有实力,亦有食力:将当季食材凝炼成让人放心的食疗料理 by grace grocery: purveyors of naturally tasty & healthy produce for your entire family!

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Finding healthy food that is free of preservatives and artificial flavourings can prove to be no easy feat. but if you’re determined like us on making the switch to a healthier lifestyle at the start of 2018, all you have to do now is start hunting them or follow us in our latest “Find Dining” in Johor Bahru. While rounding up some of the health food stores around the country that sell superfoods, organic produce and gluten-free products, we stumbled upon a surprising discovery that is quietly preparing our next healthy meal right at our doorsteps!

「本地应该没人愿意细雕慢琢推出市场吧?」殊不知,向以精致甜点闻名的 by grace Dessert 原来年前已悄悄转型为复合式供应严选食材的食疗甜点坊,大人心心念念的无添加食品,原来远在天边,近在眼前啊!」

We are absolutely sure by grace is no stranger to local foodies and fans of their sweet treats from their early days in Taman Pelangi, but little did many (including yours truly) know that the dessert shop has moved (literally) to offer alternative food that caters for the calorie-conscious and healthy produce market!

位于 Mount Austin 区小巴黎街角单位的  by grace Dessert,室内外风格秉承一贯务实作风,柜里架上那装载着厚工亲为、限季限量的瓶瓶罐罐,对大人来说这才是他们家最动人的装饰。大人到店时,巧逢冬至、圣诞与新年这段佳节期间,是采买的好时节啊!」而且还能透过官网 www.bygrace.com.my ,脸书专页 bygracejb 或 Whatsapp 011 1067 3337 预订哦!

试想以下食材得经过多少繁复的功法才能一一呈现在眼前啊!冬至手工焙茶汤圆、各式亲自研磨的蘸酱、新春手工曲奇、限量手工少糖的桂花枸杞子紅棗桂圆鲤鱼年糕、即热无味精全素汤品、醋腌蔬果、黑椒鸡胸肉、牛油抹酱、蒜米油、以自家香草料制作的雪酪,当然还有他们家最著名的 Lava cake!

by grace now makes it easier for fast-paced Johoreans (and Singaporeans) like us to shop or plan our daily meals, and their new store in Mount Austin (Little Paris) offers a wide variety of recipes derived from Asian and western cuisines and all necessary ingredients for all occasions! You really have to pop by personally to find out the vast array of sweet treats and healthy food on offer, ranging from festive dumplings, homemade cookies, koi cakes to healthier alternatives such as pickled fruits, spreads, sauces, spices, marinated meat, yoghurts to their signature sweet treats – our favourite lava cake, of course!

Homemade sauces

用时光淬炼的滋味,舌尖绝对能为其作证,真材实料。」女主人 Grace 笑言,客人们若是试了后没买,真的没关系哦!因为或许你现在没有这个需要,但有一天当你想念这个味道时,by grace 就在这里为你服务。」不得不说,在这儿从顾客变成朋友的例子还真是屡见不鲜啊!大人一口气试了好多种口味的蘸酱、抹酱、醋腌小菜与新春手工曲奇,「只有亲自试过才能理解的好味道!真想马上推荐给密探们!现在我只担心到底该选哪一样才好啊!」别担心,原来买得越多,价钱更优惠啊!这是主人家为了鼓励大家能摄取更健康食材的回馈哦!

无添加香精、味精与防腐剂,以手工选料慢煮的自家蘸酱,亦适合年长人士、小孩或癌患者食用 (凡购买两罐蘸酱将配有精美礼袋,赏味期限一个月),若无法摄取正常份量的盐或糖分,亦可请负责人为你配制。男主人 Gio 透露「以香精制成的产品,未尝即可闻其香味;而以自然食材制成的产品,浅尝后滋味才会在口中释出, aftertaste 层次感分明。

In Grace‘s words, her secret to many of our celebrated dishes is in the use of the right amount and blend of fresh ingredients. Any recipe that may be bland, ordinary, and uninteresting at first can be transformed into an appetising and scrumptious feast with the addition of spices and seasonings that can enrich and deepen the taste.

