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时势造英雄,英国传统美味造食势 An impressive re-creation of an era for all occasions @ G&D

时势造英雄,英国传统美味造食势 An impressive re-creation of an era for all occasions @ G&D

[编辑 Editor 吕大人   英译 Translator 刘大人   摄影 Photographer 黄大人]

骁勇善战的圣乔治以主之名除强扶弱将凶狠恶龙铲除的英勇故事,并於公元494年,被教皇格拉修一世(Gelasius)封圣等事迹,或许对于我们来说并不如欧洲人般耳熟能详,但在英格兰,圣乔治由九世纪即开始成为文化的重要组成部分,白底红十字的英格兰国旗 (圣乔治旗) 与英国军队的纹章皆以圣乔治十字为设计,而每年的4月23日,也被定为圣乔治日(公共假日)。

In different places and times, much of the world has chosen Saint George as a Patron Saint. His slaying of the dragon as a symbol of the victory of goodness over evil endeared him to many. His cross is the national cross of England, and part of the Union Flag; his legend has been represented numerous times in art, music, literature, film and television. 23 April remains a favourite English holiday and St. George’s Day is celebrated with everything from the old tradition of morris dancing to modern parades. As time goes on, the Legend of St. George and the Dragon has become a part of English culture.


许多饕客本以为 George 乃这儿的主人家之名,其实不然,还记得大人一开始所做的圣乔治简述吗?George & Dragon Cafe 背后的典故其实缘起於女主人的家乡 - 原籍英国,1993年随夫婿迁至马来西亚的 Patricia。 天性好客的她,闲时就爱亲自下厨呼朋唤友享受共聚时光,机缘巧合下於2002年慧眼相中这家街角商业单位,心想不如将之改头换面,幻变为呈献家乡传统美食的聚合点,既能持续张罗自家饭局,亦能让更多本地饕客有机会一尝正宗英式料理,「当初一个简单的念头,没想到餐馆竟能成为许多顾客们生日、求婚、订婚、聚会的理想地点。对我来说,这真的是一门带来欢乐的事业。」于是乎今日在新山只要向谁问及 George & Dragon Cafe,自会有饕客为你指路。

Inspired by the famous legend of Saint George slaying a dragon, this lovable family-run restaurant by Patricia Chew has been a mainstay of JB for ages and had gone unchanged (since god-knows-when it opened) and feels like the ultimate English time capsule, with the picturesque surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for savouring traditional English and Irish tavern food in a charming old-world ambience. After all, it’s just like Patricia who always enjoys a good company to play host to her friends for tea or meals back in England. Having followed her husband and moved to Kuala Lumpur in 1993 before heading to Johor Bahru a few years later, it was only in 2002 when Patricia and her husband chanced upon this piece of property in Taman Tasek, they decided that it was an ideal spot to start a cafe she could call home once again. Before she knew it, George & Dragon Cafe (G&D) has already play hosts to countless business lunches, romantic dinners and family gatherings for nearly 15 years!


George & Dragon Cafe 堪称新山唯一的正宗英式料理馆 (此处找不着一丝改良版本地食品),全室以摩登中世纪为题,一景一物相当考究,大人触目所及的壁饰在本地相当罕见,原来乃主人多年来一点一滴收集自家乡市集的典藏。


Dining in G&D, with its English Tudor-style exterior, is like taking a trip to medieval England. Its charming interior is beautifully decorated with exposed brick arches, suits of armour standing in silent sentinel, medieval tapestries and antiques sourced and shipped from Patricia’s home country in the UK.

If you are feeling truly generous or looking to share your cheers all round for the evening, G&D has a big bell you can ring to buy everyone a drink!


问起离乡多年后的女主人是否已完全融入本地的生活,「当然!如今的新山,基础设施改变颇大,车流量与购物中心数量也较从前增加了许多。」Patricia 笑言。的确,当大人向 Patricia 与女儿 Rachel 聊及本地美食时,她俩对新山的熟悉度可一点儿也不输土生土长的咱们啊 (汗颜了吧)!看来此时还是让大人先追随主人游走一遭馆内的历史走廊,专心上一堂有关圣乔治的英勇事迹与追溯回17世纪女主人 Patricia 位于爱尔兰城镇Coolavacoose娘家的族谱与世袭宝物吧!「这是奶奶当年所穿的白色围裙,那幅拥有百年历史的刀子装置则是爷爷的收藏。」原来餐馆里藏着好多让人惊叹的无价之宝啊!据悉好多曾留学英国的饕客们及海外旅客一踏入餐馆后即大呼「好像回到了英国!」

