powder was a joy to sink our teeth into the different layers of textures from this Green Tea Tiramisu.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆


开门见绿,想与挚友兜着这份美好?大人刚贴心替各位询问了 Living Room Cafe @ Setia Tropika 的空间场域派对详情:二楼的会厅可容30-35人,时限为4小时,费用介于RM35-RM55,视主食选择而定;若人数众多,请电洽店家+6012 – 275 9418 以获更多详情。

We loved how every taste and aspect of each dish and drink that we tasted had won us over, giving us a new perspective of all things home away from home. If you’re looking to hire out a whole venue, but don’t have heaps of guests, Living Room Cafe @ Setia Tropika is the perfect place for long, lingering meals, or just simply relaxing, just like in our own living room at home!

There is a lot to love about this cosy spot but be careful though, once you sink into one of the armchairs, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to get up.

Living Room Cafe @ Setia Tropika (最新分行)

Address: PTD163725, Jalan Setia Tropika 1/16 Taman Setia Tropika
Johor Bahru.
Reservation: +6012-275 9418
Time: Mon – Sun 12pm – 12am

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Living Room Cafe @ Tmn Pelangi (总行)

Address: G-05 Plaza Mentari (SUN CITY) Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru.
Reservation: +607-331 6131
Time: Tue – Sun 1pm – 1am (Close on Monday)

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