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“意”犹未尽的美食邂逅 – A taste of hearty and quality Italian pizzas & pastas @ Basilico

“意”犹未尽的美食邂逅 – A taste of hearty and quality Italian pizzas & pastas @ Basilico

[编辑 Editor 吕大人   英译 Translator 刘大人   摄影 Photographer 黄大人]

秉持在地美食若无实地品尝则无法真心推荐的宗旨,大人对于推荐料理总是抱着尝百草到处试吃的心态进行着。尚未踏入这家店门内之前,早已久闻身边的美食密探们竖起拇指回报说值得一试啊 … 说久嘛,其实他们正式营业也才九个月(2016年4月2日开张),但却能吸引众多一试成主顾的老饕们,看来真是卧虎藏龙啊!所以今日大人就亲自拍板决定,密访 Basilico!

Nestled in the cosy enclave of Taman Mount Austin, and a short stroll from the bustle of the nearby water theme park, Basilico scores points for staying open till midnight on weekends, offering hearty Italian grub at fair prices. The rustic, charming space is perfect for a laid-back dinner with your family and makes you feel right at home with its warm service.


其实大人时常途经 Basilico, 却一直苦无机会到访用餐,主要是因为店家招牌上的蔬菜图样与店名,让大人误以为是素食餐厅呢(大人的美食口袋名单落落长,请原谅大人只有一个胃~)!其实不然,Basilico (念Ba-Si-Li-Co) 是一家主打纯正意大利料理的餐厅哦!询问了店家之后才知道原来 Basilico 为意大利语中的 Basil, 即罗勒叶,也称九层塔,很多意大利料理中都能见其踪影。

年级轻轻的 Han 身为餐厅内的主厨,早已身怀烹饪绝技。原来热爱国外美食文化的他之前曾在新加坡的5星级酒店跟随意大利师傅学艺已有10年之久,对美食的热爱自是不在话下,加上本地的手工 Pasta 较为少见,所以便兴起将正宗意大利料理引入新山这南方之城之意。既然聊开了,大人的好奇心就更大了,单刀直入询问 Basilico 的意大利料理为何能在这么短的时间内吸引回头目光?原来这里的面条、披萨面皮皆是师傅们每日坚持选用由意大利空运进口的面粉现做,务求保留原汁原味(无加工)。不止是面条类,原来就连汉堡包里的肉饼、甜点、腌酱及餐厅内许多酱汁等皆是由师傅们特调,因此 Basilico 的料理只要到了食家们的口中一尝,高下立判。除了对食材的坚持外,餐厅内也会定期更换菜单,让食家们能有机会品尝更多元的正宗新式意大利料理;餐厅在午餐时段也贴心地推出了套餐,让邻近的上班族们能在忙碌之余也有机会享用精致意大利餐点。

We were forgiven for not taking the “lick of faith” much earlier for mistaking the restaurant only for the vegan and health-conscious, since the name Basilico suggests it is anything green but filling for the forever hungry. Thank goodness, a fellow foodie puts a timely stop to this misconception which otherwise would have resulted in this 2-month old establishment unknowingly stuck in our (near) miss list rather than higher up on the hit list. So here we are, all set to serve full justice to Basilico, which actually means basil in Italian. If any aromatic could lay claim to the title of signature herb when it comes to Italian food, then surely basil must be the odds-on favourite.

Basilico is helmed by Malaysian chef Han, whose experience over the past decade has spanned stints at Singapore’s 5-star international hotel chain and field trips to Italy. Now back home, Han helped create the food menu at Basilico, which also showcases Italian inspirations that reflect his travels to the boot nation. The menu exhibits an extensive variety of authentic Italian dishes ranging from traditional wood-fired pizzas to delicious homemade pastas, from meat and seafood dishes to desserts, all of which exude the very essence of Italian dining while the industrial chic setting instantly transports you to the modern Italian trattorias for a taste of real Italy. In keeping up with fine Italian culinary traditions, and using only the freshest ingredients air-flown from Italy, everything from a simple salad dressing, burger patties, pizza to pasta and even desserts are made fresh daily.


