「中学时我们就曾说过,长大以后要做剧团。」唯有梦想不落幕,原来是这一通电话,让新山从此有了 -《暗房》。 The fateful phone call that keeps a high school calling, and the “BlackRoom” dreams alive!

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As we grow through life, we will meet many people along the way. Many will become our associate, someone we acknowledge every now and then. Some, we will call them, our friend. However, very few, maybe no more than 2 or 3, will have the privilege of being considered a lifelong friend. For us, our friends from high school saw us at our worst and our best. They supported all our wins and helped us through our failures. They made us who we are.



打开话匣子一点都不难,毕竟大人我也是校友,这时书玉突然抛出一个问题,「大人,在新山有哪场表演活动让你最难忘?」这问题倒是难不倒大人,犹记得去年12月在新山市中心参加过一场酒店开幕仪式,那迎宾方式真的好特别,不同於往日仅以剪彩舞龙舞狮助兴,而是加入了以迪斯尼音乐剧 Beauty and the Beast 为题的精彩表演,至今难忘。「真的吗?大人!你说你最难忘的是那一场活动?」没错!只见两人耶的一声击掌欢呼,原来那真是你俩的杰作啊!「大人!我就是扮演茶壶那一位。」毓雯这么一说,大人这才恍然大悟 😂。

Nestled in the penthouse unit of a corner shop lot in Bandar Seri Alam, lies a BlackRoom that’s is a shiny beacon of light in the local drama and culture scene. The brainchild of Brenda and Yuwen, BlackRoom is the culmination of a chanced encounter in high school and a shared passion for acting and the arts.

“Good morning, had your breakfast already?” The warm greeting on arrival by Yuwen instantly broke the ice and the welcome coffee sets the stage for a free-flowing and productive conversation that would take up almost our entire day. The real surprise, however, was the fact that our first encounter actually took place in the most unexpected of circumstances. When Yuwen posed us a casual question “Given your omnipresence in so many functions and events, which is your most memorable?” We unanimously point to the grand opening ceremony of Trove Johor Bahru last December, with the various characters from Alice in Wonderland singing and interacting with the guests throughout. Yuwen revealed a startling response, “I was there too, as the teapot!”

「中学时我们就曾说过,长大以后要做剧团。」这个长植心中的梦想,随着书玉毓雯在毕业后,分别往国立台湾师范大学 (主修英国文学,副修表演艺术) 与新山南方大学 (平面设计) 深造后而搁置了,「从台湾回国后,我便在自家的冰淇淋公司上班了好几年,是毓雯的一通电话,让这个当初的梦想有了成团的契机。」眼前的书玉,谈起这段往事仍犹历历在目。

搞艺术,相信许多人 (尤其是身边的长辈) 的第一个联想就是,「搞艺术能当饭吃吗?」书玉说当初原先反对其想主修表演艺术的父亲,在她大学毕业回国后反倒相当支持她继续往表演这一块发挥,毓雯的那一通电话,宛如一把火,「大家还记得几年前国光石化要进军边加兰盖厂这件事吧?当时有一个社运组织,叫做柔南黄色行动小组 (JYF),他们做了一个活动叫拯救边加兰艺术计划,毓雯当初在网上看到这个计划后就心想不如就趁自己去纽西兰背包打工渡假前做一件有意义的事,于是就打了通电话给我。」在旁的毓雯笑言,因为实在不想埋没书玉的才华才拨电询问其参与的欲望,书玉一句「好啊!」就让两人决定驱车到边加兰参与了那一场社运抗争集会,并向JYF表达想在渔村内做一场实验剧场的想法,「看了那一片海滩后,我们决定转念捍卫这里的环境。虽然我们在宽中都是戏剧研究会的会友,但毕业后就读的科系并不同。那时我们心想既然要一起参加这个计划,不如就用我们最擅长的表演艺术与插画结合,以剧场的动态方式与插画展览的静态方式,来为边加兰事件发声。」

Their dream to set up a performing arts troupe while in high school was never forgotten, but life has other plans. Destiny first took Brenda and Yuwen on different paths, to National Taiwan Normal University (majoring in English literature, with a minor in performing arts) and Southern University College (majoring in graphic design and illustration) respectively. “All was well for a few years, as I joined my family ice-cream manufacturing business after graduation before a phone call from Yuwen would turn my world around,” Brenda recalled vividly on this pivotal, even life-changing moment!

