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城市里另类的风景线,层层叠叠的灵动美食空间 – Coffee Signature / Container Cafe: a fresh perspective for drinks & dinner!

城市里另类的风景线,层层叠叠的灵动美食空间 – Coffee Signature / Container Cafe: a fresh perspective for drinks & dinner!

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购物商场、传统店屋、小贩中心、嘛嘛档、路边摊、早市夜市… 传统的马来西亚餐饮店营模式框框,大人信手拈来所举的例子相信看官们相当熟悉。殊不知,有一种集以上数种模式特点的聚合体正悄悄矗立在城市的地平线上。

「麻雀虽小,五脏俱全」来形容这家城市里另类的风景线 – Coffee Signature 集装箱餐厅,实不为过。

Johor Bahru has its fair share of hipster cafes popping up in almost every corner of the city, but one particular type of cafe that you should definitely visit is a container cafe. Have you ever chilled in a shipping container before? Now you can and trust us, do not underestimate what this compact space can offer in terms of food and views…


位处新山颇为人所知的繁忙街道 – Jalan Serampang,这家於2015年9月中旬开业的 Coffee Signature,由两个集装箱所组合而成的外形就好似乐高积木般紧紧实实地砌合在一起,一切看来如此自在又有趣。餐厅里外设计一致的空间对话:简约自然;原始复古;亲切温暖,看得出这里的主人对于延续自身生活品味,有着不做作的个性线条。由窗外投入的光影随着太阳的移动轴,与城市的自然场景日夜时刻互动,让人着迷。「靠近窗缘的位子,从来皆如此受青睐。」

Coffee Signature is hard to miss as you drive along JB’s famous “bridal street”. Housed inside a two-level black shipping container that sets it apart from the row of bridal boutiques lining Jalan Serampang, the cafe is sandwiched between two comparatively huge bungalows-converted boutiques and a restaurant bar cum soft darts outlet, with a small and compact parking space just right in front of their cafe.

Despite situated among one of the busiest streets in JB, Coffee Signature has a quiet and cosy ambience, surprisingly spacious and not as crammed as we first imagined. As the ground floor comprises the kitchen and cashier counter and can barely accommodate only one table, so be prepared to climb up to the second floor for more seats. The interior has been kept simple with an all-black theme throughout, along with metal stools and wooden tables to add a cool industrial touch. Given the limited kitchen space below, their menu is considerably extensive, so we aren’t short of variety and options either, as you will soon discover.

户外区 Alfresco



For those with claustrophobia (fear of confined places) or those who enjoy outdoor, there is also an alfresco sitting area full of cactuses. If the temperate is not as scorching hot, we probably won’t mind sitting at the exterior but for now, we can only imagine ourselves chilling while sipping a cup of hot latte in a cold weather LOL!

冷压果汁 Cold Pressed Juice


由红苹果、青苹果、鲜橙、柠檬、萝卜及甜菜根所鲜榨出的冷压果汁 Blood Cleanse Fruit Juice & Detox Fruit Juice (每瓶RM17.90),具有清血排毒之效。因为作息时间不定,大人向来就有饮用冷压果汁来为身体排毒的习惯,今天当然也不假思索选择了这两瓶作为醒胃圣品。「好不容易培养了每天必须摄取定量蔬果营养的习惯,当然得坚持啊!」

We all love a good dose of desserts and piping hot chocolate as much as anyone, but we could always use a healthy alternative or two, right? Especially when we are regularly stuffed to the brim with our food reviews and hearty treats, there’s no better way to beat the bloat than with a detoxifying Blood Cleanse Fruit Juice & Detox Fruit Juice – a delicious cold-pressed juice elixir comprising red apple, green apple, fresh orange, lemon, carrot and beetroot.

摩卡冰沙 Ice Blended Mocha


Coffee Signature 摩卡冰沙 Ice Blended Mocha (RM11.90),并没有被安份地置于常规杯子里,取而代之端上桌的竟是这充满趣味的灯泡容器,冰冰凉凉地吸一口,心情立即大好!「大人突然好想敬爱迪生一杯啊!」

We ain’t shy to admit that our eyes lit up at the sight of that quirky light bulb bottle and we also very much enjoyed the Ice Blended Mocha that comes with it. Alternatively, choose from their ice blended cappuccino or ice blended green if your heart so desires…

甜心雨 Sweet Rain


大人每次光临 Coffee Signature 必会点上一杯当家饮料 – 甜心雨 Sweet Rain (RM16.90,可选咖啡或茶)说不上为什么,就是喜欢看着杯上的蒸气与棉花糖碰个正着,下起了甜心雨的那一刻。「大人真心佩服创作者的想象力,看似风马牛不相及的咖啡与棉花糖原来也能如此浪漫。看官们下回也来赏一场甜心雨吧!」

A visit to Coffee Signature is incomplete without trying their signature Sweet Rain at least once. Served with a choice of coffee or tea, breadstick and cotton candy, this house speciality is presented to simulate the elements of rain with cotton candy as clouds and dripping drink as rain. However, the temperature of latte may not be hot enough to melt the cotton candy so if you want it to rain, remember to order their black coffee or tea instead, and the strands of cotton candy will drizzle down nicely – an interesting concept where it slowly drips to add sweetness into the bitter coffee.

