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唯有鲜美才是食材最好的调料,随大人来一趟「食欲满足,知识饱足」之旅!Eugene’s Grocery: Gourmet delicatessen for all your epicurean needs!

唯有鲜美才是食材最好的调料,随大人来一趟「食欲满足,知识饱足」之旅!Eugene’s Grocery: Gourmet delicatessen for all your epicurean needs!

[编辑 Editor 吕大人   英译 Translator 刘大人   摄影 Photographer 黄大人   资料 Sub-editor 郑大人]

时光如梭,年底一连串的佳节脚步原来已悄悄来到大人身边,不为看官们推荐些欢庆佳节飨宴实在过意不去!大人今日微服出巡造访位于柔佛新山彩虹花园的 Eugene’s Grocery,让人始料未及的是,原来在享用西式飨宴的同时也汲取如何挑选食材的学问,好一趟「食欲满足,知识饱足之旅,而这一切皆尽在 Eugene’s Grocery

Whipping up a sumptuous feast this Christmas need not leave you stressed out, and the last thing you want to do is to go to a local supermarket and realised you cannot find the items on your grocery list. For food that’s good and directly from the farm to your table in Johor Bahru, Eugene’s Grocery‘s the name and freshness’s the game. Every ingredient in store at Taman Pelangi is imported fresh from the source so you can be assured to cook up an exotic feast with artisan produce of the highest quality.


於2014年10月初试啼声的 Eugene’s Grocery,初时以售卖欧美顶级优质料理食材而闻名,透过时光的淬炼,在累积了不少与饕客间的美好体验后开始在店内创设微型即场半精致 Fusion 料理 (Semi Fine-Dining,无着装要求,周五至周日需预先订位),再挑剔的味蕾来到这里应该也能觅得所爱。放眼望去可见各式冰鲜肉类、龙虾海鲜、香肠、意式面食、松露橄榄油、西式调味料、甜点等井然有序地齐聚在橱柜中,珍贵食材皆可谓是店家一时之选,难怪吸引了不少旅居於本地的外籍饕客定期到此选购。

大人小分享Eugene’s Grocery 也会不定期在自家脸书公告优惠促销与当月精选料理,不想错过的饕客们记得锁定追踪。

Eugene’s Grocery is one of the pioneer stores in Johor Bahru to offer premium gourmet merchandise sourced and selected from around the globe, and showcases these through their in-store restaurant menu for patrons to enjoy since October 2014. The concept of housing food and retail under one roof stemmed from owners’ visions to reshape the local supermarket experience. Apart from enjoying a leisurely brunch or semi fine-dining at the restaurant, ingredients from the day’s menu, ranging from chilled meats, seafood, pasta, truffle oil and various seasonings are available for pick-up over the counter for patrons who wish to cook at home.

PS: Follow Eugene’s Grocery on Facebook for regular promotion and monthly specials. Dining reservations are highly recommended on weekends to avoid disappointment


Eugene’s Grocery 所售卖的冰鲜肉食与海鲜 (Chilled) 与一般超市所能买到的冷藏食材 (Frozen) 最大的分别在于冰鲜肉 (一般约为攝氏零下0至4度) 不似冷藏肉需经长时间超低温冷藏 (近攝氏零下20度) 而流失汁液,整体肉质鲜嫩度高、异味少、较柔软及有弹性,只需以简单的调味如清蒸或香煎即可突出食材原有鲜味;而冷藏肉类则因保存期长,在解冻后容易流失水分与营养,多用煎炸等重口味烹调法来掩盖冷冻味,食用时较易感受粗糙无味、口感干柴显老。

饕客除可选购自个儿偏爱的各国冰鲜肉类、海鲜食材外,也能现场请教店家如何辨识各部位、等级、烹调方式等,看那墙上多幅牛肉与羊肉示意图,大人顿时觉得原来挑选肉类也是一门大学问啊!今日前来若不在此品尝来自日本鹿儿岛 (Kagoshima) 最高等级的黑毛和牛极品「霜降牛肉」,本大人岂非入宝山而空手回?据说油花分布均勻而呈大理石纹理的霜降牛肉,无筋夹杂其中,肉质细腻柔软,非常值得期待呢!

Freshness guarantees flavour and quality of your proteins, that’s why Eugene’s Grocery  prides itself at importing and distributing only fresh and chilled meat and never frozen (below -20ºC), whether it is a perfect rack of lamb or an expertly aged piece of beef. The meat is rapidly chilled down (typically between 0 to -4ºC) at the peak of freshness where no water is absorbed to preserve the nutritive values and eating quality, so you get the natural flavour of the meat. While frozen meat will be cheaper than fresh and it will also last longer, there may be a loss of nutrients and quality due to the moisture lost through thawing and are mostly used for deep fried or heavily marinated dishes.

Eugene’s Grocery is also the distributor of many imported seafood and premium meat products coveted by beef connoisseurs, including the legendary highly marbled Japanese Black cattle from Kagoshima Prefecture known for its tenderness and full-bodied flavour, together with well-balanced fat marbling throughout the muscle fibres, how could we resist “a slice of heaven” without sinking our teeth into the Kagoshima Black Beef?


