寻味毋关距离,回到有他上菜的桌上,一切感觉瞬间都对了。Back to doing what he does best, expect some joyful gastronomic “mix and match” @ Champor

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这一日,大人我风尘仆仆地从另一个活动现场赶到了SiLC工业区找寻职人之味,只因听闻 Champor 的午餐待客时光仅有三个小时,怎么说也得到此一尝心心念念了逾一年之久的滋味,Chef Mui 再战江湖,大人好生期待啊!

It’s not every day that a restaurant in Johor Bahru earns widespread accolades for its gourmet cuisine and food pairing, especially with a local chef at the stoves. As soon as we heard about Chef Mui‘s impending return after nearly a year out, we did not hesitate to go the extra mile (25 miles to be exact) across the city to the far end of Iskandar Puteri to be among the first to get into the “mix” with only a short span of three hours to spare.

Chef Mui 随心而择的落脚处,从 SproutChampor;从旧城区至新城区;从欧式料理至结合本地特色的餐点,这一迁何止逾40公里之距,但寻味毋关距离,回到有他上菜的桌上,听闻他详细解释后的那句 enjoy,一切感觉瞬间都对了。

There was always something brave and resolute about Chef Mui, as we admire his courage to physically move from a small, nondescript single-storey corner shop lot in JB’s oldest residential area to a sprawling factory space in one of Iskandar Puteri’s latest development. Taking a giant leap of faith from Sprout to Champor and making the transition from modern European to Asian influences, we are glad to see him back, and doing what he does best!

料理职人,不论在什么厨房场景,总能信手拈来,脑海中的剧本纵使演练了万千遍,仍不忘追求心与技的极致。每一回与 Chef Mui 见面,他总是一副从容面貌,过去三年间累积的精致料理盛名,对他而言更像是身外物,做菜之于他,在厨房中,在与人的交流中,见微知著,就是如此纯粹。

However, some things remained unchanged – his passion for educating diners on new ways to appreciate local fresh produce; his attention to detail, not only in food preparation but also in plating and presentation, and his pride and patience in taking time to explain every single dish he served, simply distinguishes Mui’s touch in Sprout and Champor, from the rest.

Champor 发音应能猜到这一回餐桌上将会有大马特色料理的存在,Chef Mui 向来擅于使用新鲜在地食材幻变出精致料理,光想到这,还没进餐就让大人我超期待了!

Deriving inspiration from a Malay expression, which may be loosely translated as “mix and match”, Champor continues his humble takes on the lunch menu with a hint of local or Asian twist on both the foods and drinks.

Homemade Sodas

有了 Champor 的搅和,就连饮料也开始有了不安分的滋味!(由左至右) Tamarind, Lime, Mint and Chilli Salt (RM12),Grapefruit Shrub, Orange and Rosemary (RM12) 与 Papaya, Passion Fruit, Chilli and Lime (RM14)  ,一人挑一杯,纸吸管直达入口的滋味立刻引出了三声的「哇!」,尤其是那一杯搭以辣椒实体的的苏打冷饮,「辣椒在杯里绝不是唬人的名堂,而是真有其味,喜欢这种具有冲击感的饮料,衷心推荐给看官们!」

For a start, we enjoyed the homemade sodas, in particular, the Papaya, Passion Fruit, Chilli and Lime with its obvious tell-tale slice of Red chilli in the drink and the Tamarind, Lime, Mint and Chilli Salt really spicing things up. For something milder but equally refreshing, the zesty Grapefruit Shrub, Orange and Rosemary drink is undoubtedly capable of whetting our appetite for the food that is coming our way. Cheers!

Pumpkin, Ginger and Curry Soup with Toast

超浓郁的南瓜汤品 Pumpkin, Ginger and Curry Soup with Toast (RM12) 搭配口感极脆的吐司,浓稠度像极了咱们常吃的印度煎饼蘸酱,饮毕后甚饱足啊!「南瓜与咖哩在汤里的比例浑然天成地好似他们不曾分开过。」

If the drinks have set the tone for the dishes ahead, the Pumpkin, Ginger and Curry Soup with Toast is capable of taking us to the next level. As we savour a bite of toast dipped into the rich puree of pumpkin with its pleasant curry flavour, we were immediately sent to the seventh heaven of delight, as good as having all our favourite “mamak” flavours all in a bowl. Absolutely mind-blowing!

Baked Beetroot with Tofu, Pickled Burdock, Cashew Nuts & Soy Chillies Dressing

近日的酷热天气绝对适合点选 Baked Beetroot with Tofu, Pickled Burdock, Cashew Nuts & Soy Chillies Dressing (RM18) 来降温!冻豆腐、甜菜根、腌制牛蒡与腰果的软硬极端组合,再挥洒葱花缀顶,数滴辣酱泼墨在盘中,「豆香与果香极富另类冲击力,入口后还能感受一股凉意来袭,室温仿佛瞬间降了几度呢!」

Our next starter is in stark contrast with the earlier soup and particularly refreshing in this weather, with the Baked Beetroot with Tofu tasting cool and mild. Served with crispy Pickled Burdock, Cashew Nuts & Soy Chillies Dressing, we just love the contrasting colours and crunchy texture that these toppings provided in every mouthful.

Spaghetti with Shitake, Seaweeds, Sesame Seeds & Miso Dashi Sauce

Spaghetti with Shitake, Seaweeds, Sesame Seeds & Miso Dashi Sauce (RM19, Add-on House Cured SAlmon, RM6) 加入了味噌高汤酱拌煮,也因有菌菇、海苔丝与芝麻的存在,入口后即知这是道日式风味异常浓郁的面食,Chef Mui 所施展的 Champor 功力果然不俗,「味噌汤喝多了,倒没想过用来入面,好喜欢这种滋味清雅的意面。」

Pasta lovers who enjoy a touch of Japanese would inevitably fall in love with this Spaghetti dish tossed in dashi sauce. Twirling the al dente pasta with our fork, we caught a whiff of the miso as we tucked into the accompanying Shitake, Seaweeds, Sesame Seeds. We also recommend adding on cubes of house-cured salmon for more bite.

