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【双亲节文选】你不可不知的「闪亮妈咪」秘密大公开! Celebrating the beauty of motherhood for “new age mums”!

【双亲节文选】你不可不知的「闪亮妈咪」秘密大公开! Celebrating the beauty of motherhood for “new age mums”!

[特约 Contributor Eryn W   英译 Translator 刘大人   摄影 Photographer Eryn W]



For decades, even centuries, expectations have been placed upon women and mothers to create the perfect home for their family, raising the children and taking care of the household chores. However, the role of mothers within the home is changing, as women are increasingly taking on multiple roles between their careers and motherhood. Thus in celebration of Mothers’ Day today, let’s hear it from Eryn on her secret to style success and what it takes to become a new breed of modern mothers…


1. 享受家庭的乐趣 Have fun


其中例如发明可以和孩子一起玩的简单游戏或自制玩具、研究新的食谱或烘培可爱的小点心、用手机设立群组成立一个妈妈读书会分享每日阅读简报、在后院栽种有机蔬果、把衣橱里的衣服使用Kon Mari的方法折叠好等等。


Being a married woman, now a mother, means the responsibilities add on one after another, do we still have time to play? Of course, we do!! Playing is easy, it’s to simply make ourselves happy, to completely enjoy and engaged with what we are doing. Instead of calling it work/responsibility or whatever, start realising it is play! From making Pinterest my sous chef and our party planner, forming support groups on Whatsapp and Facebook, feed them nothing but organic from our garden, folding our favourite clothes the Kon Mari way to choosing an aroma that creates the mood we’re after, who says life at home needs to be boring?

We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

2. 只有自己“闪亮”是不够的 Doll up




Celebrating motherhood does not mean you have to look motherly. I believe that every woman should take pride in up-keeping ourselves in the best way possible and look gorgeous, even on your worst day. Call me vain, but it gives me so much joy while dressing up myself (or others). Honestly, I have no basic rules to follow, I dream and create my style along the way. Fixes for common mum’s fashion faux pas can be as simple as keeping to a regular 5-10 minutes DIY mask routine, learning tips to turn our hair from mum-bun to everyday awesome, to browsing through online blogs or magazines for ideas on finding fashions that only look expensive and learn the best ways to wear what we already own for our most stylish look ever.

And throughout the years, I realise that only by getting to know our true self and flaunt it with utmost confidence is the ultimate way of “doll up! In this era that we live in, distinctive attractiveness is the new sexy!

3. 对自己和别人宽容 Go easy



Mothering two kids has taught me a lot. I’m a very different person from the one I was before I had children, and most, if not all, of these differences, are for the better. Although personal growth is sometimes hard, I’ve had a lot of fun along the way. Go easy and fun in your life with your baby is what will convince you and the baby that life is good. Nurture this relationship and let it be grounded in love and trust and many small interactions, tolerate mistakes and misunderstandings. While it’s full of worries and adjustments, it is also full of wonder. I have so much to look forward to, for being a mother had enriched every corner of my life. Try it, and get ready for a spectacular journey.

4. 沟通能力强 Stay open


As a child, I had quite a few hang-ups about asking questions. For that reason, I will always keep the communication channel open for my kids and tried my best to be a friend they can confide in. I also believe that my children have a lot to teach me as well, so listening to them and responding to her cues will lead me into a parenting style that will help both of us thrive.



Being a mother is one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs a woman will have in her life. While our attitudes towards work are changing, her love and dedication to her family will always stay the same. Whether you’re a working mum, a stay-at-home mum, or a mum that’s achieved a healthy balance of the two, you’re a woman your children can be proud of. But for now, Eryn enjoys every moment being a “new age mum” which allows her to be with Isabelle and Annabelle, be it playtime, going to the mall and have fun taking selfies. So, here’s to new age mothers like Eryn, who are redefining the very essence of motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

本文作者 Eryn W, 现身兼企业家、Millionmars 时尚博客 (, IG & FB @millionmars) 、人妻与育有两位漂亮小千金的闪亮妈咪数职。

大人内心一直相当佩服 Eryn 总能把家庭、事业、时尚副业给经营得有声有色,而且每回见面总是如此容光焕发、落落大方,忙碌之余仍保泰然之姿。同样的24小时,在 Eryn 的世界里绝对有着不同的诠释,是谁规定婚后的女性就该放弃自己原先所爱的一切呢? 孩子的降临并不是女性后半生生涯的分水岭,与孩子一起分享并认知妈妈生命里原有的丰富色彩,再一同积极绘出更多姿正面的互动人生,何尝不是一份给孩子最好的传承?在这来临的母亲节,大人特邀 Eryn 为咱们分享成为「闪亮妈咪」的秘诀,大家一起努力让自己绽放光芒,对生活充满热情与憧憬,活出最美最好的自己,加油!当然也别忘了追踪 Millionmars 的最新时尚生活噢!

Eryn W is a full time working mother with two young daughters. Her blog Millionmars ( started in 2011 serves as a creative outlet for her senses and adventures, but soon developed into a reading community that is equally excited about her love for classy fashion, motherhood and travel stories around the world.

Follow Eryn and Millionmars on Instagram (@millionmars) and Facebook (@millionmars) for all the latest updates.

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