【泰国星级住宿体验】🇹🇭曼谷阿玛丽水门酒店【同场加映】跟随在地人脚步走访曼谷老城区!Gateway to colourful downtown experiences @ Amari Watergate Bangkok

[编辑 Correspondent 黄密探   英译 Translator 刘大人   摄影 Photographer 黄密探]

不晓得看官们是否与密探一样,每一出使曼谷,总不免会尝试选订不同的酒店来体验该地各处的活力,这回当然也不例外哦!密探入住的可是在泰国拥有24年历史的星级酒店 – Amari Watergate Bangkok! 在此非常感谢酒店管理层 Charles Yap 贴心的安排,让密探和随扈不枉此“住”啊!(谢主隆恩 🙏 ~) 此次密探也慈悲心大发,来个同场加映: 跟随在地人脚步走访曼谷老城区! 万勿错过哦!

As one of our favourite cities in the world, we consider Bangkok our “home away from home” so what better way to come home to a familiar touch of genuine Thai hospitality than to pay homage to one of our favourite hotel brands from Thailand?

Khorb Khun Mark Na Krup! Thanks to our host Mr Charles Yap, we don’t have to be Crazy Rich Asians to finally checked into our third Amari property, and the most iconic of them all. No prize for guessing that it’s Amari Watergate Bangkok, the flagship brand of ONYX Hospitality Group and gosh, the many unexpected experiences that await us…

阿玛丽水门酒店最大的优势莫过于坐落在 Pratunam 中心点啦!地点真的非常好👌!购物狂最爱的 Platinum Fashion Mall 就在几步之遥啊!而且步行就能抵达著名的四面佛寺庙、Big C supermarket、CentralWorld Shopping Mall 以及 Pratunam 市场等等!

Well known for its bustling landscape of lifestyle malls and shopping bazaars, Amari Watergate Bangkok is nestled in the heart of the vibrant Pratunam neighbourhood in downtown Petchburi. With shopping on our agenda, we were glad to find the Platinum Fashion Mall located right opposite the hotel while CentralWorld, Pratunam market, Big C supermarket, as well as other attractions such as the Erawan Shrine are within a few minutes walk away.

Private check in

再次谢谢 Charles 让咱倆的房间升级,让本密探一享高人一等的尊享体验!只要你是入住 Executive Floors 楼层的房客,即可直接去32楼的 Executive Lounge 办理手续!在等待 check in 的时候,还能享用小茶点☕️🍰和欢迎饮品哦 ~

Thanks to the complimentary upgrade to the Executive Club Rooms which occupy the top four Executive Floors, we got to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated Executive Lounge located on the 32nd floor, offering a private reception for our easy check-in and check-out. We also have the option to enjoy our daily breakfast buffet here, as well as a selection of complimentary beverages and early evening cocktails while enjoying the panoramic views of the city skyline.

Executive King Room with Breakfast

哇哇哇!天啊~ 酒店也太贴心了吧!适逢本密探的随扈今日生辰,酒店的工作人员竟然偷偷布置了房间,还附上生日蛋糕🍰、花束🌹、小礼物🎁以及手写贺卡!实在是太惊喜了啦!小小的举动,让咱们喜出望外!(来人~ 快打赏 💰💰💰~)

As the doors opened to our Executive King Room on the 31st floor, our jaws kinda hit the floor as the room was decorated with balloons and Happy BirthDay was spelt out in rose petals across the bed. And add on a platter of fresh fruits, a lovely bouquet and a gorgeous birthday cake for the occasion, to say we were surprised is totally an understatement.

