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Cherish the cherry blossoms in bloom and celebrate what Sakura Residence and life has to offer!

Cherish the cherry blossoms in bloom and celebrate what Sakura Residence and life has to offer!

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“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
— Warren Buffett, investor

This got us thinking about the concept of planting seeds, and how a seemingly small action can blossom and lead to some unimaginable, fantastic outcome later. We’re all about living in the moment, but can we be blamed for wanting an awesome, fulfilling and enviable future too?

Taking stock in our middle adulthood can give us the focus we need to achieve the things we really wanted in life, and growing old doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. In fact, it’s a cause for celebration, had we mapped out our master plan as early as 10 years back.


A master plan for living, and living life to the max

In building homes, as in life, the importance of proper master planning in townships are often overlooked and consequently affects our quality of life. Strong master planning is also about having the foresight to create flourishing neighbourhoods from a greenfield area such as Medini. Such forward planning involves anticipating and accommodating the community needs, balancing development goals and coordinating local and nation-scale interests on a sustainable basis, thus building up and growing the area.


Close enough to everything, far away from it all!

Situated at the very heart of Medini, all eyes are on the focal point of this upcoming southern metropolis. Being at the centre of it all places us within easy access of all parts of the state and our nearest neighbour Singapore while enjoying direct connectivity to Johor’s established hubs of education, healthcare, entertainment, dining, shopping and recreation.

From Sunway International School, Sunway Citrine Hub, Sunway Big Box, X Park, Emerald Lake within a stone’s throw of our ideal address, and LEGOLAND Malaysia, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Gleneagles Medini Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital, Iskandar Malaysia Studio, EduCity, Puteri Harbour, Kota Iskandar and world-class golf courses within 20 minutes radius by car, we’ve no complaints about being close enough to everything, yet far away from it all!


Staying local while going global

With an eye to becoming Asia’s new hub for international education, the 300-acre fully integrated, multi-campus education hub began with its first, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia in 2011 and now houses 8 more institutions. Namely, Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, University of Southampton Malaysia, Multimedia University, University of Reading Malaysia, Management Development Institute of Singapore, Raffles University Iskandar, Marlborough College Malaysia and Raffles American School. All degrees and credentials conferred here at the branch of each international university will be of the same as that which is awarded to students at the main campuses overseas. In other words, EduCity avails us and students, internationally recognised qualifications from highly respected universities, for a fraction of the price.


The culmination of preparation meets opportunity, are you ready?

We don’t believe in perfect homes, but we believe in homes that are a perfect reflection of the people who live inside. On the other hand, a dream home is where everything looks the way we want it to, works the way we need it to, and just generally makes us feel good. Everything about Sakura Residence appears to tick our boxes, and our sentiments were echoed when we share the news among our inner circle. It was love at first sight!

The Japanese have long embraced the cherry flower, even celebrating its short flowering period and embracing it as a metaphor for the “ephemeral beauty of living”. Drawing inspiration of cherry blossom, we can now experience the “sakura” way of life with homes constructed using the best in Japanese building technology. Are you ready? Schedule an appointment with Christine +60177528830 or Andy +60127170813 now to view the show house for yourself or click the image below to explore Sakura Residence in 3D!

点击上图可以3D导览Sakura Residence 樱之苑示范屋!


A2A Sakura Package (limited time period)

  • The fully-furnished package will include all the furniture and fitting including sofa set, dining table set, kitchen cabinet, kitchen electrical appliances, TV, wardrobe, bed set, curtain, lighting, air conditioners, ceiling fans
  • Free legal fee (SPA)
  • For viewing appointment or enquiry, kindly contact:
    (Christine) / +60127170813 (Andy)
    christine_hm / chiahungliang77
    christinek9 / chiahungliang


A healthier and better approach to home building

It’s safe to assume that our family’s home should be a healthy and safe place, but that depends on how it was built. With over 60 years of pioneering prefabricated home technology, having built over 1.6 million home in Japan since 1959, our dream living sanctuary is in the good hands of Japan’s foremost developer. Developed by Daiwa Sunway Development Sdn Bhd, a joint venture between Sunway Iskandar and Daiwa House, we will get the healthiest home option available at Sakura Residence and take our pick from 100 units ranging from cluster homes to Semi-Ds to bungalows.


Japanese craftsmanship and technology in Malaysia

Behind its signature, torii gate-inspired entrance lies Malaysia‘s first and exclusive Japanese prefabricated luxurious development with enhanced features. Constructed in half the time of a conventional home, the main components are manufactured in state of the art Japanese factories under controlled conditions. while the foundation is laid on site. What’s more, these high-quality steel structures are produced with precision and uniformity; hence the construction process is not subjected to the error of individual craftsman, so the finished product has far fewer defects, particularly with its plumbing and electrical works.

With a design approach that is characterised by precision building with a more refined form and finishing, we will get to move into our new homes ahead of schedule, and with an absolute peace of mind.

Another unique feature we love about Sakura Residence is its superb heat insulation. Using heat insulation boards in the walls to prevent the outside heat from getting into the home, the same insulation also keeps the cool air from getting out. To accommodate the hot climate in Malaysia, the houses are also designed with a ceiling height of 3.4 metres for improved airflow.


Unlike traditional Malaysian houses, these homes are built to a high level of precision, ensuring there are no gaps at the windows and doors, thus keeping the place draught free and stable. Living here could also free us from common defects such as water leakage, wall cracks, moulding and termite attacks.