餐厅内采用了大量现代工业风元素,巧妙地搭配木制家具,中和了室内视觉温度。最为诱人的就是室内一隅的饮料区了,这里共有17种各式不同的啤酒,非常适合搭配各式意大利料理。此外 Basilico 还有几种特别吸引大人目光的饮料!询问之下才知原来是从意大利进口的呢,大人今日不试,更待何时啊~

The color of the space suggests vintage, contemporary and industrial all at the same time, and the cosy, relaxing ambience here sets the tone for a lovely dinner date, whether it’s for an extravagant Italian date night, a swanky business meal, or a fun pizza session for group meals with those picky friends of yours. Anyone who steps in would definitely love the beverage cooler that’s well-stocked with premium Italian sodas and sparkling waters that add pleasure and gratification to the table and your overall dining experience.

店家推荐饮料 Signature Beverage


就是这从意大利原装进口的 S.Pellegrino 圣培露汽泡饮料!圣培露所使用的水果皆为意大利西西里岛自家果园与工厂专门处理,以 S.Pellegrino汽泡矿泉水加上12%天然果汁,除了能单瓶享用外,也非常适合用来调配各式烈酒哦!非得一提的是,拥有450年历史的意大利佐餐饮水品牌 Acqua Panna (上图, RM10)San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 天然有汽矿泉水 (上图, RM10),也是全球50最佳餐厅的指定佐餐水哦,现在竟然能在 Basilico 品尝到,岂能错过?

Food experts all over the world concur on San Pellegrino’s distinctive, lively and long-lived bubbles, making it one of the most renowned mineral waters in the world, and the intimate essence of the Italian taste lasting over four centuries. Alternatively, go for the Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages, a delicious mix of pure citrus fruits and lightly carbonated mineral water containing between 12% and 18% real fruit juice if you prefer a cocktail with your favourite spirit. The best part? You can drink them all to your heart’s delight here!


左边这杯 Minty Cucumber Spritz 薄荷小黄瓜雪碧 (RM6.50) 为 Basilico 特调饮料,单看名字就觉得沁凉无比,上桌后更是觉得饮料如其名啊!尤其炎炎午后点上一杯,心情靓丽指数肯定上升不少。至于右边这瓶,就 是大人刚刚所提及的意大利进口饮料啦!大人即席品尝了餐厅所推荐的 Aranciata Rossa 红橘口味 (RM8.50)「真的能尝到果粒纤维呢!大推 😀  」除了红橘口味外,这里还有 Limonata 柠檬口味及 Aranciata 甜橙口味可供选择,价位亲民,到 Basilico 不妨一试。

Wanna be as cool as a cucumber? Then you can’t go wrong with the Minty Cucumber Spritz, the ideal “aperitivo” to start any meals or just to chill al fresco. Being adventurous and looking for something fresh and invigorating, we went for the Aranciata Rossa for its delightful and intense fragrance of Italian blond and blood oranges, with a distinctive touch and a delicate finish of citrusy notes. If you prefer something real fragrant, zestier and lemony on the tongue and the palate, the obvious choice would be the sparkling Limonata.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★

店家新品 – 迷迭香红酒炖牛尾 Red Wine Braised Oxtails


这一道店家近期推出的新菜肴迷迭香红酒炖牛尾 (Red Wine Braised Oxtails, RM42.90),顾名思义以红酒、迷迭香及意大利香料等入味制酱,再加入以胡椒轻微调味的香煎澳洲牛尾一起炖煮4小时,饱吸迷迭香汁液的牛肉软嫩不柴,品尝起来绝对有股浑身经脉都变得暖乎乎的快感!搭以香烤马铃薯所制成的薯泥与食蔬,赏心悦目之余,试问有谁能抵挡这诱人美食?「由于工序较繁复备时长,因此每日限量8份哦!」