噢!不能不提他们家的床褥,实在是太舒适了啊!密探我一躺下就好像睡在云层般☁️,保证一觉到天亮!😌 (后来打探得知,原来可透过酒店订购床褥! 掏卡吗 😆)

O-M-G! There’s nothing like climbing into a big, fluffy bed with soft sheets and plush pillows, the things that make all of the hard work (and play) we do during the day worth it. And the best part, we could literally take home the experience😆 …

Executive King Room 的浴室还附有浴缸,逛街累了,回到酒店还可以泡个靓澡哦 ~ 办公桌,吹风筒、化妆镜子,熨斗等设备一应俱全!橱柜里还附有小零嘴以及饮品 😊(不过是要收费的啦)

Our tastefully appointed Executive King Room also comes with free broadband internet, a 40-inch LCD TV, a DVD player, tea and coffee making facilities, ironing facilities, work desk and a mini bar, while our marble bathroom offers a shower, a separate bathtub and double vanity.

Executive Lounge

位于酒店32楼的 Executive Lounge 景致一流!除了能在这里享用早餐之外,房客们也可以在每天的 Happy Hour (5pm – 7pm),无限量享用酒精、无酒精饮料以及精致前菜甜品!是无限量、无限量、无限量啊!

With our Executive Floor access, we can drop by the Executive Lounge at any time of the day for complimentary fruit juices, soft drinks, tea or coffee, while helping ourselves to a free-flow selection of chilled cocktails, beers, wines and hot and cold hors-d’oeuvres during cocktail happy hours, from 5pm to 7pm daily. Shiok, right?


Trust us, come in the evening to take in the sunset for a breathtaking view (and way) to start off – and end – your day! It certainly made ours!

Amaya Food Gallery

入住的房客们都可到位于4楼的阿玛雅餐厅享用早餐, Executive Club Floor 的房客亦可选择在 Executive Lounge 或者 Amaya Food Gallery 享用早餐🍜哦 ~ 本密探可是热爱美食之人,这闻名遐迩的 Amaya Food Gallery 怎能错过呢!

A trip to Bangkok, in particular, Amari Watergate Bangkok is not complete without sampling the vibrant cuisines the city has to offer, and we can do so at the Amaya Food Gallery on level 4, an all-day dining restaurant that takes inspiration from the street food of Asia which bears a strong resemblance from the one in Amari Johor Bahru!

集合中式🇨🇳、泰式🇹🇭、印式🇮🇳、美式🇺🇸的国际性早餐,选择多样化也很美味啊!不一会儿功夫,桌子已经满了啊 ~ (来人啊 ~ 再给本密探加多一张桌子呗 😊)

We thoroughly enjoyed watching the chefs at work in the various open kitchens and experience the vibrant flavours of Asian and international cuisine inspired by the rich street food culture. Apparently, we could do with another table just to lay our extra plates.

Hotel Facilities

* 酒店设施照片取自官网 / Image courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok

Amari Watergate Bangkok 备有泳池🏊,健身房、桑拿房和蒸汽房等设施。除此之外,逛街累了也可以到 Breeze Spa 😌 来个舒适的 spa 疗程,让身体彻底放松!

We also make it a point to check out FIT Centre – the place to go and burn off those additional calories from all the delicious Thai food or take a dip in the pool and lounge away while enjoying a drink from the Pool Bar. To put the bounce back in our steps, there’s always the trusted Breeze Spa for a relaxing treatment based on our routine, and mood.


🚶🏽‍♂️同场加映: 跟随在地人脚步走访曼谷老城区!
BONUS: Explore Bangkok Old Town with Charles

曼谷除了拥有举世闻名的购物商场与市集外,近年来曼谷老城区也被注入了新的文化元素,因此深得文青世代和背包客的宠幸 !本密探当然也不输人,这次有幸与在曼谷工作三年的 Charles,一同深入曼谷老城区,探索新旧交替的文化火花!

One of our favourite things to do in Bangkok (or any city for that matter) is just to explore unique areas of town. After numerous occasions of being ferried through the waterways that cut through Bangkok and observing the interesting inhabitants and dwellings, we decided it was time to explore the old town region on foot, thanks to Charles who took time off to show us around. Once we are along the canal, it’s like a whole new world of Bangkok, hidden from the roads and free of pedestrians (apart from those living there).

