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太幸运,才会转角遇见你:自然醒后的第一场 Brunch 飨宴 Brunching in breakfast bliss @ 7Dish Cafe!

太幸运,才会转角遇见你:自然醒后的第一场 Brunch 飨宴 Brunching in breakfast bliss @ 7Dish Cafe!

[编辑 Editor 吕大人   英译 Translator 刘大人   摄影 Photographer 黄大人]

7,原来无所不在。人有7情;彩虹7色;相会7夕;一周7日;音阶7音… 宇宙间的无数奥妙竟与 7 如此紧密相连。不仅于此,的神秘魔力还具有全球公认的幸运之意,渴望探索以追求内在心灵领悟,也是数字 的绝妙之处。

Stop any person in the street and ask them to choose an odd number between 1 and 10. More often not, they will say the number 7, for ‘lucky 7’ is the world’s favourite number. There are seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas and seven continents, and it appears across many cultures and religions. Just ask Snow White, Sinbad, Shakespeare and even James Bond, and they would probably agree too!

为看官们探索心灵的自在平静,大人自觉功力不足,但以探索美食而让心灵得到片刻舒畅却是大人常做之事。咦,刚刚不是才频频说起 这个幸运数字吗?果真念力发挥得当,觅食的缘分竟让大人在 Sutera Mall 一隅碰上了 7Dish 这家以 7 道精选 Brunch 为主题的清新咖啡馆,走过路过岂可擦肩而过?

Following our hearts in “Find Dining” almost on a daily basis, we continue to ride our luck to uncover the hidden culinary gems, amidst an overwhelming amount of dining spots, and choosing one that’s worthy of our appetite and money is no easy task. By a stroke of good fortune, we chanced upon 7Dish, tucked away in the front row at the vibrant Sutera Mall, a hidden brunch gem (by name) in an unlikely part of Johor Bahru. What luck!

何谓幸福?无需隐居避世,无关物欲,只求食欲,再来则为日日春眠不觉晓啊!而 All Day Brunch 更是早已摆脱仅限於餐点的含义框框,近年来日趋晋升为一种时尚生活态度,若将二者结合,最新的幸福定义即是自然醒后从被窝里直奔 7Dish「以后就请 Brunch 唤我起床吧!」满眼所见,尽是大自然的无私赠予,一室的光线暖和了表情,真想立即与 7 道澎湃 Brunch 互道声「遇见你,真好」啊!

As we all know, brunch is fast becoming a staple in most of our daily lifestyles nowadays, allowing for a late morning sleep-in and waking up naturally to a slow day with no rush. We get to laze around in bed a little longer, take our time to get ready and then head out to a cosy cafe for a hearty meal with our best friend, family, or whoever contributes to a happy and relaxing day. Oh yes, nothing feels better than a weekend brunch indulgence, the only challenge is deciding where to eat, so to stumble upon 7Dish on this easygoing Sunday morning feels like pure bliss on its own!

7Dish 的精选主题 Brunch 随季更迭上桌,据探子回报,主人家极爱将不同食材混搭成健康料理,大人这回恰好遇见了新一季的餐谱,想必是沾了 7 的好运气吧!而一巷之隔的面包坊,原来亦属旗下,「咖啡香抑或是面包香?随心吧!」

Open for breakfast and lunch, and hence all-day brunch, 7Dish offers everything from hearty sandwiches, healthy salads to decadent desserts. Whether looking for a vegan version of our favourite dish or to satisfy the curious carnivore in us, the quality ingredients and bold flavours come together to create dishes to please every kind of eater. When the food is fresh, the coffee and conversation are always brewing, agreed?

自幼便与美食料理密不可分的主人家 Kenny,选择了与父辈们迥异的饮食道路。身兼咖啡师与厨师的他,对于咖啡与早餐有着无法割舍的眷念情感,「自然醒后,那份吃饱吃好的感觉,真的很美好。」点杯质感 House BlendHand Brew,让微酸的滋味搭着享用 Brunch 的恬静氛围,细细品鉴一天里最难得的独处惬意时光。

Fortunately for us, barista-owner Kenny chose to buck the family trend to offer a brunch place to satisfy our inner foodie, while drawing on his experience helping out in his dad’s street food business. Join us as we opt to start our day with his expertly-crafted House Blend and Hand Brew coffee amidst a casual but classy atmosphere, the very feeling we seek when brunching.