The Red Wine Braised Oxtails is a new dish on the menu, and we highly recommend this. Slow-cooked for 4 hours and infused with rosemary and Italian herbs. The oxtail is stewed till its’ soft and was melt-in-our-mouth tender. Drenched in rich red wine sauce, this insanely delicious, comforting food is absolutely perfect for parties and family gathering. However, due to the long hours of preparation, the dish is limited to only 8 servings daily.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★

店家推荐 – 意大利马铃薯丸子 Gnocchi in Creamy Butter & Aged Parmajiano


大人今日的至爱! 意大利马铃薯丸子 (Gnocchi in Creamy Butter & Aged Parmajiano, RM18) 光是外观就已很惹人行注目礼了。颗颗以全手工制作,由蒸软后的马铃薯与意大利进口面粉捏合而成、切段的马铃薯丸子,口感着实不俗啊!「原来单是制作面条就需2小时啊!比起常吃的意大利面,咀嚼着马铃薯口味的面粉丸子更是一种舌齿间的享受。」大人不得不赞赞那锦上添花的酱汁,搭配着丸子一点都不显腻!

You know what it’s like when you’re smitten with something, and you think about it all day and all night? That’s how it was after we had the homemade Gnocchi in Creamy Butter & Aged Parmajiano. Smothered with creamy butter and cheese sauce, this hand-crafted potato ‘gnocchi’ is authentically Italian. According to Han, the process of boiling the potatoes and kneading them with premium flour imported from Italy took nearly two hours, which kinda explains why the taste is light, yet yielding a gratifying bite that is curiously addictive.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★★

店家推荐 – 手工猪肉香肠披萨 Italian Sausage


手工猪肉香肠披萨 (Italian Sausage, RM27) 在本地确实不常见,这以意大利香肠内的腌制猪肉为缀料的披萨充满了茴香与香料滋味,加上香烤后的番茄、大葱丝与店家大方施予的芝士,「腌制了24小时的猪肉果然好清香!薄薄的脆饼皮颇有弹性,与铺料们如此和谐地腻在一块儿后简直让人停不了口。不消10分钟,这大披萨不见啦!」

The Italian Sausage is a real treat with meats galore that is bursting with flavours, having undergone marination from the day before (24 hours). Oven baked to perfection with grilled tomato, onion, fennel and herbs, not to mention a generous of amount of cheese spread with the crust equally divine, you’re in for a delizioso time as it took us less than 10 minutes to polish our the entire plate.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★★

凯撒沙拉 Basilico Caesar Salad


这道名为 Basilico Caesar Salad 凯撒沙拉 (RM13.50) 的开胃前菜,以罗马生菜拌以自制的凯撒酱汁、水煮蛋、Parmesan 芝士和最让大人惊艳的烤鸡胸。大人仔细咀嚼了几次,Basilico 对于沙拉内的鸡胸处理的确不马虎,不似一般普遍的做法皆以水煮为主,这里却将之腌渍得极其入味啊!

The Basilico Caesar Salad is an interesting take on a classic. In this what appeared to be a “deconstructed” version, crisp romaine lettuce is topped with a grilled chicken breast, crouton cubes, boiled egg, shredded Parmesan cheese and a thick homemade Caesar dressing; simple, juicy and tasty.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★

意大利炸墨鱼圈 Calamari Fritti


有了沙拉醒醒胃,跟朋友共聚怎能少了餐前小食呢?欲与三五好友一同分享,不妨随大人点上这份量可观的 Calamari Fritti 意大利炸墨鱼圈 (RM21) 吧!与一般传统以鸡蛋匀和面粉的粉浆不同,Basilico 的墨鱼圈在酥炸之前先蘸了牛奶与意大利 Polenta 粉(这可是意大利纯正吃法呢),口感酥脆得来却不油腻,再搭上餐厅特调的意大利红酱与柠檬汁,酸甜提味,胃口大开,作为前菜可真称职啊!值得一提的是,聊得兴起时不小心搁了一下的墨鱼圈竟还能保有干爽脆度(以酥炸食物的油用量来说,这实在不容易办到),实让大人满心欢喜~

