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小周末大食量!星期五户外烤肉美酒自助飨宴尽在 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Johor Bahru: TGIF = Tosca Griglia Italian “Free Flow” FRIDAYS!

小周末大食量!星期五户外烤肉美酒自助飨宴尽在 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Johor Bahru: TGIF = Tosca Griglia Italian “Free Flow” FRIDAYS!

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胃~呜~ 禀报大人,明天就是周末啦!什么?周末已经近在咫尺? 好吧好吧,为了迎接完美周末的大驾光临,大人早早就预订了今晚前往新山希尔顿逸林酒店 DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru 位于13楼的 Tosca Italian Trattoria 与捕快们一尝户外烤肉美酒自助飨宴,这可是逢周五晚才有的噢!来人啊~ 快起轿!

Thinking of spending the weekend unwinding over simple indulgence? Sounds good but HANG ON! Why wait, when that weekend feeling can come early by taking a breather on the poolside terrace with the sizzle of some Italian-inspired barbequed and grilled meat and seafood dishes. Fridays are now a meat lovers dream come true at Tosca Italian Trattoria, where we can now enjoy a sumptuous BBQ Buffet from 7pm to 10pm, and enjoy the start of another weekend. TGIF! DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru, here we come!

We were getting hungry just imagining it…


眼前一片绿意盎然、水声潺潺,让大人顿感心旷神怡好想吟诗啊 (转几圈) … 且慢,距离傍晚七点才正式开炉的户外烤肉美酒自助飨宴还早着呢~ 咱们就先移步到室内参观参观选个绝佳好位置吧!

The poolside terrace on Level 13 of DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru has always been a prime perch to soak in the ambience and admire the views across the Straits of Johor during the day; or bask in the city lights when night falls and sit by the alfresco pool terrace where a cool breeze provides relief from the hot grills.



This is definitely a great place to chill, cocktail or wine in hand, a welcome change from our mundane weekday routine. Everything else can wait… till next Monday LOL!


爱好红酒及啤酒的看官们看过来!大人为你送上一则好消息,只需添加 RM50 nett 即可自由畅饮享用 Tosca Italian Trattoria 精心为看官们准备的红酒或虎标啤酒,如此好康岂可错过!

Now you can actually drink to your heart’s content, by topping up an additional RM50 nett. Great deal for a pretty decent selection or free-flow Tiger draught, don’t say “bojio”!

前菜区 Antipasti


本想将胃预留给待会儿的烤肉们,来到前菜区大人刚有的一丝小念头就瞬间瓦解了~ 一样样精致的前菜、乳酪,让人忍不住每样都想尝上一口!(大人在这儿可是来回光顾了三趟,不晓得有被发现吗~)

Gosh, how could we resist the antipasto station, when Tosca always serves up perennial favourites such as salami, prosciutto and cheese… OMG, all that anchovies just keep us wanting for more (3 refills to be exact) while waiting for our “main course” to be served.

BBQ 区 Pre-cooked Station 


七点了!烤肉们在呼叫大人啦~ 大厨们早已备柴升火准备就绪,且让大人移步前往BBQ区大战各式新鲜的澳洲羊排、澳洲谷饲牛肉、鸡肉、意式香肠、鱼片、虾及海鲜贝类等…哇原来只需将精挑的食材们交给大厨们,再拿个号码牌,就可舒舒服服地在餐厅里等候美食莅临!

The clock finally struck 7, as we took our rightful place among the eagerly awaiting crowd. What a tantalising spread that was nicely layout, with fresh imported Australian lamb steak and grain-fed rib eye, sea bass fillet, tiger prawns, clams, squids, various sausages and more. All we need was to take our pick, and the chefs will do the rest! Simple, isn’t it? (by the way, don’t leave the live station without taking your number tag)

熟食区 Cooked Food Station


在静待海鲜烧烤的同时,大人的心又被一旁的香味给吸引过去啦~ 原来大厨们在一旁也贴心准备了各式熟食让看官们先果果腹,那各位就别客气啦,先尝些热汤暖暖胃吧!

The cooked food station is worth a pit stop as well, as the buffet also offers sides like Irish beef stew, coleslaw, baked potatoes and cream soup of the day to warm up our tummy while waiting for our food to be sent to the table.

厨师现场烧烤 LIVE BBQ station


一改以往汗流浃背的烧烤经验,在这里可是有专人帮忙烧烤直至端上餐桌呢!看官们只要坐在座位上约15分钟即可享用香喷喷的烧烤美食了~ 眼见美食在铁架上被红艳炭火渐渐炙熟,不停滋滋作响,这可不得了,再看下去大人我的胃会越来越不听使唤,还是乖乖回座等待美食上桌才属上策!

Now that we are done with the “sides”, let’s explore the main courses and reason what we are here for. We couldn’t help but take a peek at our selected array of raw ingredients being prepared on a charcoal grill. What’s great about Tosca is that our foods were grilled over actual charcoal and flame, not the electric griddles that are often used nowadays. As piece after piece sizzles on the grill, the sensuous steam gently reminded us to take our seat in anticipation of what is to come…

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锵锵锵锵 ~ 一盘盘的美食送上桌啦!新鲜食材的原汁原味就是有种说不出的魅力呀~ 大人的至爱就是滋味咸香的贝类、虾子与烤鱼,还有七分熟的牛肉与无膻味的羊肉!无酱汁不欢的看官们别担心!大伙儿也能到熟食餐区舀取蘑菇或黑椒酱汁为肉食们添味。

Hip hip hooray, it took barely 15 minutes (while we belly up with the sides) for our “main courses” to arrive, still hot off the grills. Our taste buds were treated to some of the freshest, and most succulent seafood dishes – the tiger prawns, clams and squids, in particular, were cooked to perfection by the dedicated chefs, while the steaks were charcoal grilled and prepared well, resulting in a deep smokiness which we enjoyed and definitely something you have to taste to believe. With or without additional flavouring from our selection of mushroom or black pepper sauce on the side, we thought our meats still taste equally good both ways.

现烤意大利披萨饺 Calzone – Italian oven-baked folded pizza (coming soon)


先偷偷地向看官们透露点消息,从十月份开始 Tosca Italian Trattoria 还将推出特别促销菜色—— 意大利巨型披萨饺!!!主厨还亲自出手让大人先尝为快,羡慕吧!记得锁定 DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru 的官方面书噢!

And there’s more. As a special treat by Chef Jaffery, we were offered this Italian staple (resembling a super-size curry puff) that will soon debut starting October in Tosca. What a perfect finale and privilege to sink our teeth in first… Woohoo! (Watch this space)


大人今日享用的户外烤肉美酒自助飨宴只限每周五晚才推出哦!成人每位价格为 RM128 nett, 5至12岁的小孩则为半价。看官们快拨电+607 – 268 6868 预先订位或电邮询问 😀,以免到时扑了个空哟~

We can never resist a BBQ feast – especially when we are talking about premium cuts and ocean fresh seafood on a free flow basis. Just make sure you arrive in starvation mode and be sure to call +607 – 268 6868 or email for reservations.


DoubleTree by Hilton (Johor Bahru)

Tosca Italian Trattoria 意大利餐厅 (Level 13)
Address: 12 Jalan Ngee Heng Johor Bahru 80000
Reservation: +607 – 268 6868

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