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点点心意话点心-新山龙中餐厅“任点任吃”点心自助餐 All you can eat HK Dim Sum until you are “Bao”!

点点心意话点心-新山龙中餐厅“任点任吃”点心自助餐 All you can eat HK Dim Sum until you are “Bao”!

[编辑 Editor 吕大人   英译 Translator 刘大人   摄影 Photographer 黄大人   资料 Sub-editor 郑大人]

身为点心控的大人,接获密探飞鸽通报说位于士乃机场附近的 Le Grandeur Palm Resort 度假村里,每逢周六有由香港师傅驻场主理的“任点任吃”港式点心 (成人每人收费RM43,儿童每人收费RM23) !滋味正宗而又价格合理的港式点心在新山屈指可数,如此好康又适逢周末前夕,开审心情早已打烊的大人岂能久等?话不多说,起轿吧!

Dim Sum means “touch your heart”, and it is impossible to go Hong Kong without trying out one of their celebrated favourites, EXCEPT you don’t have travel beyond Senai International Airport for your quintessential Yum Cha fix. Located quite deep in Le Grandeur Palm Resort, Xin Shan Long offers a lesser known gem of a Saturday Dim Sum Buffet Lunch (RM43 nett per adult, RM23 nett per children). The buffet is real value for money, especially when you can still enjoy a taste of Hong Kong right in Johor Bahru!


Le Grandeur Palm Resort 就位于士乃机场交通圈 (往机场方向) 九点钟方向,沿路行驶直到看见度假村指示牌后弯右,大人的第一印象就是“柳暗花明又一村” 啊!此刻心情立即从工作模式转为休假模式~

度假村内的挑高木造主建筑极具热带风情,四周凉风习习树影婆娑,沁入耳帘,这么惬意的环境的确适宜松弛身心。而此次推出“任点任吃”港式点心的新山龙中餐厅则位于度假村的最左侧 (由正门进入),中西合并的室内装潢宽敞典雅,采光极好。非常感谢 Le Grandeur Palm Resort 的总经理 Jef 的盛情款待,大人这就不客气地开动啦 ~

Once a property of 5-star Sofitel and Mercure, Le Grandeur Palm Resort sits in a world divided from the hustle and bustle of city life, but just 3 minutes’ drive from the Senai International Airport. Hidden away amongst luxuriant golf greens and verdant, tropical landscapes, the Balinese-inspired design and contemporary refurbished resort appeared as we drove into the premises, the urge of relaxation filled our minds almost instantly.

Literally translated as the Dragon of Johor Bahru, the Chinese cuisine at Xin Shan Long offers a choice of either traditional or with a touch of creative fusion with other regional cuisines – little wonder that it prevails over the taste buds of many who have become regulars. The signature dishes delivered in the contemporary Chinese environs, but hosted with traditional Chinese warmth provide an irresistible dining experience.


意外的惊喜!原来RM43的“任点任吃”配套竟还包括本地热炒时蔬、粥品、炒粉、日式寿司、各式沙拉 (凤梨鸡肉沙拉、苹果沙拉、裙带菜沙拉、和风沙拉、凉拌卷心菜、白萝卜沙拉、马铃薯沙拉)、蛋糕、甜点与水果等。

The RM43 dim sum buffet is inclusive of this sumptuous local spread which is already worth the price tag on its own, ranging from cold plates and salads, to free-flow congee, fried rice and noodles, cooked vegetables to even sushis (and sashimi TOO!), with a fine selection of cakes and fresh fruits to complete your “appetiser”… WOW!


这美食小区还真是 “麻雀虽小,五脏俱全” !对于自助餐已经吃出心得的大人我啊,当然循例每样都来点小份量醒醒胃啦~

Resistance is futile even at this early stage, so we succumbed to the temptations and had a taste of everything to just warm up our gastronomic engines for the real treat…


这里的粥品 (皮蛋粥与金瓜粟米粥) 很暖胃,大人尤其喜爱右边滋味微甜的金瓜粟米粥,加上大葱煎蛋及热炒时蔬,就是一顿很有“古早味”的午餐了。

Both the century egg and sweet potato porridge were smooth in texture and exceedingly creamy, which remain very well seasoned on its own and rich in ingredients. There were even chunks of chicken slices, and it’s a pretty generous serving considering this a bottomless refill!



Concentrating mainly on authenticity, Xin Shan Long serves wonderfully crafted Dim Sum prepared by Chef Cheng, who has up to 45 years’ experience in Dim Sum making tucked under his tall hat. A native of Hong Kong, Chef Cheng is married to a local Malaysian and has been residing in Malaysia since 1990, giving us the chance to savour the best of authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum. How lucky haha!



