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一种无人能挑拨的亲密关系:胃里的地老天荒 Brazzo: a personal food relationship that stood the test of time!

一种无人能挑拨的亲密关系:胃里的地老天荒 Brazzo: a personal food relationship that stood the test of time!

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We all love good food, and we have a really great relationship. Good food comforts us like no one else can, fills us up with genuine happiness, and we love talking and thinking about them. You could say we are foodies at heart and that food and eating makes up a big part of our lives and who we are. While the appearance of foods probably is necessary, we are mindful not to let our human desire for novelty and new experiences ignore what our eyes may be tasting and listening to our tongue and nose.

2013年3月中旬,Brazzo 的一号店诞生於此,逾四年的岁月,累积的何止是资历与数家颇具人气的分行,更是饕客犒赏味蕾的归宿。

In today’s ever-expanding world of “gastro-tourism” (which Johor Bahru aspires to be) where “foodie-ism” is now something that many people are buying into, many restaurants and cafes have stepped up to the mark, offering novelty dining concepts, innovative menus and culinary curiosities to appease foodies’ appetite for insta-worthy meals. We are glad that the original Brazzo Restaurant & Lounge which opened in March 2013 has managed to stay on trend (not trendy), while also remaining true to their basic principles and devoutly loyal customer base.

(左起 / From left)Xiang Foo、Tsing Whey、Roland、Michael 及 Eddie

由数位誓将好酒美食相聚一起的好伙伴所创立的 BrazzoPonderosa 商业区将相邻的两个空间打造为一方为都市人解压的高脚椅区;另一方则为家庭食客至爱的用餐区,据悉识途老马到了这儿,了若指掌的餐谱早已化有形於无形,今日若不试试自行打通厨艺任督二脉的执行总厨 Xiang Foo 之手艺,大人怎会放过自己?依样画葫芦,为看官们亲尝推荐数道老饕们指定的料理,锁定荧幕别走远。

Co-founded by Tsing Whey, Roland, Eddie, Michael and Exec. Chef Xiang Foo – a group of passionate and like-minded entrepreneurs who have taken their collective expertise to the high table of F&B management with different concept eateries dotted across some of JB’s most strategic location, Brazzo has carved out a niche across all ages and the affluent crowd since opening its first outlet in Taman Ponderosa. Boasting not only style but substance as well, the management team lived by the simple but crucial core philosophy of using the finest available produce and cook ingredients simply to preserve its natural flavours. We couldn’t actually agree more!

【大人小分享】Brazzo Restaurant & Lounge 也有为各式料理搭配适合酒饮的服务 (Pairing),馆内供餐属 Non-Halal 料理,若是举办私人餐宴,亦可要求特色餐点与配酒服务 (以 Whisky 与 Gin 为主)。

To elevate our overall gastronomic experience, a selection of premium wines and liquors are available to accompany meals as we can request for a special chef’s recommendation on the right wine to go with each dish, so as to bring out the flavours of the food served.

私人派对空间 “Secret” Basement

神秘的地下密室?Brazzo Restaurant & Lounge 竟有个藏在地面下的 (双单位相连)大型私人派对空间!属意办个介于50-100人的隐秘生日、求婚派对或个性化产品推荐展?详情意洽 Jay +6010-760 1723 及 Xiang +6016-781 6615。

There’s nothing quite like stumbling upon a new hidden gem, is there? For a party that can feed our huge squad, Brazzo‘s exclusive Hidden Basement (made up of two adjacent units) is perfect for casual events and private get-together for up to 50-100 guests to let our hair down and party at our playful discretion. For further enquiries, please contact Jay +6010-760 1723 及 Xiang +6016-781 6615.

