我们在这里挥霍了时间,却存下了共享的滋味与记忆。Time flies @ J Coffee, Tea & Life, but the memories linger long after our meals…

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We have to admit that one of the key millennial trends is having an event space that provides a visual aesthetic for the party to snap photographs, or merely a large place to chill, relax amidst nice ambience and quieter surroundings. There’s no shortage of events in Johor Bahru, but we can’t speak the same for unique venues that can wow our attendees with everything from impeccable rooftops to stunning backdrops and beyond.

话说有一回,大人正巧在 J Coffee, Tea & Life 出席一场课程讲座会,地点正巧就是周董之前曾旋风到此进餐的二楼密室,底层则正举办一场大型同学会,看官们的确没看错,这儿的空间足以在同一天同时段举办不同性质的餐会,户外还有现场乐队表演,气氛甚好,好奇之下,问了主人家方知原来这儿全室可容至多300人呢!以出席者角度而言,户外的超大免收费泊车场绝对是在 J Coffee, Tea & Life 办聚会的一大优势啊!

In a recent seminar which we attended that was held on Level 2, adjacent to the private room which once hosted Taiwanese celebrity, Jay Chow, a separate high school reunion function complete with LIVE Band performance was happening concurrently at this casual, British-themed cafe. Out of curiosity, we had to grab hold of JJ, our gracious host and were told that the venue could actually play host to a whopping 300 guests, with free and ample parking space around the vicinity!

For your benefits folks, Skudai’s the place and J Coffee, Tea & Life‘s the name!


Reasonably well-tucked in a small industrial area along Jalan Skudai, just after the main entrance to Taman Sutera Utama. It didn’t take us long to return on another day to appreciate what this light industrial building turned cafe has to offer. Upon entering the compound, everything is just impressive. From brightly-lit interior to cosy and inviting furnishing, it is worthwhile to come for a sip and to enjoy a tranquil yet serene ambience!

站在玻璃台前许久,「谁让我面对甜食总是三心两意呢?」什么都想要的心思却拿不定主意的结果,注定得点选他们家的 High Tea Set (RM68, Served with Pot of Hot Tea for 2) 才能及时打开话匣子。

What better way to chill and spend a laidback afternoon for a gathering of our BFFs than to order their three-tiered serving High Tea Set? Packed with delicate bites, and features solely Harney & Sons brews, our pot really will runneth over, as the waitress kept us topped up regularly.

「大人我对 Caramel Macchiato 始终不离不弃,甜点们会不会在怪我怎么对她们就如此三心二意啊! 」一杯舒心的饮料,没有温度之分,只需自己钟爱最重要。眼看大伙儿对各自点选的 Caramel Macchiato (Hot, RM11.90),Piccolo (Hot, RM10.90),Pineapple Fruit Tea (Cold, RM14.90),Blue Flower Fruit Tea (Cold, RM15.90) 与 Hoegaarden Strawberry Lime (RM25.90) 甚满意,大人倒开始担心咽喉间得到滋润的咱们会不会瞬间击碎这静谧气场啊!

Looking for some coffee stimulants instead? Look no further than the smooth and buttery Caramel Macchiato made with freshly steamed low-fat milk, drizzled with caramel sauce and torched to perfection, or the comforting and good ol’ Piccolo with that pleasant nut-like aftertaste lingering in our mouth. With scorching weather like this, we can’t think better than these thirst-quenchers like Pineapple Fruit Tea, Blue Flower Fruit Tea or the refreshing Hoegaarden Strawberry Lime that beat the heat and melt our woes away.

鱼排 Fish & Chips

鱼排 (Fish & Chips, RM29.60) 的份量之巨,无需赘言也能从点餐人的欢颜中得知有多满意了啊!「鱼排皮衣极脆,赶紧趁热蘸点 Tartar 酱温暖口舌。点鱼排的地雷就是切开后看见的是多利鱼肉啊!万幸 J Coffee, Tea & Life 深明个中道理没让咱们的味蕾失望。 」

Being an avid fan of Fish & Chips from young, we are glad to note that the cafe uses other fishes instead of the “dory” that most places use, accompanied with a generous helping of chips, tartar sauce and crunchy mixed greens. Moist, tender and flaky together with a crunchy batter, we actually found ourselves enjoying this.