Like most around us, many were sceptical and questioned her decision when Brenda took to the arts again. She attributed her U-turn to the support of her dad, who initially opposed her pursuits in performing arts. That fateful phone call in 2012 from Yuwen came in her midst of preparing for her working holiday to New Zealand. Upon learning about the “Save Pengerang” movement by the Johor Yellow Flame (JYF) group, she puts her plans on hold. Sensing their inner callings to contribute and help make a difference, Yuwen took a long shot by picking up the phone and Brenda gladly obliged without any second thoughts. After making their trip to Penggerang and understanding the circumstances surrounding the fishing village, the ladies decided to take on a bold and experimental approach to create awareness to the plight of Pengerang. What better way to support the rally, and for the residents to be heard loud and clear than to actually paint the pain, and act out the consequences that are plain for all to see?


Aptly named “The Dead Sea”, the duo’s debut appearance saw over two hundred members of the public and the media travelled the distance to appreciate up close and personal the scenery, as well as the severity of the environmental issue. When quizzed by the press for more background on their yet-to-be-named performing group, Brenda and Yuwen looked each other in the eyes, before quick-wittedly coming up with BlackRoom Theatre & Illustration– a space dedicated to inviting people to empower, explore and experience life through various art forms. 


「三楼的空间差点就成了外劳宿舍,知道这消息后当下真是晴天霹雳。」最初的暗房位居单位最顶端,之所以会忍痛把楼下 (三楼) 的空间也租下,完全是为了避免无谓的纷扰,毕竟剧场表演空间所营造出的氛围与其安全性也需慎重拿捏,即便面对财务吃紧,书玉仍持着捍卫梦想的坚毅,大人此刻开始认为,她的信仰应该是,「勇敢」

Located on the 3rd floor and penthouse level, the BlackRoom is anything but dark, with the walls decorated with memories and memorabilia from their past performances. “You would have probably noticed the washroom is covered with mirrors with an artistic twist,” Brenda pointed out. It turns out that these reflective glasses with oxygen masks mural were part of the installation from the “Save Pengerang” art project, a solemn display of solidarity with the residents designed for visitors (and perpetrators) to do some serious soul searching and self-reflection!  

“Guess what, our original space was confined to the top floor due to tight constraints. On learning the space below would be converted into a dormitory for the nearby foreign workers, we had to act fast and bite the bullet,” Shuyu revealed. Determined to defend their dreams and to provide a working environment without disturbance, BlackRoom needs to be free from all distraction and noise. The ladies are also adamant that the same venue should be conducive for the audience to appreciate their works. We sincerely applaud the extra effort they put into all their shows while simultaneously preserving the “environment”. Kudos for courage!

Black Room 暗房简介


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2012年7月15日成团后,暗房的表演皆是与宽柔中学的学弟妹们一起参与,由于大多有正职在身,因此也仅能利用周末业余的时间进行排练,「由于许多人因为地理因素错过了当初在边加兰的那场演出,我们便决定将这表演《死海新山站》搬到新山 City Plaza 三楼的一个仓库内做演出。」书玉说起这一切原本并不在计划内,因为伙伴毓雯其实已因表演而多次展延到纽西兰背包旅行的时间。


With their official formation on 15 July 2012, BlackRoom began with the gathering of many like-minded alumni of Foon Yew High School. Actually, most members were juggling between their full-time employment and rehearsals after work. Before having their own performing arts studio, the shows were staged in a vacant office store on the third level of City Plaza, including a JB reprisal of “The Dead Sea” for those who missed the original play. The time has also come for Yuwen to finally embark on her overdue NZ working holidays, having put her plans on hold for the Pengerang’s cause. In her absence, Brenda opted to keep the show going by being actively involved in many curated alma mater’s anniversary performances and corporate events. Even without a proper calendar of events, Brenda insisted on having at least a signature show for the public at least once a year to keep the momentum, and their fans and following happy.