There’s so much more to Italian cuisine than pizza and pasta, and this Calamari fritti (fried calamari) is a quick antipasto that has to be eaten hot right out of the pan. Pre-coated with Italian Polenta flour and egg, the calamari rings were battered deep fried to tender perfection, and great to go with the house made marinara sauce. Unlike most eateries, Basilico serves this dish with lemon instead of the usual lime slice which gives a sweeter, tangy burst of flavour which really lifts the heavy fried squid, and is hands-down the best calamari we’ve had so far.

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

原味椒盐三文鱼 Oven Baked Salmon


老实说,一摆上桌的这道 Oven Baked Salmon 原味椒盐三文鱼 (RM34),与大家一般在其它餐厅所点的三文鱼看起来非常相似。但是,大人必须承认自己太过“轻敌”了,因为刀具一下就知不同凡响~ 上边那层烤得非常非常非常酥脆的三文鱼皮加上里头烤至七分熟的橘色肉身,再浇上百里香橙奶油酱、樱桃番茄、橄榄及烤马铃薯泥,并没有出现“肉身分离”的状态,可又能呈现两种极致的口感,怎么办到的啊?(若看官们平日有下厨的习惯,应该知道一道料理要做到外皮极脆而内里极嫩,是非常考功夫的)真心觉得这道很得大人心啊!份量就如图所见,一点也不欺场,这是一道大人再次光顾时会点的美食哦(目标明确,哈哈)!

The Oven Baked Salmon looked uninspiring at first sight but then again, looks can be deceiving. We all had that unfortunate experience of dry and tough salmon and know how it is easily overcooked, but (not) surprisingly the salmon is cooked just nice with the flesh still intact with every cut. Topped with thyme-infused orange butter cream sauce with sautéed cherry tomatoes, green olives and roasted crush potato, this is easily a no-brainer for repeated orders in our subsequent visits, and we highly recommend this if you only have room for one main course only… Yeah, right!

(PS: What you see is what you get, the generous serving may warrant a rethink 😛 )

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

披萨饺 Basilico Calzone 


一口气吃了两道海鲜料理,看官们若是大食怪而又无肉不欢,那这道份量惊人的 Basilico Calzone 披萨饺 (RM29) 想必会是你的心头好!大人此生没有见过那么大颗的“饺子”~ 这可是 Basilico 每日现做的饼皮啊,一定要好好尝尝才行!披萨饺的饼皮其实与披萨是一样的,只是做法不同,口感也就各异。一片大大圆圆的饼皮加入猪肉碎、Mozzarella 芝士、Riccota 芝士、红葱、辣椒碎、香菇与鸡蛋后,再对半以饺子封口的折法捏合送入烤炉烘烤。

Ok, we heard you, meat lovers. No Italian job here is complete without getting in the zone with this Basilico Calzone. Originated in Naples, the Italian oven-baked folded pizza (resembling a jumbo size dumpling) is made from salted bread dough, baked in an oven and stuffed with pork minced, mozzarella, ricotta, red onion, chilli flakes, shiitake mushroom, as well as an egg.


可别小看这捏合的动作,空气与酱汁在里头经过时间的升华处理,逐渐膨胀后形成巨型饺(如图所示)切开后香气四溢,饱满的内馅争相斗艳,一副“舍我其谁”的自信模样啊!好吧,大人立即就将你送入胃中!哇!放了这么多芝士竟然没出现“腻”的口感,尤其是蘸了秘制的红酸酱,竟然更为顺口,好吃!看那外皮烤得微焦,美食看官们可会想这该很脆吧?这下可跌破大伙儿的眼镜啦~ 这口感竟似非常Q弹的面包!大人心生折服~ (这份量可供2-3正常食量者享用)

And now, for the moment of truth. The calzone was surprisingly light despite all the cheese deluge though, thanks to an artfully executed crust. The delicious and perfectly seasoned insides contain more cheese than most, while the marinara sauce is rich and hearty, perfectly complementing every bite much to our delight. The Basilico Calzone is a hefty portion and is one amazing pie, so it’s great for when you come hungry or simply can’t decide what to eat with a group of friends!