7 Big Breakfast

「是你让我心情变好 😊 !」用当家大早餐迎接晨之美吧!7 Big Breakfast (RM28.90),7 种食材:蛋、牛肉培根或鸡肉火腿、吐司 (附牛油)、鸡肉或牛肉香肠、香炒菌菇、食蔬豆仁沙拉、樱桃番茄,就是豪迈不欺场。「令人瞠目的份量!堆叠而成的7色食材仿佛差点忘了留白,不愧为节庆感十足的美味丰收!」

Be warned! With a generous amount of smoked bacon, sausage, sauteed mushroom, garden salad and eggs cooked to perfection served with crispy french toast, you might wanna consider sharing the 7 Big Breakfast with someone because it’s just so plentiful that one might not be able to take this on alone.

Salmon Mash

是否发现 7Dish 的 Brunch 都有一种潜台词?「绝不让你在这儿饿着肚子离开。」三文鱼、食蔬豆仁沙拉、松露薯条、酵母面包妆点而成的 Salmon Mash (RM22.90), 特调的浓酱让看官们可随心所欲蘸点所爱,「三文鱼呢?原来熟成度恰好的三文鱼块就潜藏於浓酱中哦!里头还有大人超爱的洋葱与小酸豆来中和酱汁腻度!」

Combining fresh salmon, mashed potato, garden salad, truffle fries and sourdough to make this brunch dish, devouring this Salmon Mash makes for a nutritious appetiser to usher in the start of our late morning, and a bliss especially during this recent crazy rainy period!. We liked the texture which was silky and velvety but still had those chunky salmon that adds a bit of viscosity to the overall dish, while the acquired taste from the onion and capers also diffused across the “soup” to give us a well-balanced flavour.

Avocado Toast

看来这儿的 Avocado Toast (RM20.90) 有意要打破健康的餐点都吃不饱的迷思。眼前的鳄梨份量大方得让人无法置信!将蜜糖以横曲线缀在吐司之上,两颗水波蛋、一入口即有爆浆感的红石榴、羊奶酪与食蔬豆仁沙拉「舍得用料才能成就好味👍 !大人我好喜欢他们家认真搭配的食蔬豆仁沙拉,多样化的配菜与豆仁极合拍。」若看官们持素,也可请 7Dish 为你更替其中的羊奶酪与鸡蛋哦!

Nicely sliced avocado with a generous portion of serving making up a third of the dish, we can truly satisfy our Avocado Toast cravings at 7Dish as well. The one here comes with a pair of runny poached eggs, goat cheese and a side salad placed on top of crispy toasted sourdough. When eaten with the pomegranate seeds and nutty salad, it’s a party of velvety richness that compliments each other. For those wanting to explore the health benefits of a vegan diet, feel free to ask to replace the goat cheese and eggs.

Egg Benedict & Ultimate Cheesy Omelette 

无蛋不成早午餐?这两道以蛋为主题 Egg Benedict (RM20.50) 与 Ultimate Cheesy Omelette (RM17.90),一乃时下最受欢迎的班尼迪克蛋;另一则为貌似家常的洋葱芝士煎蛋,两者皆搭配了份量丰沛不已的香烤香料马铃薯块,「同样是蛋料理,但所呈现出的观感却分别拥有按捺不住的冲动与平凡就是美味的效果啊 😊 !马铃薯块存在感十足,差点抢了蛋的风头!」

The Egg Benedict is one of the most popular brunch items, with two well-poached eggs with Instagram-worthy runny yolks sitting atop a thick slice of chicken ham and an open toast, not forgetting to mention the tasty hollandaise sauce with the right amount of tartness to cut through the richness of the whole dish. On the other hand, the Ultimate Cheesy Omelette (below) is another of our personal favourite as cheese and eggs are the best of friends aren’t they? Topped with a crunchy bed of spicy potato chunks and garden salad on top, it’s quite impossible to put your spoon down at just one mouth. How’s that for some yummy protein with eggs done in different styles other than just poached?