《面惧》剧场演出暨插话展览 观众观后分享

好评如潮!暗房剧场演出 暨 插画展览 《面惧》5月8号 加场啦!!!感谢观众朋友们对《面惧》的支持,让我们在为社会发声的创作路上,继续探索,走得更远!倒数4天,门票有限 ,万勿再次错过!!!————————————————————————————————日期:2016 年 5月 8日 (日)地点:BLACK BOX, MAP NUSAJAYA, MALL of MEDINI (Legoland)票价:RM 40热线:018-784 5022————————————————————————————————2个场次:3a. 插画展览:10:00am 剧场演出:11:00am3b. 插画展览:02:00pm 剧场演出:03:00pm

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小品1:《十面埋伏》腐败的治安深刻的植入每个市民的心,冷淡消极的态度只是为了保护自己,社会变得越来越冷漠,这样的循环,是否应该继续?日期:2016年4月2日及3日地点:BLACK BOX, MAP NUSAJAYA, MALL OF…

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2016年4月,暗房连同30位来自全马的插画家於 Mall of Medini 的 Black Box 同场诠释以《面惧》为主题的剧场表演与插画展览。为期两天四个场次的插画展与两个小品演出 - 《十面埋伏》《Notification》,针对社会治安让人性变得冷漠的真实情景与仰赖网络联系的亲子问题等而引起广大回响,「那时应该吸引了约800名观众来看剧。」书玉说道。

The collaboration with 30 nationwide illustrators in April 2016 saw BlackRoom present a unique dual-interpretation on stage and still imagery. An estimated 800 over visitors converged in the Black Box at Mall of Medini to pay homage and celebrate the artistry on show. The two short skits meanwhile also garnered wide acclaims from the appreciating public.

<1/4暗房剧场演出计划 >…

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2017年,暗房在六坪工坊策划了以讲述两代人故事的《四分之一暗房剧场演出计划》。4部小品 - 《辈对辈》《Yes, I do》《好》《婚宴》,透过以年轻人这一代的观点回望父母的年代,将许多生活中关于亲情的观念矛盾与日常冲突、单身不成家的人生、单亲家庭的亲情绑架等值得探讨的社会课题一一搬上舞台。

In 2017, BlackRoom took to the stage again, with a particular emphasis on engaging the young and old together in a conversation around the values we all hold to be important. Be it family ties, marriage, bachelorhood or single-parenting issues, the four short skits offered both critical and creative stimulus; offering a range of profoundly educational perspective on stage to deepen the engagement for an “intergenerational dialogue”.

Plastic City Last Call

周末你要去哪里?新山暗房与槟城Plasticity Theatre Troupe约定你!《Plastic City塑料城市》影子戏与装置艺术就在12月1、2、3日!带着好朋友 小朋友来看戏!【演出地點_Venue】 旭陽學校禮堂_Matahari Private SchoolPTD68152, Jalan Persiaran Sutera Danga 1,Taman Sutera Utama,Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.【演出場次_Sessions】01/12 ( Fri )_8pm02/12 ( Sat )_3pm / 8pm03/12 ( Sun)_3pm【票價_Price】一般票價_Normal Price:RM 45 四人同行_4 in 1: RM 165【熱綫_Hotline】011-2776 8119主辦單位 Organized by : Black Room 暗房演出單位 Presented by : Plasticity Theatre Troupe———————————————————————–*全劇無對白,適合各族群觀賞*鼓勵6歲以上觀眾觀賞*A play without dialogue, suitable for diverse communities*Suitable for 6 years old and above#PlasticCity #塑料城市 #新山巡演 #環境保護 #裝置藝術 #影子戲 #blackroomtheatre

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这一路走来,书玉发现原来暗房的作品仿佛皆针对时下社会课题而策,「这并不是我们刻意实现的目标,但也因此让我们慢慢思考出这是否就是暗房的演出宗旨。」被她俩笑称为《社会使命》的四个宗旨也就因而衍生:一、暗房希望透过表演与插画艺术创作与社会对话;二、延续本土表演艺术文化的发展;三、辅助弱势或被欺压的群体;四、捍卫与保护环境,「我们希望能一直好好将这些宗旨贯穿在制作里面,譬如多年前暗房就开始以再生循环的概念出发,逐步减少印刷节目册、海报及票根。」立下了宗旨后的暗房,对于接下来的演出概念愈是清晰,尔后与来自槟城的团体 Plastic City Theatre Troupe 所合作的影子戏,正是其一,「所有影子戏的玩偶都是使用丢弃的塑胶袋、宝特瓶、饭盒等再生垃圾来做的。」


