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Better with age: the science behind the holy grail of steak!

Better with age: the science behind the holy grail of steak!

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👨‍🍳 Chef Sean Lauw

Current: Executive Chef & Owner, The Wine Gallery & Dine The Fat Butchery
Previous: Trained in London and specialises in modern European cuisine
Born in Johor Bahru, Johor


Food is best served fresh, right? But Chef Sean who specialises in dry-aged steaks, begs to differ.

Reputed to be the only restaurant in Johor Bahru to age their own beef, the special Aged Beef cuts has been receiving raving reviews, and it has certainly lived up to them. The highly precise technique is known as “dry-ageing”, where the meat is left to mature for a minimum of 28 days in a climate-controlled space in-store, through a natural stage of tenderising itself to reach the perfect texture and flavour. The process may be lengthy to elevate the premium steak to even greater heights, but Chef Sean does a near-exemplary job, and its ongoing popularity is a testament that makes the effort well worth it.

“With wet ageing, the meat is vacuum packed and aged in its own juices, as opposed to dry ageing where it sits on a rack exposed to air,” Sean says. “In dry ageing, there is no protective packaging around the meat, so moisture evaporates from the muscle to create a greater concentration of flavour.”


“For cuts such as the T-bone and sirloin (as shown), dry ageing helps bring out the best in their flavour,” Sean shares. “Beef can be aged from a few days to as long as sixty days but twenty-eight days is the standard dry ageing time for us, at a specific level of humidity and temperature (between 1-2°C).”

“During this period, the meat will shrink in size by about 20% due to the loss of moisture and develop a dry crust on its surface. Once the ageing period is complete, we carve away the crust leaving the aged meat which is now juicier and more flavourful.” Sean explains.


The “dry-ageing” results in mouthwatering red meat cuts that burst with umami-rich juices when bitten into, that the steak complements just about anything from the gourmet chips, salted tomato and accompanying homemade special sauce. Out of curiosity, we rub our steak with a dab of naturally flavoured sea salts provided, from a choice of red (jalapeno), yellow (celery) and black (activated charcoal), and voila, the resulting steak tastes even more tender and oh-so-juicy! A wise move indeed…


In time to come, how well you like your steak prepared may no longer be measured by the degree of doneness, but also the level of ageing! Whatever your choice of tipple, type of occasion, simply looking for somewhere to take a special friend for a romantic evening or just wanting to treat yourself to a more upscale dining experience, The Gallery Wine & Dine is the perfect place to do just that, and more…


Following the launch of our latest <MENU>, “Find Dining” in Johor Bahru has never been easier. May we present our “Chef Specials” on Pg 86 for you to savour premium steaks unlike any other… Bon appétit!


[星期。五动全城] 据闻这儿拥有全新山只此一家的熟成牛肉 (Aged Beef),大人今日傍晚就为此慕名而来!入夜之后在各式酒饮如威士忌、红酒、香槟、生啤等的伴随下气氛更显热络,大人真的好喜欢 The Gallery Wine & Dine…

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