满载回忆的经典零食, “鸡”大欢喜的幸福滋味 – BIKA零食王国 Those years, the snacks we munch together…

时至今日,许多中华传统节庆早有趋向化繁为简的步调,唯独长达15天欢庆期的农历新年仍不忘遵循传统习俗,透过欢庆传统节庆凝聚家庭向心力并向下一代传承文化,举凡贴春联、准备年货、添置新衣、合家共享团圆饭、派压岁钱等,皆带有举家出动的浓浓家庭观念 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧「只有感受了念念不忘的幸福,才会年年期盼新年的到来啊!」

Chinese New Year has been a tradition celebrated by the Chinese centuries ago, until this very day. Doesn’t matter if we’re studying or working, it’s the time of year again where we can kick back at home and relax. As revellers get ready for two weeks of celebrations to welcome in 12 months of the Rooster, families will congregate, clean their houses and sweep away bad fortune on New Year’s Day, gather together for reunion dinners, people decorate their houses with which will see many Rooster themed decorations this year. And of course, not forgetting the red packets with ‘lucky money’ to be given along with well wishes for children to grow up healthy, and adults to usher greater wealth and prosperity.

没错!非常追崇幸福感的大人特於今年的农历新年 (2017年),与BIKA 和马来西亚著名插画家 Pocotee & Friends 合作推出精美限量“鸡”大欢喜红包封 (也就是说咱们也有为传承文化献出绵力啦~)於新山五福城广场 (共两场:1月14日 & 1月21日) 所举办的红包派送现场反应真的好热烈 🎉 !看着以上现场满满的合家同欢画面,是不是顿时洋溢着幸福感?与会者领取了精美红包封套后,还能参与幸运抽奖得到由 BIKA 盛情赞助的礼包啊!大人我在此真心感谢各位看官们的热情支持哦 😄 !

於1979年成立的 BIKA,原来已不知不觉驻进了大伙儿的童年记忆有38年之久!大人当然也是其一啊~ 犹记得小学放学后总会掏出口袋里那微薄的零用钱,毫不犹豫地买下回家前的人间美味。如今回想起那久远的岁月,还蛮庆幸爸爸妈妈们并没有阻断大人累积童年回忆的机会,因为放学后吃零食与下班后吃大餐松懈身心的效果如出一辙啊!😌

No matter who we are, what we do, or where we are in life, we’ll always remember the snacks we munched on as kids that created precious memories in our lives and had made it so deliciously reminiscent. While we devour all those fancy waffles, bingsu and soft serve ice creams, our childhood snacks are slowly fading in the picture, and we certainly don’t wish for them to become “extinct” because they play such a huge part in our growing up days.

Come 2017, our team at MAGistrate has decided to buck the trend and instead invite all of you to walk down the memory lane, regardless of your age and the year you were born, as we celebrate both tradition and nostalgia with a slightly modern twist. In teaming up with Pocotee & Friends again, and for the very first time, a homegrown Malaysian brand that has grown with a generation of Malaysia (and Singapore) kids, including your truly, our first public event of the year witnessed hundreds of families, young and old, gathered at Sutera Mall last weekend (14 January) to join in the festivity, and to get their hands on our limited edition Angpow packets and exclusive festive goodie bags, courtesy of BIKA.

Surely by now, this all-familiar name has triggered an avalanche of memories from our childhood. Through good and bad times, when we had extra pocket money, when we made new friends in school, when we were down and out, or just rewards for the rare occasions when we finished our homework in time, BIKA has been our faithful companion for the past 38 years (since 1979), and still counting…

在新山地不佬工业区设厂的 BIKA 拥有自家有机木薯园,因此旗下所有木薯口味的零食从种植、收成、生产加工至包装销售皆由公司 (Hua Huat Mfg Sdn. Bhd.) 一手包办。目前品牌已开发超过200种带给数代人回忆的各式零食,毫无防腐剂并受清真 Halal 认证,难怪能深获国人青睐。

Committed to providing happy snacks for every special moment in life, BIKA began manufacturing (under Hua Huat Mfg Sdn. Bhd.) for the first time, compressed tapioca chips in their small factory located in Kawasan Perindustrian Tebrau IV. Priding itself with the use of natural ingredients to make their snacks, of which the primary ingredient is tapioca from their very own organic farm, BIKA has grown leaps and bounds to become one Malaysia’s favourite and Halal snacks food producers. For nearly four decades, BIKA delivers the world its dearly loved snacks, including Tapioca Chips, Seafood Crackers, Prawn Crackers, Chocolate-cream- filled Wafer, Non-GMO Cheese Corn Sticks, Candies and much more, over 200 varieties to be exact!

