混合健身热潮席卷全球!强势来袭, 敢不敢到此挑战自我体能潜力?Step out of comfort to Elite Zone CrossFit

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「最近吃多了吧?是该好好反省啦!快去 CrossFit!」密探的声音一言惊醒了大人!

何谓 CrossFit ? 「源自于美国的 CrossFit,也称混合健身训练。」到底这在近几年风靡国外的 CrossFit 与传统健身有何分别呢?新山是否也有 CrossFit 训练场地?一连串的问题让大人决定亲自来个地毯式搜索找答案!

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that they’re already long forgotten before the first month is done. However, one should resolve to keep our health and fitness promises, since our health is the one aspect that can affect all the others of our life. Given a choice between being slim despite the fact that we never exercise or being overweight despite the fact that we work out all the time, which would you choose?

CrossFit, you said? Yup, it’s nearly impossible to talk about fitness trends nowadays without CrossFit entering the conversation, with this high-intensity workout program of constantly varying functional movements founded by Greg Glassman in the early 2000s having swept the nation and now Johor Bahru.


「咦?怎么没有大家所熟悉的健身器材?大人啊~ 你刚所说的不是健身训练吗?」没错!就连跑步机也没有啊!够诧异吧!这家全新山首家经美国 CrossFit 官方认证的附属 BOX 就位于 Mutiara Rini !CrossFit 的训练场地被称为 CrossFit Box (而非一般的Gym),大人边翻阅册子边理解「通过多种以自身重量、负重为主的高次数、快速、爆发力的动作增强自己的体能和运动能力,故又有称其为全面强健。」与传统的健美方式不同,CrossFit 既非以身体外型为主,也不强调个别的肌肉训练,男女老少皆能参与,形式上更接近自然的健身。

此时 Wee Gan (Elite Zone Crossfit Head Coach) 单刀直入问了大人几道问题「每个人的身体其实所能做出的动作非常多,你知道自己能做多少种吗?你想不想知道自己的能力能到多远?」CrossFit 不仅能透过日常的推、拉、提、举、蹲等动作开发更多体能极限,也能让我们好好思考如何利用自己的身体去完成每一个动作,「首先必须打破这个迷思,身体体积庞大并非强壮的等号。我们自己的身体其实就是训练的器械,CrossFit 是以运动能力为目的,大部分动作都是自重训练,学会控制大脑才能超越自己,有效让身心灵彼此串联激发爆发力,速度,协调性与柔韧性。」

More than just a training style, CrossFit has become a lifestyle and has created a real community in the world. Located in Taman Mutiara Rini, Armadas // Elite Zone CrossFit is the first and original CrossFit affiliate branch in JB and a small community of great people who love to work hard and play hard.

According to Wee Gan, Elite Zone Crossfit Head Coach, CrossFit is extremely different from a commercial gym, where the amount of gym equipment can be overwhelming and you end up going for the ones that you’re familiar with like the treadmill. Instead, the focus is on practicing regularly ten recognised general physical skills which include:
Cardiovascular, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy, using a combination of nine fundamental movements, as we will soon see.

CrossFit Zone 运动“基地”



Looking at this CrossFit Box, it’s surprisingly spacious, with rigs for pull-up, barbells, kettlebells, ropes, rowing machines, boxes, and lines on the floor. Sensing our “confusion”, Wee Gan took us on a quick tour and pointed out how CrossFit is more of a way to do things and how it can benefit our daily routines. “At its foundation, the CrossFit we prescribed is to perform constantly varied, functional movements, done at a relatively high intensity. The methods we utilise continuously change, evolve and adapt towards best practices, which can actually relieve us of common ailments and aches due to poor posture and habit” Wee Gan explained. But what does that mean? Well, let’s break it down.

WOD 极限训练 (Workout of the Day/Workout of Death)


每日皆会更换的极限训练列表,WOD 极限训练 Workout of the Day,亦称死亡训练 Workout of Death。导师将会在板上列出不同难度的项目,须以指定次数来循环训练完成,WOD 锻炼的不止是肌肉,也兼顾了心肺功能。「这就好比进行运动比赛时,身体总需经历无可预测的大起伏变化,短时间内得兼顾技术、力量与体能,CrossFit 的训练让运动员在面对强敌时能拥有力量与体能迎战,起了非常关键的作用。」

Rather than having one workout for older participants and another for hardcore athletes, there’s ONE workout each day (WOD aka Workout of the Day) that is completely scalable based on our skill. “Each day the workout will test a different part of our functional strength or conditioning, not specialising in one particular thing, but rather with the goal of building a body that’s capable of practically anything and everything,” Wee Gan shared.