Navigating Khlong Saen Saeb

搭乘空盛桑运河快船 🚢 (Saen Saeb Canal),除了是最省时和省钱的方法外,也能极速融入当地人的生活方式,快速上船、下船,最令人侧目的就是练过轻功的收船票小哥,在船行时还能自在从容地向市民收取船费!(此人想必功力深厚,值得推荐入宫为一等侍卫啊!)

* 以下的行程是从曼谷阿玛丽水门酒店附近的运河快船站坐到最后一站下船步行即可~

With riverboats that resemble gondolas, Khlong Saen Saeb boat service is the closest to the Venice of the East we can find in central Bangkok. While busy during rush hour, it’s convenient for shopping and sightseeing, and we could merely wave them down and wait patiently for the helmeted deckhands to jump ashore and usher us on board.

第一站: 金山寺
Wat Saket Golden Mountain Temple


Built on an artificial man-made hill, the Golden Mount is undoubtedly the temple’s most well-known landmark. Getting to the top requires a climb up some 318 steps which is still fairly easy as the path gently spirals its way up the hill. Once we approach the summit, we were welcomed by a wall of bells and the big prize at the top – the gleaming gold chedi glittering in the sun and panoramas of historic Bangkok. By the way, the Golden Mount is also one of the best places in Bangkok to enjoy the sunset too.

谁说寺庙不能拍出Instagram的照片呢?本密探示范几张给各位看官们,切记拍照时不要太过喧闹哦 ~

The walk up to Golden Mount is beautiful and not as crowded as many of the other more famous temples in Bangkok, which makes our experience more serene and authentic. Plenty of photo opportunities to stop on the way up with a lovely atmosphere, gorgeous views and all in all well worth a visit with some instagrammable moments!

* 外国人需要购买入门票哦 ~
PS: Admission by tickets for foreigners

🕗 Open Daily from 8am to Sunset
🌐 www.watsaket.com

第二站: 手工制作僧侣钵工匠
Ban Bat Buddhist Alms Bowls Community


It’s common to see Buddhist monks wandering through the country with bowls collecting offerings from devotees, but sadly, the craft of making these monks’ alms bowls (by hand) is on the brink of extinction. Thanks to the Ban Bat Buddhist Alms Bowls Community, here’s our chance to get to know Buddhism more deeply than ever by visiting the homes of the world’s last group of artisans who make handmade monk’s alms bowls, even if it’s for a unique souvenir in support of this dying tradition.

第三站: 穿梭曼谷运河暗巷
Hidden Khlong (canal) behind Wat Ratchanatdaram

城市的外观都是以华丽装身,但你脑海中是否曾闪过一丝念头,透过双脚与双眼深入走入民间去了解这个城市的原貌呢?于是,当 Charles 提议要不要到这些暗巷走走的那一刻,密探我马上附和了他的想法,也许能得到一些惊喜也说不定呢 😄 !

According to Charles, there are still many khlongs (canals) that exist in Bangkok though many of the small waterways have been filled up to make way for more productive roads. However, Khlong Saen Saeb is one of the last remaining canals that pass through the heart of the city so we wouldn’t pass on the chance to walk down the canal for a glimpse of such extreme contrasts that still exist in one of Central Bangkok’s living arteries.

经过这些民宅或小巷时,细细品味会发现其实有些墙壁或景色还蛮特别的 (也可来几张Instagram 的照片) 记得走到桥上便能从这里看到山顶的金山寺哦!如果你也喜欢深入了解当地民情,不妨来这里走走吧~

After all, the Khlong Saen Saeb is a real community in Bangkok where few would choose to venture, pay any attention, or to just leisurely walk through and beam at its friendly inhabitants in the “Land of Smiles” – a gem-worthy discovery indeed!

第四站: 宗教商店街
Religious shops along Thanon Bamrung Meuang

整条街都是售卖佛教雕塑的商店,金光闪闪的金身雕塑或供品都能在这里寻获。边观赏精致佛像,Charles 就告知密探,他有朋友特地远道而来这里寻找精致雕塑然后寄回国啊!