While BlackRoom isn’t conceived to achieve a social, community or environmental aim,  Brenda observed the social impact that its performance or production have on art and environmental sustainability issues, no matter how insignificant. Before they knew it, BlackRoom has kinda assumed the mantle to drive social changes, by providing a platform for 1) social dialogue; 2) local performing arts to thrive; 3) a voice for the marginalised or minority and 4) for the environmental issues to be in the spotlight. To lead by example, BlackRoom is going digital and paperless by gradually reducing its printed program sheets, posters and ticket stubs. A subsequent cross-border collaboration with Penang’s Plastic City Theatre Troupe is a further testament of their commitment, a contemporary shadow play that uses only upcycled materials as their main element throughout the performance. Indeed, we were very impressed by the sheer amount of upcycled items that are put to good use all over BlackRoom!



A series of successfully accomplished projects and passion that grew by the day finally persuaded Brenda to quit her day job of 8 years to pursue BlackRoom‘s endeavours. The return of Yuwen from her subsequent 3-year working stint in Europe and timely involvement in 2017, albeit a cameo role, further strengthened her resolve to take up the position on a full-time basis. Granted, there were times when people said that BlackRoom won’t make it; or when troubles seemed too much to take, but they did it!



However, the biggest “crisis” came when Yuwen contemplated winding up BlackRoom as the troupe was struggling to stay afloat, and its formation was rather impromptu at the spur of the moment. In a face-to-face meeting with Brenda on her return from working holiday, both ladies were looking at each other in the eyes in silence when a casual question from Brenda turned out to a career-defining moment. “What are your plans after Europe?” Looking to further her interest and developing her graphic illustration skills, Yuwen was toying with the idea of a small design studio, which could possibly double up as a performing arts studio. The rest, we now know, is history as Yuwen had her wish granted though not quite the way she first envisioned.

Taking into account both their current requirement and future plans, Brenda proposed a need to lease a much bigger space. Yuwen was hesitant at first, and ponder over the idea for a few months, before finally giving Brenda‘s proposal the nod, after countless revisions and having secured the necessary funding of course.


A year on but still facing financial uncertainties from their sole dependence on ticket sales, Brenda began laying the foundations for BlackRoom towards long term sustainability. The monetary demand for annual production in the past was still manageable, but to keep the troupe together for 5 to 6 productions a year, the situation calls for a more sustainable model.

靠着过往在企业里磨练出的商业眼光,书玉暗房策划了以公益加上商业性质为主轴的社会企业 (Social Enterprise) 经营模式,除了自家的剧场演出外,各方亦可在此租借场地、商演与举办团设等,透过多面性的合作交流,让更多人了解何谓剧场表演艺术。「所募集到的资金在为剧场添购设置后,所剩不多,你们现在看到的一切其实都是靠我们自己动手设计,就连油漆、贴隔音棉等不假手于人,有些家具还是学生家长们捐赠的。」

The world of art needs more entrepreneurship, and the world of enterprise needs more art. With a foot firmly planted in both camps and drawing business insights from her past managerial experience, Brenda devised a “Social Enterprise” model that fully maximise the potential that BlackRoom studio now presents. By opening up the space for rent by other performing artists and event organisers, BlackRoom is now home to even more creative engagements, fans interaction and even enterprise networking. Even with these potential sources of income, Brenda and Yuwen remained meticulous in their infrastructure spending and upgrading. Drawing from all possible resources such as DIY sound-proofing and painting, the contributions from parents also help to keep their expenses within budget. 

「我们真的已经用完了所有的本事,就希望能让这个空间能永续经营。」为了让暗房里的每一寸面积都能成为经济来源,这里除了推出让文创作者摆售作品的暗格 àn box外,在刚过去的4月份,还首次主办了二手巴剎 – 暗市。创作多面手的两人浑身才气横溢,她们的本事居然还有让大人盛赞、充满妈妈味的私房菜!在 Take A Break 暗食吃饭的文宣里,就有着这一句,「艺术源自于生活,柴米油盐酱醋茶是生活的日常;在这喧闹的城市里,放慢脚步、暗时吃饭,感受生活,让我们为你做做饭………看你吃完,然后长胖!」若待会儿看官们瞧见她们家的诚意料理,一定不会在乎会吃胖!