吃零食的咱们都已长大成人,制造童年回忆的的 BIKA 当然也不例外。进入第二代企业经营的时代,品牌也为产品陆续加入了点点创意,就如这份 BIKA Snack Recipes,即是善用平日咱们所吃的 BIKA 零食,再经妈妈们的巧手幻变成一道道令孩子们尖叫的佳肴!有了妈妈们的贴心魔法厨房技艺,零食与营养原来可以兼备,简直一举两得、两全其美!💗

We may be forgiven to think still that snacks are just junk food with low nutritional values, but given the right choice and recipe, even they could be turned into delicious cuisine. Grab a FREE copy at our upcoming roadshows, and we are sure you are going to look at these delightful bites from a whole new perspective!




For god’s and goodness sake, BIKA believes in using only the real and non-artificial ingredients, without the use of harmful chemicals, preservatives or deceptive labelling to throw you off your meal tracks. In living their philosophy of delivering maximum joy and satisfaction through the taste of their products, all BIKA products are designed to be snacks in the right serving size in compact packaging to encourage moderate healthy eating on-the-go. After all, avoiding snacks is not the way of eating and living healthily, so why not be Snack Smart and enjoy your favourite treats as part of a balanced lifestyle and within your daily energy needs?

经典系列 Timeless classics

当年大人的小口袋不够深,当然只能扫购小包装零食啦~ 啊其实这系列让人一瞧就会尖叫的经典产品也有大包装版本噢,居中那包红色的鸡味零食很熟悉吧?那可是伴随着许多学子们渡过青春岁月的滋味啊!

大人小分享】真空充气包装除氧除菌保质功能外,主要还有抗压、阻气、保鲜等作用,能更有效地使食品长期保持原有的色、香、味、形及营养价值。BIKA 的所有产品皆采用咖啡包装袋的材质等级,并有16个月的保鲜期。

Old is gold. We are sure some of these products were very popular among children of our generation, and even adults today are able to instantly recognise these famous brand names from our childhood, especially our all-time favourite in bright red packaging!

PS: In complying with the most stringent of hygiene standards and quality control, all BIKA products are vacuum packed to remove oxygen from the packaging to extend the shelf life of foods by up to 16 months.

饼干新系列 Milk biscuits


此外,包装袋上也有妈妈们最关注的营养标示「Snack Smart」,如此一来就不必担心孩子们每日会摄取过量的零食啦!

The new BIKA Milk Biscuit is packed with lots of goodness and enriched with DHA, multiple vitamins and essential minerals for the growing needs of our child. Wrapped in convenient little packages for ease of carrying, their latest product is also halal-certified and is suitable for lactovegetarians, and we have no doubt their pleasant taste will easily strike a chord with the young, and the young at heart alike.

鸡味系列 All-time favourites

红色包装的 BIKA 经典鸡味零食相信看官们都不陌生吧?今年适逢鸡年,大人决定应景购入当新年零食款待家中的大小访客噢!所有的鸡味零食们!快摆个最美的甫士来个《“鸡”大欢喜》大合照!咔嚓~

What better way to usher the Year of the Rooster than to serve up the original savoury chicken snacks that we munched on while watching our favourite cartoons. Apparently, we didn’t just stop at the original, but grab the full line up of chicken delights, including the more exotic flavours such as the Roasted Chicken, Curry Chicken and Black Pepper Chicken to complete your chicken dance… Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!



It’s amazing how a simple plating design can make a world of difference, when we present our “snacks collection” for a BIKA’s afternoon tea, much to the delight of all our guests.

Cheers to a healthier new year and new you (and us) in 2017, happy snacking!

(Hua Huat Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.)

Address: No. 22, PLO 260, Kawasan Perindustrian Tebrau IV, Jalan Firma 3, 81100, Johor Bahru, Johor, 81100, Malaysia.
Tel: +607 – 357 1688
Email: info@bika.com.my
Website: www.bika.com.my

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