The stretch of Thanon Bamrung Meuang, one of Bangkok’s oldest streets is lined with shops selling all manner of Buddhist religious paraphernalia. We probably don’t need a life-sized Buddha statue, but we know of others who took home these lifelike effigies of a famous monk. Just ask Charles, or his friends from overseas haha!

第五站: 文青打卡欧式咖啡馆
Alex & Beth Cafe


If you love the cafe-hopping life as much as we do, chances are you probably have come across this quirky little Alex & Beth Cafe. We simply fell in love with its cosy interior, mismatched chairs, vintage knick-knacks and that hipster old-town vibes reminiscent of the little coffee shops tucked in the alleyways in some of Europe’s most beautiful cities.


Still newly opened, the menu is still expanding, but already there are some enticing options, with a handful of sweets and a few perfectly crafted sandwiches for us to chillax after our walking tour.

饮料的部分当然少不了香醇咖啡☕️啦 ~ 在这里随手一拍📷都能成为焦点啊 !

There’s also espresso for a caffeine kick, or try one of their creative concoctions which we will when we next return.

📍 9 Lan Luang Rd, Bangkok, Thailand
📱 alexandbethbangkok

第六站: 巴黎风味咖啡馆

Eden’s 就在 Alex & Beth Cafe 隔壁而已哦 ~ 带有黑色巴黎风的设计,与周遭的建筑物形成强烈对比!店内墙壁还保留原始面貌,更显独树一格!

The European ambience continues next door at Eden’s, with its Parisian style facade, the rustic interior and eclectic table settings make for some fantastic Instagram fodder.


Much more than a just pretty picture: Eden’s homemade pastries and cakes are seriously good, with their signature dark beer cake a must try…

另外也有提供简单的咸食三明治(三文鱼三明治也推荐) ,是不少人的早午餐选择哦 ~

As are the thick cuts of toasted bread topped with smoked salmon, seriously yummy!

📍 7/1 Lan Luang Road, Bangkok, Thailand
📱 Eden’s

本密探的行程由早上10点出发至下午3点左右,建议在酒店享用早餐后就可以出发了。回程的时候也是一样坐运河快船,只需向售票的仁兄说在 Pratunam 下站就好。怕晒的客官们,记得携带雨伞和做足防嗮哦!

Our entire walking tour took us a solid 5 hours, so we recommend starting this itinerary after breakfast from 10am. Seriously, exploring Bangkok by boat is another fantastic way to get a glimpse into the timeless charm of the city, with enthralling sites and sights lined up on both banks of the Chao Phraya river. Join us in getting around Bangkok by boat and even if you are on your own, just mention Pratunam when boarding and alighting from the Khlong Saen Saeb boat service.

A parting shot…

出国旅游让密探最在乎的就是住宿是否满意!就算旅程多么精彩万分,如果入住的环境非常糟糕或者业者的态度太恶劣,想必心情定会受到大大的影响吧!正所谓一分钱一分货,虽说 Amari Watergate Bangkok 的房价颇高,但是物超所值!本密探给予5个星🌟的评价,一来环境干净舒适(从你踏入酒店大门即可闻到清香怡人的柠檬草)、二来服务态度真的一级棒👌、三来地点优异!下次来曼谷,不妨入住体验一番吧!😃

With a combination of colourful city life, rich history, friendly people and shopping opportunities, Bangkok is definitely a popular destination for travellers all around the world and us. To make the most of your time in Bangkok, book a stay with Amari Watergate Bangkok and plan ahead with your friendly Amari host, or check out Destination Amari, a guide for the best ways and insider tips to discover Bangkok on where to Eat, Shop, Go and Do during your trip.

Kudos to Charles and his hospitality team at Amari Watergate Bangkok for making our staycation an amazing one! Catch up again soon, possibly at another Amari Hotel LOL!

Amari Watergate Bangkok

📍 847 Petchburi Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand.
📞 +66 2653 9000
📠 +66 2653 9045
📱 Amari Watergate Bangkok
🌐 https://www.amari.com/watergate/

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