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内有乾坤!神奇家饰魔术师幻变无限空间 – DJ&CO Lifestyle: More than meets the eyes…

内有乾坤!神奇家饰魔术师幻变无限空间 – DJ&CO Lifestyle: More than meets the eyes…

[编辑 Editor 吕大人   英译 Translator 刘大人   摄影 Photographer 黄大人]

说 DJ&CO Lifestyle 像多啦A梦的百宝袋一点也不为过,在这个800多平方尺的空间里随手一掏都是神奇家饰品啊!看官们,这里头有8张床,无数可伸缩的桌椅、沙发、吊灯、壁钟等等,必须再说一次,是800多平方尺噢!

此处「内有乾坤 」,大人必须彻查!来人啊!怎能有人的家能比大人的暗器机关更多呢?!

As the world’s population becomes increasingly urban, family sizes are shrinking, and the price of real estate in Johor Bahru becomes more and more unaffordable, a growing number of designers are quietly exploring cleverly engineered, high-end, top quality transformable furniture to make more room for the things that matter. Imagine stepping into a show gallery layout with hundreds of lifestyle accessories and furniture items, including not one but EIGHT upscale wall beds that turn back into a sofa (a desk, bookshelf or wall storage unit), giving small-space dweller like us the equivalent of a 2 to 3-storey landed home, all into one compact 800 sq. ft. space, sounds incredible?

Interestingly, they’re not a concept only and are actually available on a budget that’s surprisingly within reach. Venture inside the cavernous warehouse that is DJ&CO Lifestyle and you’ll discover heaps of “hidden” treasures within…


年轻的夫妻档 Danny & Juee 正是 DJ&CO 的幕后魔术师,两人皆为工业设计师出身,品牌之前主要透过线上发表与销售,「我们是在2014年开始设立自家网站推介一些实用性与美感兼具的小型家饰品,像是非常受欢迎的 Plumen 灯饰、Flux 折椅等。因为本身之前常到国外公干、旅行时发现原来有那么多的好商品是在本地找不到的,有些则是因为自己家里需要所以上网找找看有没有心仪的装饰,像是店里那隔开不同区域的 Vitra 藻型小屏风,能自由拼凑非常有趣,于是就想本地应该也有同好吧!」没错,大人就是你的同好啊~ (刚刚想要彻查的狠心到哪去啦?)

今年2月初 DJ&CO 正式有了自己的小天地,位于新山报馆街独立式房子里的实体店面非常巧致,「看了很多地方都不合眼缘,这么巧隔壁的咖啡师好友说这里有一个空间要不要过来看看,一看之下非常喜欢,因为环境很符合我们要找的居家生活品味风格。」看着他俩把这个800多平方尺的空间打造得如此具设计感而又舒适,大人心动了。

过去只能在国外才有机会买到的好设计如今也能在咫尺之内购得,怎能不心花怒放?「以生活设计的角度来说,日本与台湾的工业设计产品在亚洲仍是佼佼者,新马两地还处于起步的阶段。 」Danny 希望接下来能有更多的本地优质产品陆续面世。

Starting from a humble e-commerce website in 2014 by husband-and-wife team Danny Chu and Teng Juee, who cut their teeth on all aspects of design, DJ&CO first gained popularity through its Plumen lighting and Flux chairs sourced from their regular overseas business trips. From truly comfortable armchairs and sofa beds to hidden wall desks and console tables that magically open out to seat more people, DJ&CO has made a name for itself by offering consumers with an exquisite collection of exclusively curated items from the independent brands and designs all over the world.

It was not until February this year that DJ&CO finally set up shop, thanks to their Barista friend and co-owner of Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters next door. It was love at first sight, and Danny & Juee have no hesitation in making this cosy 800 sq. ft. habitat their second home, having scouted nearly half of JB for the ideal retail space to no avail. With local designers still lagging behind their Asian counterparts from Japan and Taiwan, Danny aspires to change the design landscape and enhance our homegrown competitiveness in the global market through creative approaches in industrial design.


具设计感的家饰通常给人的第一感觉就是「应该不便宜吧?」别担心!DJ&CO 的家饰品从几十令吉到上万令吉都能让看官们的家处处点睛啊!而且,大人发现他们家的产品都是很有亮点的实用单品,尤其是自家的 SPAZE 变形床架系列,「很多人觉得这类型的产品都是从欧洲进口的,其实 SPAZE 系列是我们以 Space Saving 的概念来设计的本土产品,只有零件是欧洲制。」Juee 边示范边向大人解释疑惑,对于材质与机械设计不妥协的 DJ&CO 认为本地产品也能有国外优质的人性化设计与功能,与此同时他们也为产品提供10年的保固期,大人还偷瞄到原来他们最近与本地银行配合推出零利息分期付款配套啊!