Whether it is for food prepared at home or served in a restaurant or a corner stall, by grace has an extensive selection of condiments carefully curated by Chef Gio (Grace’s hubby) that envelop a broad spectrum of flavours and aftertaste, from sweet to sour, bitter to hot, that can guarantee a more gratifying meal.

•  Laksa Pesto
•  Sun-dried Tomato Pesto
•  XO Sauce
•  Steamboat Chilli
•  Spicy Seafood
•  Ginger & Bean Paste
•  Shiso & Chinese Olive

•  Garlic Butter
•  Orange Butter
•  Herbs Butter
•  Truffle & Porcini Butter
•  Earl Grey Milk Spread
•  Houjicha Milk Spread
•  Uji Matcha Milk Spread
•  Caramel Milk Spread

Pickled fruits in Japanese vinegar

询及主人家为何会从甜点转换到市场上较少见的手作食材料理,Grace 坦言因年前父亲突然生病离世,让她顿觉健康食疗的重要性,同时也借此调整生活方式,一步一脚印找回该有的健康饮食习惯。以日本醋腌制的蔬果,即是父亲生前的想法。

就好似咱们上韩国餐馆所食用的腌制小菜,这一罐罐以日本醋腌制的蔬果不仅可当日常餐点享用,食毕后,余下的醋还能加入适量蜂蜜与温水匀和,有加速新陈代谢之效哦!Grace 还向大人透露了一个小撇步,原来这醋还能用来拌沙拉或炒菜呢!「日本醋并不会过酸,好些顾客告诉我们吃了醋腌蔬果后,手脚冰冷改善了不少,膝盖酸痛亦舒缓许多,同时睡眠素质也变得更佳。


It’s no secret that the lifestyle of a typical chef is not healthy, and many tend to work long hours, never rest and don’t take good care of themselves. Having lost her dad due to an unfortunate illness, Grace realised the importance of eating right and maintaining a balanced diet. After a complete overhaul of their eating habits and menu, Grace and Gio are now in their best conditions ever and have made it their mission to help other people find their way to health through a better relationship with food.

Using the power of the plate to turn their own lives around, without sacrificing an ounce of pleasure, Grace set out to reinvent her sweet treats with a healthier twist by offering pickled fruits in Japanese vinegar to continue to satisfy the cravings of her customers. We can still remember the first time we ate a pickle as kids and did not quite like the pungent smell of vinegar, but the surprising crunch and sharp taste from the chef couple somehow impressed us. The “secret”, according to Grace, lies in using the right pickling methods and ingredients. After experimenting for months on getting her recipe right, the pickled fruits by grace are both refreshing and simulate digestion. These macrobiotic food are also very healthy due to her fermentation process using the finest Japanese vinegar, and that has completely changed our childhood perception.

Often used as a condiment to offset the fatty richness, the pickled fruits can also be used in cooked and raw dishes, where its distinctive sourness and mild spiciness add a bright flavour to other dishes. Grace suggested using the remaining pickling juice be used in place of vinegar for an Asian-influenced salad dressing or in a soy-sauce-flavoured stir-fry, or even include it in fried rice during the cooking process or serving it alongside other dishes. Alternatively, try mixing the pickling juice with warm honey for our daily detox. Miraculously, some of her regular customers have now observed notable improvements in their aged-old joint discomfort and other ailments.

•  Bentong Ginger
•  Gojiberry
•  Onion
•  Red Date
•  Dried Longan & Red Date
•  Beet Root
•  30 Days Garlic NEW!
•  Australia Celery
•  Basil Tomato

即热无味精全素汤品 | 黑椒鸡胸肉
by Grace’s Hearty Soups without “MSG”

厨艺不佳?忙碌的上班族总是无时间准备三餐?不想每日外食让身体造成负担?这回大人当真是为自己找到了救星!by grace 的即热无味精全素汤品与黑椒鸡胸肉,真是让人无需再操心毫无调味的天赋了!以新鲜蔬菜熬煮多时的全素汤品步骤简化至只需连带包装放入沸水中加热即可;而黑椒鸡胸肉亦已调味妥当,只需微煎就可轻松完成低碳饮食法。「在派对时也能派上用场啊!