Now, let’s check out what Chef Xiang has in stall for us…

碳烤德国「全条」香肠 Char Grilled Linked German Sausages

两节相连的碳烤德国「全条」香肠 (Char Grilled Linked German Sausages) 外层脆内里饱满,「全条」顾名思义即是不将之剪断,乃按照主人家的秘制食谱请厂家特别制作,一瞧即知这乃 Brazzo 的独家招牌香肠,绝非市场采买而烹。「哦~香肠皮衣特薄!却又能紧裹肉身,口感果然与平日所尝不同,微脆而有嚼劲!」发誓一登场即永不分手的招牌香肠,原来想把最终的幸福赐予大人啊。

The classic no-frills German tube steak may look like your typical sausages off the supermarket but trust us the ones here are quality stuff as Chef Xiang gets his “brats” (sausages) made according to his own recipes offsite. Fresh off the griddle, it was salty and somewhat smoky, but with the natural sweetness of the meat infused with tonnes of black pepper dipped in a spicy mustard for that hearty pick-me-up. Personally, we would prefer thickness to length as it fills up the mouth better but this is good till the last bite and of great value too.

食验味星 Rating ★★★★

招牌蜜汁煎鸡扒 Char Grilled Chicken Thigh 

鸡扒向来是本地餐馆中出镜率颇高的一道料理,滋味良劣绝大程度取决于肉质是否新鲜。先腌后烤的招牌蜜汁煎鸡扒 (Char Grilled Chicken Thigh) ,烤纹上浇满主人家的特调蜜汁,「没有任何炫技的做法,美味的重点绝对在于肉质新鲜腴美。」一口咬下,没有扰人的「冻」感,只有动感。好弹嫩,大人愉悦咬合着。

It’s always an overdose of MSG whenever we had western dine out, making us all thirsty and drowning ourselves much with water but thank goodness this is not the case with their signature Char Grilled Chicken Thigh. The chicken thigh was partially cooked in a secret recipe mixture first and then grilled over charcoal, this way the meat absorbs the juices and better retains its chewy texture for optimal flavour. This dish would suit those with a lower tolerance for spice, given the sweet and tangy taste of the sauce.

食验味星 Rating ★★★★

焗烤大西洋鳕鱼 Oven Baked Atlantic King Cod Fish

若说刚品尝的鸡扒是陆地界的弹嫩代表,那深海界的代表就让焗烤大西洋鳕鱼 (Oven Baked Atlantic King Cod Fish) 来统领吧!只以盐与胡椒加身的雪白凝脂,纯洁地让大人不敢造次。「盘踞碟靶位置的鳕鱼块,拳头般大,厚而爽弹。」铺底的薯泥里似乎能尝到某种食蔬的熟悉感,顿让大人陷入了你到底是谁的漩涡里,「我们曾经见过吗?」

We know some of you don’t share quite the same carnivorous nature, so you’ll be happy to know that Brazzo also includes fresh catches, if the meat offerings get a bit too much (as you will soon discover). We particularly enjoyed the Oven Baked Atlantic King Cod Fish which was well-executed and retained its original flavour. The outer layer held a firmer texture while the flesh was moist, flaky and soft to the bite. Overall, the cod fish hits all the right spots with its luxurious mouthfeel, so we highly recommend this to any fish lovers out there.

食验味星 Rating ★★★★☆

碳烤纽西兰小羊排 Char Grilled NZ Lamb Racks

七分熟的碳烤纽西兰小羊排 (Char Grilled NZ Lamb Racks) 在与特调酱汁融为一体后,搭配红酒共餐简直彼此香溢了彼此。「肉质鲜美的小羊排丝毫与羊羶味沾不上边,千万别忽略了深藏底部的优选配菜,这一回咱们就尝了极好味的马铃薯块与菌菇。」一碟子的爱屋及乌。

These medium-well Char Grilled NZ Lamb Racks were one of the best racks that we’ve tried in town, with the quality cuts really speak for themselves. The meat falling was off the bone and it’s so good that we do not really need any sauce to go along with it though it still paired perfectly with the accompanying brown sauce, together with generous amounts of cherry tomatoes, potatoes and mushrooms.