想要一睹 DJ&CO 产品的看官们,大人真心推荐你们到实体店面亲身体验质感,「之前我们有参与了本地的家居展,现场示范时发现其实大部分本地人接受度还蛮大的,他们也很惊讶原来本地也有这类型的产品。」可别以为只有受空间所局限才需要此类型产品啊!Juee 说:「许多居住在有地房产的顾客们也会到我们这儿选购 SPAZE 系列,他们对于能集实用、设计与收纳功能的产品有着一定的关注,一般上会先到我们这里看看,再回家测量位置,接着再回来我们这里询问更多有关实际使用的售后服务等。」

Low-key and unpretentious, this small but well-stocked independent e-tailer turned retailer isn’t quite your average furniture shop, brimming with one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and soft furnishings that’ll add some charm to your abode. Particularly noteworthy is their in-house label, SPAZE, which works with homegrown designers for thoughtful, functional items with a distinct local identity using European parts that meet stringent international standards with a cool 10 years warranty on mechanism. With competitive pricing (including easy ownership program with zero-interest) and products of the highest quality, it’s hard to pick just one LOL!

The long-cherished trend toward loft-like living means that having a bed in the middle of our living space is now considered a lifestyle choice, just like an open kitchen. However, the SPAZE-saving concept is gradually gaining more attention and acceptance even for those living in landed properties, evident from DJ&CO‘s recent participation in a home decor & design exhibition (HOMEDEC). According to Juee, many interested customers who were initially amazed by the live demonstration during the exhibition actually revisited them at their showroom at Jalan Maju (JB’s famous “Press Street” – 5 minutes walk from Plaza Pelangi) for further consultation – from pre-installation to post-maintenance issues. Some even requested for house calls for taking their exact measurement and explored further customisation, which DJ&CO gladly accommodated and advised.

Plumen 灯具


能照亮四周长达8,000小时的英国 Plumen 灯具,是这里最畅销的家饰品 (1年保固期)。除了外型极具辨识度外,其节能特性也非提不可!比起一般居家白灯泡,Plumen 可节能 80% 呀!这么棒的灯具,难怪能於2011年在英国获得设计大奖!大人觉得搭上不同灯罩后的 Plumen,美态各异,完全具备 Functional Aesthetics 的双重效果!「最得大人我心的还是原始无灯罩系列!每个角度都那么有态度啊~」看来大人府上的电费下降有望啦 😀

To shed some lights into the “functional aesthetics” that defines DJ&CO, look no further than the very bulb that we first spotted at Sweet Blossom Coffee Roaster known as Plumen, the low-impact light bulb from the UK literally transformed any room lighting into an attention-grabbing masterpiece – with a dramatic twist! The design took reference from the filaments of incumbent incandescent bulbs, with the mirroring glass tubes taking an irregular yet harmonious form. This creates a silhouette that changes with every perspective, and every shade brings out a new side of the Plumen bulb, making this a great energy-saving and BRIGHT idea indeed!

Acacia 橡木胶抗菌餐具


大人向来钟爱木制品,看到这由日本 Acacia 所推出的橡木胶抗菌餐具眼里可是爱心直冒💗~ 那天然的木纹加上多款气质色彩,大人已经可以想像用餐时分整个餐桌有多美了!「大人刚瞧见隔壁的 Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters 也用这个耶!」

Acacia is a range of stylish space-saving, modular and stackable design woodenware made of solid rubber wood which is eco-friendly and compliant with Japanese standard. The food-safe nitrocellulose coating not only makes the trays hygienic and antibacterial but is also highly presentable which accentuate our food with its eye-catching colours. No wonder we found this extremely familiar, as they are currently being used in some local cafes (such as Sweet Blossoms next door) and restaurants.

Mr Maria Miffy 兔兔灯具


这只来自荷兰 Mr Maria 品牌的 Miffy 兔兔灯具 是许多小孩夜晚的良伴啊!五种亮度的照明氛围变化非常适合夜间陪伴各位入眠~ Miffy 拥有 S (50cm) 与 XL (80cm) 两种尺寸,「大人好想把XL版的 Miffy 带回府啊!」

Even if you’re not familiar with this cute and quirky character from Holland’s best-selling children’s book series, you can still invite Miffy (available in two sizes, S – 50cm or XL – 80cm) into your home to light up your life. This charming lightning piece exudes a soft, warm glow – ideal for storytelling with the young ones at bedtime, or even as decor for any modern interior. Sweet and serene, the Miffy lamps work as a nightlight for kids and adults alike. Now the XL would do just fine in our living room…

Flux 手提便携折叠椅
Join the fold

另一个来自荷兰的设计师单品 Flux 手提便携折叠椅,在还未折叠成椅子前,就像是片未折成的平面大信封!超省空间而且承重力不凡!儿童版可承重至80kg, 成人版可达160kg,8种缤纷多元的色彩让大人一时失心疯想把全部带走!