室内可容80人、室外约20人的 George & Dragon Cafe 这些年来坚守传统美味,餐谱上的美食名单与刚开业时无甚更动,部分当季料理则会应景逢周末推出,「许多顾客自幼时或襁褓时期就随着父母来这儿。」口味这回事从来都是家族传袭的另一个指标。不说不知,原来就连掌管厨房的本地大厨多年来也仍全心留守堡垒,由此可见这份分享快乐的事业所带来的正面意义。

Dining in G&D is like a “homecoming” of sorts for many returning locals. As we appreciate the English artefacts while waiting for our lunch to be served, we spotted Patricia’s “family tree” from Coolavacoose, Ireland dating back to the 1600s, beneath a nicely framed and well-preserved piece of white apron embroidery by her grandmother, as well as a collection of cutlery in a glass-covered display box that used to belong to her hubby’s grandfather. Even the wooden tables, which can comfortably accommodate up to 80 pax (and a further 20 pax at the outdoor area), were custom made and supported by old cast-iron sewing machine legs, so you might even get a kick just by sitting there LOL!

The kitchen, helmed by long-serving Chef Henry, has been serving authentic British fish and chips, grilled steaks, great coffee, wines and beers and traditional homemade desserts that delight both Asian and Western palettes.


George & Dragon Cafe 的酒藏量极丰富,放眼可见来自澳洲、法国、智利等地的葡萄酒,大人不禁想提醒看官们,「爱酒之人记得精挑所爱来搭配这儿的美食啊!」

G&D also has a full bar stocked with local and European beers, as well as an extensive selection of wines.

前菜 Starter – 松露三文鱼 Salmon Salad



The Salmon Salad makes a great appetiser for those who prefers a healthier start to their meal and maybe even turn a full tummy into an empty one. Served with tossed lettuce with homemade dressing, this is one refreshing and savoury take, but what steals the spotlight here is the seasoned salmon that is slightly grilled to put a whole lot of umami into this serving of greens.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

前菜 Starter – 焗烤新西兰青蚝 Baked New Zealand Mussels



Available in half dozen or a dozen, these freshly Baked New Zealand Mussels sing of the sea, oven baked in garlic and herb butter, served with lemon juice for an extra little sour kick. The bivalves taste slightly tangy and are really delicious, and we couldn’t stop dipping the bread earlier into the sauce and scooping out the mussels from their shells.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

前菜 Starter – 炸鸡翅 Chicken Wings



Marinated in lime, honey and herbs and deep fried and served with a savoury dip, biting into these Chicken Wings gave a crackling sound of crisp satisfaction. The meat was very fragrant and tender right to the bones, with the juice oozing lusciously upon every chew. Regretting that we stopped only at one serving, there was no greater gratification than completely stripping the flesh and skin off the bones of these chicken wings.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

前菜 Starter – 鲍鱼蘑菇汤 Home-cooked Mushroom Soup



The ultimate comfort soup for any meal or occasion has got to be this Home-cooked Mushroom Soup made of Abalone and button mushroom, and there’s just something about the creamy texture and mushroom bits that warm our heart. After all, so many of us spent our childhoods with a mug of the Campbell variety, but trust us, this would be our go-to any time, any day.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

招牌主菜 – 传统英式炸鱼扒 Traditional English Fish ‘n’ Chips


让饕客一再返回光顾的滋味就是这一道传统英式炸鱼扒,「看看大人切开后的鱼扒横切面!口感真的与一般以面包糠为皮衣的本地炸鱼柳大不同噢!」据主厨 Henry 透露,传统的英式炸鱼扒非常注重油温的掌控度,「好吃的鱼扒,外层以香料匀和的面糊需以高温酥炸至香脆,再由面糊热度均温传至被包裹着的白嫩鱼肉里,此举能达致眼前这外香脆内软嫩的效果。」  

Being a purist when it comes to this age-old English Fish ‘n’ Chips staple and unlike most pedestrian fish & chip offerings, George & Dragon prides itself on serving the quintessential British dish with the traditional green peas and tartar sauce and has paid extra attention to its batter. Traditionally, the fish is dipped in batter, not breadcrumbs, as Chef Henry mix up the batter using a special recipe with herbs. Thin and light, the batter for the fried fish is crisp at the edges, while the flaky, juicy fish is mildly seasoned and is rather flavourful on its own. Even the thick-cut potato wedges were also superbly executed, being incredibly fluffy on the inside and manage to stay crispy and greaseless on the outside.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★