Nasi Lemak Burger

能让大人我在堂食时又立刻决定外带给府中人的 (食毕后同样赞叹连连),就是这份 Nasi Lemak Burger (RM23) 了!瞧瞧那片沾满在地喷香腌料的厚实鸡肉块,汉堡里当然也少不了荷包蛋、黄瓜和参巴辣酱等中坚份子,大人我一咬下后立马将眼睛撑开了一倍,「怎么可以这么美味!滋味层次多元的鸡肉腌制地真好!绝对得推荐!」

话说,那位吃了外带的府中人也频频问大人何时再光顾呢 (哈哈),真是让人魂牵梦萦的料理啊!

Move over McD, for Mui’s rendition of the Nasi Lemak Burger, albeit without the nasi (or rice) ingredient, is probably the next best thing after the Malay comfort food itself. Inspired by nasi lemak flavours and sandwiched between two warm and soft sesame buns, the burger comprises of a spiced marinated chicken, fried egg, cucumber slices and sambal. We loved this so much that we “tapao” (take home) some more for our family! We’re almost salivating while writing this!

Roasted Flank Steak with Couscous and Pineapple Salsa

另一道被 Chef Mui 以牛腹胁肉 (据说是墨西哥料理爱用的部位),北非小米、黄梨拌萨尔萨辣酱与印度脆饼所 Champor 而成的料理 Roasted Flank Steak with Couscous and Pineapple Salsa with a side of Rendang Sauce and a crispy Papadam (RM38),超有异国风味啊!「无筋的牛肉嚼起来较不费力,蘸点咖哩超冲击味蕾的!」

The Roasted Flank Steak is honestly a steal! We mean, where else could you get steaks for prices as low as this!? For too long, we’ve ignored the flavourful goodness of less popular cuts like the flank steak, which is a secondary cut taken from the abdominal muscles or lower chest of the cow. Grilled to medium doneness, the meat was lean and surprisingly flavourful, and the rule to thumb is to slice the meat against the grain, to enhance the meat’s tenderness, or it can get a little tough. Kudos to Chef Mui for living the Champor spirit by creatively putting together in a single serving, an exciting combination with Couscous and Pineapple Salsa with a side of Rendang Sauce and a crispy Papadam!

Coconut Panna Cotta, Gula Melaka Sponge, Pandan Coconut Cream and Puff Rice

大人我对他们的期待何止是主食而已,就连甜点也让咱们一桌频频称许啊!Coconut Panna Cotta, Gula Melaka Sponge, Pandan Coconut Cream and Puff Rice (上图,RM18) 有着香兰叶椰香与椰糖中的极品 – 马六甲椰糖的加持,没有一丝虚假糖精的甜点太让人把持不住,「搭着炸米糠简直超有东南亚特色!」

Finally, we round off the meal with Chef Mui’s choice of dessert, beginning with the Coconut Panna Cotta presented in a cube. Aromatised with coconut and created with rich layers of Gula Melaka Sponge and fragrant Pandan Coconut Cream resting on a bed of Puff Rice, this classic confection is clearly an instant hit as we happily slurp each mouthful and polish off the plate in no time at all!

Banana Sponge, Roasted Banana Sorbet, Peanut Butter Mousse & Crushed Peanuts

而另一道 Banana Sponge, Roasted Banana Sorbet, Peanut Butter Mousse & Crushed Peanuts (下图,RM18) 就更为咱们新山人所熟悉了,「香蕉蛋糕不消说已经是新山的美食名片。」搭着烤蕉雪葩、花生酱慕斯与花生碎片,滋味浓郁却不甜腻。

The trio of Banana Sponge, Roasted Banana Sorbet, Peanut Butter Mousse & Crushed Peanuts is also equally gratifying and brings the curtain to an amazing gastronomical journey around Asia. Surprisingly, the banana sponge does not fail in comparison with its more famous counterpart in downtown JB, while the sorbet and mousse certainly add a new dimension to our overall enjoyment for this classic local dessert!

Cauliflowers Steak, Quinoa Salad, Spiced Corns & Almonds

临行前,大人瞧见了这道刚从厨房准备好等着上别人桌的素食料理 Cauliflowers Steak, Quinoa Salad, Spiced Corns & Almonds (RM19) ,先摄下让持素的看官们也瞧瞧。当然,Chef Mui 的料理大人建议别仅视吃,得亲自入口才能知真章,「下回必得一试。」

The menu at Champor also offers vegan options, and we managed to catch a glimpse of the Cauliflowers Steak, one of the popular items served on a bed of quinoa salad and garnished with spiced corns and whole almonds just before departure. We make a mental note to return to try this!

有些食材,原本不被人欣赏,透过料理职人的巧手,犹如重生。我想,Champor 也有异曲同工之处吧,边将在地美食给人的即有印象给来个乾坤大挪移,又不减其风味,对材料的执着,认真对待厨艺的初心,大人喜见更多人客们选择阖家到此品尝诚意之作。

Glad to have you back, Chef Mui, and we cannot wait for dinner at the new Sprout to see how you continue to create a delightful dining experience for discerning diners in this new area as well.

Champor / Sprout

📍 29, Jalan SILC 2/3, Kawasan Perindustrian SiLC, 79200 Iskandar Puteri, Johor
📞 +6018-319 4885
🕚 11.30am to 3.00pm [Lunch]. Closed on Sunday.
📱 Champor.JB



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