亲身示范 CrossFit in action


很多女生对于到健身房使用器械总有既定观念,担心过度重训会练得一身肌肉而失去女性的曲线。透过 CrossFit,除了能激活久未锻炼的肌肉外,亦能透过全能运动调整至更有曲线的状态,并提高基础新陈代谢率。「打个比喻,女生锻炼好自己,不仅在危难时能保护照顾自身安全,也能提升自信心。」

*一般 60分钟的 CrossFit 训练约等于数小时的跑步机动量。

To our delight, each session of CrossFit is different and solicits the whole body, not just a specific muscle group so that ladies, in particular, can rest assure you will be toning and tightening up, not building muscle and mass. Moreover, we can be taught close quarter skills and combines fun and effective drills that are extremely useful for anyone of any age who may have to defend themselves.


CrossFit 其实综合了举重 (能承受多少重量)、体操 (如何控制身体)及有氧运动等许多动作进行无间歇交叉的训练 (以最快速度在规定时间下完成最多的组数,或者规定组数然后用最短的时间完成)。「简单来说,你在 CrossFit 所能体验到的训练模式就是介于 Gym 与 Personal Trainer 之间的两全其美。」

每一堂为时60分钟的课程将会有专业教练从旁指导 (每周两次,若想挑战自身能力可调整为每周五次),目前采取小班制约10-12人,每人所需进行的动作性质一样,唯难度、高度或许不同 (有点类似打保龄球时每人根据自己自身承重量选择磅数)。「就好比同班同学的概念,互相勉励彼此达成目标。」

A good personal trainer helps us build a habit we’ll keep for life. After all, becoming a different person means doing things which we may not be comfortable at first. Here, we get the best of both worlds, with Wee Gan being part coach, part cheerleader, part physicist and part fan too.

With CrossFit, there is less equipment and somewhat like small group training (between 10-12 pax) with coaching a part-and-parcel of the programme. A regular CrossFit class takes about an hour where everybody starts at the same time, with Wee Gan and fellow instructors walking around helping out and keeping track, and everybody is supporting each other. This will certainly be beneficial for the fitness novice who has little or no experience with exercising. Another crucial aspect of the CrossFit we enjoyed is the mental strength it develops, as the various exercises force us to push our limits and to leave our comfort zone. That is when we felt the most striking results could be realised!


低卡路里美食、健身食品 & 会员收费 Other fringe “benefits”


除了一系列无间歇的交叉训练,若能配合低卡健康的日常饮食习惯提高体能状态,将能达致事半功倍之效。「训练前后该如何选择食物才能达到最佳效果呢?」位于 Mutiara Rini 的 CrossFit 训练场地贴心地推出多道营养均衡的低卡美食,驻场的专业训练导师也将给予适当的饮食建议。

不晓得该怎么开始?大人都替你想好啦,目前这家全新山首家经美国 CrossFit 官方认证的附属 BOX: Armadas // Elite Zone CrossFit 为各位提供了免费的基础课程测试!亲临此地才能确确实实为实现自己今年的第一项心愿踏出第一步!尽速联络,以免向隅

Nutrition is also an important foundation for overall fitness and wellness, so the folks at Armadas // Elite Zone CrossFit not only discuss nutrition and help adapt a nutritional program that works for our lifestyle and food preferences, but also offers great tasting meals that are prepared using modern cooking techniques with less fats, less carbs and more wholesome!

Don’t let CrossFit workouts scare you because of heavy lifts and high intensity possible to get in on the action just about anywhere on your own, even at home. START NOW, don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it. Come experience the awesome and incredible WOD with the free trial session!


Armadas // Elite Zone CrossFit

Address: No 27, Jalan Utama 34, Taman Mutiara Rini, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.
Reservation: +6012 – 735 0519 / +6010 – 942 5851
Time: Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 10.00pm / Saturday & Sunday: 10.00am – 8.00pm
Email: info@elitezonecrossfit.com
Website: www.elitezonecrossfit.com

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