Therefore, it came as little surprise that over 70% of locals will soon be calling Sakura Residence their new home, and we are just as eager to join their ranks, circumstances permitting, of course!


Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food

The kitchen will be our family room, so naturally, a central kitchen island is high on our wish list of dream kitchen layouts, where we get to gather around and cook together. We can already imagine what’s cooking and all the weekend breakfast fun.

The grand notion could be conjured with a larger space typically needed to accommodate such a fixture, but what makes it cosy is the layout is flexible, functional and family-centred. Now, that’s what we call, our home!


Look, Ma, no clutter!

All of us fell instantly in love with the SHI.MA.U Smart Storage concept, which espouses the principles of optimal space optimisation, storage efficiency and usability. Now, there’s no need for a ladder to access hard-to-reach higher storage space, thanks to the folks at Panasonic. Now you see, now you don’t!

Currently consisting of three types of wall pull-down units constructed of highly rigid and durable material, we’ve no doubts the SHI-MA-U concept will become accessible and increasingly relevant to our Malaysian housing lifestyle!

Stepping past the dry kitchen, the scene changes from elegant to practical, with the same theme carries over to the wet kitchen. Even with an elongated floor plan, we’re suitably impressed how the kitchen opens up to reveal a generous amount of counter space, with the adjoining area also doubles as a laundry room.


The art of putting practicality with eye-catching ingenuity

Guess what we found? A secret compartment cum laundry chute on level 2 that leads straight to the utility room below. It’s tidy, it’s neat, and it makes our dirty laundry go away. What’s not to like?


Advanced technology meets hospitality, even at home!

Surprise, surprise. We never imagine having in-built heating in our washroom to enjoy heated seats, just like in Japan. With the TOTO washlet’s hygiene feature that’s can also eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria found on the toilet bowl, we need not put ourselves through that unpleasant shock of an icy cold toilet seat anymore. So much for advanced technology meets hospitality in Sakura Residence!


SLOW down to enjoy life, all over again

As we take the step up to the upper floor, we couldn’t help but notice the gentle slopes with inclines of less than 5%, easing mobility for the young and elderly. If only we had this highly ergonomic design in our current home while we were on clutches 2 years back, life would be so much better LOL!


Japanese-inspired tranquillity, within and beyond

Being a fan of tatami (woven reed mats), we also dreamed of having a tatami-style room in our home, and this raised platform with storage drawers certainly have our names on it! Apart from the functional aspects, we love how these minimalist living space convey the style and premium Japanese craftsmanship into our home while embodying the key characteristics and tranquillity of the Japanese lifestyle we’ve long been craving for. Now we know where to hide our video games and comic books!


Love ourselves, because we’re worth it!

The Japanese are indeed famous for their impeccable attention to detail, and it shows yet again in their design planning for the master bedroom in Sakura Residence. Walk-in wardrobe with see-through closet doors, spacious bathtub to soak in with our partner, double vanity, non-slip floors, waterproof socket points and two-way switches, the list goes on.

In particular, every sliding door and window is fitted with functional insect screens to keep mosquitos and pests at bay. Definitely, a welcome feature where dengue fever and zika are still prevalent, allowing us to be completely assured that our family is protected.

One more thing (actually, there’s more)! With Daiwa House putting forward its extensive knowledge of prefabrication technology that promises greater precision and durability in building homes, we can rest assured that its original external wall system can effectively prevent water from leaking into the walls, preventing the growth of mould which can cause health problems. The sound insulation also minimises the transmission of noise into our home, and the finger-safe doors are designed with no gap on the hinge side to prevent our fingers from getting caught in them! How’s that for being fundamentally perfect?


In the right place, with the right people

The luxurious ambience of Sakura Residence homes flows seamlessly to its grounds where the lavish beauty of nature and a range of facilities beckon us to spend our time outdoors. Set within a four-seasons themed landscape, the inviting pool at the Sakura Lounge presents an elegant space for a daily swim or simply to lounge in the sun, while the fully equipped gymnasium calls for a more regular work-out. To host a bigger party, the multi-purpose rooms and barbecue areas are all set for us to impress our visitors that living in Sakura Residence is a potentially rich and rewarding experience. That is if we planted the seeds of Sakura a long time ago, and we can now enjoy the cherry blossoms.

Sounds too good to be true? Seeing is believing. Schedule an appointment with Christine +60177528830 or Andy +60127170813 to view the show house and experience the Japanese design and technology in action, or click the link to explore Sakura Residence in 3D!


A2A Sakura Package (limited time period)

  • The fully-furnished package will include all the furniture and fitting including sofa set, dining table set, kitchen cabinet, kitchen electrical appliances, TV, wardrobe, bed set, curtain, lighting, air conditioners, ceiling fans
  • Free legal fee (SPA)
  • For viewing appointment or enquiry, kindly contact:
    (Christine) / +60127170813 (Andy)
    christine_hm / chiahungliang77
    christinek9 / chiahungliang


Brought to you exclusively by: 

A2A Development Strategy Sdn Bhd

📍 3-13, Hab Citrine, Sunway Citrine, Sunway Iskandar, Persiaran Medini 3,
Bandar Medini Iskandar 79250 Iskandar Puteri, Johor

(Christine) / +60127170813 (Andy)
christine_hm / chiahungliang77
christinek9 / chiahungliang


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