招牌主菜 – 精选安格斯肋眼牛扒 Premium Angus Rib Eye Steak


欧美饕客点选牛扒时一般皆较倾向三分至五分熟,本地顾客则以七分熟居多。George & Dragon Cafe精选安格斯肋眼牛扒以英式传统自家特调酱汁搭配马铃薯与食蔬沙拉,富嚼感,油花分布均匀,够味! 「本地饕客对酱汁的需求较欧美高,因此餐馆特将酱汁分别摆放,饕客可自行决定份量。」 

Looking to satisfy your red meat cravings, you are definitely in the right place. The grain-fed, chilled Australian Premium Angus Rib Eye Steak was well seasoned and adeptly cooked, fresh with all natural juices and flavours locked in. The looser grain of the meat interspersed with marbling somehow made for a delicious piece with a soft moderately tender texture. Thankfully, the steak was good on its own, and we could gladly ignore the sauce that was provided separately but go ahead if you enjoy that little extra kick.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★

主菜 – 海鲜意大利面 Seafood Pasta



The Seafood Pasta here at G&D combines a fulsome flavour with a conspicuous amount of seafood goodness on the top. The Italian spaghetti was done al dente optimally, with a special tomato garlic seafood sauce tossed into the mix, resulting in a fragrant and yet spicy combination to tingle our palate. Besides being generous, the mixture of seafood is fresh and soaks up all those flavours. What can we say? Delizioso!

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★


自制蛋糕 Homemade Desserts - 萝卜蛋糕与蓝莓酱芝士蛋糕 Carrot Cake & Cheese Cake with Blueberry Topping


最让大人惊艳的即是 George & Dragon 不止拥有让人吃了牵肠挂肚的佳肴,就连自制蛋糕亦有过之而无不及啊!

这两道自开业以来便逗留在蛋糕食谱中的甜食可是出自女主人之手 - 萝卜蛋糕蓝莓酱芝士蛋糕究竟使出啥招数让大人吃得停不下来啊?「温热松软的萝卜蛋糕,品尝起来仍能感受里头的湿润,可选铺满杏仁与无杏仁版本;而这外型简洁的蓝莓酱芝士蛋糕据说还有食家想要购下其秘密食谱呢!芝士滋味不会过于浓郁,蛋糕体旁圈围着香脆的果仁糠,搭上蓝莓酱后巧妙综合了甜味。」正宗的甜点滋味,食毕后就好像一趟往返英国之旅呢!

Their Carrot Cake is dense yet moist and iced with smooth vanilla cream cheese with the (optional) almond chip that is delightfully light and sweet. It is really the texture that differentiates itself from all the dry carrot cakes out there, and totally a joy to savour.

Do not underestimate the appearance of this Cheese Cake with Blueberry Topping which might look like unassuming, it’s taste says otherwise. Fluffy and light on the palate, the pairing of the light top portion with the dense bottom was simply delectable. The cream cheese kinda melts the second we put it in our mouth, almost as if we were eating an ice cream with a cheesecake base.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★

传统英式司康饼 Traditional English Scones



这回有请 Patricia 为咱们亲自示范正确的食用方式,才一剖半,香气即很不客气地涌出扑鼻而来。「好的司康饼要能轻易剖半。在英国,常有人为了先抹奶油还是先抹果酱的执念而辩。」大人我仍是倾向先涂上果酱后在铺上鲜奶油。

What’s afternoon tea without a couple of glorious, freshly baked scones? Tuck into one of these homemade Traditional English Scones that’s slathered with clotted cream, jam and butter, which comes with our choice of English tea or freshly brewed fragrant coffee, trust us you can simply forget your diet for a day, for you’ll be asking for additional servings of strawberry jam and clotted cream.

While there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy your scones, Patricia demonstrated the “English” way by first break it apart horizontally, before using the knife to slather on the jam and cream to the small bite-sized pieces of scone. Here is where the controversy comes in, as some people swear by jam first, then topped with cream (Cornish-style) while others, cream and then jam (Devon-style). Us? We like jam first, then cream 😉

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★


除了2002年就落户於此的南滨园总店外,George & Dragon Cafe 数载前也於柔佛名牌购物城 (JPO) 展店。据悉,2017年餐馆决定将触角伸往柔佛境外,在哪儿?「云顶!」下一回跨境品尝是否会有另一番滋味呢?大人已迫不及待想尝鲜啊!

Now the modern medieval English charm of G&D can also be experienced at the Low Street of the Johor Premium Outlets at Indahpura, Kulai and soon on a much higher ground at Genting Highlands. So the next time you have a craving for an all-day English dining affair, and more, G&D is still the only place to be in the whole of JB town area!

George and Dragon Cafe

Address: 1 & 3 Jalan Glasier, Taman Tasek, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Reservation: +607 – 232 3761
Time: Monday – Sunday 12pm – 11pm (Taman Tasek) 10am-10pm (JPO)

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