对自身厨艺没有太大的信心?别担心,Eugene’s Grocery 也能随饕客们对肉类部位的需求、重量、熟成度等於自家的开放式厨房即场烹调,如此客制化而又不拘谨的待客方式在本地真属少见,饕客们只需静候美食 (也可请店家推荐酒品) 送至桌上即可大快朵颐!由于肉质新鲜,因此主厨们只会稍作简单的调味,务求保留「原汁原味让看官们大饱口福!套句店家名言「唯有鲜美才是食材最好的调料!

What sets Eugene’s Grocery apart from the other grocers is the level of customisation provided in terms of meat preparation and marination, with wider and better range of services like meat portioning and marinating per our recipe. Every dish is painstakingly prepared with basic seasoning to retain its natural freshness and flavours. If we are not sure about the pairings, staff are on hand to give recommendations.

前菜 Appetizer – 墨鱼汁带子意大利面
USA Jumbo Scallop with Squid Ink Spaghetti



Dark pleasures await as our taste buds seek to discover the bright side in the delicate flavours of this squid-ink pasta dish that was recently launched. The presentation was a sight for sore eyes indeed, with three gorgeous USA Jumbo Scallops set against the black stained spaghetti, garnished with a contrasting spread of fresh greens. The pasta was cooked to an almost al dente texture with the squid ink sauce adding a savoury, briny flavour, while the scallops came across as plump and fresh, with a subtle sweetness that combines well with the pasta to give a well-seasoned plate of happiness. Be wary of eating this with a date, though, as your tongue, teeth and lips will probably be stained black which can be totally unromantic LOL.

前菜 Appetizer – 香煎鹅肝搭焦糖苹果 & 龙虾
Foie Gras with Caramelised Apple & Pan Seared Lobster



No self-respecting foodies would be able to resist this inherently French delicacy or the scrumptious lobster in any fine dining setting, so we were accorded this special double treats at our request. A slice of the knife cuts through the foie gras like silk, and the liver literally melts in our mouth with a subtle smoky aroma and accentuated by the sweet and just slightly caramelised apple sauce. The pan-seared lobster is both great to look at and to devour, with the sweet, tender white flesh of the crustacean lacing our palates with umami flavours, paired with a side of fresh asparagus and buttery mash that rounds up this truly indulgent starter menu.

大人尝鲜 – 各式顶级牛肉
Premium Chilled Beef Selection


早前大人曾提及今日想尝尝顶级牛肉,贵为新山数一数二的顶级切分牛肉专售店,Eugene’s Grocery 果然名不虚传,这一回大人钦点了四种来自不同产地与等级的优质牛肉 (熟成度全为Medium,由于肉质新鲜因此皆不附酱汁),现在就让大人依序一一尝鲜吧!「首先左下角为安格斯谷饲180天的牛肉,以胡椒调味,口感微甜略带嚼劲;左上角则为美国 USDA 牛肉,以海盐调味,口感极富嚼劲;右上角的澳洲和牛相等于MB6等级的油花纹理,口感软嫩多汁、色泽鲜美;右下角压轴出场的则为日本鹿儿岛 (Kagoshima) 最高等级的黑毛和牛极品MB12「霜降牛肉」,肉片较薄却饱富油脂超香嫩,真正做到了入口即溶的舌尖感受。」除了牛肉等级外,看官们也能在此选择自个儿偏好的牛排部位,至于富嚼劲或入口即化的个人口感其实还蛮主观的,大人还是烦请各位亲自到此尝鲜才能觅得心中所爱呀!

日本和牛 Wagyu日本和牛主要是以牛肉油花的分佈状态来分级 (共有12等级),MB等级1: 完全的油与肉分离;MB等级12: 完美的油与肉呈大理石纹理均匀分佈,大人以上提及的霜降牛肉正是所谓的最高MB12等级。而和牛肉质则以A1、A2、A3、A4、A5来分级,A5为最高级別。

澳洲谷饲牛 Grain-fed beef澳洲谷饲牛则采用 MSA (Meat Standards Australia) 评级,根据谷物饲养的天数、牛只品种,还有油花分布分级为M1 至 M9,M9为最高级别;尔后澳洲由于引进日本与美国安格斯牛进行配种,并以日本饲养技术养殖,坊间认为美味指数超越 M9,因此市面上亦有非官方的 M10、M11 和 M12 级之说。M12级牛肉相当于日本的A5级。

【纽西兰牛】纽西兰牛肉共分为三个等级:PS、Young Bull 和 Cow,以PS 等级最高。

美国牛美国 USDA 则把美国牛分为八大等级:Prime、Choice、Select、Standard、Commercial、Utility、Cutter 及 Canner,唯有 Prime 及 Choice 可作牛排。

In the world of foodie obsession, it doesn’t come much more luxurious than the holy grail of carnivorous indulgence, and we had the pleasure of not one but four varieties of premium beef, thanks to our host’s graciousness.