Giving their all to make every usable space economically viable, BlackRoom also offers online retailers, entrepreneurs and local designers a platform to showcase their products with àn box. Now everyone can be a “shop owner” at a very affordable price. The open space on the 3rd level has also been turned into a market place for lovingly refurbished and upcycled secondhand goods with the Black Bazaar most recently held in April. Having inherited their moms’ knack for cooking, Brenda and Yuwen have also turned their original pantry into a private kitchen. Aptly named Take A Break and a gentle reminder not to forget our meals, expect mouthwatering home-cooked dishes that are as good as our moms’ cooking!

有家了后的暗房,还真是越玩越大!开馆后第一年就决定开六档剧!「第一部剧我们就决定与敬重的启蒙老师刘景康合作。」开馆后的2个月便制作了这部探讨生命轮回课题的 《Samsara》。尔后更与来自吉隆坡的著名鼓团人人人鼓剧场合作静态的装置艺术,为空间创造了更多的可能性,暗房不仅为他们设计了整个舞台背景,「毓雯也绘了一幅超大的壁画为布景,人人人鼓当时就在这布景前表演。」

With a new studio to call “home”, BlackRoom began their quest towards sustainability with the first of many productions as a fitting tribute and collaboration with their first mentor Liu Jingkang to explore the cycle of death and rebirth with “Samsara“. Continuing the momentum, BlackRoom next collaborated with Kuala Lumpur’s prominent Orang Orang Drum Theatre to open up our senses to auditory and visual arts. In fact, Yuwen’s oversized mural was a prominent fixture throughout their joint performance!




With a renewed focus on nurturing young talents between 12 to 15 years old, the third production “děng dēng děng dēng” is certainly not child’s play. Giving budding performers from their Little Playroom a much-anticipated debut and working together with local drama school BigFish, BlackRoom hopes to develop the kid’s imagination, expression and social skills, while providing a platform for them to showcase their creativity.

【暗房首部原创儿童剧】——《等灯等灯》隆重登场!!一部轻松热闹、欢愉搞笑、极富意义的儿童舞台剧8月登陆暗房!赶快扶老携幼,一起走进剧场,给自己和家人来个意义非凡的舞台剧体验吧!订票热线现已开放!.《等灯等灯》由[ 暗房小戏班…

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人权纪录片影展-自由电影节 (FreedomFilmFest,简称FFF) 合作的项目,是暗房打破了导戏演戏的范畴,首次在自家场地播放了8部马来西亚纪录短片及一部国际纪录长片。

The fourth production brings together BaTugether from Batu Pahat to put up rhapsody with active audience participation. Starring only three performers on stage, the story centred around a wishing tree. The BlackRoom theatre was instantly turned into an open picnic ground, with real baskets full of food and beverages for the audience to become part of the show. Their wishes were also written and hang on the tree – probably the first of its kind experiential play in town!

In reaching out to Malaysia’s leading annual international human rights documentary film festival, BlackRoom has played host to the screening of 8 local short films and an international documentary during the FreedomFilmFest (FFF), bringing together activists, filmmakers and members of the public to exchange experiences around thematic human rights topics.


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做过了五场形态各异的演出,2019年的2月 (农历正月初十),暗房终于献出了她们成团七年来的年度大戏《旺旺》,这部原创剧本同时也与马来西亚多个团体进行合作,并由人人人鼓为整出剧打造了充满原始元素的原创音乐,「之所以称为年度大戏,是因为这出戏的演员最多,全剧演员都以狼与狗的妆发造型现身,耗资最多,同时也是让我们陷入财困的一出剧!」书玉毓雯此时相视大笑,「《旺旺》这出剧从创作文本到演员排练,前后筹备了一年,在今年农历新年期间共演了十场,那是我们第一次演那么多场,演了两个星期。而今年也是我们为暗房设下的动物保护年,同时也想向经典音乐剧 CATS 致敬,所以就以这部剧作为今年的重头剧。」书玉说,在生物链里,狗其实是由狼演化而成的。当人类发现原来原来以食物就能驯化狼之后,使得狼性渐失而演变为狗,「主要是探讨人类如何对待动物这回事,而且我们也以旺旺的故事出发,为这出剧与本地著名插画家 Minifanfan 一起设计了可携带性的桌游。」

