赏一场食材与酱味的舌尖激荡!Fine wine & DINE Restaurant fusion dishes that will leave us spellbound!

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久违了啊~看官们!忙碌的生活让大人快喘不过气,满脑子就只想把公务处理完后,找个吃喝玩乐于一身的好去处增脂减压啊 😂!#还嫌自己身心不够宽广吗 与伙伴们喋喋不休绞尽脑汁后的结案陈词:就到公主港 (Puteri Harbour) 寻求心灵与味蕾的慰藉吧 😄!

Long time no eat, erm… we meant it had been long time no see (us eat) LOL! Having taken a break from our festive indulgence during CNY and extreme workload, it’s time we hit the roads for our long overdue “find dining” expeditions! Luck has it that we found ourselves near the new administrative capital of Iskandar Puteri (formerly Nusajaya) after a brief deliberation, and here we are again where we first started. Over years of development,  Puteri Harbour today is fast becoming a prominent location somehow dubbed the new “rich man’s area”, lined with several “atas” properties and neighbourhood of high land value. Other than being known for its bungalows, high rise condos, elite schools and many expats who live in this district, let’s not forget about the food.

早已久闻位于公主港湾畔的 DINE Restaurant 佳评如潮,这回选在这儿消磨午后时光其实还有另一个原因,因为大人获悉咱们的主厨好友之一 Chef Dass 早前来到此处掌厨啊!怎能不支持好朋友的拿手料理呢?

Home to many characteristic cafes and restaurants, we decided to make DINE Restaurant our first port of call, in part due to the glowing reviews, and also to catch up with Executive Head Chef Kalidass, a homegrown talent we have known from his early days in Matterhorn and most recently a gourmet deli before taking the helm at this fine wine & DINE Restaurant!

眼前此景,不正符合了大人梦想中聚会的模样?「墙上悬着的巨幅镜子简直画龙点睛,让视野瞬间加倍变得好开阔!」酷劲中又带点诙谐的 Chef Dass 向来皆以让人出其不意的创意招式攻陷饕客味蕾,大人今日可是与友人们满怀期望的在桌边等待呢!待餐时不妨到吧台那儿欣赏调酒师的俐落手势吧!

We can’t deny the giant mirrors come in handy in giving the bare walls a makeover, but has certainly done wonders to this small space, making them appear more spacious and bright. IOHO (in our humble opinions), what makes this unassuming eatery to become “less is more” is Chef Dass‘s bubbly personality and bold (in every sense) creations by continually experimenting with different ingredients. While waiting to be surprised, why not let the bartender set the stage with some cold refreshments? Over to you, Kulvant!

Refreshing Mocktails & Signature Cocktails

大人近来听得最频密的当属这句「坐着也在冒汗啊!」太阳毫不留情赤裸裸地猛攻人类,简直火力全开!不点冷饮看来完全对不起自己啊!五款馆中的当家透心凉无酒精 Mocktails (由左至右,价格皆为 RM14) 大人都点齐啦!「立正!站好!」Colorful Punch, Pinky, Tropical Harbour, Berries N Cherries Virgin Mojito 摆好了阵仗准备替大伙儿消暑!

在游艇前的 Strawberry Burst (RM34) 与 Moscow Mule (RM34) 完美展现一娇艳一爽朗的气息滋味,看来 Signature Cocktails 更夺人眼球哦😯!#轻松营造度假心情

Despite the scorching weather of late, we have no fears that we’ll sweat through our clothes even when we decided to take in the scenes of the marina. What’s more, the repertoire of light and refreshing Mocktails concoction such as Colorful Punch, Pinky, Tropical Harbour, Berries N Cherries and Virgin Mojito is a great way to start any meal. If you fancy something more classic and alcoholic, you can’t go very much wrong with sipping their Signature Cocktails such as the sweeter Strawberry Burst, or the more masculine Moscow Mule and enjoying the breeze by the sea.

Bacon-wrapped Scallops  |  Chilli Crab & Mantao  |  Spicy Beef Thai Salad

三道前菜,三种滋味!莫名就将大伙儿引领到不同的味觉道路上了!万年不败的组合,微咸香的培根烤仙贝 Bacon-wrapped Scallops (RM30.90);特别带劲的辣椒螃蟹与馒头 Chilli Crab & Mantao (RM31.90) 还真不打算掩藏辣意啊!反倒是名为泰式辣牛肉沙拉 Spicy Beef Thai Salad (下图,RM55.90) 的滋味更温和哦!

For starters, the Bacon-wrapped Scallops were of decent size and really chewy and fresh. We found them mildly sweet and good enough to eat on their own, but the bacon slices wrapping around it were thin but still with a right amount of fat on them, much to our liking. And of course, we couldn’t do without the Chilli Crab & Mantao and simply love their chilli crab gravy, which is thick and eggy with an “Indian curry” twist and perfect with their crispy golden-brown mantou. Soak each mantao bun into the fragrant dip really absorb the flavours, and In fact, this was even more addictive than having the crab itself.

Did we also mention that Spicy Beef Thai Salad is not your usual beef affair, but made using imported Thai buffalo meat, which gives this entree extra flavour and chews!