墨汁海鲜意大利面 Seafood Marinara 

大人点选意大利面的不二法则,餐谱中若有墨汁面的存在,其他面食在大人视线中即会消逝,「谁让我对墨汁面也那么忠心啊!」这一道墨汁海鲜意大利面 (RM30) 里的海鲜份量好澎湃,差点就将人家心爱的墨汁面给淹没了呢!「今日的面条口感软硬适中极好味,而海鲜们若能再早个几十秒入盘就更完美了啊!」

Cooking with seafood can be tricky, especially for delicately textured seafood such as fish, squids and scallops, and the Seafood Marinara did not disappoint! Cooked in squid ink sauce, this briny black dish has a naturally fragrant oceanic aroma synonymous with squid ink was a clear winner for us, and we can see why it’s one of the most popular dishes here. Be wary of eating this with a date though, for obvious reasons!

三文鱼蛤蜊 Pan Seared Salmon with Fish Broth & 照烧三文鱼英式五谷饭 Teriyaki Salmon

一口气点选了两道三文鱼料理,许多大人的外籍朋友总说咱们马来西亚人是真切的无三文鱼不欢啊!此话我想倒是不假,干湿料理都点了还能否认这事实吗?三文鱼蛤蜊 (RM38) 的汤底真心好味,「甜咸联手在嘴里出招,一滴不剩就是赐你的结局。」鱼皮的脆度快要接近大人心中的满分!处理得太好让我瞬间忘了鱼肉也是主角,「请坚持保留这完美的脆度,因为这绝对是一道能让我回头的料理啊!」

照烧三文鱼英式五谷饭 (RM38) 则因搭配了西兰花与红石榴,健康指数立即升值不少,「友人说,点选照烧酱料理鲜少会出错,果真如此。」三文鱼的百搭,更是信心的保证,所以大人不必有什么超然的见解也可预见三文鱼蓬勃的美好未来。

We all know salmon has a multitude of benefits, so we couldn’t help but order not one but two servings of this nutritious piece of fish to satisfy our Omega-3 needs. The Pan Seared Salmon with Fish Broth was cooked to perfection with a crusty skin, while the fillet itself remained moist and tender on the inside. Served with clams, caper, olive, tomato and potato parsley, every slice was extra flavourful when consumed with the delicious broth.

On the other hand, the Teriyaki Salmon was grilled rather than pan-fried to prevent it from being too dry, while imbuing the fish with a light smoky flavour. We also enjoyed the goodness that comes with the mixed grain rice, pomegranate and broccoli.

烤童子鸡 Oven Roasted Spring Chicken

「我总坚信每个人心中都有他们最爱的鸡肉部位。」面对能一人独点烤童子鸡 (RM38) 的饕客,我也深信他们对鸡肉的爱是最全面包容的。主人家将之搭以马铃薯、西葫芦、灯笼椒、红萝卜等烤蔬,「这份量足以让人愉悦分食啊!」

As we are still feeling half full, we went straight for the Oven Roasted Spring Chicken. Whichever part of the bird you prefer, this wholesome dish served with roasted potato, zucchini, capsicum and carrot is a treat with crispy skin and succulent, savoury meat so tasty that we can’t do much but give a nod of satisfaction LOL.

肋眼牛排 Ribeye Steak

三分熟向是大人钟爱的熟成度,这一份肋眼牛排 (RM78) 就处理地恰到好处,香嫩兼具,「没有过多的调味就是最好的调味。」大人就常有感,牛扒真是一种得看运气的料理,稍微失手就足以毁了全盘心情,今天这一份就连平日鲜少进食牛肉的友人都忍不住切了一小块,滋味可想而知。

As we heard about the new supplier for their fresh meat, we decided for one final hurrah for the day with the Ribeye Steak. Requesting for our customary 30% doneness (medium rare), the meat was somewhat juicy, tender and moist, and the seasoning was done just right. Served with a side of seasonal vegetables, mashed potato and a flavourful black pepper dip, there wasn’t anything to complain about the meat, really.

J Coffee, Tea & Life 的窗瞧见了最外头的主道路原来早已车水马龙,原来我们是如此接近喧哗却又能同时享有静谧的一角。聊天,一聊就连天色变了也不言累, 我们在这里挥霍了时间,却存下了共享的滋味与记忆。

Time flies when we are having fun, as we cop a cuppa in the day and swing back through for dinner and happy hour later. Be it a party of a few family and friends, one for the entire company, or for a more chic and classy affair, J Coffee, Tea & Life ticks all the boxes to ensure a starry, elegant event. Not forgetting their all-day dining options, sleek dining interior and cool al fresco space, we’ll leave you to decide on their merits to reserve for your next memorable occasion.

J Coffee, Tea & Life

📍 No 6, Jalan Roda 3, 81300 Skudai, Johor
📞 +6012-708 0996
🕛 12pm to 12am [Sunday – Thursday]. 12pm to 1 am [Friday & Saturday].
📱 J Coffee, Tea & Life Malaysia



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