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漫游古典、畅享天籁 JBCMF 2016 (Day 1: Charivari Agréable)

漫游古典、畅享天籁 JBCMF 2016 (Day 1: Charivari Agréable)

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新山古典音乐节第一场表演,在富力公主湾以独特的户外花园演奏会形式拉开序幕;由本地音乐才子拿督吴加明博士教授及来自英国的Charivari Agréable乐团联合呈现多首巴洛克时期的精彩曲目,向威廉·莎士比亚这位文学巨匠逝世400周年之际致敬。大会也荣幸邀请到柔佛州苏丹后及公主出席,为此次开场演出生色不少!

The opening performance took a 200-strong audience, including the guest-of-honour – DYMM Raja Zarith Sofiah (Permaisuri Johor) and YAM Tunku Tun Aminah (Puteri Johor), through a musical narrative journey commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death William Shakespeare. Set in a unique garden concert setting at R&F Princess Cove, the carefully curated programme by Charivari Agréable, led by Dato Dr. Ng Kah Ming on Harpsichord, accompanied by singer reader Isobel Collyer and Layil Barr on Recorder & Viol, featured Elizabeth I & her suitors, via contemporary anecdotes and readings from Shakespeare’s Sonnets, with songs & instrumental pieces from the Golden Age of England & Spain by Byrd, Dowland, Campion, Ortiz, Farnaby and etc. 

第二届新山古典音乐 JB Classical Music Festival (Day 1)

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Pre-concert reception

第二届新山古典音乐 JB Classical Music Festival (Day 1)

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The arrival of Guests-of-honour

第二届新山古典音乐 JB Classical Music Festival (Day 1)

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Presenting: Charivari Agréable

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第二届新山古典音乐 JB Classical Music Festival (Day 1)


  • Anonymous: Greensleeves
    Letter from Sir William Cecil urging the Queen to marry
    W. Shakespeare: Sonnet 2, ‘When forty winters shall besiege thy brow’
  • Anonymous: Robin to the Greenwood gone
    De Feria writing to Philip of Spain re Robert Dudley.
    Dudley remains at court for Xmas
  • Thomas Campion: Oft have I sighed
    Death of Amy
    W. Shakespeare: Sonnet 36, ‘Let me confess that we two must be twain’
  • John Dowland, arr. William Byrd: Lachrymae
    W. Shakespeare: Sonnet 57, ‘Being your Slave’
  • William Byrd: The Bells Francois, duc d’Alençon
  • John Dowland: Now, O Now I needs must part


  • Diego Ortiz: Recercada Quarta
    Elizabeth I: The Tilbury Speech
  • Diego Ortiz: Recercada Segunda
    His Last Letter
    W. Shakespeare: Sonnet 71, ‘No longer mourn for me when I am dead’
  • Giles Farnaby: His Rest
    Raleigh & Essex
  • John Dowland: It was a Time when Silly Bees
    Death warrant for Essex
    W. Shakespeare: Sonnet 152, In Loving thee thou knowst I am forsworn.
  • John Playford: Division Flute
    Shakespeare: Sonnet 18, ‘Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer’s Day?’
  • John Dowland: The Earl of Essex’s Galliard ‘Can she excuse my wrongs’
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