Classic American Cheese Burger & Chinese Ham Burger

美式汉堡 Classic American Cheese Burger (RM32.90) 想必看官们比大人还熟悉其滋味吧?中式汉堡 Chinese Ham Burger (RM25.90) 大人倒是第一次尝鲜!面对这份亲切滋味,同桌们不禁嚷嚷,「Chef!可以再夹颗荷包蛋就更完美啦 😋!」

For those who want more than a good burger after a long day of work or a week-long of craving, the Classic American Cheese Burger would not disappoint. If you have a genuinely Asian taste in food, go for the Chinese Ham Burger, and this alternative rendition doesn’t disappoint with premium pork ham slices sandwiched in between toasty buns. Hey Chef, how about adding a hearty omelette or sunny side up to give these fast food favourites for a unique Malaysian twist? 😋

Char Siew Salmon

全场让大人最觉得不可思议的一道主食 – 叉烧酱烤三文鱼 Char Siew Salmon (RM45.90)!上桌时大人仅以一般三文鱼的视角看待,接着以一贯品尝三文鱼的姿势下刀,送入口中后一度迟疑,「咦?我刚吃的不是三文鱼吗?」藏匿在松软三文鱼中竟出现一股好熟悉的滋味!「案情错综复杂!」想必是表情出卖了我,这时同伴轻轻在耳边说了句,「是叉烧酱啦!」恍然大悟后的大人还真是佩服 Chef Dass 居然能想出此等搭配点子啊 😂!

As a sucker for salmon, this is what we’ve made the pilgrimage to Dine Restaurant for, but this is definitely not for the faint-hearted. With the distinctive char siew sauce prepared from scratch using hoisin sauce, honey, Chinese 5-spice powder, Chinese rice wine and oyster sauce, the salmon was marinated for over 24 hours before being cooked with chilli padi and shitake mushroom to bring out the char siew flavour. Served with cucumber soaked in light soy sauce and sesame oil on a bed of mash potato to give out the aroma of freshly cooked char siew with chicken rice, we could be forgiven for mistaking this Char Siew Salmon for one of our all-time favourite hawker dishes! (Like that also can😂)

Beef Stroganoff  |  Dine Lamb Shank  |  Barbecued Pork Ribs

「份量好巨大!」呼叫肉食族!滋味浓重的青椒炖牛肉 Beef Stroganoff (RM35.90), 香羊腿 Dine Lamb Shank (RM49.90) 与烧烤酱猪排骨 Barbecued Pork Ribs 在餐桌上一瞧就知是抢手的美味!有些料理不分食就好似少了点感觉,恰好这三道肉食正是如此!满口鲜香,一人一口才知味!#份量巨大地还能外带回家呢

The velvety Beef Stroganoff is stew-like and chunky and everything that we think this simple and comforting Russian-inspired dish should be, with the sauteed pieces of beef served in a savoury mushroom cream sauce with a side dish of salsa, providing different textures and accents to give a scrumptious taste in each bite! On the other hand, the Dine Lamb Shank was wonderfully complemented by a special sauce with a tinge of Briyani flavours, just as we liked how the meat came right off the bone and had a slightly smoky, gamey taste. And for those who love all things meat, the Barbecued Pork Ribs is a must order. Not only was the exterior stickily sweet, but the meat inside was also exceptionally tender and permeated with sweetness throughout! Guess what? The portions for each of these main course dishes are generous and could very well feed a large party of six, so much so that we have the luxury of “tapao” (takeaway) them home for dinner for further enjoyment!

Super Supreme (pizza)

「几乎不留白的圆形料理,薄脆的饼皮超好吃哦!」撒料毫不欺场的披萨 Super Supreme (RM39.90),在这片面皮基地上,芝士、菌菇、青椒、黑橄榄、鸡肉火腿、牛肉等纷纷施展味觉魅力占据各自范围不越矩,简单却美味 😋!

Who doesn’t love pizza? When the ingredients read: Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese, Colby & Cheddar Cheese, Pepperoni, Bockwurst Sausage, Beef Toppings, Capsicum Green, Button Mushroom, Onion, Black Olive, Bacon and Chicken Ham, it’s little wonder that we would still order the Super Supreme even after we already had our fills. Just talking about it is making us salivate all over again… 😋

Chocolate Walnut Brownie with Salted Caramel Gelato

巧克力核桃布朗尼搭配盐渍焦糖冰淇淋 Chocolate Walnut Brownie with Salted Caramel Gelato (RM8.90) 之所以如此浓郁诱人完全是因 Chef Dass 在里头施加了独门秘方哦!「有了核桃的加持,这道冷热交织的餐后甜点超能满足挑剔者的味蕾!」

This epitome of a chocolate dessert is a truly decadent slice of Chocolate Walnut Brownie, and we cannot resist the call of the Salted Caramel Gelato and succumb to order an additional topping to bring us a step closer to chocolate heaven. Creamy and chocolatey amidst a contrasting sensation of warm and cold, it’s indeed a guilty pleasure, sans the guilt!

其实,大人特别钟爱公主港的理由真心简单。常常只需一个午后或夜晚的光景,就能在离家不远的地域里寻得另一种没有防备状态的探秘休假氛围!公主港,说穿了正是大人让心灵舒缓的避风港 😊。有了这份心境,享用任何料理已不仅是味觉的慰藉,更是正能量的补给。

Unless you’re a traditionalist adamant about having only classic Western meals, you must check out the Dine Restaurant. With Chef Dass and his team letting their whacky ideas come to life, we wouldn’t be surprised if this humble establishment is already creating a brand of fusion of its own. And it’s only getting better and bolder, as we brace ourselves for eccentric new creations in the near future. For sure, we’ll definitely be back for more!


Dine Restaurant
📍 14, LG, Promanade Puteri Harbour, Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour, 79000 Iskandar Puteri, Johor
📞 +607 553 9964
📧 reservations@dine.com.my

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