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Give the gift of a lifetime to every child, starting with Me Books Nooks!

Give the gift of a lifetime to every child, starting with Me Books Nooks!

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When we were recently asked to “babysit” our 3-year old nephew in a shopping mall while his parents went about some quick errands, we thought we could have it easy by keep him occupied at the nearby community library simply by reading to him some books from his favourite kids’ fairytales. Sounds like a good plan, right?

“I’m bored.” Kids love saying it; parents hate hearing it, and we are all no different. Boy, story-telling in writing for us is second nature but reading out loud, especially to a kid with a short attention span is a different challenge altogether. How we wished we could do storytelling like a modern-day Shel Silverstein with a rhythmic twist.

All of a sudden, a sure nook with plenty of exciting books comes to mind…


Me Books Nooks

A well-thought-out space seemingly designed for inspiration, creativity and learning, we almost kick ourselves for not stepping into this Nordic-inspired store on the countless occasions while on our way to some of the fine restaurants located on the second level of Sunway Citrine Hub. With plenty of time on our side, we decided to check out Me Books Nooks for some gift ideas for our nephews and nieces, while soothing and salvaging some “wounded pride” that was inflicted upon us just before Christmas 😂

The brainchild of Dr Chatichai Chong and his team, Me Books Nooks which opened in June 2018 at Sunway Citrine Hub is unlike any ordinary children’s bookstore, but a communal space designed for all ages and from all walks of life to inspire and be inspired. Open to everyone, and every day, kids and parents can discover exquisitely printed books, from New York Times bestsellers to heavenly new finds handpicked just for the family. According to the store manager Jeremy LimMe Books Nooks also offers an array of monthly Townhall events covering art, technology, parenting, education and so much more.

Come to think about it, most households in Europe and America spend more on books and stationery than they do on package holidays, and actually set aside a monthly budget just for adding new titles to their kid’s “library” while many local families tend to buy in bulk, especially during the school holidays or year-end sale. Perhaps it’s time we take stock and reflect on how we could take a page from our Western counterparts’ books to make reading a way of life.

Apart from children books, university textbooks (in collaboration with University Book Store Malaysia) and premium stationery are also available at Me Books Nooks.


Me Books App – NEW!


What got us interested the most is actually a digital collection of nearly 500 interactive “books” in English, a small collection in Malay and soon available in the Thai language that comes with rich, immersive audio in one interactive storytelling Me Books App. YES, you can now let your kids read books on devices such as an iPad or Kindle, since many of them are often mesmerised by technology, and technology can make reading way enticing. AND what’s even better, it helps kids find the magic in the story itself!

Imagine how much FUN reading can be with this revolutionary book reading app:


To download, visit:



Me Books Theatre

Specially crafted to be used with Me Books App, we can now delve into the art of shadow play with the Me Books Theatre, with the touch-and-feel element to add interactivity to make storytelling even more fun and educational for our little ones. This shadow play allows us to infuse exploration into storytelling, letting our little one immerse themselves in the stories while learning about the world around them while embarking on an adventure of wonder and curiosity. Together with the Me Books App, our little ones and we can make storytime even more magical. With built-in narration and sound effects allow for a more immersive experience, while customisable audio lets us and our child breathe new life into every story and make each one uniquely theirs. Here’s how:


To get a Me Books Theatre, just sign up for a 12-month subscription on Me Books App, and get the Theatre FREE, or you can purchase it separately.




Discover an array of monthly Townhall events at Me Books Nooks, and share the love of stories, ideas, passions, and learning together with their ever-growing circle. With workshops and family-friendly events across a range of fields, from education to technology, there’s indeed something fun for everyone.

For more details on upcoming Townhall events, click here.


Me Books Crate

Me Books Crates are lovingly curated boxes and all-in-one packages which makes a perfect gift, and a treasure trove of local goodies even for newborn. The contents of each crate can differ from books, cards, games, arts and crafts to so much more. With this bundle of love for our bundle of joy (if you will), we believe families can now build tighter relationships while enabling our child’s creativity to reach endless possibilities.


Dinosaurs Didn’t Read. Now They Are Extinct.

So, this isn’t a sign we usually see around town, but when spotted outside of a book store, we will definitely look twice. To us, books make perfect gifts, especially for children. After all, books are gifts that keep on giving, and they can be opened over and over again. Plus, they promote literacy, provide fun and entertainment, as well as offer opportunities for learning and discovery. Thank goodness the “Thesaurus” survived, and so will we from now on, as long as Me Books Nooks are within reach.

Now, bring on the kids!


Me Books @ Nooks

📍 1-24-26, First Floor, Citrine Hub, Persiaran Medini 3, Sunway Iskandar, 79250 Iskandar Puteri, Johor
📞 +607-596 4596
🕙 Daily from 10.00am – 10.00pm
📱 Me Books Asia


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