Looking more like a designer’s folio than a potential seat, the origami-inspired Flux Chair is yet another award-winning Dutch design that is fashioned out of a single piece of completely recyclable polypropylene. In just under a minute, the Flux can be folded out to transform into a beautiful piece of designer furniture, and just as quickly it can turn itself into a flat, self-contained “envelope” for ease of transport or storage.

Weighing only five kg, the Flux is light enough to carry but able to hold up to 160kg, and the polypropylene makes it suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. With eight colours to choose from, there’s also an identical, mini version (Flux Junior) to cater for just the young ones (up to 80kg) as well.


Kinfolk, Cereal & Magazine B


设计师们看过来!在 DJ&CO 也能找到世界各地的生活杂志!想要入手的看官们快笔记~

Designers rejoice! Rarely have we had publications from all over the world that have generated such an intense amount of interest now readily available here, so you now know where to go when your favourite lifestyle journals are due!

SPAZE 系列 – 变形床架
Watch this “SPAZE”!


锵锵锵!猜不到原来里边有张床吧?DJ&CO 使用空压技术所以一切施力都很细腻轻巧噢!可别小觑这看来只有少许支架支撑的单人床,其承重力可达150kg噢!大人亲身坐着体验,非常扎实呢!「我们也有提供上门测量的服务,顾客也可配合其室内设计来量身订制不同颜色的外型,而这系列的产品都有10年的保固期。」话不多说,请看以下视频 😀

Trying to fit an extra bed into a small space? You have come to the right place! Imagine having a guest room when you need it, with the freedom of a functional space for the rest of the year. That’s the magic of SPAZE Gioco Single which appears to be a wall cabinet, but could instantly transform into single guest bed which holds up to 150kg. Using high-quality design with imported European gas weighted mechanism means this unit is incredibly easy and safe to open and close. SPAZE Gioco Single wall beds give you all the comfort and convenience of a guest room without sacrificing space. That means more room for you, your family, and the things that matter most.

SPAZE 系列 – 变形沙发双层床
SPAZE Duo Sofa Bunk Beds


刚刚看了柜子变身单人床,大人意犹未尽啊~ 有请 Juee 再出场示范沙发变身双层床如何?这真的让大人目瞪口呆啊~「天啊!沙发呢?这好厉害,可以拿来吓吓家里的访客。」大人贴心帮妈妈们问了这道清洗题:「我们的沙发套都能拆洗,就算是 Marker Pen 笔迹也能清洗噢!」

When you want to have a place for house guests to sleep but don’t have a spare room in which to put them, this SPAZE Duo Sofa Bunk Bed can be a lifesaver. Most sofa bed has often been mocked as uncomfortable, ugly, and inconvenient, but this new generation of sofa beds is turning that perception upside down with style and functionality, and they can be opened and closed in minutes with minimal effort, a huge part of their appeal. The better news? Take your pick from a wide variety of PU leather or Subrella fabrics which are machine washable, highly durable and stain resistant!

Other SPAZE-saving products


亲眼看了单人床与双层床的大变身,大人开始盘算如何将大人府给来个彻彻底底的改头换面!原来 DJ&CO 还有多种沙发变身双人床、咖啡桌变身大书桌的选择,来人啊!快来帮大人一起看看视频!选好离手,一般基本款的预订需时1-2个月完工,加大改良版则需3-4个月 (价格还包括床褥)。过年前想要让家居焕然一新迎接亲朋好友?是时候到店看看了 😀

This transformable piece of SPAZE-saving Murano Wall Bed features a simple fold-down Queen wall bed. One of the most notable features is that as the user pulls the bed down from the wall, the shelf sits underneath the bed base with no needs to displace objects from the top. Even the optional floating shelf balances items on the way up and down and serves as the bed’s leg rest. However, patience is required as the wall beds take 1 to 2 months to produce and up to 3 to 4 months for higher-end models or those with customisation or integrated storage.



During our extended stay and chat, we couldn’t help but noticed DJ&CO‘s smart furniture is designed with a multi-faceted approach that makes it possible to expand the living area of a home, without compromising style. Perfect for small apartments, most of their products can be combined, extended, and assembled in useful pieces. As Juee aptly described, their goal is to help convince people that a simpler life is a happier life, so they will continue to source and offer products which others do not carry, and if they do provide a better quality and value. Be sure to head to the gallery to see just how each piece of DJ&CO Lifestyle furniture gets transformed.



DJ&CO Lifestyle

Address: 28, Jalan Maju, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru.
Tel: +6016-798 8269
Business Hours: Tue – Sun 10am – 5pm (OFF every Monday)

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