速食,能慢食。双手热捧的真材实料 B.A.M Burgers so good that will make you feel “too young to diet”!

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说起汉堡、薯条,大伙儿脑海里想必立即浮现几个极具代表性的「速食字母,也总爱打趣笑说怎么广告上的汉堡画面永远那么饱满多汁,拿在手中的汉堡却总是干瘦了一圈似的,难怪速食久而久之与「营养二字渐行渐远。真材实料的汉堡,难道不复存在吗?抑或是,速食能否慢食呢 (Fast Food Slow Eat)?

With the golden arches and old Colonel Sanders having been around for decades, we’re sure most of us have resorted to eating fast food on occasions due to convenience, its relatively low prices, or just to curb our plain old craving. The rise of unsocial work hours and an accelerating pace of life have led the consumption of fast food to soar, but lucky for Johoreans, a “Slow Food” movement has arisen to counteract fast food and fast life, by encouraging us to revalue the time we spend on preparing, sharing, and consuming food. Perhaps most importantly, it supports the growth of farmers’ markets and promotes the use of local produce with a reduction in food miles and a celebration of regional cuisines and local food traditions.

2018年1月12日,新山地不佬大道旁某片红砖墙上嵌着三个随性大字母 B.A.M 的白色灯箱准时亮起了,易记易念的品牌名称经主人家 JosephJared 揭开谜底后,「原来是 Bread and Meat 的缩写啊!早已在这空间的前身练就一身厨艺的他们,所精心打造的手作汉堡真是让大人满怀期待!「整体筹备了两个月,开汉堡店其实一直在我们的计划里。身为城中知名餐厅主厨之一的 Joseph 如是说道,对食材不轻易妥协的个性仍旧鲜明不已,接下来的日子他将把重心交给 B.A.M 并将着重提升手作汉堡的风味。

Adopting the “Slow Food” philosophy to encourage us to take the time to enjoy one of life’s daily pleasures, B.A.M officially opened its doors on 12 January 2018 to serve unique and quality burgers at affordable prices. A modern and well-lit space drawing inspiration from its predecessor Sprout, B.A.M adopts a fuss-free dining concept where the setting is mostly very homely and laid back, with their custom-made wooden furniture and touches of personal DIY design. The playful nature is apparent not only through the “B.A.M” alphabet-shaped neon lightbox and on funky posters, but through the cheeriness of the serving waiters and chef-owner Joseph and his partner Jared.

全店以原始手作风情示人的 B.A.M,设计概念始于 Jared 的一次越南之旅,宽敞室外的矮桌凳正是取经后的致敬之作。大人到访时,适逢马来西亚难得一见的好天气,高低错落有致的桌椅间,陆续被随之而来的人潮青睐,越夜越美丽。

Having an obsession with Vietnam, the ambience of B.A.M was purposefully recreated by Jared for some serious Saigon vibes. Everything from the vertically challenged stools and tables, to the eye-catching neon lights for avid Instagrammers to get your fill of photos, the night here is really “Too young to diet” or to call it a day, especially when the weather today is exceptionally favourable (and rare)!

B.A.M Burger Joint

这里实行自行点餐制,只需向柜台的服务人员点选餐点并付费后,即可在座位待餐。「世界上最遥远的距离,就是我在你身边,你却望着手机。B.A.M 不设置无线网络,只为让人客间专注享用手中的食物与真诚感受一场对话,谁说品尝汉堡就是速食生活呢?举凡食材、氛围、装潢等,B.A.M 可谓完整地体现了原始人文的气息呢!

Prepare to help yourself to the food as B.A.M runs with a self-service concept, where our order is taken with payment made at the counter before the food is delivered to our table. While waiting for our food to arrive, we noticed there aren’t too many people (yet) trying to update their throngs of followers on Facebook or Instagram, for B.A.M do not provide free WIFI, a “deficiency” deliberately implemented by the owners to be part of the experience so that we can talk to each other for once, over great burgers of course!

No WiFi? No problem!

B.A.M 目前主打四款汉堡:BAM Burger (牛肉), Pork Burger (猪肉), Spicy Chicken (鸡肉)Mushroom Burger (蘑菇),可别小觑这看似仅有 Bread and Meat 的组合啊,试验了无数次的 70g 马铃薯面包乃由口碑甚佳的 vburg 独家为其打造;均重 100g 的肉片采用进口澳洲牛肉、在地新鲜猪肉与鸡肉调味烹制、蘑菇汉堡则精心混搭了三种菌菇与蛋捏合成饼状。「接下来,我们也将陆续推出当季限时的汉堡口味。Joseph 向大人卖起了个关子,好吧!那大人就先以手中这四份大汉堡解馋咯!