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★☆

伯爵茶意式奶酪 Earl Grey Panna Cotta


饱尝一顿后,也是时候来份甜点了。密探们之前已经提点大人这里的招牌甜点都是出自店家之手,千万不要放过!尤其是这招牌 Earl Grey Panna Cotta 伯爵茶意式奶酪 (RM15), 堪称镇店之宝,每天只供应6份!什么?6份?没错就是6份,这乃由于工序作法繁琐,因此数量才如此有限啊~ 若无预定应该也只能望图兴叹吧!幸好大人平时积福甚多(咦?),才有幸一尝。这下可好了~ 不吃则已,一吃惊人!貌似豆腐的外表,口感与豆腐也颇相似,更准确的说法应该是豆腐加入了奶酪的Q弹,同时又带有伯爵茶的微香和蔓越莓酱汁的些许酸甜,各不抢味,异常顺口。大人心想伯爵茶应记一大功,因为茶香中和了整体滋味(看到顶层微微的黑粉末吗?那就是伯爵茶渣),恰到好处。历经6小时准备的伯爵茶意式奶酪作法真的没有丝毫耐心都不行~ 因为须在奶油里浸泡2个小时的伯爵茶叶只有在72°c时,滋味才能散开,之后再精心过滤茶渣,加热后与吉利丁混合再冰封4个小时。再次提醒看官们,若想品尝千万记得预订啊!当然店家自制的甜点不止这一道哦,还有 Tiramisu 提拉米苏 (RM11.50), Orange Crème Brûlée 香橙烤布蕾 (RM11.50), Key Lime Cheese Cake 青柠芝士蛋糕 (RM13.50)等… 大人不禁想说 Basilico 里的主厨们好厉害,没有丝毫耐心与热忱可都办不到啊!大人决定再次呼朋唤友,聚餐!聚餐!

Be sure to save room, and finish up with an immaculate panna cotta, don’t even ask why. Made by soaking gelatine in milk to bloom, together with the earl grey teabag to boil and leave aside for 2 hours to infuse the flavor, and subsequently mixing the blend till smooth and refrigerate for at least 4 hours until set, the simplest (but yet intricate) of Italian dessert was rich and creamy, yet not overly sweet, exactly how a good panna cotta should be. Surely one of the better renditions in town for hitting us on our soft and sweet spot, with cranberry puree and hints of earl grey tea to making this the perfect cold dessert. Alas, the indulgence is only limited to 6 servings daily for obvious reasons, so call ahead to be sure of a share of the “spoils”. If lady luck doesn’t smile on you, opt for their house made Tiramisu, Orange Crème Brûlée, Key Lime Cheese Cake to leave your sweet cravings equally satisfied.

All in all, we are pretty sure you’ll be so satisfied dining at Basilico, you’ll be scheduling your next visit even before you leave!

食验味星 (一般为五星满级,偶尔会爆表) / Rating ★★★★★★

除了正宗意大利料理外,Basilico 也有聚会订餐服务,每人份介于RM30-40不等。预知详情可洽店家。以上所有食物售价尚未含 Service Tax, 目前店家并无征收 GST。此外,Basilico 也贴心附设室外区。(大人温馨提醒: 周末须预先订位哦~)

Good news for those who can’t seems to get enough, there’s always the option for home and office catering from RM30-40 per pax. Enjoy it while your bill has yet to incur GST and service tax, so your wallet (and tummy) have you to thank for experiencing the best of Italy at affordable prices without leaving the comfort of JB!


Address: 17, Jalan Austin Height 8/1, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru.
Tel: +607-364 7463
Business Hours:
Monday – Friday (12pm – 3pm / 6pm – 11pm)
Saturday – Sunday (12pm – 11pm)

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