 美国早餐 American Big Breakfast


这份全天候新鲜呈现的美国早餐 American Big Breakfast (RM23) 份量不小啊!香肠、火腿、太阳蛋、薯条、番茄、沙律、炒蘑菇、佛卡夏面包、茄汁豆与蔬菜,「这名单落落长,价格合理非常有诚意!」

Feeling the pang in your tummy? Let’s start with some hearty American Big Breakfast. The full work served with sausage, bacon, sunny side up, grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans and garden greens with focaccia is bound to fill you up!

墨西哥式烤蛋 Huevos Rancheros


噢,这是大人喜欢的墨西哥式烤蛋 Huevos Rancheros (RM21)!大人一手将叉子伸入热盘中,一口舀起了烤至半熟的蛋黄浆,覆盖其下的番茄酱、墨西哥辣椒酱、菌菇、小茴香、葱蒜等措手不及地被揭开了面纱,「好浓郁可口!记得以自制面包与蔬菜搭着趁热吃较不显腻。」

Now, the Huevos Rancheros is an all-time Mexican (and our) favourite, with its generous sized cheese quesadilla laid on a pile of braised onion, jalapeno, garlic, cumin, lettuces and runny egg yolk smothered in a hearty spicy tomato sauce; and there you have it. A hearty mess of brunch which we absolutely love the complex flavour in each bite and it was not long that we mopped up every last morsel of the sauce with the crusty sourdough.

烤苏东 Grilled Calamari


不藏私的分享!这是大人光顾100回就得点上100回,送入口中后令人眼前一亮的烤苏东 Grilled Calamari (RM28)! 「切记淋上柠檬雨,蘸上辣得令人难忘的特制酱汁,这苏东烤得实在太好,口感好软嫩,大人真心无法抗拒,可以再来一份吗?」

We always been a fan of calamari and will order grilled calamari in any place we eat if they have any. We must say they did quite a good job with their Grilled Calamari, each piece was cooked to perfection with just the right amount of char on the outside and the texture is chewy. The special teriyaki sauce with a zest of lemon went very well with the dish too, and perhaps a bit more smokey or burnt overall will be good.

脆皮苏东 Crispy Calamari


身为海鲜控的大人我啊除了烤苏东,还任性地点了脆皮苏东 Crispy Calamari (RM18) 来满足食欲!份量之大,口感之脆,酱汁之辣,全都让大人满意极了!「又大又脆,想不到 Coffee Signature 的海鲜料理还挺棒的!」

Never have quite enough of squid yet? The Crispy Calamari presented itself as quite a flavourful alternative version, with its dressing of lemon added some bright zest and taste. The tempura-batter crust was crispy and light while the calamari texture was equally “Q” and done surprisingly well for a non-seafood establishment.

日式照烧鸡扒 Teriyaki Chicken Chop


除了海鲜,大人今日还点了日式照烧鸡扒 Teriyaki Chicken Chop (RM24.90),份量同样不欺场。「肉嫩汁甜,大人尤其欣赏那吃起来弹牙的薯泥。」

Besides seafood, we also went for the Teriyaki Chicken Chop which uses the chicken thigh that is very tender and juicy, while the sweet teriyaki sauce matches well with the meat and the excellent mash potato and sautéed mushrooms.

八珍养颜滋补汤 Ba Zhen Herbal Soup


这就是熬了4小时的八珍养颜滋补汤 Ba Zhen Herbal Soup (RM18,白饭另点),每天只限6份噢!Coffee Signature的补汤选用了黑鸡来炖煮,想必很受女生与长辈们的喜爱吧!「料多味足,一天只限六份!幸好来得够早!」

And for the health conscious, there are greener options available – Scallop Herbal Porridge, Petai with Mushroom Rice and Ba Zhen Herbal Soup. The latter can be yummy or yucky, depending on one’s taste but we love it for its many herbal flavours and not so bitter taste.

原味华夫饼 Original Waffle


一顿完美的美食飨宴怎能少了甜品的存在呢?主食们的香酸咸辣交织,最后得由甜味来做个完美谢幕啊!原味华夫饼 Original Waffle (RM15) 里的雪糕与草莓、香蕉、蓝莓和巧克力酱没有让华夫饼专美,「除了原味,还能挑选花生与巧克力口味的华夫饼,大人只能选一样啊!天人交战…」

Not only can you find heavenly brewed cuppa and desserts here but their less raved about waffles are just as fab. We loved their Original Waffle with premium vanilla ice cream and drizzled with hot chocolate sauce as our knife slice through the crisp exterior of their pastry to reveal the light and fluffy insides.


对于与朋友的定期美食聚餐,大人向来不敢怠慢侍候… 看看这一桌美食,转眼秒杀就见底啊!「果然是好朋友,根本没有在客气的!」才踏出这个「艳阳天不热,下雨天不吵」的集装箱,大人又开始想念 Coffee Signature 的美食了。

This container cafe certainly has the potential to become a instagram-worthy outlet and a hot spot (never mind the weather) for hipsters to hang out! On a cool evening, Coffee Signature also makes for a pleasant setting for drinks and dinner with a view as well.


Coffee Signature / Container Cafe

Address: No.53, Jalan Serampang, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru.
Phone: 016-213 4912
Time: Mon – Thurs : 12pm – 10pm / Fri – Sun : 12pm – 11pm (Open on PH, except CNY)

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