The 30-seat burger joint boasts a dedicated menu serving only FOUR burgers, side dishes, classic beverages and more. Of course, we couldn’t let ourselves leave without trying their signature BAM Burger (beef), as well as mainstays like Pork Burger and Spicy Chicken, all sandwiched between homemade 70g potato bun made exclusively by vburg. For those who dedicate their lives to either a healthier lifestyle or to NO MEAT, B.A.M also offers a meatless option like the Mushroom Burger that’s made with three different types of mushrooms nicely blended into a refreshingly juicy patty. Biting into this burger was like taking a breather from the meats, but still with the chewiness of meat!

四种汉堡根据肉质本身天然的滋味搭配不同版本的自制酱料:招牌牛肉汉堡搭配Garlic Mayo酱 (RM26.90/Single, RM35.90/Double); 热辣鸡肉汉堡搭配Spicy Mayo酱 (RM21.90/Single, RM30.90/Double);猪肉汉堡搭配BBQ酱 (RM24.90/Single, RM33.90/Double);蘑菇汉堡则搭配Mustard Mayo酱 (RM19.90/Single, RM28.90/Double)。

每份汉堡份量皆以 SingleDouble (双份肉片与芝士) 区分,并搭以不同配料增添口感层次,增付 RM10 即可同时享用薯条与冷饮噢!「Single版的汉堡已如此巨大,真不敢想像Double版的汉堡厚度啊!就在大人双手捧着大汉堡满怀罪恶感当儿,肉眼瞧见那霓虹灯上的字句「Too young to diet!真是安慰人心,今朝有汉堡就今朝饱吧!

All FOUR burgers are stuffed with juicy patties made from scratch, melted cheese, tomato, lettuce and BAM’s specialty sauce such as Garlic Mayo (BAM Burger), Spicy Mayo (Spicy Chicken), BBQ (Pork Burger) and Mustard Mayo (Mushroom Burger), and are available in both Single (satisfying) and Double (overwhelming) patty portions. The amalgamation of flavours is rather glorious, coupled with the soft texture of the bun but we suggest that completing your meal by topping up just RM10 for some homemade chunky potato wedges with fully loaded skins and a refreshing cold beverage of your choice!

Now, that’s what a real burger combo should be all about, which we felt is totally worth our calories LOL!

既然主人家都祭出了「Too young to diet的醒世标语,大人又岂可只尝汉堡就转身离开呢?不妨一并将 Salad with Wafu Dressing (RM10.90), Buttermilk Fried Chicken Wings (RM15.90), Fries with Chili Beef & Cheese (RM15.90) 等全都点上桌吧!再来两杯自制饮料 Ice Lemon Tea (RM6.90) 与 Lemonade (RM8.90) 加码减腻,「大人好爱这儿的奢华版薯条,连带皮衣的原始风味经酥炸后,与辣牛肉碎、芝士葱花齐齐翻滚舌尖,绝配噢!

In living Joseph‘s and Jared‘s food philosophy of “Too young to diet“, we wasted no time (and second invitation) to sink our teeth into the additional sides of Salad with Wafu DressingButtermilk Fried Chicken Wings and Fries with Chili Beef & Cheese to go with invigorating glasses of Ice Lemon Tea and Lemonade that simply ooze fizziness – SHIOK!

新山人是幸福的,即便在被速食集团垄断的时代里,仍然有人愿意为咱们打造一份真材实料的汉堡,大人今日就在 B.A.M 体验了这一份真心诚意。速食,能慢食。

Groovy music, homemade burgers, smiley people & MAGistrate-approved – B.A.M is definitely worth a visit, for those who value the quality of their burgers and see the beauty in original burgers – albeit with a touch and twist of Sprout!

Judging from the restaurant’s centralised location, quality ingredients and generously portioned dishes, the prices are pretty justified and worth spending some quality food time with our family and friends! Just remember to put away all your smartphones or any other handheld devices, eat slow and enjoy!

B.A.M Burger Joint

Address: 61, Exit Jalan Tebrau, Bukit Ungku Aziz, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor
Time: 2pm-11pm (Sun-Mon; Wed-Thu, 4.30pm-5.30pm closed); 2pm-12am (Fri-Sat, 4.30pm-5.30pm closed) 
Contact: +6018 – 364 7757
Email: enquiry.bamjb@gmail.com


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