Homemade Crunchy Granola

Homemade Crunchy Granola (RM17.90) 虽毫无之前数道的张扬个性,却是主人家的最爱呢!像是色彩盘般的浆果们与豆仁为底下的无油烘烤坚果麦片做了最好的屏障,「经过烘制的坚果麦片有股天然健康的香气啊!酸甜宜人,尤其迷恋那红石榴的爆浆感,大人私心钟爱这类型无负担的早餐 💗。」

We all love a good ol’ comforting bowl of granola to start the day with, especially with the pomegranate seeds once again starring alongside the roasted nuts and mixed berries. Topped with honey, the Homemade Crunchy Granola is definitely a healthy choice of dish for brunch after a pleasant morning stroll at the nearby neighbourhood park and saves us from any feelings of guilt of loading additional calories after our little workout.

NEW! Spicy Korean Burger & Chicken Confit

这两道新品 Spicy Korean Burger & Chicken Confit 可是主人家综合了本地饕客们的反馈后於近日香喷喷推出炉的哦!「超适合下班后的晚餐时段!」

Spicy Korean Burger 内的鸡肉先以韩国辣酱腌制后再以真空低温处理,常见的薯条搭档被换画,主人家特别挑选了蜜汁甜薯来中和微辣味觉,「肉质保有多汁嫩度,磕完汉堡后咀嚼肌也绝不酸痛!」;而另一道以秘制蜜汁腌制逾1小时的超大鸡腿 Chicken Confit,经过真空低温处理2小时后再送烤,「不瞒你说,这秘汁极有似曾相识的本地风味哦 😋 !

Possibly inspired by McDonald’s Malaysia’s recent “Discover The World” campaign that introduces unique world-famous flavours to local diners, the Spicy Korean Burger uses charcoal buns, filled with a thick layer of a whole boneless chicken breast smothered with spicy Korean sauce, lettuce and cheese. The chicken was sous-vide cooked and retained an extremely high level of moisture and tenderness, while the spiciness of the sauce started off very subtle but intensifies as we go through the burger, making way for a fiery finish. To counter the tongue-burning sensation, our meal came served with crispy oven-baked sweet potato fries drizzled with honey which was highly satisfying.

Seasoned with herbs and sous vide for over two hours and confit’ed to lock in all its juices, the Chicken Confit was gratifyingly tender and lip-smackingly moist. With its skin coated with a fragrant spice rub that gave the dish an overall oriental moniker, but with a familiar local twist that appeals to our palate.

Berry Hotcake

「让人深深着迷的松软口感啊!」大人原以为这道餐后甜点 Berry Hotcake (RM20.90) 乃是馆中绿叶,岂知入口后一尝钟情,蓬松地如此醉人,搭上随附的蜜糖、浆果、豆仁与冰淇淋,滋味只会有过之无不及啊 😍 !

When the Berry Hotcake arrived, we were immediately won over by the presentation, and the hotcake was dense and moist, just the way we like them. Topped with ice cream, with a generous heap of granola, slices of strawberries and mixed berries adorning the stack, providing an interesting texture when eaten with our final brunch dish for the day.

屈指一算,这一周 日,7Dish 皆已贴心为咱们精心准备了不重复的 7 道精选 Brunch,自然醒后再也无需伤神!那其实馆内也特备了多种不同口味的特大三文治、松饼与小点让饕客们随时都能把肚子给安抚地妥妥当当哦!「Brunch 吃得好,心情脾气自会好!人生顿时充满幸运能量啊 😆 !」

【大人小分享】每日上午10点至中午12点,凡点选精选 7Dish Brunch 随餐附送一杯 Long Black,加额 RM4 则可换选馆内任何饮料哦!

What can we say? All the breakfast and lunch foods at 7Dish are wholesome goodness that won’t make us walk away feeling like we’ve been ripped off, leaving us positively stuffed and extremely satisfied at the end of our visit.

PS: Go on, push your luck and top up just RM4 for any of your favourite beverage if you prefer to indulge beyond the complimentary Long Black with any brunch dish.

7Dish Cafe

Address: L2-550, Sutera Mall, 1, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor.
Contact: +6017-617 1339
MON – FRI (10.30am – 10.30pm)
SAT – SUN (9.30am – 10.30pm)


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