Wagyu means Japanese cow and refers to various types of Japanese cattle known for their premium marbled meat. The Japanese grading system has a marble score grade from 1 to 12 and graded by the yield grade and meat quality grade. The yield grade refers to the ratio of meat to the total weight of the cow and classified into 3 grades from A to C, with A being a grade of highest yield. The meat quality grade is classified into five grades from 1 to 5 based on the fat marbling, the colour and brightness of the flesh, its firmness and texture, and the colour and brightness of the fat, with A5 being the highest possible grade.

The Australian beef grading system is known as MSA (Meat Standards Australia) while New Zealand practises a different grading system which classifies their meat as PS, Young Bull and Cow, with PS (steer and heifer) being the highest grade. The MSA system concerns the fat and meat colour, maturity and ultimate pH value since majority of the cattle in Australia is still grass-fed. In case you want to try some Australian Wagyu with comparison of its quality to the Japanese counterpart, they are graded between M4 and M12, where the higher the number means better quality. In this context, Australian M10 to M12 are almost equivalent to Japanese A5.

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) separates beef into eight different grades, namely Prime, Choice, Select, Standard, Commercial, Utility, Cutter and Canner. The top two (Prime and Choice) are sold to the consumer as cuts of beef, while the three lowest grades are typically only used for processed meats and canned meats.

Australia Chill Lamb (Herb Crusted Roast) 


这道澳洲香料羊架 Australia Chill Lamb (Herb Crusted Roast) 以 French Cut 形式现身,何谓 French Cut? 这里指的是处理羊肉的一种切法,与法国毫无关系,根根干净清晰可见的羊架幼骨 (如图所示),除了观感更显优雅外,饕客们也无需大汗淋漓地分解羊排骨。「红粉霏霏的软嫩羊肉以海盐、胡椒及香料裹身,蘸上蓝莓酱后刚柔并济口感甚佳。」

Why slave away by the oven when you can order this incredibly tender Australia Chill Lamb that is lightly seasoned and infused with a varied range of herbs and spices. The “French Cut” is pretty succulent and tender, together with generous amounts of delicious blueberry sauce and a highly buttered mash proving quite the bang for our money.

King Crab and Capsicum Spaghetti


口味独特的阿拉斯加帝皇蟹甜椒意大利面 ,同样也是另一道佳节限定的精选佳肴。「拌料中可见阿拉斯加帝皇蟹肉丝、三色甜椒粒及特制酱汁,匀和后送入口中有股特殊的甜椒味环绕唇齿间,毫不显腻。」

The King Crab and Capsicum Spaghetti is another more premium item that’s filled with oceanic flavours. What can we say? A pleasant Asian infused dish, al dente spaghetti with a flavourful homemade sauce that left a surprisingly pleasing aftertaste long after the plate was polished clean.

Homemade Beef Burger


Eugene’s Grocery 神户牛肉汉堡竟然选用了最高A5等级的神户西冷牛柳 (Striploin) 来制作肉饼再搭以培根与芝士,简直让人无法忽视!「就连带有牛油香的汉堡面包也由店家自制,特厚的肉饼非常松软可口,与微焦咸香的培根及芝士一并咬下后食欲立即大开!」

The Homemade Beef Burger was done exceedingly well and left a memorable impression, with the 100% A5-graded wagyu beef patty was executed to an agreeable succulent doneness, with warm, soft homemade brioche bun holding the stack layered with bacon, and melted cheese. This is one burger that isn’t friendly to the waistline, and its side of addictive premium chips threatened to disrupt whatever low-carbs diet plan we had but the calories spent was definitely worth it!


看完了大人一口气所尝的美食,饥肠辘辘的看官们是不是早已按耐不住了?这儿的美食份量颇大,非常适宜与至亲好友分享!年底佳节将至,该是时候呼朋唤友来个年度大餐了!Eugene’s Grocery 最新推出的四款周日佳节午餐配套 (周一至周五,中午12点-3点,优惠至30/12/2016) 实在太诱人,每一份RM15.90 (附每日例汤与饮料,无限量添加) !还有!美国极佳级牛肋眼肉卷 (USDA Prime Cube Roll Beef) 每一份RM159 (附送一杯红酒),大人的友人同时捎来信息说这儿的猪排骨原来也是畅销品啊!看来大人接下来得加紧锁定追踪他们家的脸书每月佳节促销!

With the festive season’s just around the corner, enjoy a tantalising spread of 4 daily set lunch special @ RM15.90 from Mondays to Fridays (12pm to 3pm), with free flow soup of the day and drinks from now till 30 December 2016. And there’s more. Savour fresh chilled USDA Prime Cube Roll Beef at RM159 with a complimentary bottle of red wine. Looks like we will be calling Eugene’s Grocery home during the year-end celebrations.

Don’t settle for mediocre meats from the supermarket, add a touch of holiday cheer to your home parties from Eugene’s Grocery – the purveyor of top-quality produce and get the best fresh meat excellent cut, service and value.

Eugene’s Grocery

Address: No.16 Jalan Perang, Taman pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor
Reservation: +607 – 331 1353
Time: Wed – Mon 11.30am – 10pm (Closed on Tuesday)

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