The Pan-Fried Carrot Cake, with soft stir-fried cubes of radish goodness with a thin, crisp exterior layer, remain one of our all-time favourites, while the garlic-infused Steamed Eggplant‘s soft texture was well held up by the shrimp and chicken filling that does not taste greasy at all. Of course, the HK-style Fried Dumplings and Crispy Golden “Dragon Ball” made for excellent starters too…



Ready for more? Here goes… Steamed Carrot Cake with Mushroom was not oily, soft and moist on the outside and full of radish on the inside, while the accompanying Steamed Chives Dumpling, Teochew-styled Steamed Dumpling and Steamed Siu Mai with Crab Roes were practically wiped off the plates the moment they arrived. And did we mention their mainstay Char Siew Bao were filled with the sweetest and most juicy chicken fillings in an airily soft bun that we have tasted so far?


接下来这一系列可是有很多大人的心头爱噢!首先是这道豉汁蒸苏东,搭上微辣的咖喱,咸辣交织异常可口啊!万幸这里奉行任点任吃啊 (疯狂窃喜中)~

大人要推荐的下一道应该是很多点心控的最爱吧?新山龙蒜香蒸凤爪以色彩偏红的豆瓣酱入味,与一般在本地多以棕黑色模样出击的凤爪有异,超好味 (不知是大人的幻觉吗?凤爪吃起来有烤鸡及烤鸭的香味) !而水晶鲜虾饺蒸鱼丸的内馅可是超级饱满的呢,郑师傅说要把这港式点心的饺皮给做好,工序可是非常讲究繁琐,难怪这晶莹剔透的虾饺皮薄而韧且不易穿!

请恕大人才疏学浅,原来正宗港式荷叶饭里头的饭粒是白色的 (并非本地的黑酱) 。这荷叶的清香与饭香交融,表里香透而米饭表面微脆且不咸腻,大人向来都觉得以荷叶的清雅怎能跟油腻扯上边呢?新山龙的荷叶饭真是越嚼越香啊!

There’s something about the Braised Dried Squid, with the curry sauce that is mildly sweet and highly addictive, and the generous squid slices that were covered in a copious amount of curry sauce really took our breath away. The Phoenix Claws are also among our favourites, with the steamed chicken feet stewed in a sauce with fermented beans and garlic for a unique taste that’s unlike the usual darker version. Good Crystal Shrimp Dumplings and Steamed Fish Rolls can be found right here, where the skins were delicate but yet firm enough to hold all the generous stuffings within, a true hallmark of authentic HK-style culinary skills.

For the uninitiated, the classic Hong Kong-style Steamed Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf is actually “white” without the dark sauce, where the rice was wonderfully moist and full of the rich flavours of chicken and shiitake mushrooms.


The Salted Yolk Custard Bun (liu sha bao) is thick, creamy with a hint of salty graininess and smooth skin.


逢周六从上午11.30am至中午2.30pm (最终点餐时间) ,看官们皆能无尽享用道道由郑师傅所精心制作的点点心意!大人已经迫不及待想要召集密探们再光顾啦~

PS: The Dim Sum buffet is only available every Saturday from 11.30am to 2.30pm, so be sure to arrive only on the right day and time of the week to catch Chef Cheng in action.

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除了本地佳肴与点心自助餐外,新山龙於七月份也推出了令人垂涎的 “一品瓦煲花雕鸡” (每份RM38.50,份量如图所示) 。大人现在就有请知名大厨刘扬炜师傅 (Chef Simon Lau) 为看官们亲自烹调此道源自中国四川的佳肴!

Wait a minute, something aromatic is cooking nearby, and seemed like Chef Simon is up to something special!


一品瓦煲花雕鸡” 是以腌渍后的去骨鸡腿肉配上新鲜的金针菇、蒜头、辣椒干、大蒜和芫荽 (或西芹)烹煮,最后再淋上花雕酒,天啊!大人闻到了幸福的香气了!

According to Chef Simon, this dish is really easy to cook even at home and requires a relatively short preparation time, preferably with boneless chicken cubes!


这道获得满堂彩的 “一品瓦煲花雕鸡” 最迷人之处就是滋味醇厚的花雕与Q弹鲜嫩的鸡肉的结合,咸辣融合奇香无比!来人啊~ 加饭!

This clay pot drunken chicken cooked with Chinese wine is as good here as anywhere we’ve had. The flavour seeps its way through the poultry and mixing those sweet, fragrant sauce with steamed rice or porridge will leave us wanting for more. Refill, please!


能以如此实惠的价格享用名厨之作,真是感谢两位大厨刘师傅 (左) 与郑师傅的巧手啊~ 同时也谢谢密探的热心推荐,让大人能持续为看官们搜罗更多道地美食 😀

If you are looking for a place to dine that is ‘slightly reminiscent’ of dining at a Hong Kong restaurant, you can come here to enjoy maximum tummy happiness for every dollar spent.



Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor

新山龙中餐厅 Xin Shan Long Chinese Restaurant

Lunch Time: Every Saturday (11am – 2.30pm)
Price: RM 43 nett per adult / RM 23 nett per child (aged below 12 years), Every 5 person, 1 person dine FREE
Reservation: +607 – 599 6000 (Ext. 8607)

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