食验味星 Rating ★★★★☆

碳烤澳洲沙朗牛排 (专食300足天谷粮) Char Grilled Ranger Valley 300 days Sirloin BMS3

让大人咀嚼时仍觉如沐春风的,自然就是这一份碳烤澳洲沙朗牛排 (专食300足天谷粮,Char Grilled Ranger Valley 300 days Sirloin BMS3)。「看得到的肉汁!配上以蓝纹奶酪焗烤的巨型波特菇,口腔里都被香脂紧紧围绕着,谁也不愿放开彼此。」300天的谷饲,就是细节。

Although not at the highest marbling score, the Char Grilled Ranger Valley 300 days Sirloin BMS3 steak was surprisingly and tender and has a subtle, unique underlying sweetness to it. Being a steak purist in a way, we prefer our meat without adulteration. and Chef Xiang more than delivered with a tender, juicy and generous cut that was well-seasoned. Just look at those sexy grill marks, well done (our compliment to the chef, not the doneness of the meat LOL)!

食验味星 Rating ★★★★

招牌西班牙黑猪脸颊肉 Brazzo’s Iberico Pork Cheek

紧闭双眼、细致易嚼的油脂纹理在嘴里翻滚着,招牌西班牙黑猪脸颊肉 (Brazzo’s Iberico Pork Cheek) 让大人只愿在放空的灵神中与之交流。今日所点乃带甜的什锦莓果酱,甚为解腻 (点餐之前亦可要求更换酱汁)。「饕客必点!西班牙伊比利亚黑猪浑身是宝,堪比和牛等级。这一回的脸颊肉就让大人的舌尖谈起一场桃红色之恋了!」入口即化,大人此生愿意不断温习彼此的热情。

Take comfort in this pork as we were led to believe that eating Iberico pork can actually reduce one’s levels of bad cholesterol and increase levels of the good stuff. Even the Spanish regards their prized Iberian Pigs as “walking olive trees” so kudos to Brazzo for bringing us the most coveted pork in the world. Accompanied with mixed berries puree dressing, the Brazzo’s Iberico Pork Cheek was a refreshing twist. While the pork cheek had a firm, lean bite to it, it still contained hints of fatty meat on the side, with subtly sweet notes characterised by the fresh puree which made it rather appetising.

食验味星 Rating ★★★★★

意式海鲜奶油烩饭配上帕马斯脆饼 Seafood Risotto with Parmesan Crisps 

是谁偷偷偷走了大人我的心? 答案就是这一道意式海鲜奶油烩饭配上帕马斯脆饼 (Seafood Risotto with Parmesan Crisps)!请别对那帕马斯脆饼视而不见,它好提香鲜!「被长时以高汤所烹制的浓郁米粒们,绝对没有被辜负。好吃地不像话。」心,都给了你,怎会舍得不打出五颗星的高评呢?

Though definitely a meat lover’s place, the Seafood Risotto with Parmesan Crisps and the likes are no slouches in the taste department either. The risotto is simple and cooked al dente and the rice holds its shape while glistening in the goopiness of the flavourful stock, all while still wearing that subtle stock aroma with a creamy consistency that we particularly enjoyed. A welcome change from the meat-only dishes, delizioso!

食验味星 Rating ★★★★★


Striking a balance between being trendy and staying true to the brand, while remaining profitable is something many restauranteurs and the industry players are struggling to achieve. After all, Malaysians as a whole are not the most loyal of consumers and they get bored easily, so the challenge is to diligently study the customers to determine their ever-changing preferences, continually update and consciously differentiate themselves from their competitors of which there are many. From makeovers of premises to revamped menus at their existing and upcoming outlets, the likes of Brazzo is stepping up their efforts to meet the evolving tastes and lifestyles of local consumers.

A toast to good food that stays true to the Brazzo‘s philosophy, and happy 4th anniversary with many more great years to come. Cheers!

Brazzo Restaurant & Lounge

Address: 8, Jalan Ponderosa 2/1, Taman Ponderosa, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: +607-351 3034
Time: 12pm-1am (Closed on Sunday)

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