Grace 透露,「顾客可配制适合自身口味的食材,可选清淡少盐份,许多顾客习惯与友人一起预订多份多天料理,因可享有15%-20%的优惠;而常客则间隔数天上门取货以保新鲜度。

Still wondering about what’s for dinner after a long day in office? Forget about working ourselves up on measuring and weighing ingredients, especially when we’re looking to prepare a decent meal for our family, because by grace has already got it covered with her latest range of MSG-free soup base and pre-marinated meat products. Recipes are available along with step-by-step procedures that even novice cooks like us will definitely find a less messy way of preparing home food, with many of her regulars stocking up suppliers for up to a week while enjoying 15% to 20% savings for bulk orders.

by Grace’s Hearty Soups without “MSG”
•  Mushroom Soup
•  Pumpkin Soup
•  Tomato Soup
•  Red Cabbage Soup
•  Vegetable Barley Soup
•  South West Soup
•  Mashed Potato
•  Corn Soup

•  Spicy Lemongrass
•  Pomotoro
•  Shitake & Minced Chicken
•  Thai Basil & Minced Chicken

Meat (with marination, no MSG and preservatives)
•  Salmon
•  Chicken Breast
•  Lamb Rack

Signature festive cookies


Of course, no Chinese New Year celebrations would be complete without food, and these Signature Cookies by grace are ready for our party with just a click of our mouse, with DELIVERY NATIONWIDE!

所有 by grace 的食材料理皆可透过官网 www.bygrace.com.my ,脸书专页 bygracejb 或 whatsapp 011 1067 3337 预订哦!运费为RM25,购满 RM200 可享免运!

Here’s the full range of flavours available, and what we have picked up from the store so that our CNY party platter can be ready in no time! Orders can be placed via their website (www.bygrace.com.my), Facebook page (bygracejb) or Whatsapp (011 1067 3337). FREE delivery on orders above RM200 or a standard delivery fee of RM25 applies.

新春手工曲奇 Signature cookies
•  昆布海藻 Kombu & Seaweed
•  红枣 Red Date – 👍 Editor’s Choice!
•  桃花茶 Peach Blossom
•  薄荷茶 Mint Tea
•  咸蛋 Salted Egg Yolk
•  桂花枸杞子 Osmanthus
•  伯爵茶 Earl Grey
•  牛肝菌 Porcini Mushroom – 👍 Editor’s Choice!
•  玄米茶 Genmaicha

逢周四至周日,by grace 也会特选数种食材做促销,可别小看每样产品看似家常,备料相当耗时,食材皆选用橄榄油烹制,「处理2公斤的文冬姜约需2个小时。最让人暖心的当属顾客们常会透过 Whatsapp 分享食谱、健康资讯与心得,从吃甜品的那份开心,转为让大家吃得健康的那份关心, GraceGio 总是全力以赴,将当季食材凝炼成让人放心的食疗料理。

Be sure to regularly visit by grace grocery every Thursdays to Sundays to check out their weekly or seasonal promotions, and join their private Whatsapp group for the latest tips and recipes by Grace and Gio for some healthy alternative food therapy!


We all wish to strive for a better version of ourselves, one way or another, and what better way than to start a brand new year by changing our meal patterns into something a little more easing on our tummies? Thank you Grace and Gio, we are sure to find these useful for those days where we just feel like eating healthy, or when we’re too stuffed with all the good food around.

From all of us at team MAGistrate, we wish everyone a blessed and healthier 2018 ahead, and beyond! Happy New Year!

By Grace

Address: G-01, Block A, Jalan Jaya Putra 1/1, Bandar Jaya Putra, Johor Bahru.
Time: 12pm-7pm (Closed on Wednesday)
Contact: +6011 – 1067 3337
Email: info@bygrace.com.my
Website: bygrace.com.my


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