Capping a productive year, the sixth and final production saw an entire year of planning and preparation culminating into an original stage play that has gathered many passionate performing artists from all around Malaysia, including the folks from Orang Orang Drum Theatre. Paying homage to CATS the musical and creatively named “Bow Wow” with a punt, this annual blockbuster tells the story about a dog named Wang Wang who has accidentally been brought back to the old age on a full moon night, leading to a chanced encounter with the “Bulan Tribe” and the eternal conflict between wolf and human. For the longest time ever, “Bow Wow” saw 2 consecutive weeks, 10 days right after the lunar new year. As part of their mission towards animal protection, BlackRoom has teamed up with H.O.P.E, an NGO and also a NO-KILL Animal Shelter – a collaboration between public welfare and art performance to further their social cause for the environment. For the first time ever, BlackRoom has also partnered with talented local illustrator Minifanfan to design an educational, portable board game that promises hours of fun for the entire family.

Take A Break

「大人,你先坐一会儿,我们得去做饭准备营业了。」从早聊到晚,你没看错,这一聊就聊到了晚餐时分,Take A Break 暗食吃饭并非每日营业 (星期四至五,傍晚6pm-11pm; 星期六至日,中午12pm-晚上11pm),大人今日误打误撞碰着了每周的第一个营业时段 – 星期四晚间,若待会儿看官们瞧见她们端上桌的料理,一定会哀嚎,「怎么办?!我好想每天都吃到啊!」

Time to Take A Break, dinner should be ready and served shortly, as both ladies excused themselves and make their way to the kitchen. Before we knew it, we had already spent time from dawn to dusk. 🤣 Not available from Mondays to Wednesdays, we were indeed fortunate to stumble upon their operating hours for the first time this week. Be sure to open visit on Thursdays and Fridays from 6pm to 11pm, while the cafe starts serving lunch from 12 noon to 11pm on weekends.

咖啡拿铁 + 奶盖美式 + 奶盖伯爵
Espresso Latte + Americano Cheese + Earl Gray Cheese

书玉即便在厨房忙得不可开交仍不忘向大人喊话,「大人,你一定要试试我们的奶盖!」大人桌边还留着早上那两杯咖啡的余香,自是对她们家的奶盖抱有相当大的憧憬,欸!暗食吃饭这儿的 奶盖美式 + 奶盖伯爵 完全甩开各大品牌的奶盖好不好!绵密幼滑而不腻,主人家最自豪的认证,我确认「真!的!超!好!喝!」好吧!大人知道你们不会轻易放弃梦想,不然以你们家那浓郁细致的奶盖开市,应该就能卖个满堂彩啊 (纠结) 😂!

Taking a leaf from the milk tea trend, Brenda insisted that we’ve got to try their latest Cheesesy beverages. If the Espresso Latte we had in the morning is anything to go by, we’ve absolute confidence that the Americano Cheese and Earl Grey Cheese will be an instant hit! As expected, the foam topping was fluffy and slightly more savoury with the taste of cheese resembling that of a cheesecake. Mixing the cheese with our coffee and tea resulted in a drink with a milkshake consistency that we simply couldn’t resist!

Handmade dumplings


With our conversation going past meal hours, Brenda took to the kitchen to prepare one of her homecooked speciality – Handmade dumplings. Dipping into the vinegar and ginger mixture, we went ahead to devour the dumplings, resulting in an explosion of flavours in our mouths as the broth gushed out when we bit into it. Like our mom’s cooking, the broth was light without being overly oily and salty, which we appreciated. With that being said, the dumplings still packed a rich and flavourful punch.

