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风雅禅意的金屋和风料理 Experience calm & zen @ Kinya Japanese House

风雅禅意的金屋和风料理 Experience calm & zen @ Kinya Japanese House

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这家位于JP Perdana的日本餐馆 Kinya,若从Mount Austin区前来,只需一路直走至尽头就能看到树荫旁矗立着一排半独立式的房子(其中一家就是Kinya),甚有柳暗花明又一村的感觉。室内神秘典雅的黑色系主题风格设计,简约中融入些许日式元素;室外则被竹林小道围绕,禅意十足。

Idyllic tucked away amidst a row of semi-detached houses (formerly show house units of JP Perdana), in a quiet and secluded location adjacent to Setia Indah that is a mere 3 minutes drive if you venture further forward at the traffic light junction between Persiaran Jaya Putra and Jalan Setia 10, you will be jolly well-rewarded for your curiosity with one of the finest casual Zen-like Japanese dining experience in town. Perfect for groups and families who want to park and eat in peace, Kinya Japanese House greets you with lots of valet parking spaces, and the easeful experience continues inside with seats galore.

The wooden furnishings, soft lighting which complements the natural lighting, and overall minimalist interior make for a very comfortable, intimate environment. Here, the full view of the Japanese garden grounds (reminiscent of a miniature version of Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto) surrounding the restaurant allows you to engage in a tranquil dining experience after a long, hard day at work.



An exquisite selection of premium Japanese sake, umeishu, soju and sodas were generously on display, with its fragrances, flavors, complexity and nuances drawing us in and fascinate. And mind you, the range of these flavors and fragrances are incredibly diverse that would satiate your food and beverage cravings.


这是大人第一次亲眼看到一条完整的飞鱼化身为收获满满的“渔船” 🙂

While waiting for the party to start, we were first treated to a feast for our visual palette, a “shipload” of tobiuo sashimi that was prepared “live” by Chef Junfu right before our very eyes. Itadakimasu!



Freshness is the key to the wide variety of delicious sashimi that are bursting with flavours and great for sharing. Tuesdays and Fridays are when their shipment of fresh exotic fish arrives! Be sure to call to check if your favourite fish is available as Kinya serves different catch of the day.



The appetizers were simple, but highly tantalizing, with the Salmon Avocado Salad proving to be a huge favourite among our party of eight. The grilled Edamame with a nice smokey flavour is somewhat unique compared to the plain classic boiled edamame, leaving many of us actually craving for more.



The Truffle Kampachi was also gone moments after it was served. Little wonder as the slices of amber jack fish were drizzled with a light gently savoury sweet sauce and, you guessed it, truffle oil which made the dish simply heavenly.



The Special Kinya Maki is next with a wide selection bursting with a good ratio of sashimi to rice, good texture, and flavours that somehow meld together amazingly. And yeah, the highlight for some of us is actually the alfalfa sprouts!



One can never have too much sushi, isn’t it? So here comes another serving of Ebi Una Maki, with yet more alfalfa sprouts to go around.


Kampai, a few sips of sake certainly help everything go down, but for the uninitiated, sake enhances the flavor of the ingredients while adding a mellow touch to meaty or fishy overtones. Try it yourself to see how a bottle of sake can really expand your culinary horizons.



After a couple of rounds of sake and soju to mark our half time break, our gastronomy adventure continues with Nasu Dengaku – grilled eggplants glazed with miso paste and dressed with crushed peanuts, in the company of Hotate Kinoko Butter Yaki – scallops and mushroom in a buttery savoury sweet sauce. All was quiet for a moment as everyone tucked in heartily with our mouths full, but still finding enough time to acknowledge the great taste with “oiishi” in between bites. More seafood was served, with the Kinya king prawn, dressed with a generous amount of tabiko (fish eggs) and yet more scallops, baked in cheese this time round making their grand entrance. At this juncture, all our plans for diet were simply thrown out of the window, as we have decided to just surrender our tastebuds in Chef Junfu’s hands and simply sit back, relax and enjoy the good food coming our way.



Soup lovers rejoice here. Take your pick from a range of Japanese and Asian broths, and enjoy it in your own individual hotpot, complete with a wide selection of seafood and premium meats. Our overwhelming favourite is the Japanese Kakuni, a Japanese style braised pork belly (similar to the Chinese Dongpo pork) which was simmered in soy sauce and dashi (Japanese sea stock) until it’s melt-in-your-mouth tender, The onsen egg and miso-infused sauce were simply irresistible, which we regularly put on top of our hot rice, and let the them sort of melt in.

The Salmon Atama Miso Nabe was also hugely popular, with its battered and deep fried salmon fish head chunks in miso soup. For those who are observant, the fried Tobiuo fish head was actually from the very same “flying fish” sashimi we had just moments earlier. Nothing is wasted.



As avid ramen lovers ourselves just like Johor Kaki, no Japanese dining is complete without us checking out their popular tonkatsu charshu ramen. Feeling somewhat adventurous however, we decided to go with Chef Junfu’s special signature kimchi ramen for the spice loving Johorean palate. The ramen is served piping hot, that there is no way to eat it but to slurp it, while the mildly spicy broth of long-simmered pork bones is made with homemade kimchi for that extra ommph.



Just before we say Sayonara, insist on their selection of premium ice creams. Try the blueberry flavor as it is light and easy to eat, which makes it perfect for hot days. You may even shout without thinking, “Another one!”



The dining hall at the upper level for private parties may leave most of you breathless, not because of the climb, but for the “cherry blossoms” which will just leave you in awe and gasping for breath before you could even reply “sugoi” (amazing in Japanese) to the tastefully decorated setting.



For unpretentious dining in a comfortable yet intimate environment, this fairly obscure Japanese casual dining spot is just perfect for a family get-together on a cool evening or weekend time out. Time to gather your long-lost friends and hungry foodies at Kinya, and be sure to make reservations beforehand! Add to that no service charge or GST, and you’ve got a fool-proof restaurant idea for family, friends and anyone in between.


Kinya Japanese House

No.6A, Jalan Persiaran Jaya Putra 1,
Bandar Jaya Putra, (JP Perdana),
81100 Johor Bahru.

营业时间 / Operation hours:

周一至周四 12pm – 3pm / 5pm – 10.30pm
周五至周日 12pm – 10.30pm
Tel: +607 – 300 6456 / +6016 – 733 6456

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