Sichuan-style pork slices in garlic sauce (set)

川菜的经典被书玉请上桌了,被蒜泥铺顶的五花肉搭着小黄瓜、小菜、溏心蛋与老火汤,再来一碗明知罪孽深重也得豁出去吃的猪油渣拌饭,全员到齐,这份蒜泥白肉餸饭 (RM18) 让大人心里吃出了泪滴,「舌尖在说真心话,用姜片、葱段、八角与以米酒煮成的沸水所汆烫出的五花肉,你的鲜嫩大人我尝到了。」连小菜上的辣酱都是自家特制的,「书玉使出全身的本事不是随口说说的。」餐谱上写着「走胃的食物,走心的态度」绝非空泛的词句,这滋味、这份量,边进食边盘算的大人我一度怀疑暗食吃饭难道忘了计算成本?料想不到走出暗房的她俩,手艺还真不赖,「看官们,请一定要暗食吃饭!」


Though Take A Break may not be the most glamorous, the food is assuredly swoon-worthy. In particular, the Sichuan-style pork slices in garlic sauce set was packed with glee-inducing delicious ingredients. Unlike the more common cold appetiser in China, this one’s lightly cooked, thinly sliced and drizzled with a spicy, garlicky, vinegary, savoury, umami-packed dressing. The sinfully delicious chunks of fried shallots, soaked with braised sauce over a bowl of piping hot fluffy rice and even the plethora of side dishes are highly delectable on their own. We plan to be back for more of their other main courses such as spicy and homemade rice bowl and even vegetarian dishes!

Homemade ice-cream



We’ve always been a massive fan of potong ice cream, and the available Musang King, Thai red tea, coconut, mango, cendol, red bean and strawberry will always hit the spot. Needless to say, the more distinct durian and Thai speciality flavours win the day hands down!

Friends of BlackRoom, the purveyor of fine arts

目前团里共有卅八个团员 (其中四位为全职团员),大家都在用不同的方式维持着剧团的运作。书玉坦言,放眼马来西亚,几乎所有的表演艺术机构皆无法仅以票房收入来支持剧团营运「六档戏做下来,反应其实不如预期。我们其实一直都在绞尽脑汁,让剧团能有更稳定的收入,我们推出了《暗学堂》,是以敲击乐、现代舞、武术、壁画课、水彩画等与生活联结的艺术跨界课程,每一堂历时一个半小时的课都是独立的模块课程,学生们可按照自己的时间购买 【组合配套课程】点数卡来上课。」更多有关课程的详情,不妨点击这里联系暗房哦!

With a team of 38 members, including 4 full-time staff and still counting, Brenda and Yuwen are determined to stay faithful to their calling and keep the BlackRoom dream alive, with an eye for the future. Despite a fruitful year with 6 amazing productions, the ticket sales still fall short of expectations. “With keen interests and enquiry from parents, we’ve rolled out a series of drama education for the kids to “Mix and Match”, ranging from visual and performing arts genres such as percussion, contemporary dance, wushu, mural and watercolour painting,” Brenda shared excitedly. For course enquiry and other information, kindly contact BlackRoom!

【 暗学堂 | 暗房小戏班 】(儿童戏剧课程).“ 喜、怒、哀、乐,就是戏剧课?”.戏剧教育(Drama in…

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在刚过去的4月,暗房希望能集结大众的力量而发起了「暗房之友」的募资计划,透过友情卡的方式回馈向她们伸出援手的支持者(友情卡附有回馈项目),看官们若想献出一份绵力协助暗房继续推广本地的剧场表演及插画创作艺术及了解「暗房之友」募资计划的详情,请浏览以下链接 : https://forms.gle/PZ9hsJyrzzNz2dov5



In the world of arts and culture, innovative ideas and projects are some of the most precious currency we possess. But for all the purposes in the world, the execution of these visions can often seem daunting. With the rise of crowdfunding to getting the resource needed to get off the ground, BlackRoom has put forward the Friends of BlackRoom since April 2019 to kickstart a crowdfunding campaign. Each patron receives an acknowledgement with exclusive content or other rewards to make us feel included in the entire process. For more details, kindly visit: https://forms.gle/PZ9hsJyrzzNz2dov5

A friend is one of the nicest things we can have, and one of the best things we can be. If you enjoy the shows at BlackRoom, be a friend and help spread the words around to promote our local arts and culture.

Just before we left for the day, we could overhear Brenda‘s gentle reminder. “Take A Break, and come back again soon.”.  To our newfound friendship that feels lifelong, our answer is a resounding “YES!”


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